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  • Welcome! These Are the New Rules of RTM....PLEASE READ THEM BEFORE YOU POST!!!!

    Welcome everybody! A lot of ya'll aren't familiar with the rules of the IC Talent Arena before you post here and that's ok. That's what this thread is for. I've been combing through a lot of threads that are posted in the wrong forums and it'll take me forever to correct that, so please forgive me for the messiness of the forum(s). It'll take a while for everything to be put back into order.

    With that said, here are a few rules and suggestions for RTM.

    1.) This is NOT the forum to post your music in. That's what RTM Audio is for. This is also NOT the forum you post beats you made in hopes to find someone to rap over them, or give you feedback on. That's what Fresh Produce is for. If you have beef with another MC and you want to have a keystyle battle for lyrical supremacy, you should go to Lyrical Executions to settle the score. This forum was made STRICTLY for keystyles and for people to get feedback solely on what they write. If you want to post some audio/video in conjuction with the keystyle/lyrics to it, by all means, go for it. But only posting Audio will get your thread closed/deleted

    2.) This is an open and uncensored space so anything you write will be fair game to feedback and/or criticism. We at AHH encourage honest feedback and constructive criticism and because of that, we'll be implementing a new/old rule, which leads me to my next rule:

    3.) To help improve the flow and cohesiveness of the forum, I'll be reimplementing a rule that Esco Soprano (the last RTM mod) and the old WTE mods created in 2005. From now on, any thread you create must have 2 links to 2 RTM threads you've given feedback on, and they can't be any threads of your own. Since I noticed that people are posting keystyles and rarely giving feedback in return I figured this will be a good way to encourage ya'll to give the kind of feedback you hope to receive.. You must also provide 2 fresh links EVERY time you make a thread.

    4.) If that proves to be a nuisance to you, then you can post a link to 1 WTE thread that you gave feedback in instead. NO exceptions. If you choose not to do either of these, I will give you 1 day before I close your thread.

    5.) NO SPAMMING!!!! This also includes posting audio/video without also posting the lyrics that go to the song (if you only want to post audio/video, go to RTM AUDIO for that). If you make a new thread trying to promote your music I'll either move it to RTM: A, close it, or delete it in cold blood. NO EXCEPTIONS! I'm more likely to do the latter two, so if you want people to be able to look at your shit and give you feed, I suggest you make the thread in the right forum.

    In closing, I started posting in RTM 6 years ago when this forum was at the height of it's peak. Some of the best writers I've ever come across developed and refined their skills in this forum because of the quality and community of writers that resided in this place. RTM can be a great tool for bettering your lyrical skills and mastering your craft, and part of that lies in being brave enough to open yourself and your art up to criticism and being ready to give honest feedback to someone else so that you and your peers can grow in your art and perfect it.

    Until we can bring RTM back to those days, I ask that ya'll be patient as I try to clean this place up.
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  • Re: How to Get Marriage off Your GF's Agenda.....

    Tha Killa wrote: »
    Marriage is so unnecessary as fuck imo. All that money people waste for 1 day of their lives. Ol' girl's twin spent almost 10 racks on their wedding and she was smiling about it on some "oh that's cheap for a wedding" shit. Shit made me spit up the Bacardi I was sippin' on. FOH



    Fuck is you talmbout? Before ol' girl and I started dating I hadn't been in a relationship in damn near 5 years and wasn't even planning on being in one. Marriage don't make you loyal or committed. Loyalty and commitment do. Marriage is just an overrated title full of pageantry and bullshit.
  • Re: President Obama Heckled Over Immigration

    Fuck Obama and everybody that love him
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  • Re: What is your relationship life looking like?

    Non existent and I have every intention of keeping it that way.
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  • Introduce/Promote Yourself to Fresh Produce Thread

    Welcome to Fresh Produce! I see a lot of people who are trying to get their music out there for other creative minds to listen to, so I figured that I'd make a thread for everybody to introduce themselves to each other.

    Please, let us know a lil' about yourself and what brings you to FP
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