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    Fuck Jeb Bush should have been the first Bush in the white house.
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    THICK Thursday


    She straight until I hit those knees. I woman knees to me can be her deal breaker. To be fair my S/O knees are good so standards are up there.
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    I thought it was known and accepted that we were talking about ATL metro? Meaning all of the surrounding counties that make up ATL metro.

    When most people speak of NYC they mean Brooklyn, Yonkers, Long Island. When people speak of Dallas they mean Ft Worth, Plano, Mesquite. When you say DC, you mean Alexandria, PG county.
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    This statement works both ways. Which is why, many are reacting with violence.

    And that gets us where? Violence does not get you closer to peace. History has shown us that.

    Has it!?

    How many wars has the world been through to get to where it "believes" it needs to be regarding it's 'desired' way of life?

    Violence has ALWAYS been the "go-to" tactic with regards to settling scores , demanding freedoms and/or conquering lands.

    I see where you are 'trying' to go with it though.

    So a "war" is where we are trying to go? Was a "war" that got apartheid abolished? Was it a "war" that helped end colonialism in India? Was it a "war" that got us to the Civil Rights Act of 64?

    Violence begats violence. This is not Cuban independence, Haitian Independence, Celtic Independence, etc. A coup does not help the problem. It will exacerbate the problem. The Black Panthers and other armed groups did more good when they put down the guns. Free lunch programs, voting drives, etc. History is on my side.
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    To say this is at least 80% black male forum and the overwhelming response to a black man shooting at cops is "oh no were in trouble now", is complete PUSSY!

    When it comes down to a fight who has to go out and risk their life even if it means THROWING IT AWAY? For the sake of protecting their women and children, and their future?MEN!!

    I was HOPING it was a black man from the jump. And im HOPING continued guerilla tactics are used and the victims continue to be cops and not innocent people.

    You want to take down this system for real? THE COPS ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE... If you sympathize with them at all you are a liability when it really gets going.

    They knew what they were doing when they put on the uniform.

    Protect and serve WHO?
    Keep the peace and order for WHO?

    Answer that. You should be ashamed.

    Yeah. These niggas sound scared as a motherfucker.

    Ya'll sound dumb as shit. When has that tactic ever brought lasting peaceful results? Never! Violence begats violence.

    no difference then the US military attacking other countries because of violent acts

    But are we talking about that? That has nothing to do with the what we are talking about.

    I was just making a statement because I find it asinine that a person that joined the armed forces would say "violence begats violence"

    You steadily trying to pull away from the topic. If I go back and forth with you about what you brought up. We will not be discussing the actual topic.

    So the topic is the Dallas shooting, killing cops and domestic/racial relations in America. Do you have anything to add on that?

    you can't be against violence and be in the armed forces, shit is stupid

    So when your employer supports Donald Trump or your board gives gives to the RNC. Does that mean you support it also?

    Yeah sounds as dumb as the statement you just conveyed.