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  • Re: 52 Books In 52 Weeks: Week One Underway Come Join Us! [Start With Old Man And The Sea]

    So reading what's hot in these streets?

    Business wise


    Recommended to me

    by my canadian brother @Sion
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    R.D. wrote: »
    GGG outlanded him by about 40 punches

    Landed about 3 times the jabs Jacob landed but he got out boxed?

    Canelo beats him easy? Cause Canelo has the same size, speed, footwork, and length as Jacob, right?.... You niggas on drugs

    What that retarded nigga boosie say? Hypnotized with hate

    But if those extra 40 punches weren't quality punches

    Then it's not as significant then if they were

    Overall, the peformance GGG put on was average at best

    He did nothing extraordinary, besides knocking DJ down

    And even after he did that, he still couldn't be as effective or dominant as he was in his past

    Not many ppl, including myself, gave Danny Jacobs a good chance to win, but he proved all of the doubters wrong and not only pushed GGG to the distance

    But, also held his own, even if at times he was reckless with showboating

    I know that his cancer story has been run into the ground, but you cannot disregard the fact that this nigga came back from damn near being paralyzed, train himself back to competing on an elite level, to arguably defeating the best middleweight in boxing today

    It's an incredible comeback story

    You may not agree with this post, but I don't care about that

    It's boxing, we all won't be on the same page, for one reason or another

    But, we can agree on this

    Some of GGG's flaws were exposed last night

  • Re: You want to date white people do it.This is why I changed my mind about just dating your own race.

    I'll go into this later

    But, who gives a fuck about what color she is

    As long as she accepts you for who you are, what you're trying to do/be and respects you

    That's what matter in the ends
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  • Re: RIP Chuck Berry

    A true pioneer and a boss at that

    But, no lie

    the first thing I thought of after hearing he passed

    was that Efukt video of him pissing and farting on a white hooker in a hotel room

    Like this nigga was so savage, he went up to the girl while she was bathing, like

    CB: "You like to stay clean huh"
    Prostitute: Yes, I do
    CB: "Well, I'll give you something to bathe in"

    I was like LOL

    CB: "Did I piss in your eye"
    PS: "Yes, you did"
    CB: "Sorry"

    then after he pissed on the girl, she wanted to kiss him and he was like "Baby please, you smell like my piss, go wash up"

    Then she was licking this niggas ass, and he deliberately farted in her face, and he was like "I like to do that"

    Bruh was hiding cameras in public bathrooms, watching girls piss

    That nigga was a notorious freak lol

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  • Re: Switzerland surveyed as best country in the world while US falls to 7th


    i've been to 7 of the top 20 (obviously excluding U.S)

    Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Canada

    Switzerland is onr of the few places where they will vacuum the street

    Yes, legit Vacuum the street
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