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  • Re: Recommend a Non-Fiction Book

    Skeratch wrote: »
    Does that guy offer tips, is he serious, or is it just an expose of those pick-up artists?

    He goes into his journey very very detailed. He writes his story 65% of the book, but it has all the specifics into the story. Then another like 20% of pages are emails and stuff he saved from then, 10% are more tips just sketched on the pages, and the other 5% are random things, like what women find interesting that you're wearing, what type of things they don't and stuff like that.

    Like he goes into each PUA's method, what worked, why it worked, how it worked, the lines he was taught, etc... Even if you're someone who can pick up women now, just reading the book will make you pick em up 100 times better. Basically reading his book is the equivalent of paying 1500 to go one of the Guru's shows. The shit is amazing.
  • Re: why don't we react to black on black murder like we do to racially charged killings?

    Because two useless members of society killing each other over dumb shit is not on the level of a innocent child getting murdered by a racist faggot.

    Because black on black crime often sees the killer being killed himself or locked up within a week at the latest where as white police or white citizens continually get off and suffer nothing for their wrong doings.
  • Re: Why do/don't you believe in god?

    eddie2time wrote: »
    is being atheist a religion? i mean atheist go hard in the paint for that status.
    they will get on websites and battle you from sun up to sun down. ..
    if i didnt believe in a god and declared myself an atheist i wouldnt even get in a conversation with you about it, it would seem like a big waiste of both our times.
    to me atheist are looking to be convinced some how that their is a god because they feel empty inside or whatever

    Atheists argue against your fairy tales because they are detrimental to society and placing focus on self rather than mystic beings is beneficial to society. In a species so advanced one would think there is no longer a need to explain the unknown with guesses when a solid method is in place to figure the answers out.
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