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  • Re: Diddy Talks About Infamous Suge Knight '95 Source Awards Speech

    Puff is a snake

    A filthy rich snake

    Nigga, murked Pac and as result of that got Biggie popped as well

    I wouldn't sign to Puffy for no amount of money
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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 4 Thread (In Production)

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    Ghost dropped a dope quote in episode 2. He stated "sometimes no response is the best response. We won't make a move, not right now. That'll be expecting it........Let them wait in fear"


    Ghost is a walking "48 Laws of Power" book

    nigga is embodying the entire book

    From Rule 2 "Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies"

    Rule #15, "Crush your enemy totally"

    Rule #19, "Know who you're dealing with- Do No Offend the Wrong Person"

    Rule #34, "Be Royal in your Own Fashion: Act Like A King to be treated like One"

    He is representing the Power look very well
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  • Re: Dave Chappelle To Host SNL For The First Time Next Saturday With A Tribe Called Quest As Musical Act


    Chappelle set the bar so high with the Chappelle Show

    His expectations can be seen as ridiculous
  • Re: Jay Z To Hold Concert In Support Of Hillary Clinton

    They probably talkin bout those voters 18-22

    Cause idgaf about a Jay-Z appearance or LeBron

    No celebrity is going to change my mind

    Hillary was designed to win this election
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  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    Though this situation is very bleak and sad

    I will say that this, is a perfect way to draw out

    Those closet racists on your social media

    Whether that may be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat

    Whatever that platform

    Racist's can't stand NOT voicing their opinion on the matter at hand

    and of course their go to response in their response is "I'm not a racist, BUT"

    here's an example of a white boy's response on my social media

    "Lol I'm seriously ashamed that people that received the same education as me can be so fuckin dumb when it comes to common sense. Fuck all this black lives bullshit from everything I see online yall are just as racist as the white cop that chose to make a bad decision. Here's a thought ... Listen to authority when a police officer tells u to do something just do it. Quit fuckin sellin drugs quit runnin with gangs quit being under cops radar and u won't ever even have to see a cop let alone be killed by one. Thank god there's some good black people spreading the right message because all these arragont mother fuckers are causing chaos.

    Quit glorifying gang bangers with a rap sheet of felonious chargers that carry around illegal firearms and act like they are father of the year. I'm nor racist at all by the way I'm just dissapointed that some people actually think killing white cops that had nothing to fuckin do with any type of killings is gonna stop violence. White police officers and black police officers have been in a brotherhood and working side by side for years now. We are brothers there is gonna be bad in any profession. We need to work on weeding the bad out. How are you gonna stop a racist by being racist. Get a fuckin grip and I dare a mf to disagree with me"
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