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  • Re: I Got Respect For Tariq Nasheed But He Got A Lot Of Explaining To Do With This Video

    We have to stop judging the people that stand up for us with unrealistic, fairy tale standards. Just because a nigga gets on stage speaking the truth, doesn't mean he has to now live the life of some mystical being who always says the right thing. Just learn from the gems and keep it moving.

    He's a regular nigga just like you are. The problem is you think people can't be multi-faceted (unless it's Tupac or Malcolm X or one of those "he gets a pass" niggas). It is possible for people to be reckless and conscious. We can be scholars and still put hands on you if you get out of line.

    Worry about how to maximize YOUR potential and stop trying to find someone to lead you in the first place... Ol' apprentice, disciple ass niggas.
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  • Re: NEW: Joe Budden- Making a Murderer Pt 1 (Drake/Meek Diss)

    blackrain wrote: »
    Listening to a new podcast Joe put out tonight...within the first 2 minutes he says "It wasn't a diss" lol

    *Edit: Now he's saying he didn't diss Jay Z either. He's just "offering perspective"

    Good, because this shit was lackluster. Nigga just rambling. He made this for his internet warriors, because the neutral side and Drake fans ain't trying to hear this half-stepping shit. So now you left with .01% of rap fans lol. Ol' "I was letting my thoughts out, no disrespect" ass nigga.

    Drake could easily hit up Quentin and friends and body this nigga in one or two lines.

    And after hearing Jay the past few years (when he's on a track with niggas that know how to rhyme), Buddens don't want those problems either.
  • Re: Who Dominated 2002 - Eminem vs Nas

    I guess it depends on what circles you run in. Em never got play where I'm from. He was considered corny for the most part.

    Nas was considered the best rapper at that time, so we were all eyes and ears at whatever sun was doing. I feel like this comparison is a smack in the face to the Hip-Hop culture. We're putting up a pop-tart sometimes rapper against our super elite.
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  • Re: Rocko Sues Future For $10 Mill

    mrrealone wrote: »

    Were they still dogs when he cut that side deal??

    Then confront him about it man to man. Stop letting outside niggas into your business.

    Niggas claim the system is oppressing us, then run right to them when shit don't go their way. You can't have it both ways.

    rocko mighta already tried to talk to future about it and nothing came of it so he went to court as a last option

    If that's really your brother and you just don't see eye to eye, then take the L and keep it moving and let him know that y'all not cool anymore.

    I know y'all going to say "but it's 10million", but the money doesn't and shouldn't matter. It's the principle and the code that was broken that matters.

    If they wasn't cool like that, then fuck it, get your money. Just don't whine about systemic racism, when you're using the system to your advantage to bury another nigga. You just sound like a nigga that's mad that he's not running shit and can't be taken serious. Ol' call the cops 'cause you got your ass beat ass niggas.
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  • Re: why eminem is the greatest lyricist ever

    Y'all sound dumb as hell, and clearly lack Hip-Hop knowledge. Em is nowhere near the top lyricist.

    You might want to redefine the context and rephrase to one of the top commercial rappers who's also lyrical, but as far as raw lyricism and opening the field to all MCs? HELL NO!

    Half of Wu Tang will murder him on the mic, people like Black Thought, Killah Priest, niggas like Kool G Rap, Kane, Rakim, Nas, Mos Def and the list goes on and on. Em struggles with those rejects in Slaughterhouse, Royce stay whoopin' that ass.

    Y'all niggas either white people posin', blinded by the commercial success, or lost in the white Jesus/savior complex. There is no way you objectively think Em is anywhere near the GOAT lyricist.
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