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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 3 Discussion Thread (No Spoilers Until It Airs On Stars)

    Bruh, even Omari said it

    "Ghost is extremely loyal, but he's always a little bit loyal to himself more than everybody else"
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  • Re: Why Hundreds Of Native Americans Have Gathered In North Dakota To Block An Oil Pipeline

    Support the natives
  • Re: Georgia Man Gets 40-Year Sentence For Boiling Water Attack On Gays

    Man, I can give a fuck less what ppl do in their personal relationships

    If you're straight, cool

    If you're gay, cool

    If you're bisexual, whatever

    I'm too caught up in my own shit, then to worry about someone else's sexual orientation

    Nigga, was doing too much and is going to suffer from his ignorant actions

    And it's fucking Atlanta

    Shit is a hotbed for undercover homosexuals, so that definitely wasn't the first time that dumb nigga saw that

    Just ignore it and keep moving
    Young Stef
  • Black Millionaires

    Now, we get a lot of exposure of every other race's money every time via social media or any other outlet

    Arabs=Saudi prince oil money
    Whites=Entrepreneur/Old money, inheritance
    Indians=Doctors in the family

    But, what about us

    Besides, entertainers, I mean

    We have more money today than ever

    Reason for this post, is because I recently finished this book called "The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires" by Dennis Kimbro


    Very interesting read and very informative

    Based off that book, which was released in 2014 or so

    There are about 35,000 black millionaires

    Now, that may be abysmal considering the black population is 40-45 million

    The author also met the business partner and manager of Napeolon Hill, who famously released the classic Think and Grow Rich

    Dennis Kimbro also studied wealthy black people and studied their habits and noted what they did and did not do, when it came to amassing wealth

    And the stats he found were startling and almost absurd

    -Approximately, 35 percent of African Americans had no wealth or were in debt in 2009

    -24% of African Americans spend more than their income compared with only 14% of all americans; 32 percent of Blacks don't save at all.

    Blacks are six times more likely than Whites to purchase a Mercedes-Benz automobile

    The average income of an African American who buys a Jaguar is nearly one-third less than that of a White purchaseer of the same luxury vehicle

    and the most interesting piece of info in the book was this

    How the millionaires that made their money? 90 percent entrepreneurship; 30% real estate



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  • Re: The Travel Thread


    Got my International List updated

    London, UK
    Brussels, Belgium
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Bern, Switzerland
    Venice, Italy
    Florence, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Naples, Italy
    Sorrento, Italy
    Sicily, Italy
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Milan, Italy
    Nice, France
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Vatican, Vatican City
    Paris, France
    Barcelona, Spain
    Windsor, Canada
    Toronto, Canada
    Niagara Falls, CA
    Pisa, Italy
    Tijuana, Mexico
    Greenwich, England, UK
    Berlin, Germany
    Munich, Germany
    Krakow, Poland
    Mount Piladus, Switzerland
    Lucerne, Switzerland
    Heidiland, Switzerland
    Dachau, Germany
    Oscwiecim, Poland
    Athens, Greece
    Santorini, Greece

    And I'm 24 years old