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  • Re: What are u blowing ur tax $$ on?

    I've switched up my mindset towards my tax refund

    So much so, I don't even want to touch it

    It'll probably be towards any remaining bills

    But if not that, investments or just putting it away

    There is a term for ppl that get there tax refund back and start wildin

    "Tax Season Ballers"

    then when its gone, they go back to living paycheck to paycheck

    and complain about the struggle

    And people buying electronics

    Keep in mind, that shit isn't going to bring you any income and it will depreciate over time quickly

    Considering a while back I worked at Best Buy, I know the value of the best electronics

    Especially those focused on getting a big TV

    Real quick, if you putting it in the living room

    The best ones are 8000 series and up from Samsung
    LG 7700 and Up
    Sony 750D and up (Excluding the 800D)

    Thats putting you starting at $750 for a good quality TV

    If you want the best then you easily blowing $1500, which honestly is not even worth it, unless you really watch TV

    I don't even watch TV, so it doesn't matter to me

    But, as far as the Tax Refund

    It's an Illusion to make it seem like you got money

    Use it wisely
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  • Re: 52 Books In 52 Weeks: Week One Underway Come Join Us! [Start With Old Man And The Sea]

    Ive read 4 books this year

    1.Think & Grow Rich
    2.Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    3.The Millionaire Next Door
    4. 10 Pillars of Wealth
  • Re: Video: This is the world’s most complicated wristwatch, is worth an estimated $1 Million


    you niggas need to get up on game.

    of course it will stand the test of time.

    most of these watches come with a certificate of authenticity.... so it can be insured.

    AMeD just the name..helps it keep its worth.

    some have limited editions which make them go up in price.

    these type watches are better investments than the sports car or houses you niggas claim to need to have before purchasing this.

    while I understand why...this is something you have to be into.
    this is not about flashy...its about legit acquired status.

    most people won't know the watch if they saw it without the name.

    fukk around an Rob a nigga for a few hundred but leave the patek behind...

    That's essentially why self-education is so important

    You realize what's truly valuable, and what is a mirage, or "false" value

    Niggas have to reach beyond what they see and grab the "unimaginable" or the "impossible" and practically warp their mindset that they currently have to something that can benefit them in ways they wouldn't know until they adopt the right mindset

    They don't teach you that in school either, you have to have a quench for that certain type of knowledge

    To expand your mind, your perspectives and add different dimensions to your character is what makes you grow as a person

    Some of these niggas just don't know, that they have private watch conventions all over Europe

    Where the only way you can get in is via invite or connection, and you will have access to the most exclusive watches on earth

    like the SIHH for example

    I've stated before my travel resume

    I've personally been to Bern, Zurich and Lucerne in Switzerland

    and those Swiss got that long money

    Stepz is keeping it 100 with y'all

  • Re: Wack 100 on 2pac

    Sion wrote: »
    Matike85 wrote: »
    This dude Wack 100 fits this 2Pac classic first verse line on the song called "Troublesome '96".... "NIGGAS TALK A LOT SHIT BUT AFTER I'M GONE BUT NIGGAS FEAR ME IN PHYSICAL FORM" let it be known that I'm troublesome....



    Bruh that whole track "Troublesome 96" was lyrically vicious

    Especially that line

    Cause Pac been gone for what

    21 years now

    And that line still can hold weight
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  • Re: According to Bloomberg Magazine, inheritance is the biggest factor in income inequality. ..

    Never forget the past but this doesn't mean we can't generate wealth now

    Its actually easier for blacks to generate wealth considering all the options we have in front of us
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