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    Yo I don't know why you want to "trust" any of these girls off the internet or in person anyway

    I distrust these bitches from the get go bruh lol

    I mean it sounds like she has a black guy fetish is all

    she prolly wants to say shes done it to her girl friends so they all can get sprung, piss off her parents or is just horny as fuck for a black guy


    And she pitching that pussy to you?

    Nigga you better act like the gawd Hank Aaron, step it up to the plate and knock that shit out

  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Dat nigga Matthysee
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Z Appreciation Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    Tree of might is still a dope ass movie
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    To be honest though

    Speaking from a person whos boxed, followed this fight and boxing in general

    I've said it before

    and I'll discuss it with true hardcore boxing fans, cause I've tried to discuss this specific aspect of the fight with casuals and they don't hear me tho, prolly because they're caught up in their feelings about why they like whatever fighter their choosing for this bout

    And the aspect of the fight is bragging rights

    Anyone that follows boxing know that both of these fighters, even though they are still at the elite level, are both out of their prime

    Mayweather being 38, though still sharp and going strong, has been out of his prime for a good minute

    but the reason why hes able to perform at this level, is because of his strong work ethic and dedication to the sport in and out the ring

    But bottom line Mayweather is old in boxing terms and has been out of his prime

    same with Pacquaio being 36, though he is still quick than the rest of the competition, he ain't the same pacquiao where everyone was discussing the fight after he pulled a catchweight and beat the hell out of cotto

    Pacquaio is out of his prime and lost what was left of his "killer instinct" after Marquez took him to dream land

    This fight is being sold on their resumes and name

    Competition wise, its stilll intriguing but you can't ignore the fact that they aren't in their prime

    this fight should have happened after mayweather beat mosley, that way Mayweather would have been on a two fight comeback streak

    and he would have no ring rust

    Pacquiao would have been ready as well after beating cotto

    but obviously because of a bunch of egos, manipulating, lying fight Promoters (Arum), and a disagreement on drug testing, shit didn't happen

    this shit is the equivalent on a bigger scale of Leonard vs Hagler

    I am glad as a boxing fan, someone who has actually participated in the sport and got in the ring, and someone who respects the sport

    that this shit is finally happening

    but with that being said, no one will be satisfied regardless of the outcome of this shit

    Neither people who support Mayweather or Pacquiao

    it don't matter

    I just pray to the boxing gods, this shit don't end in no fucking draw or any bullshit controversy
  • Re: The General Business Thread

    Be ready to lose a lot of sleep to be successful in your business

    Look at the millionaires at the top of the ladder, look at their habits/work ethic, and what they believe in

    and just adjust that to your cause

    the only one stopping you from being successful, is that person that looks back at you in the mirror, every morning you wake up