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  • Re: why eminem is the greatest lyricist ever

    Y'all sound dumb as hell, and clearly lack Hip-Hop knowledge. Em is nowhere near the top lyricist.

    You might want to redefine the context and rephrase to one of the top commercial rappers who's also lyrical, but as far as raw lyricism and opening the field to all MCs? HELL NO!

    Half of Wu Tang will murder him on the mic, people like Black Thought, Killah Priest, niggas like Kool G Rap, Kane, Rakim, Nas, Mos Def and the list goes on and on. Em struggles with those rejects in Slaughterhouse, Royce stay whoopin' that ass.

    Y'all niggas either white people posin', blinded by the commercial success, or lost in the white Jesus/savior complex. There is no way you objectively think Em is anywhere near the GOAT lyricist.
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  • Re: All faggots should burn in hell

    _Lefty wrote: »
    It's bigger issues in the world to be mad at. Just protect ya'lls sons from the bullshit, that's all. All that campaignin against em shit ain't no good look. I don't agree with what they doin, but fuck em.

    You wanna make a thread, make a thread about the agenda they pushin on everybody, shit is disgusting.

    ...and daughters, being a lesbian or bisexual or whatever they call it is not cool. These reality tv shows got bitches thinking it's sexy to eat pussy for breakfast. Nah bitch, you're confused and need help. Get off that perverted shit.
  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion (RIP Cadalack Ron)

    SMH battle rap is taking 2 large leaps towards corny with this 2 on 2 shit. Niggas turning into play actors and shit.
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  • Re: Men should have the right to ‘abort’ responsibility for an unborn child

    ... A concept that needs to spread. Sex is just as much mental. Stop acting like savages and and civilize yourselves. If you actually cared about YOUR health and YOUR well-being, you wouldn't be fucking anything that moves just because the act feels good. How simple-minded can you be? Why don't you try learning what type of person she is first, before making such a heavy commitment, and you won't have these problems.

    Before the night's through, we could get physical too
    I ain't trying to say I don't wanna fuck..cause I do
    But for me, boo, making love is just as much mental
    I like to know what I'm getting into
  • Re: Why Nas will never be top anything in my book..

    Didn't Nas just get sentenced to pay 55K A MONTH for child support? ... I'm sure his money is just fine.

    Also, stop forcing your definition of status and success on someone else. I personally would prefer a low-key Nas-like career over these loud dudes like JayZ and Snoop. Who wants to be in the spotlight at all times like that. That shit is wack to me.


    Let the dude live his life. You over here comparing one dude to the next, like how come rapper A didn't do what rapper B did? Idk maybe because he's his own person, and his lives his life the way he sees fit.