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  • Re: A very stupid trending story: SF State Black Student Confronts White Student Over "Dreads"

    The Mansingh studies have enumerated Howell's innumerable borrowings
    from the Indians --- his name Gangunguru Maragh
    (from gyan, knowledge; guna, virtue; guru, teacher; and Maharadj,
    King); his prayers' use of Hindi words; his concept of a God-King;
    the sacramental use of ganja, meditation, vegetarian cooking and
    spices, and even the holy salutation --- 'Jah! Rastafari!'

    One can hear the loud chants of Jai Bhagwan, Jai Rama, Jai
    Krishna, or Jai Kali (victory to God/Rama/Krishna/Kali) at any
    private or community Hindu Pooja or prayer meeting...As Ras
    Tafari gained the status of African Lord Rama/Krishna during
    the 1940s, phonetic usage of the word Jai was continued. But
    Rama, Krishna and Kali were replaced by Ras Tafari. Searching
    the Old Testament...the Rastas found the word Jah, which is
    phonetically similar to the Hindi word Jai.

    Howell not only borrowed some exotic words and rituals
    from the Indians to feed the fancies of an illiterate audience, he also
    adopted a way of thinking. Indian thought --- karma and rebirth---
    provided him with a system that resolved the western dichotomy of
    heaven and hell, Jesus and Satan, black and white, spirit and flesh. howell&f=false
  • Re: A very stupid trending story: SF State Black Student Confronts White Student Over "Dreads"

    zzombie wrote: »
    they didn't pick up any beliefs from Hinduism they just use few Hindi words and by a few I mean 2 maybe 3

    a deeper analysis will find that the Hindu culture has had an immense, largely unacknowledged influence on Jamaican culture and the early stages of Rastafari.
    Indian indentured servants ... brought to Jamaica the Hindu practices of ganja consumption for spiritual and medicinal purposes, mystical religious practices, and a vegetarian diet. Their greatest contribution was not culinary but in the realm of spirituality. Indians had astronomical influence on the early tenets of Rastafari.

    The leading father of this movement that preached pride in one’s African ancestry, living close to nature, and self-sufficiency, Leonard Howell, borrowed many of the early tenets of the Rastafari movement from Indians.

    The ital diet, a more disciplined form of vegetarianism, derives directly from the influence of indentured servants who were vegetarians continuing an ancient practice from India.

    The use of ganja/marijuana for spiritual and medicinal purposes has influenced not just members of Rastafari but Jamaicans in the countryside who resided alongside Indians. Though it is true Africans utilized marijuana for the same purpose, Indians are responsible for its arrival in Jamaica. Ironically, the British were the main suppliers of marijuana to Indians in Jamaica before it was criminalized in 1938. Jamaicans of African descent observed Indians’ ceremonial use of the ‘herb’ and adopted the practices. Practitioners of Kumina, a West African tradition, also utilized marijuana to communicate with their ancestors.

    Joseph Hibbert, another founding father of Rastafari, acknowledged the Hindu influence on Leonard Howell in an interview with Leonard Howell’s biographer Helene Lee. “After learning about the Hindu God incarnates Rama, Krishna and Buddha, Howell was convinced that every nation had their own God.” Leonard found his African god in the crowning of Emperor Selassie of Ethiopia.

  • Re: A very stupid trending story: SF State Black Student Confronts White Student Over "Dreads"

    D0wn wrote: »
    Nigga im talking about Afrixans did it first.
    U even admitted it. Then what's with the back n forth?.

    Ask yourself.
    The only thing I said was that Rastafari
    Took a lot from the Hindus that were in Jamaica, including
    The wearing of locks as part of their spiritual understanding..
    Not that Locks started in India.
    Ya'll coming at me with all this other shit.
    D0wn wrote: »
    And by the way. how many Indians, from India have u personally seen with dreads?
    And then compare them by the many Blks U see with locs.

    lol I don't know as many Sadhus in America
    As blacks in America. That doesn't mean much of anything, though.
    Just that I'm in America, not India.
    A Talented One
  • Re: A very stupid trending story: SF State Black Student Confronts White Student Over "Dreads"

    Y'all act like devout Christians.
    Next y'all gon say
    Rasta is older than Hinduism.
    How many American blacks
    Were rockin dreads before Marley
    Started touring? If anything,
    People, regardless of race, tied to no form
    Of spiritual discipline are the
    Real appropriators. That's my point.
    In no way am I saying India "invented"
    Locks (mostly everything has its roots
    In Africa)
    but the fact is Rasta was inspired
    By them. And now people want to claim
    Something they have no knowledge of.
  • Re: A very stupid trending story: SF State Black Student Confronts White Student Over "Dreads"

    zzombie wrote: »
    Rasta didn't take coolies "style".

    You said earlier that they took Ganja.
    I'm saying they took Jata as well.
    There's nothing wrong with that.
    I'm just saying.
    Y'all are obviously letting your pride get in the way
    Of facts.