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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Offseason/Draft Thread

    Trillfate wrote: »
    Very disappointed that Only 4 players are boycotting the white house

    What would make a black player wanna go when chris long doesn't wanna go?

    I dont fault people that dont want that negative press. The majority of people today just want to "BE". Think about how many people actually marched in the civil rights movement? Maybe 1%.
  • Re: Student Has 3some With Both of His English Teachers

    Crude_ wrote: »
    caddo man wrote: »
    JEFFERSON PARISH, LA - A former south Louisiana teacher was found not guilty Wednesday on all charges related to accusations that she had a sexual relationship with a student in 2014.

    Shelley Dufresne faced two charges of carnal knowledge in Jefferson Parish. She was a teacher at Destrehan High School. She waived her right to a trial, instead opting for a bench trial before Judge Danyelle Taylor.

    Judge Taylor ruled that the state failed to present enough evidence that the couple had sexual relations in Jefferson Parish. The judge also found that the testimony of the victim -- the student -- was untruthful and inconsistent.

    Dufresne faced up to 10 years in prison on each charge. She would have also had to register as a sex offender if she had been found guilty.

    The broads daddy is a judge down in that area so I'm sure he had some pull in the Jefferson Parish DA's office.

    I've seen folks who've done far less in the teaching profession that go to jail and have to register as sex offenders and the whole nine. This broad admitted to having a 3 some with a kid and got no jail time nor has to register as sex offender.

    She a nice, thick, and attractive little White broad but this is a glowing example of upper White class priviledge.

    Her teaching career is over but that broad probably will be selling insurance or doing clerical work for some private firm or something still making a decent living for her self now that this is over.

    Damn Crude I think you the only one that read the article.

    I posted it to show that she got off.

    You right cause she opted for a bench trial and straight beat the system.
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Y'all are some real alkys! I don't drink alone. I am a social drinker. I only drink to get a buzz and then that is it.

    If you having to sneak in drinks you need rethink your priorities. Cause that is a sign.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    HafBayked wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    HafBayked wrote: »
    seriously, I wish them mf's did drugs

    but nah.....the country is dry as shit

    Oh they do drugs, they just don't sing about it.

    im sure

    just NONE of the country folks I been around do got one or two that "got a meth head cousin" but they aint around, they in the city

    shit I've been to a few "parties" now that didnt even have alcohol


    Every party that I have been too that involved alcohol or any drugs have ended on some Nigga shit. Real talk.
    I didnt know mfer had parties with nothing. I have been to kids birthday parties and they had at least beer.

    So dating my wife and hanging with her fam was a eye opener. Shit was like hanging with a less affluent Huxtables. Like someone told me, "The last thing you want is drunk people in your house. Especially if you own things of real value."

    Premise of my post is.....................When you start partying with people that have something to lose and the value their status. The less you will see them in public under the influence. Cause they get drunk and smoke weed just like everyone else. But they have a image to up hold.

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  • Re: Dusty Chick Hits Dude With Dirt Devil, Other Dude Steps In, And A Dumbass Leaves His Car In Neutral

    That dirt devil swing and her following him to his car shows me she had a "I wish a nigga would moment" All she had to do was call the cops and get his license plate.