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  • Papoose: "Facts, Lyrically Jay Z Is Not on My Level"

    you gotta remember Papoose was the one who shitted on Kendrick the most and was the response that got most feelings.

    In 2014 I think he can get at Jay.
  • Lyrical Miracle rappers?

    nujerz84 wrote: »
    nujerz84 wrote: »
    Remembers the days when judging a rapper skill was based on his rhyming ability and not shit like Beats or hook making.

    These niggas dont want to hear that shit because half of their favorite rappers are garbage technically.
    lol @ niggas on a Hip-Hop forum talkin' bout Rap Dorks. Ya'll are some ironic fuckheads yo.

    The irony is these same cats will say this

    It's like some of yall wanna hear niggas rap some nonsensical crap u can spend all day deciphering rather than hearing a good ass song, stop looking for rappers to teach u n pick up a fuckin book

    knowing damn well there maybe 1 or 2 songs to get any kind of burn that would classify as spiritual miracle type song.

    So its mind boggling to see the backlash those MC's or those songs get.

    When 20 songs on radio/video and clubs are all about partying, fucking, love shit, hustling/trap shit, money etc what wrong with playing 1 ultra lyrical/conscious/political song
    in that mix?

    Cause all these niggas on the IC are partying 24/7 365.. All are don juan fucking model bitches and are rich right?

    My only theory is fear/suppression.

    u and that disciplined in sight nigga are two of the worst piggybacking ass niggas ive ever seen, never post any thing note worthy just c/s and dickride other posters and make them niggas look worse, what song is getting burn that classifies as spiritual miracle type songs? enlighten me cuz i dont listen to the radio these days. now if u mean a good song(like runaway love or testify or live in the sky) with a message in the mix with the party, trap, money type shit, yea id say their is 1 2 or 3 of those in the mix, but those are NOT overly technical try too hard songs, those are GOOD SONGS with a message, u dont hear no canibus type bullshit on the radio cuz they dont make GOOD MUSIC, so your point about irony and all that other shit u said, a waste of characters boy, do better cuz nigga u aint talm bout SHIT.

    Lift up ya skirt and take the tampon off bruh. You be one of the first posters quick to throw on the cape for southern artist. If you took your midol you would have seen my post is about balance and your post that I quoted was nothing more than a modified version you make all the time to give passes to inferior lyricist and talk down on "rappers rapper" ( Dont bang in the whip, bitches dont dance to it, niggas dont want to hear that in the club etc).

    You niggas have fuck up the game with these bullshit inaccurate labels that Slaughterhouse are called rappity rap backpack niggas.

  • What legends/pioneers do you straight dont be feelin

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    Kool Moe Dee beating Busy Bee did more for hiphop than any of these so called rap battles. Having said that never was a fan
    that battle was booty butt cheeks

    As expected went over your head.
  • Wu Tang Affiliate Has Nothing to Fuck With

    dont do drugs
  • Suge Knight Says YG Leads the Pack of New West Coast Rappers

    West Coast Lost