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  • Re: Offical 21 Savage - ISSA ALBUM thread

    21 21 21
    Cutler 26 INT's LOL!
  • Re: Which stans are the worst ?

    Wayne stans
    The Recipe wrote: »
    Wayne stans

    BCotton and the rest of the 5 Words, YMCMB, YMCMBMMG, Wayne is GOAT posters who put no thought into their post or even care to have a valid argument make any YM thread unreasonable and frankly unbearable.

    We Tha BizNe$$. Flashy.Life. Rich.Gang. YMCMBizne$$.

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  • Re: CYOL 2016 Chilla vs Rue

    Future Sales: Both labels have the artist that are capable of respectable sales numbers. Edge goes to Flexington Ent for having more of a what's hot right now feel.
    WINNER: Flexington Ent

    Future Critical Acclaim: Because of the variety in make up of Flexington Ent, percentage wise they have more of a chance of producing future critical acclaim. If the category was just critical acclaim the edge would go to Purple Haze; but it's not.
    WINNER: Flexington Ent

    Longevity: Purple Haze has a roster built on artist that have proven the test of time. I don't see any reason for that to change. Flexington Ent has a roster that is capable of making noise in the game for awhile. Too close to call.

    Album Covers/Tracklist : Pretty basic album covers from both labels. They will definitely have to step their game up in the upcoming rounds or they will get crushed. Give Purple Haze the edge on pop.
    I like the creativity from both labels but Purple Haze seemed to to a little more in depth and thought. Tracks are believable from both and producers looks right.

    Cohesion: Purple Haze went with a more grimey feel to the label and should work for them. Flexington mixed it up and thats okay too. Because Purple Haze artists are more of the same mix, the opportunity to be a cohesive unit is there.
    WINNER: Purple Haze

    Overall Winner: Flexington Ent
  • Re: Is This Lil Waynes Best Track Ever?

    I know allot of niggas have a mixtape song as their best wayne song but there is something about BMJR that will never be touched by any punchline off a mixtape. It is focused and vividly paints a picture of how wayne grew up.

    I also think the track captures the ending of how spit prior to C1 (block is hot, lights out, insert album that was a cheap rip of a dop juvi album here) and how he would spit during and post C1 with crazy punch lines. It really captures the best of both weezys.
    I'm proud of you guys. Bravo.

    Thank you my nigga. We gotta catch a hockey game soon. Hope the wife and kids are doing well b.

    Sounds good. When I'm up near Connecticut will hit you up. Blessings.
  • Re: Is This Lil Waynes Best Track Ever?

    I'm proud of you guys. Bravo.
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