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  • Re: What do you think it'll take to lessen the division among black people?

    LMAO! Ain't nobody unifying with black feminist, coons and gay people. Their ideology is 100% poison, and they're already too far gone.

    And the masses will never unify, you're wasting your time. The best way to move forward is to organize small groups of like-minded individuals and get to work.
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  • Re: Stereotypes:Pickup Basketball

    That's exactly why I only play with people I know or in leagues. First off, niggas suck lol, and second, there's no way I'm playing on the same team as clowns who think tall people should be in the post. To me that means they don't understand the game, and that's that player coach shit that will get you checked.

    A post game is learned, not inherited. Learning a post game takes just as much dedication as learning how to play on the wing. Not to mention, If I shoot better, dribble better, pass better etc. than everyone on the team, why would I play somewhere where I'm not comfortable?

    And being short doesn't make you a PG, the same way being tall doesn't make you a C. Your SKILLS determine what position you play.
  • Re: Question for Black people on this forum

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    I've actually looked into putting my money in black owned banks.. The issue is..

    1. Customer Service.
    2. Not enough branches convenient to my location.

    I would love to support black banks and black businesses in general but my time is valuable. I can't be spending x amount of time to get to the bank then spend x amount of time waiting in line to see a teller etc..

    I'd rather pay the premium for convenience..

    Lol just put $100 in there to show support and call it a day. Ain't no one talking about putting the whole stash in there.

    And if you were on your shit, you wouldn't have a lot of money in the bank anyways. That shit is like a .01% return, straight garbage investment.

    Who said anything about having 100% of my stash anywhere?.. Bro.. smh.. Stop.. Closest black owned bank to me is in Harlem and Newark.. I'd have to pay a toll to get to either.. It simply isn't convenient.. Putting $100 bucks in a black owned bank is cool. That is more than reasonable and doable.. But on a micro level what am i getting out of that?.. On a macro level how is that $100 bucks helping the black community?..

    Or is it just to say I support black owned business with a punk ass $100 bucks?...

    Putting money in a blank bank enables black business owners and aspiring black business owners with capital to further their ventures. Those banks can help finance our infrastructure and expansion to the big leagues.

    There are a lot of banks who will not substantially support black corporations getting off the ground or black community projects due to inherent racism. Supporting black banks allows us to go right to our own to do business.
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  • Re: Tyrese Breaks Up Fight Between Lyfe Jennings & David Banner At Atlanta Town Hall Meeting

    There's more than one solution, pick the one that's best for you and get to work. At the end of the day you can't control how another man decides to move.

    Just understand that the people that MATTER, only respect MONEY and VIOLENCE/LOSS OF LIFE. We're not talking about the bitch you get head from, or your work buddy. I'm talking the ones orchestrating this whole shit.

    If you want to make real noise, affect their bottom line or pay a visit to their close ones. All of that other shit will be waived off.
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  • Re: Question for Black people on this forum

    Stiff wrote: »
    I got it this morning and shared it with all my white friends later in the day.

    And this right here is why Black people will never win...there's always gonna be some agent type fuck niggas. Unavoidable.

    Being black is only the first requirement. We need a few more requirements to weed out the double agents.