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  • Re: David Banner's Message to America on Sway In The Morning

    its a little hard to take a man like him seriously. He can talk the "talk" but can he walk the "walk". Like a previous poster said; his interviews rarely mirror his music. This kind of hypocrisy makes what little he has to say disingenuous.
  • What to do when your s/o lets themselves go?

    Do you encourage them, ridicule them, or drop them. I've been seeing this girl for almost 2 years now. And I've been seeing her gradually let her appearance go. She no longer even attempts to make herself even look remotely attractive to me. Her hair is never done. And even though I prefer it natural, she doesn't do anything with it. She's continually eating unhealthy shit like cookies and pop. I try to eat healthy around her, thinking it will have an effect but it never does.
    She doesn't like to workout at the gym and when we do go she'll hardly workout.
    She spend most of her time napping. She only works two days out the week (midnights) but is constantly tired. She exhibits absolutely no enthusiasm when it comes to self improvement.
    She gets angry because I almost never initiate sex. But her overall energy and appearance is becoming a huge turnoff.

    I often find that her energy (or lack there of) influences me in a negative way also.
    The thing is, is that I'm really in a serious relationship with her. But her attitude is slowly putting me off. Have you fellas ever dealt with a women like this? What did you end up doing?
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  • Re: How do you tell your s/o that they need to do something with their teeth

    I got head from a bitch recently who bottom grill was busted.Whole time im thinking "damn my dick deserves a better mouth than this".

    one tooth sticks out further than the other and scrapes up against my penis. The head it so painful....

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  • Fellas, do you find women with GAP

    teeth attractive? Serious question. Because on some women its actually cute. On others......not so much. Met a cute girl today with a gap. It was pretty wide too...........



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  • Re: U.N.S. The Education on Tommy Sotomayor.

    taeboo wrote: »
    Stopitfive wrote: »
    So I was watching one of his vids this morning.
    He is over the top. But ppl should probably b more upset at the ratchets and animals he rails against.
    His emotional state ain't gonna stop certain folks from misbehaving.

    So I'm supposed to be mad at how the next person chooses to live their life?

    yes because they are a detriment to the black community. if you can get upset about someone on YT expressing their opinion then why can't get you get upset about the ratchets and savages who are actually contributing to the decadence of our community. By your logic TS should just be a man with an opinion.
    Many blacks are opposed to what he says very adamantly. Which is amazing because they if they spent half that energy fixing up their communities then Tommy wouldn't even have a reason to speak.