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  • Re: Do you believe homosexuality is a choice, genetic etc...?

    BoldChild wrote: »
    Last I checked, you have complete control on how you act, who you sleep with etc. Since when are humans slave to sexual or any other desires? The people who fall victim to that kind of activity are what we refer to as weak-minded, and it's just that simple.

    Y'all can make all these excuses, but at the end of the day, the mind controls everything. That's what separates us from animals.

    Homosexual activity is nothing more than a sick fetish made normal. You put enough weirdos in power, and the weird shit becomes normal. This practice is nothing new.

    You can control who you're sexually attracted to?


    What you're not understanding is attraction is completely subjective looking from the outside looking in. How can I tell who or what the next man is attracted to, if not through his actions?

    And yes you can control who you're sexually attracted to. You see a beautiful women with curves in all the right places, you ask around, and find out she's burning niggas. Are you sexually attracted to her? Hell no. Maybe your brother's/best friend's girl is someone you consider to be beautiful, or maybe your cousin, sister, daughter, niece, mother in law etc. are beautiful women. Are you sexually attracted to them? No, by choice.

    Like I said earlier, we're not animals. Our mind supersedes all of those instinctive urges.
  • Re: Dr. Boyce Watkins on Dame Dash Breakfast Club Interview and Black Manhood (shout outs to @Traestar)

    I find it funny that the same people against Dame's opinion in the other thread, are now in complete support of what he was saying. Was it because someone with a stature that you respect, cosigned him?

    A lot of you guys come off as phoney and for lack of a better term, feminine. When Dame was spitting game, y'all was concerned with his pockets and personality, which led to you ignoring the content being presented.

    Like I said in the other thread, the people in the know fully understood where Dame was coming from. Everything he said was on point. I think a lot of you guys have trouble separating your little emotions from real conversation. You're too caught up in ad hominem tactics and bubble gum shit, where you nit pick everything.

    Man up niggas. Take in the gems, do your own research, and apply it accordingly.
  • Re: Damon Dash At The Breakfast Club (Dame Wilds Out)

    Dame is speaking truth. Most people are going to attack him because he's shitting on their entire existence. This kind of reaction always happens when someone goes against the norm. Just know that the people in the know understand where Dame is coming from.

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  • Re: Video: Black men asked to respond to the word 'police' in word association...

    Police: Power trip, soldiers, organized brutality.
    Ferguson: Systematic racism, common occurrence, media-driven.
    Young Stef
  • Re: Music soulchild stays in the friend zone. Am I wrong?

    Nah, the type of man he portrays through a lot of his music just have to search harder to find their match. Guys like him seem to be more in tune with their feelings on the surface, which is what women seem to cherish as they mature into the marriage lifestyle.

    Translation: he needs a mature woman who's ready to settle down.
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