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  • Re: The Travel Thread

    ineedpussy wrote: »
    so yall shittin on people who cant travel. ok.. and yall say yall the ones who are cultured. but yall still have the shittin on a nigga mentality though.

    I like to "shit" on close minded individuals some times

    Dont matter what race they are
  • Re: Floyd "all lives matter" mayweather

    Just like how I know Mayweather didn't read that, I know that nigga Tip hired a ghostwriter to post that
  • Re: Elephant Cries While Dying & Chained Up In Zoo

    Man I ain't watching that shit

    rather watch a human die than animals

    Most animals just want to be left the fuck alone, but humans want to go and terrorize them and coerce them into doing disney movies and shit
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  • Re: Hockey Fans Hurl Beer And Racial Slurs, Chasing Dozens Of Native American Kids From Game

    texas409 wrote: »
    Indians don't like blacks either? Damn man

    Nah dont get it twisted

    I know a nigga that be up there on the rez

    They got love for blackz
  • When A Girl Says She Has A Boyfriend SMH.........


    Alright so there I was right, just chillin in the cut like some neo-sporin just casually studying at my college

    After a while a nigga takes a break to refocus

    I get up and go take a drink, when I see this brunette looking snow bunny chick wit some nice orange shaped titties sitting down at a table

    So im Iike let me go over there and get my Django on and get at this white girl

    she was looking a little mad, so u know I came at her right

    I was like damn whats happening, u look like u waiting for the results of a paternity test, whats good

    she laughed, we get to talking about bullshit thats not important like her name, my name, her family,my family and her ambitions and shit lol

    I tell her u know we got good connection, u know how the saying is about going black

    and shes like yea I know, I was like good, well let me get that number and I'll live up to the reputation

    she like I have a bf

    so naturally as I have done in the past

    I just take out my phone and say so what is it again

    and she says again sorry but I have a bf

    I'm like is he here now? she like no, I say then what he don't know won't hurt him, I'll be the side dude

    shes like you r nice but I can't

    I'm thinking bitch u were eye fucking me this entire conversation but then u gon act like u loyal to that nigga when u know u want some of this black dick smh lol

    I'm like well its alright, and tell her I'll see her around

    alright personally, I have almost no respect for relationships lol, unless I personally know the nigga and is cool with him, I won't outta respect

    but if a chick say she got a bf, and I dont know him, then fuck it i'm still going to try to smash like the hulk did to loki in the avengers

    cause for one I'm a real nigga

    and two, for the most part from my experiences of messing with girls with bf, they'll let u smash if your game is tight but being in a relationship is outta the question

    and three 9/10 a lot of girls say that they have one but don't for various reasons

    either u were too thirsty and dehydrated or your game was just wack

    any thoughts, same experiences, just any real life shit

    drop em

    and ladies if you want to drop by all means do so
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