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  • Re: 'Bill Cosby Show’ Actress Claims Comedian Raped Her In New Lawsuit

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    White women don't need evidence.

    What the hell would count as evidence in this situation? And why would the alleged victim be responsible for presenting it?

    If I accuse you of something the burden of proof is on me to prove you did it. Not for me to accuse you then you prove me wrong. If she claims he did it, she needs to prove it.

    So you're saying if you get robbed you gotta go to the police with evidence that you got robbed?

    Please tell me you understand the legal system better than this.

    That's how the legal system works ace

    Somebody why is your Rapist God being prosecuted then?

    You mean why is he being prosecuted a half-century after the alleged crimes happened right?

    Why wasn't he prosecuted when the crimes happened? Why did this new chick file a civil suit and settle if it wasn't just a money grab?

    Why are you calling Cosby my rapist God? Is it because I know how to reason and think logically? You still haven't provided any evidence of rapes 1-10 or any of them like I requested before

    When you provide proof that he didn't rape them, I will say all the testimony against him isn't evidence.

    Oh that's how the legal system works?

    You don't have to PROVE I COMMITTED said crime, I have to constantly prove that I didn't do something that I was accused of doing, 50 years after the fact by randoms

    You shouldn't be commenting on any kind of legal topics because you're clearly out of your element and you're gullible

    And you have no knowledge of how the legal system works. Are you a lawyer? Can I have you disbarred?

    Emotional post please stick to the topic and show evidence of Cosby raping 1 person

    What evidence do you want

    Any kind of evidence that would justify you slandering a grown man by referring to him as a rapist

    The testimony of women from long ago. The evidence that he drugged women to have sex with them. The fact that there are SEVERAL accusations of this. The fact that this was KNOWN in the business for years. Testimony what usually convicts rapists btw.

    That's he say she say. If the law worked like that everyone I know would be in jail. Everyone you know too. If not one woman was tested and found to have ludes in her bloodstream this shit is a moot point. A pattern is something you can follow. All these women are giving the I was raped story. In all those places, in all those years, with all these women not one piece of hard evidence? Just he say she say?

    How do you think most rapists are convicted? What proof do most date rape victims provide?

    Y'all are doing back flips in here saying the women consented to the drugs, so what would them having drugs in their systems prove?

    Most rapist are convicted with hard evidence. DNA, witness testimony, rape kits. hard to prove rape and he say she say doesn't fly like that.

    It would prove what Cosby said is right. He and the women took drugs then had sex. Now is there a gray area? Absolutely. But I'm hesitant on them charging a man without proof besides words. And I don't even fuck with Cosby. I think he is a tom in a sense

    That's not true at all.
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    All rape kits normally do is prove that person had sex with you. When date rape occurs, it's almost always "he say she say".

    Nah... I get what you saying but nah. The whole idea of a rape kit is to gather evidence for a non consensual sex act. You don't get a rape kit done if you had consensual sex. Some women dont get the kits done i understand that. But you have no merit 10, 15, 20 yrs later without one being done. That plus testimony is what gets people convicted. It's hard to prove a rape or scream rape if there is no evidence of sex. None of these women have EVIDENCE of sex besides their words. Like I said I dont rock with cosby. Who's to say that 10 yrs from now 10 interns can't concoct a story about Obama and have no evidence?

    Why do niggas keep sayin' shit like this? Of course a bunch of interns can lie. Anyone can lie about anything, it's not exclusive to rape. And this evidence stuff, you want them to spit out the spunk they swallowed or sutten?

    This nigga has already admitted to druggin' hoes and fuckin' them. Yes I'm aware he said it was consensual, but that the first rule when you're accused of rape. Say the shit was consensual, coz then it turns into what we have now; speculation

    Wouldn't surprise me if he began to crack and confessions were made

    Well then they lost. Shoulda cared about the shit more. I don't know what you want me to say. Nobody forced them to not get a kit done. The world doesn't work like that. They can't do what they want then get mad when people don't believe them or can't help them.
    Oh well then a rapist can go on raping and did go on raping and raping and all you have to say is "they lost".

    Can you please let me know what the rape kits would have done? For the millionth time? He's not denying having sex with those women.

    What you want me to say @westie? It's he say she say at this point.

    The rape kits would have established that they thought they were indeed raped. Then we wouldnt be arguing about if it was rape or consensual seeing how they went to the police and got a rape kit done. There is a big difference between a woman saying she was raped 20 yrs ago and a woman saying she was raped 20 yrs ago with a police report on file and a rape kit done. It would show a pattern of rapes, and not a pattern of a man using his fame to get what he wants, because honestly it seems like he popped pills with them, smashed and ducked out without keeping promises he made.

    No. A rape kit would prove they had intercourse, which Cosby is not denying.

    72 women with similar stories is a pattern

  • Re: One Has To Go. Styles P, 50 Cent, Mos Def, Raekwon, Fabolous

    50 gotta classic? Since when
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  • Re: Who's better RICK ROSS or FABOLOUS??

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    Fab lyrically shits on Ross, but as far as exposure, accolades, hit songs, Fab hasn't really accomplished what Ross has, and I rock with Fab's music, but Fab has never had a great album to me. His mixtapes are better than his albums.

    Ross has had a great album? When did he drop a classic?

    He hasn't. That's the IC and its hyperbole overruling the general consensus. I fuck wit Ross' music and he does have a solid discography, imo, but a classic? As in left a mark on the game, or changed its direction? Nah. I don't buy that for even a second. He doesn't have the content or the lyrical prowess to pull off that feat. And he's notorious for letting his production carry him. The only "classic" hip-hop album that doesn't put a heavy emphasis on lyricism may be TM101. But that album was a movement that you felt at the time.

    With all that said, Fab doesn't have anything "classic" in his arsenal either. He's had some bangers over the years and the TINC and Soul Tape series are some of the best mixtape series released, but albums? Nope. He's also had some solid releases, but he's had some duds too. I've always felt like Fab is an underachiever. He has everything it takes to be a top tier rapper and put out top tier albums, but he never has. It's disappointing that he hasn't capitalized on his potential. Kinda always felt the same way about Jada too, outside of KTGG.

    But as far as being better? I hafta say Fab. Once again, I'm a lyricist at heart and Ross isn't even in the same stratosphere as Fab.

    Co sign word for word
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  • Re: Royce announces PRhyme 2 on twitter

    Ahhhh I love Premo but I'm not a Royce fan at all. I kinda agree with Shadyteam, he doesnt ever say anything.