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  • Re: The Great Adventures Of Starlito and Boogawolf

    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    Brian B. wrote: »
    I readin thru the thread once again thinkin

    "Damn B, you escalated that shit quickly"

    I mean, nigga said he got ceelo pregnant smh... she didn't deserve this

    This the real sad part
    You think you won
    You went harder for all star than yo bitch ass grandma
    Yo grandma nigga
    I believe if I woulda just said "yo grandma ain't shit" you woulda been like "but this Lito album..."
    You Stan of the century

    I'd call that boogawolf bitch a boogawolf to her damn face & dare you to try sumthin

    you wouldn't utter those words to my granny, esp. in my presence w/o a .40 bein upped on ya

    Lol my guy is this really worth it, over a rapper?

    bruh this got shit to do w/ Lito

    I'd say that shit to that boogawolf

    he wouldn't say shit to my granny

    stop bringing up Lito

    this bout Bobby Brown & ceelo havin a baby

    Over all star rofl
    You love him more than yo grandma

    Bruh, you talk too much shit to have a boogafolk bitch like that

    Like I said, you wouldn't utter those words to my granny in my presence

    you'll meet the glock 23

    I'm not bout to pull a pistol cuz you hate one of my favorite rappers lol

    but come at my fam w/ that shit in person & see what's good

    this my last post, fof this shit or not

    this thread my magnum opus

    But i highly doubt u would talk shit about a nigga wife in front of her, lets be real. An unprovoked attack at that? Na bruh..

    I would call that bitch a boogawolf to her got damn face

    I'll show that puss ass nigga that .40 on my waist & dare him to try sumthin

    Communicating threats, online bullying, cyber stalking you're looking 2 to 5 fam.
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  • Re: Drake Speaks On Why He Had To Destroy Meek, Talks Quentin Miller and Why DJ Drama Is To Blame

    Sion wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    The rest of the interview is way better than the meek portion of it . Lol like how Kanye and drake lowkey fell off . The QM and dj drama shit, the Grammy shit . Basically pointing out that jay z was the one that asked for the reference tracks

    I doubt it was Hov. He's been writing for niggas on the quiet since way back, it wouldn't make sense to ask for Drake's reference tracks and THEN appear on a song with him for VIEWS (pop style).

    If someone asked for it then it had to be someone who dislikes Drake. Someone who was gonna do a whole run off it, and actually gain something out of it.


    hhhmmmm dayum good fuckin guess :+1:

    Yeah Puffy the only one I can imagine who could have niggas shook like that to fork up reference tracks

    Diddy gets nigga shook but goofy niggas want to think he's a shiny suit wearing dancing nigga but industry niggas know the deal.
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  • Re: New York... School Me.

    Don't go to East NY, Brooklyn

    detcatinva wrote: »
    Me and wifey at a wedding yesterday evening





    Is your girl single?
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  • Vibe is out here wildin

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