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  • Re: Do any of y'all have your own blog?

    My second business is language instruction. I offer 1 on 1 lessons.

    And my 1st business is selling music and doing live performances. I want to eventually license my music out too.
    I've recently been offered my first hosting gig. I'm dabbling in event organization as well.
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  • Do any of y'all have your own blog?

    I'm going to start my own blog about my experiences becoming an independent business man. I'm a rap artist who released my first album on April 21st. You can check out my album, The Gemimac Show, at

    I've also recently started another business that is going well.

    Two stories have emerged from all of this.
    One story is that I've finally gotten my rap career off the ground and my music is getting listened to quite a bit, across the world.
    The other story that is emerging is I'm experiencing success as a a business man in two separate businesses.

    I say all that to ask this question. Do any of y'all have your own blog? What do you write about? What y'all think about my idea for my own blog?
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  • Re: Dope MC or Wack Rapper part 11 E 40

  • Re: Tupac Biopic "All Eyez On Me"

    This is my review of All Eyes on Me that I posted on fb yesterday after watching it.

    So I just watched All Eyes on Me.......i enjoyed the biopic (I think that's what this type of film is called) just going to give my thoughts on it..i think Demetrius Shipp Jr. did a good job playing Pac. I'm sure the role was super challenging. When he first walked on screen I was like aww shit because he doesnt have Pacs intensity(but who does?) As the movie went on his performance got more believable. I liked how they portrayed Afeni and Jada ( I know Jada has issues with the accuracy of the biopic and I respect that)... I think outside of Jada, Afeni, Kidada, Tupac, Les, and Atron the characters weren't portrayed with much depth. Overall, this movie was done way better than Notorious and Straight Outta Compton. I think they treated Pac's life story with respect and I commend the producers, writers, and director for that.
    There were definitely some inaccuracies but I'll let the people who were there in real life elaborate on those things. But having Pac perform Hail Mary at the House of Blues was dumb imo. That song obviously came out after Pac's assassination.
    Overall, I see this biopic being a huge box office success and I see a bright future for Demetrius Shipp Jr. I think Pac would be happy that an unknown, untrained actor landed the role.
    What y'all think?
    Oh yeah, it was a trip seeing Money B on the big screen. He played himself. Ive worked with Money B before and he is hella cool. Also, seeing the homie Leila portrayed was a trip. The Digital Underground scenes were super dope to me! Ok thats it I'm done.
    Damn 1 more thing. I liked the storytelling device they used of telling the story from the time of his incareration and famous vibe interview with Kevin Powell. They could have told the story differently but that worked and made sense. (Hey, I'm a writer and I pay attention to these things.)
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  • Re: What could be done to curve the violence in black communities?

    To start eliminating violence in the black and brown ghettos I think these things need to happen:

    1. Better schools in the hood. The schools in the hood should have more resources or atleast equivalent resources to the rich neighborhoods.
    2. More structured families. 2 parents in the house makes a big difference.
    3. Education needs to be culturally embraced and promoted.
    4. More job opportunities for people from poor communities.
    5. More activities for young people like dance classes, graffitti classes, hip hop classes, chess classes, martial arts classes to give the kids something else to do other than get high, join gangs, and get chicks impregnated.
    Mister B.