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  • Re: Jeru The Damaja - Jungle Music

    Jeru drops countless gems in his music. Easily one of my favorite MCs.

    Best lines:

    More mics killed than slaves during the middle passages
    Who rapes and ravages and calls us savage?
    - Truth

    Melodies, that flows like the breeze
    Through the trees, like my forefathers, command the wind and seas
    - Pharaoh reference

    Try to hold us back with all the strength you can muster
    You'll hear a sound similar to the one Custer
    Heard before he got ambushed, you'll get ambushed
    For taking this back to Kush
    - History

    Custer was a general that got his whole crew bodied (including himself) thinking he could take on the "savage" natives. Check out Battle of Little Bighorn.
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  • Re: Rocko Sues Future For $10 Mill

    mrrealone wrote: »

    Were they still dogs when he cut that side deal??

    Then confront him about it man to man. Stop letting outside niggas into your business.

    Niggas claim the system is oppressing us, then run right to them when shit don't go their way. You can't have it both ways.

    rocko mighta already tried to talk to future about it and nothing came of it so he went to court as a last option

    If that's really your brother and you just don't see eye to eye, then take the L and keep it moving and let him know that y'all not cool anymore.

    I know y'all going to say "but it's 10million", but the money doesn't and shouldn't matter. It's the principle and the code that was broken that matters.

    If they wasn't cool like that, then fuck it, get your money. Just don't whine about systemic racism, when you're using the system to your advantage to bury another nigga. You just sound like a nigga that's mad that he's not running shit and can't be taken serious. Ol' call the cops 'cause you got your ass beat ass niggas.
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  • Re: 40 Acres and a Mule Would Be at Least $6.4 Trillion Today—What the U.S. Really Owes Black America

    Reparations is removed from all of this other shit y'all bringing up. We just want what MONEY we're owed. Ain't no one in here saying it will fix our problems as a collective. Just give us our money!

    For the niggas that's serious about it, either go to law school and see if you can help figure this shit out, or be ready to donate to help the niggas that do have the discipline and courage to follow this through. For the niggas with the money, it would great if y'all help fund their research and case.

    For the other niggas, stop hating.
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  • Re: Is This How It Goes Down In Philly?

    S2J wrote: »
    So funny, last night im on a busy strip. This drunk Philippino dude is bein reckless bein talked to by 2 white cops. Filipino dude isn't cuffed yet but he is escalating in this aggression and yellin, so the cop starts puttin on his gloves.

    Black dude next to me is recording and the Filipino guy turns to him starts wildin, gets up in his face. Black dude hts this nigga with a straight right knocks dude teeth out, right in front of the cops :joy:

    Filipino dude is cuffed, they sit him down. He tries to keep movin they forcefully lay him down

    Black dude calmy taks to a cop and they jot down some info , he's goes on his way

    My takeaway is a police interaction a LOT of times, ,not,all, is what u make it. If you go into that shit thinking' ok,,here we go, this my moment' , you're getting fucked. If black
    dude woulda been reckless and anti-cop he neve woulda got away with tbat evn if he srunk,dude,was obviously the problem.

    Relax man, i ain't even gon say every cop aint bad, but i will say every cop dont got the tine to possibly lose his job, be on worldsrar, and wanna have an event with your black ass. Just get home man. On the street is NOT the time to be a hero

    You ain't saying anything new bruh. You have to stop going by your personal experiences and realize your PEOPLE are struggling AS A COLLECTIVE.

    If I went by my personal experiences, there would nothing to talk about as I'm doing extremely well financially, socially and any other thing that's related.

    In a casino or a yacht wherever I'm seen
    My brothers and sisters are never forgot
    Nah Mean
  • Re: Is This How It Goes Down In Philly?

    Mseries_ wrote: »
    Black dudes gotta understand that they have to remain calm and treat every police interaction like if I don't keep cool I'm going to jail. You ain't getting the benefit of the doubt no leeway so keep cool and STFU

    Black PEOPLE need to understand that this shit will never change unless you (we) respond with force as a collective and resort to violence or financing a politician that will push to change the laws.

    If we're not willing to commit these acts as a collective, then the only other option is to migrate elsewhere or continue to get treated as a 2nd class citizen.

    What you posted is not an option to men who understand their role as men and leaders of our community. That type of behavior will land you (us) from private prison slavery right back in traditional slavery. Ol' bend over backwards, massa coming ass nigga.... 'scust.
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