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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    FlyFreeCt wrote: »
    Ok I get it, when Eli throws picks he's an interception machine but when somebody like Favre does it he's a gunslinger. Dan Marino and Peyton also have alot of picks...but they can slide though huh?? I know one thing though, he steps the fuck up when we need him to....The same number of rings as Romo has playoff wins....

    Yeah Eli didn't have thise defensive lines tp depend on. Bruh I get it your a Giants fan you gonna defens your QB nust like I defend mine, but him being the interception leader since he came into the league doesn't say anything. The fact that he is the only QB with two super bowl wins who still plays who is still being argued if he should even be put on a HOF ballot has nothing to do with it? His team literally does not make the playoffs at all outside of '07 and '11 doesn't speak volumes. Say what you may want about Romo but even in the 8-8 seasons week 17 he still dragged his sorry ass teams to compete for a division crown all those years. Eli's inconsistent play has kept his team out of the playoffs more than once.

    25+ INTs more than 3 times is LAUGHABLE for a supposedly elite QB, Peyton, Favre , and Marino may have led the league in INT's but Eli has done it as many times as all three of them put together. Eli is the Forrest Gump of QBs, he doesn't really have the talent to make it but somehow succeeds and it is mind numbingly frustrating at times, cause now I have to hear 'OMG TWO SUPER BOWL RINGS' louder than wildly inconsistent turnover prone play.

    the Giants and cowboys literally have the same amount of playoff appearances in that time span

    romo has lost to the Giants in all of those occasions you mentioned. a week 17 game where the winner makes the playoffs and a 07 home loss to the Giants in the playoffs

    so I don't get how you can credit romo for making it where his team competes for a division title (and still lose three years in a row) yet undermine Eli's two rings.

    eli is such a weird QB. when he's on they win Super Bowls
    when he's off he's a turnover machine and it looks as if he shouldn't even be starting

    but in the midst of all that he's helped bring the team two championships. his success defies reason, but it is what it is and you gotta give props when it's due

    I do ask for more consistency tho. two rings in 7 years, yet only made the playoffs 3 times in those years

    shit is mind boggling
  • Re: Asap Rocky, On Drake Vs. Meek Mill: ‘There Had To Be A Loser’

    Mister B. wrote: »
    Dude said he comes from "old school".....and he's 26.

    Sorry, sir. We don't buy that brand of bullshit you're trying to sell.

    he said he has an old school aesthetic

    aesthetic - a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist

    you've seen how some of these young fans think. they don't care if drake writes his lyrics or not. that's a new school way of thinking

    in the era which Rocky is talking about, authenticity mattered. and he's adopted that way of thinking
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar - For Free? OFFICIAL VIDEO

    kliiimaxx wrote: »
    like it......................but get the feeling that this KendrickGKMCDeluxe.jpg

    will always be the No.1 album though

    irrelevant to the topic but cool
  • Re: Dr. Dre- Compton- Official Album Discussion Thread (8/7/15)

    okaay wrote: »
    2 things

    1. The Irony of people waiting on Dre albums. (ghostwriters)
    2. He gone "soundtrack" this album too, so he doesn't have to include it in the catalogue like the "Aftermath" if its underwhelming.

    it's well documented dre doesn't write his own lyrics. but his writers get credited so they're not ghost writers

    besides dre never claimed to be the best rapper unlike a certain nigga who we found out has 4 reference tracks to his disposal
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  • Re: mark a dunk contest???

    you saw his moms clapping for him on some nutty professor "Hercules Hercules!" shit
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