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  • Re: Mr Vegas Calls Out Drake For Not Puttin' On Dancehall Artists Properly

    Asap Ferg got Shabba Ranks on the Shabba remix..

    Cornball Macklemore even got Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz on that corny song with the early 80's hip hop influence..

    Idk has he even done a track with a Toronto Rapper since he got with Young Money and blew up?
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  • Re: Brooklyn Park Minnesota cop gets dog walked on dash cam

    Y'all cheering this bullshit like its cool.
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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Movie Thread - Now Playing Batman v Superman


    Y'all tag-teaming this nigga, damn!

    He came to the thread talking shit, it was going to happen eventually.
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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Movie Thread - Now Playing Batman v Superman

    It is crazy seeing marvel fans being passive aggressive to outright talking shit in the DC thread like fucking geeks.
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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Movie Thread - Now Playing Batman v Superman

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    Nigga said he don't see them rebounding after BvS

    Batman movies have been home runs and MoS was great.

    Why do people keep bringing up old ass movies in this discussion?! We're talking about movies in the shared universe. Stay focused niggas!

    Yes MoS was great, but BvS was not. BvS was supposed to be the big event that put DC's shared universe on the map and it failed. MoS is part of the shared universe, but it was retconned into the shared universe. It wasn't intended as the kick off point.

    You ready to dismiss the whole universe off one film. Imagine if Marvel and fans had the that same reaction with the avg/mediocre films to outright trash with half of its universe..

    I'm not dismissing the entire universe at all. I'm just not optimistic about it given BvS and what I'm hearing about the direction it's heading. I want it to be better and sincerely hope it is. I'm a fan of both, but objective enough to call a spade a spade.

    What Marvel did was knock it out the park with Iron Man and concurrently teased the cinematic universe with Nick Fury. Then Hulk might not have been the best, but it wasn't touted as an Avengers or BvS. It was just a Hulk movie that was continuing the build. And at least it was edited and paced right and made sense.

    If Iron Man did not tease the shared universe and the very next movie was Iron Man vs Captain America featuring the Hulk and it was done as poorly as BvS, I'd have given them the same criticism.

    The questions you raised about Wonder Woman makes me be believe you really struggled understanding the movie, especially since those questions had nothing to do with editing but all to do with common sense and comprehension.

    Yeah they knocked out the park with Iron Man but struck out with its garbage two sequels.

    If everyone had your reaction towards Marvel Films no one would have bothered or anticipated Winter Soilder or Civil War with the Garbage that was Captain America The First Avenger.

    Please enlighten me on my Wonder Woman questions then. And please site insights gained from the movie itself.

    And your point about the Marvel films are a false equivalency. Marvel didn't set up their universe by forcing relationships in their second movie. If they had, I would have the same criticism. And First Avenger was a better movie than BvS, which is sad since you called it garbage. What does that make BvS?

    If you were really paying attention it sets up Wonder Woman solo film..part of her film takes place in same location as the photo that was on Lex Computer, did you not see Chris Pine as Steve Trevor?

    Off jump it tells you something is different about Wonder Woman since she hasn't aged since World War 1 which is about 100 years ago or more.

    Second, She says to Batman and Superman she killed creatures from other Worlds before. Again it raises interest to her movie to find out what creatures she killed, especially when throwing in Greek Mythology and her villian gallery.

    Her Motivation 1. She a hero, 2. She already suspected something bad/evil regarding lex Luthor so when she sees Doomsday emerge from Lex Compound she knows something is up.

    3. She developed an interest with Bruce Wayne/Batman throughout the film so it no surprise her first WW appearance in the film is saving Batman.

    All insights directly from the film.

    Its not a false equivlancy its a comparison/evidence showing how absurd your overreaction is to 1 film, that is on par and better with at least half of Marvel's Universe.

    BVS to me is better than Captain America: The First Avenger that shit was pure garbage.
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