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  • Re: Kanye West on the Breakfast Club... (Really Good Interview)

    Charlamagne wears contacts like a punk. He's almost ready to come out the closet.

    You gonna go out with him when he does?

    Don't talk to me white boy.
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  • Re: Lil Wayne sues birdman for 51 million dollars

    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    Groundhog Sees Shadow: Wayne Stuck in Bushes for 6 More Months

    STUNNA ISLAND Fl- Philnxsutawney Phil stepped out of the groundhog crib this morning to make his yearly strut to predict how long winter will last. But this year he also was going to shed light (or shadow on the YMCMB feud between Wayne and Baby. Phil who is dropping a mixtape next month told reporters that the shadow not only meant 6 more weeks of winter. "According to this shadow wayne stuck in the bushes for 6 more months b."

    Publicist and senior YM cheerleader Michael Malice took questions from the press regarding this report.

    Reporter: Does Lil Wayne give credibility to this groundhogs prediction

    Malice: Didn't Read

    Reporter: How did Wayne sign such a terrible contract?

    Malice: [He] Didn't Read

    This dude so damn corny. Shit is painful.
  • Re: Lil Wayne Wants To Take Drake and Nicki Minaj Off Cash Money

    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    Lil homie gon be straight!


    oh look @Rozaytabernacle she woke up

    P. Town wrote: »
    All talk, no action.

    are you talking about wayne or bcotton?

    Stop taking my shit fuck boy.
  • Re: Birdman To Lil Wayne: "I'm Pissed, You Disrespected The Family"

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    Yeah if he's suing for 8 mil that's gonna get tossed.... legally, Baby isn't doing anything wrong not releasing the Carter V. Now if this is for other monies owed to him over the years that's gonna be a long fight but either way, even if Wayne wanted he doesn't have more money than Baby & Slim. Wayne is in a fucked up situation where they have his money. If he wants to leave he has to understand he's going to have to leave the masters, a truck load of money & start over. Either that or he stays and continues getting raped. Birdman's next move will be to give C5 a release date, however, the damage is done.

    And if I were any artist not named Lil' Wayne on Cash Money, I'd be fucking sweating right now.... cuz if Wayne can't get his money from Birdman the rest of yall is fucked. This whole situation significantly damages their reputation.

    So you think he suing cause he in his feelings?

    I dont think the type of people he gas around him would let him sue if they didn't think it was something shady going on. Wayne ain't no idiot but shit you never know I guess

    I agree he has a legitimate reason to sue just that in this case, Baby happens to hold Wayne's cards. There's really nothing Wayne can do but sue.

    I think what Wayne will do is just leak his own album. There's no way Birdman will give him his masters or money and why would he ? He has no interests outside of music so to do that would be to give up his cash cow. Wayne is fortunate enough to have youth on his side so he can start over.

    What I wanna know is why he won't release the album... I wanna say that maybe he feels that Wayne would outshine Rich Gang but in that case wouldn't it help them even more ? It's weird b/c essentially this can be all over if Birdman just gives C5 a release date..... Must be more to the story they're not telling us.

    the bolded would actually screw wayne more and put him deeper in the bushes

    1. Thats a double album or 2 albums he could release (if birdman releases shit lol) to get further away from the bushes

    2. This isn't original C3 shit that leaked by an unkown source and was straight piff. This is shitty C5 material that from the singles nothing has gone gold or plat like every other carter album before.

    Baring something crazy wayne is fucked (no yung thug). Don't leak and the album will collect dust and may never be released. Leak and those are 2 albums down from the 3 albums left on his current contract. Like i said the bushes is like quicksand b. The more you try to leave the more the vines pull you in.

    She's awake

    She's cranky as hell this morning.
  • Re: Birdman To Lil Wayne: "I'm Pissed, You Disrespected The Family"

    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    Monizzle, for a nigga who hate anything Lil Wayne you sure be in all his threads fam...

    Sumn you wanna tell us?

    i don't hate anything lil wayne i just don't like the garbage he puts out now. As a registered monizzle hater you should know by now. You posting right now from the CM punk straight edge convention b?

    Uh oh. She's mad.

    Says the nigga who would rather be waynes cheerleader than take their daughters to cheerleading practice. nigga you 4 years from getting your AARP Card coming and you still running around promoting trukfit skateboard gear lmao.

    Didn't read!
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