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  • Re: Getting Into a Physical Fight= Rite of Passage In Being A Man/Adult?

    Niggas that claim this whole narrative of "oh you niggas looking for a fight to prove your manhood" sounds like a cop out from admitting the fact that some of you niggas can't fight or lack the mental constitution to fight

    Im talking bout if you walking home from a party and what not with your girl

    An aggressive, jealous person is trying to start shit with you and your girl

    And you can't just "walk away", what you going to do if tha nigga swings on you

    Reason with him?

    Fuck that

    I was taught from my brother, fight coach and life in general

    Dont go around looking for a fight, but dont be afraid to finish one either
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Whats also interesting is Floyd's take on the "villian" route he took

    He started really showcasing the "villian" persona, when he fought Arturo Gatti

    Then he went 100% in, when he fought Oscar

    Whats funny is that during 24/7, the nigga explictly stated "there can't be two good guys in this shit, its bullshit, so I chose to be the bad guy, fuck it"

    And ppl still get pissed off with how he acts

    Though he plays the "villian" there is multiple reasons why his "villian" role is kind of unorthodox

    -He beat up some women, went to jail and got out early

    -He unapologetically flashes money, which is his nickname and part of his persona. Some ppl cannot stand this so they leave rude comments on his IG, even though they can stop hating and get it themselves

    -He seems like a self-centered, egotistical, flamboyant person

    -He seems to not care about educating himself (nigga hasn't increased his reading comprehension skills since the '90s)

    -He cursed out his Dad and called him a "faggot" on TV (some ppl still don't like him for that)

    -He's defensive minded in his fighting style and can back up what he says. This leaves ppl resentful, jealous and envious because a majority of ppl can't stay true to their words but when someone can back it up, and is unapologetic for it, you're either loved or hated

    -He's Black, Cocky and has money (Very dangerous in the eyes of Trump supporters & Fox Viewers)

    Even though the nigga is an idiot in supporting Trump

    Just interesting seeing how he plays the "villian"
    farris2k1Valentinez A. Kaiseraneed123
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Boxers should take note of Floyds/Al Haymon Business Model

    Be Independent- when Floyd bought out his contract with TR, he increased his value by ten fold

    Control Your Own Career
    Package a Cultivating, Polarizing Persona You Can Sell to The Public
    Be Unapologetic in Who You Are

    Most Importantly, BACK IT UP

    Reason why Floyd is sitting on the fruits of his labor is because of his incredible work ethic

    And his ability to exploit a profitable opportunity
    farris2k1Valentinez A. KaiserKoltrainaneed123Beefer77
  • Re: $160 google pixel buds- real time language translation

    No lie its nice

    BUT what happens when your phone dies?

    Niggas stuck with talking with their hands again

    Honestly, there is no substitute for actually learning and immersing yourself in the culture to learn their language
    Young_ChitlinCashmoneyDuxValentinez A. KaiserGhost313JungzLEMZIMUS_RAMSEY
  • Anyone Bilingual and or Learning a new Language?

    I think we as black ppl are slacking in the second language department

    Ive wrked with niggas from overseas that know 4 or 5 languages

    I've been trying to learn Spanish, to bump my game up and be more well rounded