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  • Common on Justin Bieber: "I Haven’t Seen Racist Justin Beiber Tapes, But He’s Not A Racist"

    Common's been taking a lot of L's lately.
  • Who's Better? Meek Mill or Wale

    nigga wale did the same shit, and meek stay talkin about how niggas/bitches from philly hate on him, that shit happens to every artist, and i never said wale cant ride the beat, just needs more consistency, lets not act like meek just got a really good/great flow, dude has been avg/barely above avg at just about everything for most of his career. no one is hating on meek, he just aint all that. lol @ wale being industry fabricated

    LMAO. Wale ain't battle nobody, and if he did, he lost. Nigga couldn't get no lines out with that soft ass voice and that weak ass flow. FOH!

    And if you don't think Meek has at least a good flow, you're a hater. Meek's flow is his 'claim to fame'. Before he popped everyone referred to him as that kid with the crazy flow.

    Ain't nobody saying Meek's all that, he's just 100 times better than Wale.
  • Who's Better? Meek Mill or Wale

    bolded is the only criticism i can take serious, he can be a lot more consistent in that regard, again its funny that the fan base/sales shit is brought up, wale has more singles and albums sold, and wale having more albums is no excuse cuz with meeks hype he prolly should have outsold ambition, all that weirdo regular niggas criticism is bullshit cuz as i said, niggas in here callin a dude more authentic but that dude did shit u niggas bout never thought of doing, and yall prolly relate more to wale than anything

    So a rapper who can't ride the beat is somehow better than a rapper who stays in pocket effortlessly? What kind of shit is that?

    Ain't nobody talking about sales, we're talking about fan base. Meek will always be good with rap because his shit started from the ground up. Before he got signed he was selling out small spots making 5 figures a show. He's the street's voice of this generation. Meek knows who his fans are, Wale doesn't. He's all over the place with his music.

    Wale is an outcast that 'made it big'. His own city don't even fuck with him. That should tell you enough.

    Meek put in real work, and to put some industry fabricated clown like Wale over him is disrespectful. Meek did it the old fashioned way and y'all hate on him for it SMH.

  • Who's Better? Meek Mill or Wale

    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    so airing out dirty laundry on twitter because some nigga didn't change their avitar/twitter handle to your album cover ain't weird? screaming on every track ain't weird? And no wonder you like meek your trying to validate your sorry ass points with typing in all caps. Its ironic you talk about about wale lacks basics but all meek rap about is how he comes from the bottom. thats why i can't see him never making anything better than dreamchasers 2. Now is wale a top tier rapper? No but hes proven himself to be better than tweet mills basic bitch 1 demensional ass.

    Street niggas have always been emotional, that ain't nothing new, and people were posting videos of Wale all on Meek's shoulder trying to steal his shine. It's obvious they don't see eye to eye, so Meek getting at him was bound to happen.

    Wale does lack basics from a structure standpoint. He's simply not a good rapper and a terrible MC. He needs to step back and look a songwriting or something behind the scenes, because being in front of a crowd ain't it for him. In comparison, Meek has a good flow, good delivery, and the charisma factor that enables the listener to feel his rhymes. Meek might be one dimensional, but it's better to be very good at one thing vs. below average to average at multiple things.

    Meek doesn't scream over every track, that's an internet joke like the 'Nas Lost' theme.
  • Who's Better? Meek Mill or Wale

    This poll is a result of the weirdo/regular niggas taking over the game, in addition to random internet hate on Meek. Never around some real niggas, would someone even play a Wale track let alone claim he's better than Meek Mill. Meek's flow alone puts him way above Wale on any list.

    Meek came up from the bottom, played the battle rap scene, built a fan base from scratch and hustled his way to the commercial scene. He's been doing this shit for a minute. He's huge in the northeast and he has the streets behind him 100%. When he performs his shit, everyone knows it word for word.

    In contrast, Wale has no real fan base and HE LACKS BASICS. He's not even on a good enough level to be considered a rapper. He doesn't ride the beat well, and he has a weak voice. That alone would get him boo'd off of any stage where real men are in the crowd. Then we go on to his style, when Wale tries to spit complex shit, it doesn't register well. He's better off spitting straight forward shit, because his 'lyrical' shit is forced and doesn't quite reach witty status. He's just not good at rapping in any shape or form.