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  • Re: So Why Shouldn't There Be a Wall on the Southern Border with Mexico?

    Jabu_Rule wrote: »
    Because black people will be on the other side of that wall. You think it will end with the Mexicans, but it will only start with them. Also remember that a lot of black folks over here are Muslim to some degree (5%, NOI, Moors). He could probably concoct some sort of story to include to rest of us. I mean, he's good at making shit up and hiding his hands. He's already got a history of treating black folks like shit (his employees, tenants, casino guest, the central park jogger suspects, his comments on BLM, Blacks treatment at his rallies, his birther attacks on Obama). Watch what you wish for.

    Nah, this country is only considered great because it constantly reaps the benefits of continuously walking on the backs of black people.

    Black people leaving the U.S. would be the end of this so-called great country. No black people to use as the scapegoat would wake up the poor whites, causing the U.S. to implode.
  • Re: Working 60 Hours A Week At 3 Part-Time Jobs And Still Living Paycheck To Paycheck

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    I know this sounds cold blooded. Everyone can't make it. The people with drive, work ethic, and ambition will always find a way to rise above. That's the beauty and curse of capitalism, it's in your hands in what you want your life to be. This is coming from an immigrant who came from Jamaica.

    There is no beauty in capitalism. It is a corrupt system at its very core and it needs to be drastically restructured.

    But yes I agree, because we have accepted capitalism as a way of life in this country, most people will be forced to struggle. Your immigration to the U.S. means nothing, if anything it works against your point, as immigrants are given far more benefits than your average black american "citizen". A lot of us view people like you as a leech.
  • Re: George Zimmerman Says He’s Auctioning Off His Gun from Trayvon Martin Shooting.. Smh...

    rapmusic wrote: »
    Stop letting that propaganda fool you into thinking gang members and goons are wild niggas acting up just because. People gangbang FOR A REASON. It's not on some kill everything in sight shit, It's on some I need money and resources to live and feed my family shit and respect (If you don't have respect, you have nothing). It's a bond that people form based on a common goal, which is usually the result of a weak in house family structure. Gang members consider each other to be brothers (from another mother), which is why when a member gets killed, they retaliate.

    SN: It's funny how people think we should unite, but demonize gang members and similar approaches because they don't follow their idea of how they think niggas should move.

    ... Zimmerman ain't doing nothing but disrespecting TM's family, therefore it's up to TM's family to do something. If they don't see a problem, neither should anyone else. We need PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY to take place somewhere down the line. Stop looking for other niggas to solve another nigga's problem when they're not related in any way, shape or form. If you feel some type of way, YOU ACT on it. If that was my brother, son, close family member, I would have been paid Zimmerman a visit.
    I kinda agree with you, but there's some truth in the statement that you quoted. All these accident murderers out here quick to let the gun spray at parties killing 5 and 7 year old kids and shit, the media didn't make these guys up. All these drive bys being done for the most petty reasons. Niggas in Charlotte and Rock Hill are killing kids and teenagers because they got into an argument and shit.. Some of these guys are just trying to provide for the Fam, but a lot of them bang because they think the shit cool. Niggas out here calling George Zimmerman public enemy number 1 meanwhile he's out here able to go to the 7 Eleven to buy some gas with no problem and shit. I'm not the one to say that someone should kill him, but I understand..

    They're cherry picking those stories to push an agenda, it's clear propaganda. If you're Black/African, you know they do this us every single day. Have everyone thinking we're doing worse than before or some kind of monster, when everyone you know and everyone your people know is on the come-up and stand up individuals.

    The kids who end up killing each other committed the act because they were under the impression they were disrespected. If you talk to them, they'll let you know the reason they did it. It's just you and others don't agree with their logic or tactics. (If TM's family feels disrespected, they need to act on it). They were also provided the means to escalate the situation which is all by design. Place a group of people in remote location with limited resources and provide them the means to escalate emotional outbursts to the point of causing death or suicide. The concept of the Ghetto is a documented and proven experiment.

    Case and point, most of them are trying to provide for their family, you will always have lost individuals doing their own thing, and you will always be able to cherry pick those cases to make a paper thin argument.

    Summing it all up, TM's situation is for his family to handle and no one else. If your pops and your brother won't ride for you, then no one else will.
  • Re: Drake about to give Joe Budden 5minutes of fame UPDATED 16/05/16: Joe Budden to retire?

    Joe ain't hitting like that anymore. He fell way off lyrically. Drake (and his ghostwriter(s)) would definitely be able to hold his own, and would be crowned the winner due to popularity and how many spins his track gets.

    Y'all stay acting like everyone is in their prime. Someone drop the last song Joey actually spit some shit on, watch that shit be released in 2008 or something.
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  • Re: Let's End The Debate: Kareem Abdul Jabbar vs Michael Jordan

    caddo man wrote: »
    Bigs need a player to deliver the ball. Only reason why they will never be consider the GOAT!They rely on their teammates.

    No they don't. Don't confuse the format or the way the game is played with actual talent or skill level. A lot of bigs, especially all-time great bigs can bring the ball up the court with no problem.
    caddo man