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  • Who's Better? Meek Mill or Wale

    This poll is a result of the weirdo/regular niggas taking over the game, in addition to random internet hate on Meek. Never around some real niggas, would someone even play a Wale track let alone claim he's better than Meek Mill. Meek's flow alone puts him way above Wale on any list.

    Meek came up from the bottom, played the battle rap scene, built a fan base from scratch and hustled his way to the commercial scene. He's been doing this shit for a minute. He's huge in the northeast and he has the streets behind him 100%. When he performs his shit, everyone knows it word for word.

    In contrast, Wale has no real fan base and HE LACKS BASICS. He's not even on a good enough level to be considered a rapper. He doesn't ride the beat well, and he has a weak voice. That alone would get him boo'd off of any stage where real men are in the crowd. Then we go on to his style, when Wale tries to spit complex shit, it doesn't register well. He's better off spitting straight forward shit, because his 'lyrical' shit is forced and doesn't quite reach witty status. He's just not good at rapping in any shape or form.
  • Honestly as a rapper where do you rank Lil Wayne all time ?

    20 rappers better than Wayne:

    Jay Z
    50 Cent
    J Cole

    Big Krit
    Jay Electronica
    Andre 3000
    Bun B
    Royce Da 5'9
    Joe Budden
    Crooked I
    Joell Ortiz

    Kendrick Lamar
    Jay Rock
    Ab Soul

    No @ the bold. Some of y'all are straight up haters SMH.

    Purple weed, purple drink, Purple Heart sergeant
    I'm the best rapper in the game, no arguing

    Stop... hating on a nigga
    That is a weak emotion
    the lady of a nigga
  • Lupe at Hot 97: Calls Rosenberg a Stan and Kendrick isn't the "Best Lyricist"

    J-Breezy wrote: »
    You can say whatever you want about Lupe but you can put that nigga with the rest of them.

    Flag nosign me whatever.
    He was clearly being modest

    jono wrote: »
    Post is 90% wrong. Cass clearly bodied Meek...clearly, whether you want to call him "washed" or not is irrelevant Meek was lightwork for dude. Kendrick got bars but he so tells great stories and has deep content and just because a cat isn't "on" doesn't make him an inferior rapper, it doesn't take much for that to change either.

    Cassidy fell off when he had the car accident, and in recent years, it's gotten significantly worse. That punchline style can quickly turn into corny puns and wack word play. He's finished.

    If Kendrick got bars, post something.

    And yes, your status does make you an inferior rapper. You have to earn your stripes before you can be compared to certain people. Bum ass, never had a deal or buzz rappers can't be compared to rappers in the spotlight, and rappers doing their thing for a few years can't be compared to vets. The same way most vets can't be compared to the pioneers or legends of this rap shit. There has and there will always be levels to this shit.
  • Mr. Earl Never Made Over $12/Hr In His Life But Has Over Half A Million In His Bank Account

    That's lite cheese, especially for someone his age.
  • Clippers Owner Donald Sterling To GirlFriend - Don't Bring Black People To My Games (AUDIO/PIX)

    i dont get the overall reasoning of the objectors at all. Fine, you dont think the proposed or commonly suggested protests/respones are of a great enough magnitude. Thats gravy and understandable.

    So in response to suggestions you feel are insufficient, you suggest doing absolutely nothing at all? ................huh?

    That doesnt add up right

    I don't think he did or said anything wrong. This was in the PRIVACY OF HIS PERSONAL NETWORK. I say far worse shit, you say far worse shit, I've heard far worse shit in private, on this forum etc. He's going to feel how he's going to feel and there's NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. It's the world and culture WE ALL LIVE IN. We're not drones, we are individuals with our own POVs.

    Cut through the bullshit.... and what we're seeing is a bird trying to get back at her Sugar-daddy (he filed a lawsuit), and that's it. She clearly led him on, she may have fucked with the tape etc. For a person being recorded, he sounded pretty safe. He said he "loves the blacks," he just doesn't think HIS trophy girl should be around them. Keep in mind this is while HE DOESN'T KNOW he's being recorded.

    To people with any kind of critical thinking skills this alludes to, "I don't like the press that comes with my girl hanging out with certain people." That's THEIR RELATIONSHIP, so that's cool with me. I have requirements like that with MY RELATIONSHIPS as well, so it makes complete sense to me. For example, how many people are okay with their son, brother, cousin, nephew hanging out with gays and taking picture with gays? Or gang-members?

    ... He said SHE can't bring them to his games or take pictures them, not to be confused with a "WHITES ONLY" sign on his arena. They're so far apart it doesn't even make sense to come to that conclusion. Just because SHE can't bring them doesn't mean they're not allowed on their own accord.

    ... You guys are blowing up this issue on some fake revolutionary shit, when there's nothing to fight about. What he said was in a true private setting, and that's why he won't face any penalties for this shit. So you can continue your groupthink in this thread while the people that understand how the real world works, sit back with an "I told you so" expression on their face when he walks away like nothing happened.