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  • Re: Sean Klannity and Donald Trump set to host a 'town hall meeting on African-American concerns'

    Just know if you vote for Hilary and she locks up our cousins, brothers, fathers, uncles, and children through her usual backdoor policies, YOU ARE (partially) RESPONSIBLE. When the unemployment rate for black people quadruples, you are partially responsible.

    You guys are over here scared of a guy who's saying random shit for media attention, most of the shit he's saying, he can't even control, over a PROVEN DEVIL. A PROVEN THREAT. Y'all are scared of a nigga that talks shit over a nigga that really busts his gun. Just think about that for a second, how does that make any kind of sense?

    You are responsible for who you put in office. If she continues to steal the Haiti reform money under her presidency, you take partial blame. When she continues to rape the mother land of their natural resources, you take partial blame.

    This is why intelligent people are simply sitting this one out, as none of these candidates have our blessing. Unlike the average voter, we understand and live by personal responsibility and accountability. I will not be held accountable AKA give my vote to either of these shit candidates and if you're a respectable black man, you shouldn't either.

    White people, you can vote for Hilary, she'll do wonders for you lol.
  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    So how did Meek lose when he didn't respond yet? I thought general consensus was his first track was better than Game's?
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    Stop. Game has "ghostwriters", and all he does is name drop niggas. Game is not a good rapper. He's actually considered one of the WORST rappers where I'm from. He does pick good beats though.
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    Meeks a diss to game
    Meeks said stripper turn rapper what have we come to my lady will.never fuk u lmao

    But he couldn't manage a decent Drake diss


    War Pain

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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    Like Water wrote: »
    First off, stop generalizing. You don't know what these niggaz personal experiences are. Secondly, don't make excuses for coonery. Nobody needs to be profiled by race. For a black man to say this about his OWN race, and another black man agree is disgusting. Them being upper class rich, bla bla bla, is more excuses. They're are other rich black ppl who know better than this. Stephen A Smith based off this and his hoodie comment will always be a sambo. If you're black you should never cosign other black ppl being profiled. Correct?

    Being black doesn't mean you love yourself and certainly doesn't mean you care about other black people. Being black doesn't mean you have the best interest of black people at heart. A lot of people are individualists that could care less about another nigga's problems.

    The real question is, when do we stop demonizing people with different opinions and start actually moving towards a goal? When do we attack the people who are CAUSING these atrocities that the media feels the need to discuss?

    The reality of the situation is, most of the black people with money and "power" have the same opinions as Stephen A and Barkley. So instead of constantly calling them out as coons, we should put pressure on them to help develop AND IMPLEMENT a solution to these problems they keep bringing up.

    The solution? Fuck those punk ass bitches that go outta their way to appease whitey. They ain't shit but a hop, skip, and jump away from being killed by Billy Bob for the color of their skin -- same as you and I. Their perspectives are nothing but detrimental to the psyche of those unfortunate enough to put stock in them. I agree that we do need real solutions to implement to better our community, but the detractors need to be purged.


    Your solution leaves us in the same position for many years to come. We can't purge those kind of people, because they are a SIGNIFICANT part of our rise out of this depression. The best thing we can do is, put our differences aside and find a common ground (same for all the super religious folks out there with "power"). All it takes is a dialogue between these so-called coons and someone they respect, who can provide further insight on the subject. You have to first get on their level, then you have to speak their language. Most of us refuse to fulfill any of the prerequisites.

    Like I said earlier, black people, or better yet, most people form opinions based on their personal experiences. A lot of y'all are willing to attempt to enlighten your white co-workers and "friends", but when a black person is saying it, it's coon this, coon that. Reality is, these guys are not idiots. There's a reason why they think the way they think and say the things they say. A lot of them articulate their point well enough to give it some merit.

    Or we can continue to practice groupthink, call them coons, and exile everyone black person that thinks different, without understanding the context of the situation. And we will forever be collectively defined as the floor mats of Amerikkka.