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  • Re: I Just Witnessed A Shooting

    I dont post on here much, but I read this thread and I had to sign in.

    The girl who made this thread must be about as brainless as these Chicago kids who keep shooting each other.

    Though it's small, I'm from a hood city as well, so I'm used to the element.

    Whenever some shit going down, I'm turning the other way and I didnt see/dont know shit. I dont got shit to say, nowhere.

    I'm not trying to get involved in any way, shape,or form. I'm not trying to be a witness for shit, or have nobody looking for me.

    She just opened up the possibility of several things occurring to her, getting questioned by the folks, certain niggas might take offense to her post, etc.


    It wasn't smart to post this shit, IMO.

    I'll explain...

    And I take no offense to you calling me brainless bc the likelihood may be that your experience of how gang violence operates is one of second hand and your contact with it is minimal, while mine is one of immersion. I've lived on the south side for all of my life, and I've worked in law enforcement for 3 different municipalities for a good portion of my life. That is NOT how it works. Despite how reckless it is, gang violence actually occurs under very specific conditions and a very particular set of circumstances, so you can sort of say there's a formula. The rule is...that you do not aid the authorities in a criminal investigation in a way that can compromise the freedom of those persons that were involved. That's it. That's the rule. No addendum.

    Nobody, not ONE PERSON, no one has been harmed in this city b/c they hopped on FB like "I just saw these niggas shooting over here down the street. That's crazy." That does not happen. AT ALL. In fact, following virtually all shootings in this city, (and I know this is gonna shock u), citizens will actually (wait for it) stick provide the news with...their EYE-WITNESS account....on TELEVISION. :-O











    People call the police when shots are fired. It's instinctual. Gang members are aware of this. It will come as no surprise to them, I assure you. In fact, and I'll let you in on a lil secret, gang members THEMSELVES actually call the police during shootings. Typically to draw law enforcement in the opposite direction, but again, they anticipate multiple calls provided any "shots fired" incident. I appreciate yall concern, but yea.. everyone can keep calm.

    For all you geniuses, I wouldn't care if you saw a shooting and you called the incident in to the police anonymously. lol The majority of your post is going strong over the wrong point. What I'm saying is I dont get the point of coming online and posting a thread about it with your face on here. For what, just to have a lengthy thread?

    There's a difference between leavin a random tweet like "ay these niggas out here bussin they wild" and what you're doing in here. You're going into more details.

    Also, just because some people have gave eyewitness accounts on the news doesnt mean you have to. Telling me that nobody ever has got touched or their ass kicked because of talking too much as a "witness" or on social network is just simply not true.

    Again, nothing wrong with you calling the police, but coming online with your pic, going into details in a thread. That's asking for unwanted trouble.

    What I do know from personal experience is trouble is easy to get into and hard to get out of, so no need for unnecessary shit.

    People have got fucked up over smaller shit......these niggas dont wtf they talkin about.