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  • Re: Self-made millionaire shares the only way to get really, really rich

    Thought this was common sense, but good to see it's sparking some kind of dialogue.

    I honestly don't see the value in striving to just become a millionaire. I don't understand why people act as if that's the finish line or some huge accomplish.

    If anything people should be work on creating generational wealth and ownership or financial freedom. While it might sound like it's the same thing, it's not. If the Facebook dude would have sold his shit for 20M or whatever the first offer was, he'd be a millionaire. Instead, he's built a legacy and is now considered a billionaire and growing. That should be your true goal, ownership and legacy.
  • Re: When are black people gonna change?

    Immigrants get help from the government, and that's a fact. Your anecdotal experience, or ignorance towards how to get these loans when you came over is on you.

    Immigrants do NOT work harder than black Americans, not even close. Stop feeding into the silly propaganda that these white folks sell you. And most of you should be ashamed of coming here to LEECH off of black Americans, because you saw your opportunity to get your come up off of us.

    Why come to here to setup shop? Why not setup shop in your HOMETOWN and stand for you and yours?
  • Re: The Truth About Gaddafi & Libya (informative movie)

    Will watch later. My understandin' is that Gaddafi was attemptin' to unite Africa and the Middle East under a single currency of gold. He preached that they should only sell oil in gold. If that'd happened, the entire world would have shifted to the East, hence the murder

    Totally different story was fed to us (media) here in the states, fucking snakes i swear. Like he was murdering his people and shit

    The murdering of his own people wasn't lies, but the context of the statement is what matters.

    A foreign government can accuse Obama of murdering and supporting genocide of his people in black people due to the incarceration rates, and police killing unarmed civilians. Most leaders are guilty of this.
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  • Re: Adolf Trump's Transition Team Confirms Pick of Racist Senator Jeff Sessions for AG Nomination...

    Lol reading some of y'all comments, I think it's safe to say that you guys don't realize that the US is NOT your country. You are a poorly treated guest, the side bitch etc. Black people make up less than 15% of the population, so if 100%/ALL OF US were on the same page, we still couldn't determine who wins without creating an alliance with the "enemy". Hispanics make up more of the population than we do, and people who identify as white are by far the majority, something like 65+%.

    They determine the president and any other position of leadership year after year. Obama did NOT get in because black people voted for him, he got in because he was considered the better candidate in the eyes of the country's majority AKA WHITE PEOPLE. Understand that you can front like your actions count, but you're watching from the sidelines when the real game starts.

    ...I get the impression that most black people actually think they have pull in this country, like actually believe it forreal lol. At first I thought niggas were just talking shit, but I'm actually starting to see that you guys are really just that lost. Hopefully this Trump shit brought y'all back to reality, because most of y'all were really moving further and further away from reality. Niggas was really stuck in the Matrix lol.

    Cool. Help us "wake up". This was never our country and we're just guests. So now what?? Continue in this same country under the same conditions right. What's the strategy in a country that isn't ours and we have no say in?? All bullshit aside, please enlighten if u have any real thoughts on the matter

    I don't know your circumstances in this country, so I can't tailor a response to you specifically. But the answer isn't in asking someone else to lead, you are the king of your household, so you take the lead and make changes as you see fit and build from the ground up.

    I'm sure you understand that the way black people should move behind enemy lines/in this country should be covert and in stealth, so I will never get into real specifics.
  • Re: Lebron calls Phil Jackson racist for calling his entourage "his posse"

    I don't give old white dudes the benefit of the doubt, given the history of this country, so I'm going with racist.

    If it's not racist, it's derogatory to say the least. He could have said "crew", "team" and a list of other words that fit. I'm pretty sure LeBron's friends are also his manager, his accountant, and agent, so the term "posse" is nowhere near appropriate.

    "Posse" is synonymous with "Gang".
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