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  • Re: Rhythm Roulette: Drumma Boy VS Salaam Remi VS araabMUZIK

    Drumma Boy
    - dope sample
    - terrible results
    - sounded like old NES games (music) combined with EDM shit

    - good sample, but they gave Drumma and Araab better ones
    - good results
    - with the right MC spitting on this beat, could be dope af

    - of all 3 of 'em, he had the best sample to work with
    - good results
    - shit was dope, I could put the instrumental on repeat, without getting bored

    Drumma Boy was in my opinion, and as I already expected , terrible
    Salaam did a good job, and I expected him to easily beat Drumma, and beat Araab
    I know he's a good producer, just didn't expect his beat to be my favorite one, that easy
  • Re: Xzibit's best album...

    Restless might not even be his best album, but it's my favorite one.

    Great catalogue too btw
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  • Re: RA the Rugged Man: Lil Yachty Should Shut the Fu*k Up & Get Out of Music

    Saw this interview earlier
    Only titles like this make me click on videos related to mumble/stumble rappers
    And for fuck sake, I wish more veteran MCs in Hip hop would speak out like AR did.
  • Re: Is the east coast style of hip hop dying out? Lets talk about it.

    Lab Baby wrote: »
    Weazel wrote: »
    1st answer: not dead, according to my playlist.
    2nd answer: been dead for many years already (mainstream)
    1st opinion about it: fuck it, I can listen to it whenever I want.
    2nd opinion about it: the radio rather play/promote mumble rap.

    You know what, fuck the radio, and fuck the fake Hip Hop media.
    With that being said, East coast styled Hip Hop relied heavy on samples.
    And that shit cost money.
    Keep in mind that being a hustler is more important in Hip Hop nowadays..

    ..then being a dope MC

    So yeah
    Ain't nothing wrong with making money
    But a lot of these artists, ain't artistic, at all.
    They can't rhyme, they barely rap, plus they ain't got shit to say.

    Maybe 4 to 8 years of Trump will give 'em something to talk about.

    The biggest factor in all this. (Heavy) Sampling died down starting in the late 90s and the early 2000s, and unless your name is Erick Sermon, Swizz, Dame Grease or P. Killa (might be forgetting a few) there weren't too many producers using original sound in NY. There's tons of original sound in the south in particular, that's why they been able to stretch themselves so thinly for over a decade.

    But Sermon used a lot of samples tho
    And he's a way better producer then Swizz

    Swizz just smashing buttons on his keyboard, lol
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  • Re: Nick Grant

    He got skills, and Sway (in the morning) recognized that already, early, as usual.