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  • Re: Question: Is it unfair for people who don't believe in Yeshua to be condemned to hell forever?

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    IT DOES NOT MATTER if there are independent researchers or not because you have no way of knowing that they too are following the correct methodology or that the data gathered is both pertinent and unbiased. NO matter what it still comes down to believing in WHAT those scientist write and WE CANNOT ALWAYS SEE IF THEIR FINDINGS ARE FALSIFIABLE OR NOT because everyone does not have access to what is needed to verify the finding of scientist.

    THE TORNADO ANALOGY was a bad one but you get the point i am trying to make and that is that you cannot say something is not real just because you don't have evidence for it especially when other people say they have experienced it. The difference between greek thought and egyptian thought is VERY VERY very vast and not all greek philosophers were killed by their city states fucking Aristotle taught Alexander the great and he did not teach him Egyptian philosophy. SO you are flat out wrong with that point.

    If you use the wide definition of philosophy found in the dictionary you will be confused because their are many different kinds of it. To begin with philosophy is NOT ONLY AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURAL WORLD PHILOSOPHY IS ABOUT HOW YOU THINK it is not only an evaluation and reaction to the natural world. It's a system of thought. Also there is a difference between a belief and a philosophy what you said about not drinking water is a belief not a philosophy

    And i did not ask you HOW WE CAN PROVE THAT WE ARE NATURAL BEINGS. i asked you How do you know THAT WE ARE ONLY NATURAL BEINGS.

    Something is supernatural when it is considered to be outside of the natural world in other words when it is outside of the chain of cause and effect. You may want to look into things like the reincarnation of biya pathak, demon possession and out of body experiences for they cannot all be explained by brain problems

    Aristotle was exiled and he went to Macedonia and the Greeks considered them barbaric.

    We cannot verify reincarnation and I have looked into Hindu mythos and belief systems and other groups that believe in reincarnation, but it cannot be verified, demon possession is also not verifiable, and out of body experiences more likely due to high interaction with their brain. Again, at one time lightening was considered supernatural, but now we know it's plasma the fourth state of matter and which it produces anti-matter. Understanding is the tool to life.

    Again you have to understand methodology and it's not my fault that the common people are not educated on science and methodology more better. It's their community and educational systems that messed them up.

    I think Charles Darwin Origins of life book is a good example of how proper methodology is conducted in coming to a conclusion which anyone logical would have came up and recognize.

    Based on the information that is available is that humans are natural beings, we cannot quantify anything supernatural.

    The Egyptians indeed thought differently and hence why the Greek government considered it foreign philosophy.

    The greeks considered everybody barbaric and my point still stands because not all Greek philosophers were killed or exiled. Plato died in his sleep AND THERE were many many other less well know philosophers that were legitimately part of Greek society.

    You can understand methodology all you want YOU DON'T KNOW IF THE SCIENTIST USED IT.

    We know a phenomena called demon possession happens

    and none of these things have a cause in the natural world therefore they are supernatural. So you just proved my point the fact that these things happen and they have no natural cause makes them supernatural.

    It could be very neurological which is a natural thing, because you cannot understand something doesn't mean it's supernatural, that is just adding a gap than versus saying well I don't understand this phenomenon that is occurring. Humans do this all of the time in history than just admitting their ignorance that they don't understand why someone is acting out crazy and calling it demons and someone said they were out of their bodies.

    people have had out of body experiences and came back and described what occurred in the hospital or sometimes described things that happened miles away. Their brain stopped functioning SO nothing can be neurological about that.

    if something is outside of the laws of physics then it's supernatural.

    You do know that when the body dies that the brain has a huge spike in neurological activity.


    Don't put something that we cannot explain yet to supernatural.

    We went over this already, something is supernatural when it happens is outside of the realm of rationality and nature

    NDE AND OBE'S DO HAPPEN AND SOME OF THEM ARE BY DEFINITION SUPERNATURAL because they break the laws of what we understand reality to be

    Basically God of the Gaps.
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    Damn, bro whatever you are going through man I hope everything works out
  • Re: Farrakhan To Obama: Let Trump Do Want He Wants, You Failed Inner City Blacks

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    I been telling yall since 2010 that Obama was a bitch. 6 years later yall finally starting to hear me

    I said that shit before he got elected.
  • Re: Sa Neter and Irish Reporter

    Seti said the same thing and he is just showing hsi true colors
  • Re: Sa Neter and Irish Reporter

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    Nice to see this and that Neter and the HOK still doing they thing. Need more of this tbh....

    Don't know why there is so much beef in the so called "conscious community" tho. Seti still taking more shots @ Genie. Genie done had a spat w/ Banner. Banner taking photos w/ Wesley M. Dawah done went MIA for a minute, Young Pharoah gettin' called out, etc.. my goodness.

    It's just like the streets. A lot of cats trying to being something they aren't. Young Pharaoh just dissed everyone who reads and writes and understands the medu neter(the Egyptian hieroglyphs) by saying they never been translated. A lot of what he says comes from white people who are pseudo and are failed scientists.