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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    bck145 wrote: »
    Meeks a diss to game
    Meeks said stripper turn rapper what have we come to my lady will.never fuk u lmao

    But he couldn't manage a decent Drake diss


    War Pain

    Haha that's Iike 2 lines

    The bold was directly at Drake, the rest of the shit was at 50 Cent or simply build up for Meek's punches. Meek killed both of them, stop the hate.

    Catch you out in Brooklyn, get your chain tookin'
    My Philly boys'll creep up on you when you ain't lookin'
    With your lil memes, I be with the real queen
    Screamin' free the real Preme, we be doin' real things
    Pull up with a bad bitch, whippin' somethin' real mean
    Marchin' all these fuckin' drums on me like a drill team
    I be with my young niggas, all they know is kill things
    Don't make me make a real scene, uh
    See an OVO chain, probably take that shit
    Said dreamin' wasn't enough, we had to chase that shit
    You ain't write it' nigga, we caught ya, can't erase that shit
    And you claimin' you HOV now? Why you state that shit?
    Man I hate that shit, niggas be talkin' out they face
    But soon as you body somethin' they be singin' like they Drake
    Wait, niggas dancin' like they fruitcakes
    Hotline Bling don't get no bing up in this new Wraith

    Pull up on the plug, swap that bag with the suitcase
    DC4 on the way, that's nigga's due date
    Robbed you in your city and you told
    Tory from the 6, you hatin' on him, Lord knows
    Culture vulture, now it's time to pay the tolls
    Soft as the lacrosse team, boy that's word to HOV

    No reply, word to God I'm on the floor still
    Me and Nicki watchin' the Sixers, I'm closin' more deals
    Dreamchasers' double MG, we got the door sealed
    Roc Nation, Atlantic Records, I'm on my fourth deal
    When I met you, you was on my dick
    Asked me to hold the DC chain, now you on some shit
    Omelly told me get it back cause he's like "boy's a bitch"
    And I'm like, let him get it took cause we gon' charge 'em trips
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    Meeks a diss to game
    Meeks said stripper turn rapper what have we come to my lady will.never fuk u lmao

    But he couldn't manage a decent Drake diss


    War Pain

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  • Re: Black Mom Stands Up To Family Dollar Employee Who Insulted Her Children (Video)

    marc123 wrote: »
    White lady was tryin to diss on the slick. smh

    Cant say i agree with all the cursing n shouting tho. There are other ways to handle the situation w/o the cursing n name callin. All that jus brings you down to their level.

    When is it okay to curse and name call? You guys are way too particular on what's acceptable. It's like you want everyone to be the stereotypical MLK Jr. offspring who calmly debates, when they're getting their ass beat physically. Ol' turn the other cheek ass niggas.

    And there's no such thing as going down to their level. That's a mental game they play with you, where they forcefully jack your shit, then teach you that instead of taking it back forcefully, you should go about it in a different way. If the cashier wants to throw insults, she gets it back 10-fold.

    The mother in this situation acted in an acceptable manner.
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  • Re: Awww Shit! Feds Trying To Go After Tariq Nasheed

    They've been foreshadowing the attack on the conscious community, and it's only expedited since that Micah Johnson plant was seen in what most would consider conscious clothing. They thought conscious was synonymous with docile (via white Jesus followers), but people in the know, know that conscious niggas will wipe out your entire family line in the name of their higher power.

    The problem with their little shake down is, the conscious community is far too knowledgeable for the foolishness, so they will come up empty every time. Most of the conscious leaders have completely unlearned the ways of white supremacy and are well trained on how to deal with the opposition, even though they are behind enemy lines.
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  • Re: Can You Name A Top 25?

    Mos Def
    Ghostface Killah
    Black Thought
    Slick Rick
    Killah Priest
    Stic Man (Dead Prez)
    Beanie Sigel
    Sean Price
    MF Doom
    Melle Mel
    Pusha T
    M-1 (Dead Prez)
    Lil Wayne