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  • Re: The Gemimac Show (Coming out April 2017) Album Cover Art

    StreetRap wrote: »
    I give this dude credit it takes guts to come out here and rep your own shit

    you see the props but you also see the disses

    How do rappers deal with negative feed back Geminac?

    You could give us insight but you aint got to answer it up to you bruh

    You know I'd say out here in San Francisco and in the Bay Area I've been receiving a lot of love for this project so far. I'm really trying to get this album to listeners that have never heard of me. You never know how people will receive your music. In order to collect props you have to be willing to accept criticism.

    I think the harshest thing people can do is ignore you and your music as an artist.

    Leading up to this album I've had the opportunity to perform in front of different size crowds. Performing live and winning over audiences has given me a lot of confidence. I'm really just trying to take the momentum that I have and run with it.

    I hope you all enjoy the album!
  • The Gemimac Show (Coming out April 2017) Album Cover Art


    I'll be posting the tracklist shortly. Big ups to @paintandanimate for lacing the artwork!!
  • Gemimac talks about his forthcoming debut album, The Gemimac Show

    This is the first part of a 2 part interview that I did with DJ Carlos G here in San Francisco on 03/03/17. I'd like to hear what yall think of the interview. This is only the second interview I've ever done.

    Nah Son
  • Re: Law Of Attraction?

    Reesey wrote: »
    simple. Change your way of thinking, change your life. From top to bottom.

    Every decision I make is based on happiness. Logic is cool .. it'll get you from A to Z .. but imagination and true belief will get you everywhere.

    I do things that don't make no dang sense to other folk, but I do it because it makes me happy. Example...quiting a 125k gig I hated for a 75k gig I loved. Lol. To some...that's stupid- #.stay until you move to a job you like that pays the same amount... and be miserable? For how long? N*gga for what!?!. Haha.

    I'm not hurting for money... or am I? To you..I may have been, to me...I'm rich BIOTCH! I believe therfore I am. It is and will be.

    Master your mind and what you focus it upon and you will control your universe.

    Things happen around you that you can not control but what you DO have control over is how you allow it effect you directly, emotionally.

    You are what you think.

    You think/believe you are!
    You think/believe that your life sucks does and the universe will continue to deliver scenarios to prove this truth. Because to it...this is what you want, why... because it is what you are consistently thinking about.


    Damn you spitting jewels. I may need to peep the book. I really believe in optimistic thinking and maintaining balance in life.
  • Can we all agree on one thing?

    Magoo is one of the worst rappers i5ptmec8a1hy.jpg
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