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  • Re: Reason Debate: "I don't care if you can rap or not, as long as you can make good music"

    nujerz84 wrote: »
    Some folks are just easily impressed by simplicity and mediocre rapping so long as the beat is dope and hook is catchy.

    Music is about the sound, and has always been about the sound.

    ANYONE can rappity rap. That shit is not hard at all. Niggas was Canibus rapping with the hyperboles and similes and shit in middle school. What's hard is making a song that will force the crowd to take on the tone of the song. Transferring your mood to the listener, while saying some real shit at the same time.

    Whenever music anything gets away from the creators, it loses its essence. Y'all outsiders trying to make rap some nerdy, how many words can I fit in sentence bullshit, FOH!

    Nas is a musical descendant of Langston Hughes, not a nigga rambling about the Avengers and moving at light speed, with struggle flow.
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  • Re: Reason Debate: "I don't care if you can rap or not, as long as you can make good music"

    And he can flow, and he be saying some shit. Way better than these rappity rap niggas that talk about how they can punch through mountains with the strength of Hulk.
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  • Re: Reason Debate: "I don't care if you can rap or not, as long as you can make good music"

    Beta wrote: »
    kzzl wrote: »
    Whos even an example of an artist that can't rap, but makes good rap music?

    I wouldnt say good myself but y'all think it it is....


    Stop it. Future can definitely rap, and definitely makes good music.
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  • Re: Lil Wayne vs Beanie Sigel

    Wayne can rap, but Beans is GOAT level skill-wise.
  • Re: Rocko Sues Future For $10 Mill

    mrrealone wrote: »

    Were they still dogs when he cut that side deal??

    Then confront him about it man to man. Stop letting outside niggas into your business.

    Niggas claim the system is oppressing us, then run right to them when shit don't go their way. You can't have it both ways.

    rocko mighta already tried to talk to future about it and nothing came of it so he went to court as a last option

    If that's really your brother and you just don't see eye to eye, then take the L and keep it moving and let him know that y'all not cool anymore.

    I know y'all going to say "but it's 10million", but the money doesn't and shouldn't matter. It's the principle and the code that was broken that matters.

    If they wasn't cool like that, then fuck it, get your money. Just don't whine about systemic racism, when you're using the system to your advantage to bury another nigga. You just sound like a nigga that's mad that he's not running shit and can't be taken serious. Ol' call the cops 'cause you got your ass beat ass niggas.

    This type of thinking is why niggas won't get nowhere. The "principle and code that was broken" was by future for not fulfilling his end of the agreement. If future saw rocko as a brother he woulda made sure he got paid.
    sound like you mad at rocko for drawing up a contract in the first place.

    I don't know the details of the story, but contracts are made to be broken, and the nigga with the most money to blow will usually come out on top in these corny disputes, with the lawyers taking most of the bread. Millions of dollars that should have been transferred from one black family to another are now being split with white people SMH.

    From the outside, it just looks like the nigga saw Future was blowing up due to his new connections with the new team and got salty on some I helped you get there, where's my cut shit. Nigga signed Future to a snake deal in the first place, so I have no sympathy that he's about to get fucked over.
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