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  • Re: The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

    ok imma post this story about my dawg....and yall tell me is he lost kinda long though

    so my nigga is in baton rouge and he tell me he met thsi chick.tells me she got a camaro and she be lettin him psuh the whip...break like nigga u got a winner.i meet the chick and im like ok she str8 and they all of s suden this nigga calls me up,and runs down whats been goin on wit him.he telles me this bitch be fussin at him like a lil boy....that this hoe will say she about to go to a party on the other side of town...just to chill for 30 mins then come home.this nigga was fallin 4 it tellin dude str8 up u pussywhipped drop that he take my advice and moves out to houston and gets his life back on track.this bitch sees this and runs game on him and he takes her back....moves her in ands tell her she aint gotta pay no my nigga got a good fuckin job makin damn near $40,000 a year..this nigga went and bought her a new toyota yaris and a fresh ass pontiac firebird...the bitch was rolli cleaner than him.i went by his house and the minute he wouldnt do what she SAID she would be like pack my shyt...not her pack it but him pack her shyt.

    so time go by,and his brother always be fucki wit him like how u make all that money and aint got shyt to show 4 it besides cigarettes and weed,and this hoe doin it we all used to go by my brother and play madden,sp we waitin on this nigga and just he peeps show up and im like where the fuck my nigga at.he telle me him and her was fussin in the car...and she just str8 up tells him she been fuckin wit and fuckin otha niggaz in houston,that she was tryna go to prarie view(anyone from houston knows thats a ride back and forth)cuz 1 of the niggaz she fuckin goin he pissed and she tellin him let me out the car and he tells he call that nigga and tell him come pic u up.this bitch calls that nigga sittin shotgun in his car,and tellin the niggashyt like fuck this lil dick nigga come pick me up at such and such location.this nigga sat in a mcdonalds parkin lot waitin on dude to show up,and then forced the bitch in the car ad drove this how around houston for the rest of the night to try and get her to stay

    so now the hoe dont respect him and out of the blue...this nigga tells me he comes home and all her shyt gone and the cars gone.he says he calls her and she tell him i got a nigga and he helpin me move my shyt back to BR.this nigga went hunt the hoe down...slashed the tires,and had the laws lookin 4 months later he tells me he still talkin to her,and im like nigga u stupid.he braggin that she got a new car and all,im like she took a cat u paid 4 and got a better 1,while makin him pay the note on a car she left behind.the hoe sells dreams to him and he goes and leases an apartment in september thinkin she gonna move in wit him the followin may.may comes around,she doesnt cme,so this nigga breaks his lease and has to move in wit moms

    now i dont kno who won in the end,but what i see in him this nigga bredit is fucked,got jacked outta 2 cars,ended up marryin an illegal alien(his wife russian),and she cant work 4 2 years til she get her papers so he gotta do everything,the other chick neva checked on her

    Breh, just cuz this is a hip hop forum doesn't mean you can write like a savage.
  • Re: Extrovert x Introvert relationships... Do they work?

    I'm an introvert he's an extrovert

    It works for the most part but sometimes ugh........

    Lol, I figured you for an introvert. You have too weird/unconventional a sense of humor to get along with most people
  • Re: The official "she not that cute " but i wanna hit for some reason thread

    Got some dumb mother fuckers in this thread posting up chicks like Tamala Jones, the chick from Big Bang Theory, and the chick from Covert Affairs. Up your reading comprehensions
    sobekMrCrookedLetterWell Got Dammikelewis
  • Re: Donkey's Official Stand Up Thread

    If Louis CK had as much charisma as Dave Chapelle he'd be unquestionably top 5. Dude's material is hilarious
  • Re: Jay-Z - 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'

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    every jigga warrior in this thread will have deflated feeling of hype and symptoms of boredom at approx 1:00am. too many theatrics for a so called "artist" to take to drop an album. his commercials potray him as some kind of 4 inch dick who talks jibberish about the artistic view of this album but i cant be the only nigga in the thread to see these generic lyrics. we make fun of young rappers like keef and waka flocka for rapping about turning up but we give jay z a pass on these basic bars about smoking weed, getting wasted in night clubs. he makes a big pagentry about being so important and powerful but as we see his bulldog cheeks, crows feet on eyes bubble lip drooping we should hold him accountable for having more mature content instead of rapping about this childish shit on the album. yall clowned nas for hooking up with marley royalty to drop a socio-conscious album about the black experience but you same fake ass niggas are praising and making an excuse for jay z to put 2 homosexual greek men fondling each other. he has a song dedicated to a white man. he has his favorite white boyfriend JT on the album. fuck the apps and what jay z is really trying to sell. nobody want to hear some bitch ass nigga rap on 13 songs about how rich he is. like how low does a nigga self esteem have to be to have a superstar rapper berate you because of wealth status in tight economic times like this. travon trial going on. chicago and detroit are war zones. niggas still hurting for jobs. so much real shit going on in 2013 i feel like his fans shouldnt have to sit through the same bragging content that he had on WTT, BP3 and KC. you niggas are buying and listening to the same album over and over. Jay Z is so one track minded and predictable its actually normal not to expect something above average from him. have fun listening to magna camel holy fail and watching the 2 greek homos embrace each other for that intense mediterrain style anal sex. after all this is art right?

    Yo, I left for like two years and this nigga legit still posting titanographs about a dude he hates

    pure hate bruh.

    You gotta respect the dedication