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  • Re: Would you take a picture with a cop to save yourself from a potential ticket

    I hate seein' pigs havin' fun at Carnival.

    stringer bell
  • Re: Big Sean & Metro Boomin Announce Joint Album "Double Or Nothing"

    Sean been a scrub dunno what niggas surprised

    Although it's weird that with Sean all of a sudden lyrics are important. Same niggas criticisin' him love these new niggas
  • Re: The Leader Of The New Fatherless Generation: Guess His Name?

    Also Weezy kinda changed the way rap fans think. Cah he was so popular there were (are) a lotta people sayin' he's dope when he wasn't. I think that opened the door for wack niggas to be not only accepted, but also for their wackness to be defended.
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  • Re: Ma$e - The Oracle (Cam’ron Diss), Cam'ron responds with Dinner Time

    aneed123 wrote: »
    gemini86 wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    gemini86 wrote: »
    I fucked w some of that southern shit though. TI, Jeezy, Luda and krit probably my favorite artist after n j.cole right now. But I get what u saying, alot of that other shit be super dumbed down musik

    J Cole is from the South. That's the problem Y'all think South = GA. Y'all mean you don't like rapping Georgians under 30...but you say South. Pusha T, Malice, Pharell/Neptunes, Timbaland, Missy, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Skillz are some of the rappers/R&B artist from VA alone.

    Those are all dope artist. Why aren’t they in the forefront? Y’all rather push 21 savage and migos than the dope artist y’all have. See this is the issue I have with the south. It’s like you know you love stupid ignorant shit but then like to hide behind artist who you think are “smart and conscious.”

    Y’all niggas tried to paint Kevin Gates as smart and that nigga wild retarded. Posting up inspirational quotes and have the nerve to post his picture. That’s the nigga y’all look up to?

    As much as I think 3K is overrated, I wish artist from the south like him was leading the charge. Shit even Wayne. There’s no denying that the south runs the radio airwaves for hip hop. And y’all choose to play the dumb shit.

    who are u to tell the south what to like or push?..yall booed outkast now wanna turn around and big up dre now... think ,about all the southern artist who got no shine in the 90s and 2000s that yall gave no fucks about who made better music than what we hear today? maybe the rap gods are punishing u for that lol. its crazy cuz the south been liking the bass heavy hook heavy non lyrical shit but the narrative is oh look at the good ole days even tho we talked shit about yall then we wish yall made music like that cuz now its trash naw .... lol

    i respect it. look all im saying is it would be good if rap lyrics meant something all across the board or at least the majority of it. shit is really looking kids boppish. its good to have a good time but if that shit dont change, 10 years from now its gonna be a complete joke. im speaking for me, hearing a song with just adlibs and bass is just retarded. and its an insult to my intelligence and i would like to think it is for our people as a whole. yea the gangsta rap shit is ignorant as well and that should be the extent of it. because its real shit and they putting their life and soul into the music. can we agree on that?

    my thing is this tho... rap is a representation of the times.... We are the old heads now... the youngins are poppin pills tight clothes wearing weirdos... That's they shit and they like the music they like period.... who are we to tell them what to party to, what to bump in they whip or what to enjoy? We gotta accept that reality, like what we like and keep it movin.

    I hear that and for me spittin' about takin' drugs can't be worse than spittin' about sellin' drugs, the difference is that now niggas don't care about the quality of their lyrics.

    80s niggas didn't like 90s content but they didn't say the 90s guys can't rap.
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  • Re: Isn't Today Ether Day?

    Guys guys come on man let's not bring this shit from the Mase thread in here