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    Bruh. Your being selective as shit with your copy / pastes, and bold face lien' to these niggas.

    #4 Did not start with me. It was a direct response to this.
    Rapping over beats started in the south not New York I posted the videos already exposing that
    lol ya'll dirtballs want the South to claim Hip-Hop's creation soooo baaaaddd

    Which was a runoff of thread #3 which was niggas trying to push false history. OP of #3 is still in this damn thread trying to push that bullshit. And all of you fuck niggas simply cosign, knowing damn well it's ridiculous. We proved it in his thread.

    And number #6?
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    big fan of both, rza got more wack beats than he do dope beats, majority of that 90s east coast shit yall love is wack

    paul and juice easily, they got yall descendants rappin over they beats and dont even kno it

    this aint no landslide or no unjust comparison, they both been in the game for 20 years and both influenced the rap game deeply, yall niggas aint no real hip hop heads though, yall east coast heads
    Ya'll southern niggas don't miss a beat, do ya'll? Right on queue with the slander lol RZA doesn't have the toughest production on the East Coast, but his shit is not under DJ Paul or Juicy J by any means. And this is comin' from a nigga who has mad love for Three 6 production. Side 2 Side was my jam in 06-07.

    I was responding to that wack shit. Not to mention the thread itself was on some lowkey East vs South shit made by the exact same OP of this thread. You niggas jump on everyone of these threads and cosign.

    Stop lien to these people man. East Coast niggas do not start shit with you lames.

    Selective? You mean like when you overlooked that thread I brought up disrespecting the south? Ok.

    #3 and 4, dude wasn't even talking down on NY.
    #6, same thing, that's one mans opinion. I can't remember how many times I've seen east coast posters say something like, "I only listen to x,y,and z. The rest of the south is wack." Thats an opinion.. And maybe we are all biased in that way. But you ain't gonna research that, though. You don't have the countless insults to southern posters' intelligence saved on your computer. You're not keeping score on that huh. That's cool. Just goes to show how biased you are. And just so you know, this is not a new thing. NY is notorious for their bias e.g. Snoop and 3000 @ the 95 Source Awards, years before the quality of hip hop declined.

    What I'm saying is, as shown in those examples, you are usually the first one to to turn something into a south vs. east war. Its always, you southerners, you dirtballs, you lames. Lol.. Your hatred is deep rooted, my man.
  • Re: Why are NY hiphop fans so biased?

    The flagrant lies being tossed around are wack as hell. Stop the false equivalencies. These discussions never start with an East Coast nigga. When we see some wack shit, we call it as we see it regardless of region. When it's the other way around, it always come accompanied by some off shit like "NY takes another L" or "NY boring" ect. And we rarely make these threads if ever.

    smh It takes 5 minutes to run down the post log and prove this.

    these discussions start off with east coast fuck niggas more often than u think, maybe ur not around that often or ur delusional. people always talm bout "this aint hip hop" that and "southern bumpkin" this, like i said we dont be think bout yall hoes til yall get outta pocket, and u wanna talk about prove, how bout that thread i was speakin on earlier that mods just tucked and hid away. now i aint sayin ALL east coast posters on that fuck shit, i aint even sayin U on it all the time, but u know damn well there are some, so its funny u talk about flagrant lies and we "always". nigga please.

    You are a liar. That is one thread out of dozens. NY hate is either blatant, or on some passive aggressive girl shit trying to lowkey pit legends against each other. It doesn't even matter because even after I post all of these, you niggas will still cop pleas as if your the ones being antagonized. Just for arguments sake though...

    1. How does a rapper become accepted by New York?

    2. Lets face it NYC is taking L's rap wise because Pap buzz was too strong

    3. New York did not invent "rap"/ "Hip-Hop"

    4. Buckshot disputes Lord Jamar Notion that "HipHop started as a black art form".. um what? (Page 2)

    5. Which region is the most closed minded to rap from other regions? (Shit was a contradictory setup)

    6. I've come to the conclusion that DJ Paul and Juicy J are better producers than RZA (Same trolling ass OP fishing for controversy)

    Also, this thread of course. This handful is from now through the beginning of the year. Lets not forget all of those stupid Trinidad James threads which niggas couldn't wait to jump on with slander in December. Constant sniper shots at Biggie's legacy. The dozens of threads that start out neutral, but somehow turn into the Hate NY show like the which pioneer do you feel is overrated thread. The running U-God and Uncle Murda jokes + threads. The shit in G&S like the official NY lost thread.

    For every 4 or 5 of these shits, you may be able to spot one argument / troll thread started on this side.

    shit, half them threads, you were the one to start the beef, for example:

    In #4 you resorted to name calling before anyone provoked you
    lol ya'll dirtballs want the South to claim Hip-Hop's creation soooo baaaaddd

    Here you go again in #6 with your bullshit; the first one to pop off because of another man's opinion.
    Ya'll southern niggas don't miss a beat, do ya'll?

    #2 t/s I think is from NY. He said "we" in the op so he's probably including himself when he referred to NY.

    #3 was a history lesson. You should've been taking notes.
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    In other words, Scarface is not as great a writer as Andre 3000, from what we've witnessed.
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    Please make my life appear
    like ain't no such thing as bad luck
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    Just take your pick, a yellow red
    A black or a blue one
    Virtual reality, virtual, BULLSHIT
    Synthesizer preachers can reach you
    up in the pulpit
    Who a bitch?
    Give me my gat so I can smoke this nigga
    Tell his mamma not to cry
    because they can clone him quicker
    than it took his daddy to make him
    Niggaz bitin verbatim
    Thought provokin records radio never played dem
    Instant, quick grits, new, improved
    Hurry hurry, rush rush, world on the move
    Marijuana illegal but ciggarettes cool
    I might LOOK kinda funny but I ain't no fool
    Now if you wanna synthesize I emp-athize
    Now if you wanna synthesize I emp-athize
    But if you synthesize I will understand
    your synthesizer man
    BDBIIDSay WhatRock_WellMallyGCJ