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  • Re: Andre 3000 "Solo Reprise" (shots at Drake?)

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    I honestly don't think he was throwing shots at Drake...and Drake would be wise to assume the lyrics were general and avoid musical confrontation with a legend. Shit would be just like dissing Nas. Just some shit you don't do. Even J. Cole knows better...

    Stop, Andre's not like that. Nas is battle tested and top 10 on everyone's list. Andre be hit or miss with his 'artistry', and is a much easier target. He's definitely beatable.


    The nigga rocks perms, football pads, and kilts. You out your damn mind if you think niggas can't hand him an L off of that shit alone. That half-singing, fast ass syllable flow ain't scaring nobody.

    And yet 20+ years in NO ONE has came at him about.

    And Drake damn sure ain't got the skills to do it.

    Let me let you in on a little secret. I'm not a fan of the NY vs. South shit, BUT Andre isn't that good to us, and the football pads, thrift store swag only makes it worse. That nigga is like a local legend or some shit.

    Think of him like a Jadakiss. To us in NY, Jadakis is crazy dope, top 10 candidate, can slay any nigga on the mic etc. To others across the nation, he's just solid. That's where your little blouses buddy ranks on our scale.

    So stop acting like the nigga is a universal top tier MC like a Nas or something. Andre ain't like that.

    Thanks for fitting the mold of "east coast bias" :joy: u niggas is clowns. Ol I never been outside of the tri-state ass niggas.

    Feelings? It's funny you say we're clowns, when homie out here dressed like one to the highest level. Ol' Jaden smith, niggas wear dresses too ass niggas .... 'scust.
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  • Re: Joe Budden says Lupe Fiasco is "Scared of him" Lupe Responds. Who would win that battle on the mic?

    I don't know why y'all keep bringing up Mos Def, as if he and Joe Budden are cut from the same cloth. Budden ENJOYS battle rapping and thinks it proves who's the better rapper. Mos Def shames it and sees it as a waste of time. He just half steps in that arena to promote his new shit from time to time, where he calls the ENTIRE game out and falls back whenever anyone responds. They're not even remotely close to the same.

    Budden will gladly bite Lupe's head off if Lupe wants to take it there. Lucky for him it's a win-win as, Lupe has a cult following on some Canibus shit, where his warriors think he's the greatest lyricist of all-time. Not to mention, Lupe is a much bigger artist than Budden.
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  • Re: Here's what Kobe Bryant would tell his 17-year-old self about money

    Fuck all that, if I got it, my people's got it. Niggas stay trying to find a way to NOT help their family out. What he's saying is how you treat strangers you're trying to help out, not your close family. With your close ones you (I) would do both for the young people and simply support my elders.

    Kobe needs to chill with that big brother, overseeing eye shit. Stop trying to evaluate and control every aspect of the lives of others on some power trip shit. Ol' I got the whole world in my hands ass niggas.
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  • Re: Create The Perfect Fast Food Meal

    Poor/dumb nigga thread.

    Ol' who can die the fastest ass niggas.
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  • Re: Most Overrated Hip-Hop Group Of All Time

    Bone Thugs and Harmony.

    Lol at niggas harmonizing them struggle raps and calling it classic.
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