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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    gemini86 wrote: »
    Yeah wait, what the fuck, how come now one has questioned why there are two xenos and the implications behind his existence?

    That elephant nigga need to gtfoh where was he when Zamasu was off the water

    lol I thought the same shit. Gawasu better not even fix his mouth to say he doesn't like Goku. Goku saved his ass from getting his head chopped off.

    Grand Priest did mention something about future Zeno during the exhibition tournament.

    Then Vados told the other Gods that if it wasn't for Goku then the other universes would've been erased a long time ago so they should be thankful. The Gods seem jealous that Goku has that kind of bond with Zeno

    The gods aren't jealous it's just how order goes man it's like you or me chilling with Jesus whenever we want. Calling him nicknames and stuff it's unheard of lol especially with how nonchalantly Goku does it to a person who destroyed 6 universes. He treats Zeno like anyone else and that isn't how it is with gods of creation, destruction, and angels.
  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Offseason/Draft Thread

    iron man1 wrote: »

    Shit, you don't have to face them twice a year lol

    I only want to face them one more time where it means the most and 3-0 those mothefuckers.
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    Olorun22 wrote: »
    Mseries_ wrote: »
    Whole bunch of blah blah blah blah folks is posting right now. " PATRIOTS are in a weak division..... PATRIOTS got a good defense..... Brady wouldn't be shit without *insert WR TE here*

    Can we just give the PATRIOTS Tom Brady and Bill BELICHICK a little credit, no team other team has been to 9 SUPERBOWLS and 7 of those appearances have been with Brady as QB and BELICHICK as coach.

    Dude it's a fuck message board... plus nobody even said none of that shit you just typed

    Brady stans insecure as fuck lately

    *on most of their titles
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  • Re: Is The Rap Culture Destroying Black People?

    Every time this topic comes up, without fail people make the same stupid comments. You carefully point out why they can't be right, but to no avail.
    Copper wrote: »
    Black people in america have the same problems we had before rap music for the most part...

    I know you're not the brightest, but this is wrong. Even if one thing preceded a certain problem, that doesn't mean that it can't contribute to the same problem. There were broken families before there were drugs, but it would be incorrect to say that from this it follows that drugs could not possibly contribute to broken families.

    And you continue to coon it up because black women don't like you and black men see the sucka cornball in you.
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  • Re: Amy schumer tweets black men more likely to street harass you. !@#$% WHAT!?

    AggyAF wrote: »
    You fucking idiots. The world is not how you want it to be. It just is how it is.

    There is no reason why black men might not do this more often than white men. Black men are not the same as white men. Or Asian men.

    And I am not even saying that she is definitely right. I am just saying that what she said can't be dismissed as racist right off the bat.

    Let me add this to this.

    Could it be that black culture is more permissive than white culture with respect to men hollering at women on the street -- is it less an issue in black culture than white culture?

    It's possible; certainly, black and white culture are not the same.

    Even if that is true, that doesn't necessarily mean that black men would be more likely to holler at women outside the culture (i.e. non-black women) than other men. They are, after all, not part of the culture.

    Then again, it may be that the more permissiveness of the culture sipes out, and black men are more likely to holler at women in general as opposed to just black women.

    I am not saying this is necessarily true. I am saying this one reason why it may be true.

    To insist, dogmatically, that black men could not possibly do this more than white men is just not defensible.

    This coon is correct. In many Afro-diasporic and African cultures, "hollering" is much more accepted

    Of course many white women are so racist and self centered that they think any man especially black that as much as looks at her is trying to "sexual harrase" her

    However saltines do it too; and Latin men are definitely the worst but the media paints it as only a black thing (see the street harassment video where they edited out the white men)

    Just had to throw in a "coon" in there, didn't you?

    From the outside looking in...

    I wouldn't knowingly twist a j in your vicinity.

    You are too white washed.
    Life aint like it is on base bruh.

    What makes you say I'm too white washed? Can you explain?

    The fact that you actually buy into the talking points you bring up each time whitey fuck up.

    The fact that you never let us have our moment without saying some stupid shit.

    The fact that white posters have even called you out.

    The fact the you think you are a voice of reason. When in actuality you are a voice of dissent.

    You never like seeing us smile.

    You assist in the perpetual rage on this site.

    This is almost all wrong. You have not been paying close attention.

    I will say one thing though. If y'all are saying some bs, I will register my dissent, as in this case and a few others. For the most part though, I am in agreement with most posters on the central questions of race.

    Agreement with most??? Delusional motherfucker you're known as the resident coon that always takes up for white people and says stupidass shit like agreeing with this dumb cac that has no proof of her claims.
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