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  • Re: Let's End The Debate: Kareem Abdul Jabbar vs Michael Jordan

    caddo man wrote: »
    Bigs need a player to deliver the ball. Only reason why they will never be consider the GOAT!They rely on their teammates.

    No they don't. Don't confuse the format or the way the game is played with actual talent or skill level. A lot of bigs, especially all-time great bigs can bring the ball up the court with no problem.
    caddo man
  • Re: Choose One: Money Mayweather vs Sugar Ray Leonard wrote: »
    The undefeated guy who made all of his peers look like amateurs.

    Were any of them great? If so, were any in there prime?

    Do any of those compare to a Duran, Hagler or Hearns?

    Was Floyd in his prime when he beat them? Are you really trying to argue a, "my generation is better than your generation" stance?

    Floyd basically Michael Jordan'd all of those guys careers. They were considered top notch fighters until Floyd showed there was an even higher level you can reach.

    Case and point, there's a difference between very good or even great and legendary. Floyd is on a different level. You can't beat what you can't hit.
  • Re: Jennifer Love Hewitt or Lupita Nyong'o?

    Don't see how this is even a comparison. Their features are too different, thus making it an easy decision.

    White girls are at the bottom of the list to me along with fat girls, so Lupita a million times over.
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  • Re: Does anyone here believe in reincarnation?

    Abraxas wrote: »
    Abraxas wrote: »
    Yes to both of your questions. At first it was a personal belief, perpetuated by A doctrine that had continually revealed itself to be true.

    But then I had my taste of it myself

    Interesting, how far back was this past life? How did these visions come to you, in a dream or something that you constantly envision? With the people I know who claim to have past lives, they usually say it's a bit of both.

    This has actually been my exact same experience, suprisingly. It began as a vision, rather mundane, I was sitting in a chair in a weird looking house, I was a Caucasian man. This happened to me when I was a teen.

    Fast forward around 10 years later, as I walked the path I began having dreams that were more surreal than any I could recall having, of being this same Caucasian man in the middle ages. There's no real way of me knowing the time frame but I'd say anywhere from probably 700-900 years ago.

    crazy thing about it is that it started happening when I started to tinker with the heart area energetically. This is significant because in Buddhist esoteric philosophy they instruct their initiates to focus on the heart exclusively. So their emphasis on reincarnation is no longer a coincidence in my experience.

    These are the kinds of insights that can only come from practicing, rather than intellectualizing, theological doctrine.

    SMH @ being a white guy in the past, hell to the nah! Generally speaking, white people are so simple-minded and trivial. You might meet one or two who aren't like that, but still. It's almost hard to believe we're even the same species.

    At the bold, any text for people just starting to delve into, or simply curious about these teachings? Currently reading Dark Light Consciousness by Edward Bynum.
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    Cortez was a hype man and Verb was stumbling all over the place. That Young Ill nigga is a default battle rapper if I ever seen one. Nigga is average across the board.

    Gave it to Math and them off the strength of the 2nd and the energy/crowd control. Overall wack battle.

    ... So far 2v2 is hurting more than helping battle rap. Only Tay Roc and Surf proved different.
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