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    They gotta start knocking Thomas on his ass when he come to the basket.
    KingFreemanking hassanMaywoodWhoisDonG???
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    MCW ain't no damn better, put Valentine in there.
    Neophyte Wolfgang
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    He wasn't winning that appeal, the evidence in that Lloyd case was too much. Dude knew he wasn't getting out and took the cowards way out.
    TheBoyRonumbaz...80's babyKing_MOEbra
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    AP21 wrote: »
    AP21 wrote: »
    The clippers low key dropped a blueprint last night.Get harden in foul trouble and watch those role players look like fish outta water jackin 30 foot CONTESTED 3's rockets shot 9-40 22% :# Washed them frauds by a smooth 29

    real consider this news?

    i guess my counter question would be what specifically did they do to get harden in foul trouble b/c i've seen dude slap at ball a ton of times and he is rarely called for it, so it might've been that crew who wasnt with the shits last night and called a tighter game than he is accustomed to

    dont get me wrong, i agree with you...get him in foul trouble and you give yourself a chance, but it seems like most games dude has the refs in his pocket
    AP21 wrote: »
    man 2k on the bullshit

    i went ahead and started a new MYGM based on the season standings as of yesterday before the games ended

    of course i sim the playoffs b/c the pels not in it

    ya'll will NEVER guess who the fucking title
    the chicago bulls beat the thunder 4-1

    MVP of the league was Westbrook tho


    You consider this news? You talkin bout nba 2k mygm simulations and video game finals mvp

    I talk about the nba in general more than anybody in this wack ass thread everybody else literally gives play by play of their team during the games,trolls,or just lurks and clicks reactions.I guess sayin '26 M'S!!!!' about al horford is news tho right? A lot of hypocrisy in here.

    Be a leader not a follower dog

    brah, im not serious irl nor online 100% of the time...i thought it was funny, you

    i just asked you a question. I wasnt attacking your bball knowledge, but i was legit curious as to what you felt the clippers did differently vs anyone else he has played against this year.

    I mean, when the pels played them a few games ago, the pels just let him score and guarded everyone else. I think thats a legit strategy imo, but saying getting him into foul trouble..i was just trying to understand your pov better

    thats all

    Never thought you wre attacking my knowledge just speaking in general

    There was a game vs memphis earlier this season where harden had 3 fouls in the 1st half and had to sit and they struggled on offense.Just an observation that's all it was
    LMAO at the flag, dude takes this too serious.

    Yea whatever,foh wit that gloom n doom nonsense.I know you aint talkin bout taking this board too serious you posted your WIFE for validation and was tellin dudes "pull up I'll beat you in front of your bitch" (talkin bout beezy).

    Yep I sure did along with other people and she was the best looking woman posted that day. You're the only one angry in here trying to get a reaction out of people crying because dudes dont take this as serious as you do.
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    LMAO at the flag, dude takes this too serious.