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  • Re: Acorn App?

    Bcotton5 wrote: »
    I use the Stash app to diversify my funds.

    What's stash?

    You can invest easily into different stocks. As little or as much as you want.
  • Re: Acorn App?

    I use the Stash app to diversify my funds.
  • Re: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

    This RevivePak trials is so frustrating. Shit is impossible. Smh.

    Edit: Nevermind I figured it out.
  • Re: Hand Check! Any Vapers here?

    I have been off cigerettes for 12 days now thanks to vaping. I'm currently using a Smok X-cube Mini 2 75W with a Tfv4 Tank, Tf-t3 coil at 0.42 ohms and running at 40W. I've been stuck on this Naked Fish Wahoo juice at 6 MG but I also use Unicorn Puke and I have some Root beer Float on the way I want to try.

    My backup is a Evic-vtc Mini. Haven't messed with any RDA's yet but will eventually look into it. Can't belive this stopped me from smoking after 22 years.
  • Re: Any Truck Drivers/CDL Holders

    Do you know what maneuvers you have to perform on the test out there? I wonder if it's the same as here, if I remember correctly it was

    Pre trip
    In cab
    Serpentine/straight back
    Alley dock
    Parallel park
    Blind side parallel park
    Then the road test

    I knocked everything out the first try besides the serpentine which is supposed to be the easiest one, took me two tries

    Only one we didn't do was serpentine. Blind slide parallel got me. Took me two tries.

    Didn't have to blind side but it's easier to do in a day cab but I'm so use to doing it sight side. Funny thing is I barely knew how to drive a sick let alone a 8 or 10 speed. But test time I was double clutching that bitch.I glide/float thru then gears now. But the trucks I drive now are automatic I love it. The hell s with sitting in rush hour traffic pressing the clutch in I just to ease up a couple of feet

    Yeah I didn't really know how to drive a stick before I came here. Only time I drove one was in Iraq. We had this little Iraqi jeep on camp we use to push around. I taught myself to drive it so I wouldn't have to walk around camp. That was in 05 tho.
    I thought I would be a tough guy and want a manual when I get to a company but nah fuck that. Let me get that auto.