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  • Re: Why I Was Wrong About Atheism by Stefan Molyneux

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    Zombie you are just more worried about the rising power of Islam.

    The rise of atheism is more problematic because without Christianity there will be no stopping the Islamic invasion of the west. So all those atheist and leftist are just fools waiting to die. If not for this over secularism in the west Muslim's wouldn't be blowing innocent people Up

    A gun does the same to any man regardless of his belief. If wiping out the desert folk for peace I'm cool with it. I'm not a humanitarian and I always says if it's done negatively then it's our best concern to do what is necessary.

    The mind has to first be created that wants to pull the trigger even more importantly it has to be willing to suffer and die for society atheist don't produce or proclaim many martyrs for their cause

    Atheist tend to be leftist and leftist tend towards being unwilling to sacrifice they won't even have children because it might take away from their enjoyment of the physical things in life. (@Kingblaze84 is example of what I am talking about in this thread)

    And in the historical record when that hasn't been the case these atheist societies always end up creating a "state cult" that replaces the previous religion/tradition.

    Atheism seems to either create or come with a certain way of thinking, a certain philosophical perspective that is deteriorating to society in the long run.

    Of course Atheism will lean towards left because left always means change and while right always means to conserve or protect tradition. Any rational person would know that there are things that need to change and some things need to stay the same. Two parent homes should not change because the surmount of research shows it's necessary to the child's psychology, but it has to be healthy two parent homes. That being said the left culture has been growing hideously due to the insidious nature of the right has projected for some time. So mankind needs to center itself. It's always been about balance
  • Re: Why I Was Wrong About Atheism by Stefan Molyneux

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    Atheism is a cultural dead end

    Wtf does that even mean lmao.

    It just means you don't believe in a deity.
  • Re: So Umar Johnson Was Trying To Claim To Be A Relative of Frederick Douglass?

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    Pagan? Disrespectful to other people beliefs. Their truth could be the truth yours could be the truth or whatever no one else has an objective analysis of your belief hence its called belief.

    Bro when I say pagan I'm just speaking on those people who are polytheist....

    Then say polytheistic. Pagan always been a derogatory word before it began to represent non-abrahamic religions

    No they are pagans

    Malcolm Xtra
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Z Appreciation Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

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    ssb gogeta or ss4 gogeta?

    Ssj4 gogeta as of now

    SUper Saiyan blue Goku would beat ss4 gogeta

    Exactly. Vegeta surpassed Goku in that brief moment and made Beerus go to 10% and Beerus made lightwork of Ssj3 without being touched so he might have been using 5% of his power or less, SSJ4 is X10 of ssj3, so even 50% of power is not to push 70% Beerus. So automatically SSJB fusion would be stronger than a SSJ4 Fusion and then add the ability to Kaio-Ken like we saw in this episode. Kaio-Ken times 20 would be overkill for SSJ4 Gogeta.
  • Re: So Umar Johnson Was Trying To Claim To Be A Relative of Frederick Douglass?

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    Umar character always been in question and he does give factual information but he wants to be the leader of black people with a questionable character and traits. He is not to be trusted aa far as leadership capabilities

    What man truly is though? No man is going to be without character faults.

    Blatant lies are blatant. If I lie and said I'm related to Malcolm X to get view as someone who can possibly be a leader than my character is in jeopardy.

    Character is very important to look at when dealing with leaders and people who want to be in charge of the people. There is a reason why I say an organization is more important than leadership. If you fail the core values you are voted out. We can talk about white people are liars but if we do the same then we are no better.

    Standards are a must.