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  • Re: Diss that made you laugh the hardest?

    I had to beef, he look like a gorilla, with rabbit teeth

    Shout to a real Queens dude, you know Kenneth McGriff


    Curtis!!! (Rewind it DJ)
    Curtis!!! (You ain't 50, 50 Cent from B.K.)
    Curtis!!! (Yep, he deserve to be nervous)
    Curtis!!! (Damn, show some courtesy Curtis)

    You don't club in New York you party out in Scottsdale
    Huh, I can't be clowned, beef dog, God damn we down
    How you livin'? You live in Tyson's hand me down
  • Re: Diss that made you laugh the hardest?

    Em was goofy as fuck when he was taunting Bis...

    There was a little rapper about to blow
    But his album came, and it was not good
    I think it went lead or double copper-wood

    Meanwhile, me and Dre are tryin' to conversate
    Just tryin' to find a reason for the constant hate
    And tryin' to figure out what happened to 'Germaine Propane'
    "He couldn't have fell off that hard." Ain't no way!
    What happened to the way you was rappin' when you was scandalous?
    That Canibus turned into a television evangelist!

    Hold up! 'Bis, quit foldin' up!
    Punch me in the chest, make my shoulders touch
    Do something! At least one punch line!
    Come on! Till the meter reads Nine! Nine! Nine-
    Ty nine percent of my fans are blond!

    'Bis, come on, answer me, man, respond!
    Tell me 'bout the sun, rain, moon and stars!
    Intergalactical metaphors from Mars!
  • Re: Black Thought

    This joint came out about a month ago. Thought's been spitting straight fire for 20+ years.

    FF to 1:35

    The texture of my voice is coarse, it's so gritty
    That I could make the people revolt with no Diddy
    I used to kick it with Hex Murda, Frank Nitty
    In the D where he would bring J. Dilla and Dank with him
    Riq Gees for mayor, a franchise player
    Yeah, you might say I'm in the book of Isaiah
    The highway is what his mind weigh
    Yeah I'ma put a polka dot on your dome, and Kwamé yah
    This is the big payoff, soliloquy of Chaos
    Another rapper gon' get rocked like Amadeus
    Defeat'll make a nigga get ghost like a seance
    It's triple entendre, three stacks of, hey ya
    I plan to keep a band like Fela
    Until when my career's over like A.I


    Listen, my callin' card ball hard like armadillos
    Rappers too thin to win, like cigarillos
    Shakin' their hair back and forth like Willow
    But need to save the soft ass talkin' for the pillows
    I had a issue with a hater, now it's kinda squashed
    Like a slug below the soles of the St. Laurents
    My response, a steppin' razor like I'm Father Tosh
    Exotic fabrics on my blazer like the Maharaja
    Sick whips in my garage, roll with no entourage
    But I roll with heat like I'm Dwayne Wade, Lebron and Bosh
    I keep the paper stacked in layers like baklavas
    Even though they give us ours free, like the Amistad
    I know I'm sort of pompous, no type of moral compass
    Go right the fuck up in your mouth like I'm the orthodontist
    Some rappers just startin' out, but me, I'm more accomplished
    The imperial Black Thought from the foreign object
    I created a movement not just related to music
    They keep askin' me what's my take on the state of the union


    I got weapons manufactured in the Soviet
    Now I'm like Future on that "I just won a trophy" shit
    Ayo the, the, the boss is back
    Take that, and while you're at it, make my coffee black
    I tried to tell you mothafuckas, don't respond, react
    I'm the nastiest to do it, as a matter of fact
    Yo who your top 5? Jay, Biggie, Pac, Nas
    I ain't tryna hear another name if it's not mine
    Any side talkin', I'ma consider it shots fired
    At the outlier, and start it up like a hotwire
  • Re: Black Thought

    The Poet Laureate. Excellent performer.

    Arguably THE best lyricist. Potent delivery, unmatched versatility, flow like water.
  • Re: Onyx Interview (Fredo Starr & Sticky Fingaz) At The Breakfast Club- Charalmagne & Fredro Have A Beef

    Lol @ you for sale ass niggas. No one disrespects me anywhere without getting checked, and that includes my job. And that's not on some tough guy shit, that's on some grown man shit.

    Fuck I look like letting some clown bark all over me because I'm "getting paid". Are y'all really letting your supervisor and co-workers talk reckless around without reaction? I can imagine right now, them throwing out the n-word, racial slurs and you sitting there quiet and docile.... 'scust.