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  • Nicki Minaj On Another "Super Bass" Or "Starships": "Hell No

    All I want to know is when that sextape is dropping
  • Do you, as a black person, love America?

    or better yet lets say I admire the principles and the supposed vision of america

    A place where anyone regardless of race, religion or gender can make an honest living without discrimination

    now is it anywhere near that vision? Fuck no, not with Zimmerman bullshit, racist groups, gender discrimination and of course just in general racist undertones

    I feel america will always have that "work in progress" status

    but compared to the rest of the world, we have it pretty good, especially if you traveled

    and I'll tell you a nigga has traveled, shit France, England, Amsterdam, Spain, Monaco (one of the richest places in the world, if you dont know about just look at 50 Cent's Window shopper vid) and Switzerland

    and though those are beautiful places, I still feel that our "values" are what makes us stand out

    The right to bear arms, the right to free speech, no dicatorship bullshit, the right to have a trial (no matter how fucked up the justice system is, this still is valuable because in other countries such as Saudi Arabia or alot of Arabic countries they just kill you)

    y else do other races give everything up to come over here to better their lives

    y would illegal immigrants risk leaving their whole family behind to come here, cubans defecting from cuba cause of that bullshit wit Castro, chaldeans and muslims getting away from all that turmoil in Iraq outta all places to go why America?

    we have evolved as a nation compared to not too long ago in the '50s where blacks were discrimated against, oppressed, and just in general terrible conditions

    today in america's current state, blacks have a better opportunity now than ever to become more successful than our wildest dreams

    you can "hate" whitey and shit but eventually all that hate wont get you nowhere unless you put in that work

    and that does not take away all the evil shit the white man have done in the past, thats the truth

    regardless of all the hate thats get thrown at us, the discrimination, the odds against us, racist ass crackers and other groups attempting to oppress us

    I personally love being black, we are the most emulated and envied races in the world, look at how we have affected american culture, the music industry, fashion, the language, business and just the overall package of being

    a black male, i love it, if God asked me my nigga, did u enjoy your life, would like to experience it as a white person, I'll tell God straight up, hell nah lol im straight

    I remember a white boy that acted black that went to my school right, he asked me would I ever want to be white

    and I just laughed

    fuck outta here wit that retarded ass question
  • Supreme Court rules 6-2. States can ban -Affirmative Action-. The Freedom Ride is over negros.

    We are resilient people

    We will bounce back from this, whitey just hates the fact that we are getting better year after year

    the worst nightmare is an educated black man

    its sad but honestly anybody that SOLELY depended on that is just foolish

    Hard Work, Dedication, Determination, Relentlessness, Fearless>>>>>waiting for a system to give you an advantage
  • Did y'all used to dry hump whe y'all were young as hell

    shit I used to do that shit to a couple of my neighbors daughters

    we in the pool messing around than I b grinding up against the snow bunnies letting em know, If I knew what the fuck Im doing, u b in trouble girl (yea i messed with whole milk snowflakes from a young age, I guess it was a premonition of what was coming in the future)

    this intrigued the snow bunnies and I went upstaris with them and we started kissing and feeling up on each other, than thats when I discovered they had a SNES system (the 1st time ever playing a video game) and I got hooked

    they started massaging a young don's back trying to flex for daddy, but I was so focused on that Donkey Kong game, I didnt give a fuck lol

    oh and I used to smell the couch seats where my brother's girlfriend sat after they left

    if you aint do any of that your childhood was a myth and you were not a real lil nigga kid
  • Taylor Swift Medical Condition Makes Her Afraid of Black Men

    yea she scared alright

    about the black man's dick

    just had a chick today telling me she dont fuck black guys cause shes worried we will tear her up

    i told her its ok, we take care of ours