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  • Re: Geraldo Rivera: Hip-Hop’s Done ‘More Damage’ to Minorities Than Racism in the Last Decade..

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    If you guys don't think a rapper can glorify gang life, drug dealing and gun violence, you must not be listening to the good stuff.

    In fact, you must not have heard any rap in the past 25 years if you deny that rap music CAN have a negative effect on youth via the lyrics.

    Or maybe ya'll just sincerely don't remember what the Black community was like prior to the gangsta rap era.

    Crack and gang infested?

    How old are you?

    Ever see The Cosby Show?

    Granted, I didn't grow up in "the hood" the 80s was post civil rights era. Martin Luther King's birthday was made into a holiday and you began to see the beginnings of a Black middle class.

    When gangsta rap came around it was like a double edged sword. On one hand it was the voice of the underclass; The voice of the voiceless. On the other hand, it confused children and teenagers who, could have been encouraged to stay in school and go to college, instead they said "fuck the world", smoked weed, got drunk, sold drugs and in many cases, went to jail (and in some cases people are still in jail from the early gangsta rap era)

    The incarceration rate has gone up 700% since the early 70s. That means if there were 100 people in jail in 1970, there's 700 people in the same jail now.

    Here's some more statistics; Blacks drop out of high school at a higher rate than whites. In Trenton, NJ the dropout/graduation rate is around 50%. For some reason Black dropouts have a higher incarceration rate than White dropouts, and Blacks dropout at a higher rate. One obvious solution would be to stay in school and go on to college. Black College graduates have a far lower incarceration rate than Black high school dropouts.

    I can remember what I would consider the turning point. It was in the late 80s. Spike Lee was the new kid on the block and he was producing and directing his own movies with all black casts. His movies had a positive vibe to them and whenever one of his movies dropped the Black Community would flood the theaters. One of his movies, School Daze came out in 1988. It was about a fictional Black College. The characters all had their heads on strait(relatively speaking) and we're pursuing degrees in college. There was a scene where the college students had a run in with the locals in the town who resented the presence of the college kids.

    It was around that time that Schooly D, Boogie Down Productions and NWA came out. They aired a lot of dirty laundry. People could relate to gangsta rap and I suppose it was a combination of socio-economic class, upbringing and having positive role models but between 1988 and 1995 it went from Spike Lee making movies about Black kids going to college to movies like Menace to Society (which was a great movie directed by John Singleton another Black director) to rappers like Tupac tattooing Thug Life on his stomach and Biggie rapping about being a crack dealer in the first person.

    I was in my twenties during the 90s and I could see the shift. It went from wanting to be like Theo on the Cosby Show to wanting to be "a real nigga" that curses all the time, does drugs, goes to jail and ultimately ends up dead. If you didn't live in that era don't even bother responding.

    It's impossible to argue that the incarceration rate has declined since the gangsta rap era. The only reason there may appear to be a lower incarceration date is that the jails/prisons are overcrowded so there's nowhere to put the criminal after he's found guilty. The Criminal Justice System is experimenting with different Community corrections techniques like electronic bracelets or extended community service. Unfortunately, when you look at the statistics, things are worse than they've ever been.

    I would go through and pick this apart but I'ma just leave it at this:

    The bolded is wrong.

    and also incarceration rates don't equate to crime rates. Crime rates are decreasing, but harsh sentencing (mandatory minimums) keeps the incarceration rate from decreasing.

    That's simply not true. The prisons are overcrowded so the Criminal Justice system has/had to experiment with alternative forms of punishment such as community service, pretrial supervision, remote location monitoring, weekend programs, in day reporting centers, work programs, treatment programs and other forms of sanction like home detention.

    I'm a Criminal Justice major and my textbook is sitting in my lap. We could go on all night if you want.

    There's nothing to go all night're ignoring facts. The homicide rate for Black males is nearly half today what it was in 1980 -- which was before mainstream rap was ignorant or violent

    vrg8wy.png source:

    The dropout rate for Blacks aged 16-24 today is nearly half of what it was back in 1972

    jg1ity.png source :

    The median income of Black Americans peaked in 2000 (when it was roughly $9,000 higher than it was in the 70s-80s) and only fell because of the Great Recession

    2mesfn9.png source : [/IMG]

    All you want to talk about is incarceration rates, which actually hurts your argument. If the crime rate is decreasing for Black Americans why isn't the incarceration rate decreasing? Could it be systemic racism embedded in the criminal justice system which disproportionally targets and incarcerates Blacks? But nah let's keep talking about rap songs.

    I figured it out. If you look at the charts you posted, it says "rate per 100,000". There's 75 million more people in America than there was in 1980. There is most definitely more crime. today are less violent than kids of 1980. Violent crime rates of every major city are lower than what they were in 1980. All of the data shows that. Pick any source you want to choose to believe (even though the sources I dropped were compiled by the federal government). Stop believing media hyperbole.

    The violent crime rate for black adults age 18-24 today is lower than what it was for black adults 18-24 in 1980. Your theory of incapacitation can't account for that. If you want to argue based on nostalgic feelings then go ahead, but the numbers just aren't on your side. I don't know what else to tell you.

    Study by the Bureau of Justice Division Statistics of US Department of Justice.

    Using FBI Statistical Information specifically the Supplementary Homicide Report that came be found in the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data.

    In closing that guy has proven throughout his posting history to be a fucking idiot.
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  • Re: So Eminem Won The Grammy For Album Of The Year

    Wold folks be upset if Run the Jewels 2 won Best Rap Album Next Year? ( Seeing as its been called best rap album, few even named it one of the best albums overall by several music critics)
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  • Re: So Eminem Won The Grammy For Album Of The Year

    So y'all saying schoolboy and Iggy's album >>>>>> my krazy life?

    Don't know what drugs y'all on

    I aint mention Iggy or Q. YG is wack

    YG is trash on every level only ones on drugs be the ones who-think his garbage shit is good
  • Re: Lord Jamar On Eminem Fans

    Lol I'm done with the reason

    Trolling mixed with retardation
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  • Re: The Iggy/Azealia/TI/Eminem/QTip/Lupe/Migos/Ross/Gucci/Coontastic Mega Thread

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    Man, musically Eminem is wack. What scenario would you even play his music.

    In the crib chilling or cleaning up?


    Riding solo late night cruising on the highway?

    Not at all

    With the homies?

    Nah son.

    With ya girl going to see a movie?

    Fuck no.

    The club?

    Negro please.

    As a teenager, I was rocking with him. As an adult at 29, going back to listen to his shit now, his music is just corny. SNL like corny. Definitely all the pop artist diss. He gets no fuckin props for that. Yall crown him for that bullshit. Skill set wise, he's up there. He can rap. But I hate rapping as rappers.

    Jay loss but at least he went at the God and others niggas.

    But you can with MF Doom with his corny "Dont talk bout my moms yo" nerd rap shit?

    Thats my shit my nigga. That chill, get high music. Just vibes and stuff. Operation Doomsday, Madvillainy, Mm..Food > Em's catalog. In my opinion so don't catch feelings.

    that what u like but all the shit applies to Doom even more so than Em..

    Not going to even address the stupid uniformed comment regarding Slaughterhouse and battles.

    The irony of the shit is Straight up MF Doom is one of the underground grandfathers of the rappity rap backpack nerd rap bullshit movement.

    But Em subject matter is just corny and gay, I cant chill to that shit man. Plus his production is wack too. Em is just a lame to me.

    Speak on my Slaughterhouse statement tho

    Doom production overrates his rapping skills.. Musically he's a corny nerd and even more of a lame for the imposters performing in his place. That shit is wack.

    As for Slaughterhouse like the members don't have don't have damn near whole catalogues full of diss records.