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  • Re: RA The Rugged Man: LL Cool J is a Better Rapper Than 2Pac

    The Recipe wrote: »
    Alot of rappers are better than Pac from a technical stand point but as an artist he second to none in hip hop.

    Mos Def
    Slick Rick
    MF Doom
    Ice Cube

    A few rappers off top that are/were every bit as artistic as Tupac. Especially when factoring in things like beat choice, concept albums and other various forms of creative/artistic expression. Y'all need to stop with this second to none hyperbole talk. Pac was good, but chill.
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  • Re: RA The Rugged Man: LL Cool J is a Better Rapper Than 2Pac

    smp4life wrote: »
    Pac is cemented as the GOAT because he died at the top of his game. If LL would have died in his prime he would be a much bigger legend. However, Pac was an actor and that did not seem to diminish his "rap status" the way it did for other rappers.

    Pac ain't the GOAT of shit. People who think so are victims of marketing and advertisement or on some west-coast bias shit.

    The easiest way to see if someone is a real fan of rap is to ask for that top 5. If you see a bunch of dead rappers, keep it moving.

    Prime LL was a complete monster. He laid out the blueprint for everyone trying to do the commercial ladies shit, and was the MC's emcee. At the top of his game, this dude took on lyrical giants like Canibus and Kool Moe Dee, and came out unscathed. At that same time, he had the ladies rubbin' on their titties in the strip club. That's unheard of and still hasn't been replicated.
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  • Re: Video: Trevor Noah & White Supremacist Barbie Tomi Lahren Face Off Over Trump, KKK, & BLM...

    VIBE wrote: »
    what did the KKK do?

    tell/show me how Blacks are oppressed!

    I'm a millennial, I dislike labels!

    I don't see color! But Blacks are more likely to shoot cops than cops are to shoot them!

    Everything she said, just wow @ all of it.

    There's nothing to "wow". How she feels is how a lot of people feel and her narrative needs to be addressed and taken seriously. White people in her position are truly ignorant to what's going on with non-whites, and they will never truly comprehend the reality of the situation. Why? Because the media and white historians will never push the truth, and people like her are going to take their word over "some black person's word".

    Instead of calling people like her dumb, others need to break down the truth in a language she can understand and present it to her. Her take on something she's not personally going through is of no different tone than the next mans. Trust me, you and many others sound the same exact way when discussing things you have no experience on.

    If I told you to fix Asian American problems in this country, you wouldn't know how to because you're naive to what their experience in this country. And that goes for any other group other the one you belong to or have close relations with.
  • Re: Video:TNT releases a new trailer for Charles Barkley’s new show “The Race Card” aka "The Coon Card"…

    So why does Jim Brown's history get erased simply because he disagrees with you? *Beanie Sigel voice* You're not qualified...

    Sounds like your little mob mentality is the problem. Maybe you should hear him/them out and see where they're coming from and either agree to disagree, or take in the gems being dropped and drop some of your own.
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  • Re: The real secret to Asian American success

    Lefty_ wrote: »
    Ya'll know I keep a story in the chamber......

    I was in middle school right, 8th grade. I went to a mostly black school as you would expect being in the inner city. So me and some of the other niggas is in class, snappin, talkin, doin our work, but still on the bullshit. It's the beginning of the school year so niggas gettin in where the fit in as far as the social order goes. We talkin about our shoes and stuff like that, what chicks we bout to bag. So it's this asian dude in school with us, he's sitting toward the back of the class with his head down doing his work, we were too, but we were toward the front, all adjacent, but dude is back in the corner.

    It's one dude tryin to score points because he wants to fit in, he was new to our school. So you know how kids are, he starts goin around the class just askin questions to people, and finally he reaches the asian dude.... He asks his name, and he tells him. He had a weird shirt on and some corduroy pants, like he gave no fucks about the fashion.... He wasn't annoyed about the homie talkin to him, but you can tell he wanted to get back to his work. So dude got done askin these offensive ass questions like "do ya'll eat dogs fa real" "Is asian pussy sideways" "can I tell where ya'll from by the shape of your eyes" clowin bruh, whole class is dyin. The last question he asked was where did he get his clothes, tryin to be funny like he was feelin his gear. The asian dude was like "the store" like he ain't wanna say, so my mans pressed him, which store and finally dude was like "thrift"... whole class exploded....(Do The Right Thing Outrage Gif) because we all know, even if we went to payless, you never admit you went to payless, or pickaway.....

    Long story long. My nigga that was askin the questions just got out of jail in July from a 8 year joint for Agg Rob. The asian dude and his pops owns 3 corner stores and a liquor store in the same school catchment area where we grew up. This story isn't rare all like that, and now that I remember, most of the asian kids I went to school with were almost invisible.....Maybe we should take notes.

    SMH I know you thought you was saying something with your story, but you seem to be missing the point that this is what everyone considers anecdotal. I can tell you plenty of personal stories that counter everything you said about black people and Asians.

    Not to mention, the moral of your story is trash. You can be fly and get money, the same way you can be bummy and get money. It's our culture to look presentable at all times, so most of us don't do the bummy shit, it's just that simple.

    And owning a corner store and a liquor store is nothing more than selling poison to your people. If anything we need to bring an organic, natural food store to the block and a juice bar, so these children (and adults) can get the proper nutrients. That Asian dude ain't doing nothing but exploiting the poor blacks in the neighborhood to get his pockets fat. He should be shamed NOT praised.
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