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  • Re: How come people born after 1985 get a pass for knowing what Hip Hop is?????

    I have read plenty of times that if you are into Nicki Minaj,Lil Wayne, Drake, Gucci, Soulja boy etc... that you must be either young, a hoodrat or gay and the main people saying this dumb shit, fall within the age group of being a late 80's/90's baby. I'm like really??? These same people who weren't even born when KRS battled MC Shan, when "Lodi Dodi" was the hottest song on the radio, when all the little girls in the neighborhood were reciting Roxanne Shante's diss to UTFO, were alive to experience the collective euphoria of the entire Hip Hop community the first time "Eric B. For President" was played on the radio and witness Rakim completely bring lyricism to the forefront, to listen to Mr. Magic, Red Alert and Chuck Chillout exclusively play nothing but Hip Hop on Friday and Saturday nights, when only a major Hip Hop record could get airplay before 6:00 PM because it was still not a completey accepted form of music, running home from school to catch the 3:30 PM airing of Video Music Box on channel 31 and living in an era where Public Enemy was the HOTTEST group on the planet...genre be damned, have the NERVE to generalize an entire fanbase of one artist, yet they want to be respected as a Hip Hop fan who has knowledge of the history. People (not all) in that age group pop the MOST shit, because they are trying so hard to be "down", because they are insecure in the fact that they haven't LIVED it.

    These same late 80s/90's babies will say dumb shit like, "Only teenagers like *insert whatever artist here*". I'm like, WTF?!?! The majority of Hip Hop fans back in it's earliest stages were teenagers. The most legendary artists dropped their first albums when they were teenagers. Rakim put out his first album at the age of 18 and a lot of the songs on his debut were written years prior. Nas was rhyming with MC Search when he was a teenager. The Juice Crew were teenagers during their reign. Special Ed was 15 when he dropped, "I Got It Made". Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Dana Dane, LL etc. were teenagers when they came out. Have they ever seen a clip of a Run DMC concert when they were in their prime?!?! The majority of those concert goers were teenagers. Back in the day, MC Hammer was clowned for being old and he was 27 at the time. So, by the rationale of these idiots, it's ok for a teenager or an artist in their early 20's to make music, but if teenagers happen to gravitate to a certain artist, that artists' credibility is non existant?! WTF?! The youth has always been the primary fanbase of Hip Hop. The people most familiar with the history of Hip Hop today are in their 30's and 40's. So, how old would that make them when "Rappers Delight" came out? Not that they don't exist, but, I don't know any 60 or 70 year old Hip Hop heads. The only difference today from about the early to mid 80's is the talent scale. The mainstreem success of Bow Wow, Romeo, Souljah Boy etc. has made it uncool to have youngins as fans, so, you have a bunch of dumbfucks who were born in the late 80's and early 90's, running around like any artist who appeals to teenagers is automatically "wack" and that is 100% false. Hell, neither the Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow or Bizzy Bee had lyrical skills, but they are the elders of Hip Hop. I don't consider myself to be an elitist because I'm a 70's baby, but when I hear someone who wasn't even born during these times fix their lips to discredit an artist based on what their particular standards are, especially when they go against the foundation of what Hip Hop was in the beginning, I just shake my head. I don't care what your age is, respect my opinion and I will respect yours...stop the generalizations, it's stupid. Is a 60 year old who grew up on the Jackson 5, Earth Wind & Fire, The Temptations, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, Tina Turner, The Supremes, Chaka Kahn etc. to be considered young, gay, dumb and hoodratish because he/she happens to enjoy the music of Rihanna, Tierra Marie, Chris Brown and Trey Songz

    excellent post

    it reminds me of why i say you cant hate on these kids making swag/dance music

    classic hip hop was swag/dance music

    wearing clothes that those today would clown and/or call gay
  • Re: Hello...My name is Mr.Audigier216...and im addicted to the IC

    10:20 AM- i gotta organize these files

    10:28 AM- lemme jus check that thread from last night

    1:57 PM - got dayum, i jus wasted damn near 4 hours

    i know what you talkin bout fam,
    sadly i do
  • Re: White Men Cant Jump

    iAMNOVA wrote: »
    That film pissed me off cause they did the most unnecessary passes and shit...and Sidney Dean stayed traveling. That may have been the most unrealistic basketball playing of all time

    what about that movie where marlon wayans got help from kadeem hardison's ghost???

    huh huh,forgot about that one huh

    damn 90's movies were out there,,read that shit again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, marlon wayans got help from kadeem hardison's ghost

    cokeheads run hollywood
    numbaz...80's babyRecaptimus_Prime360dwade206