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  • Re: Augusta teen beat up in prison has leash around his neck like dog

    Just another day in the life of a fuck boy
  • Re: White Police in Cleveland Suing the City for Racial Discrimination

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    Again, I'm not saying whether their complaint has merit or not, just that it is not out of the realm of possibility. I mean, it seems that it is worst PR for a police department when white cops kill blacks under questionable circumstances than when black cops do.

    Smh at uncle ruckus being more concerned about police depts pr rather than the life they just took. Lynch urself sambo

    Wow man, you never fail to misunderstand me. I have not even expressed any concern whatever for these cops. Nor, worst still, have I expressed more concern for the police department's PR than the lives they took. What I said was that the fact that the death of black suspects under questionable circumstances at the hands of white cops is worse PR than when it is black cops is one reason to view the possibility that they were discriminated against favorable -- as not completely implausible.

    Listen man, and I'm just being honest here, I think the problem between us is that we are in two different universes as far as our education is concerned.
    Lmfao u know nothing about my level of education white boy/coon. But go ahead and flatter urself you bitch ass cracka/self hating niglet
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  • Re: Black Friday Brawls

    And ppl wonder why I dont take church and christianity seriouly
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  • Re: Pharrell Williams: Why Aren’t We Talking About Michael Brown’s ‘Bullyish’ Behavior?

    Black male aggressiveness, and the way someone people try to define black male identity through it in part, is definitely a conversation worth having, but not in this context where it'll just serve to distract us from Brown's unjustified killing.

    Shut ur coon ass up sambo
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  • Re: Boston Couple ‘Sucker Punches’ City Worker Because 'They Don’t Take shit From N-ggers'

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    This story is all over the place. Was it a he or she?

    No matter the case, one or two peoples actions does not equal to a whole city being filled with racists, as stated previously,

    no...but the history of the city does

    What do you mean? Massachusetts was one of the first states pushing for Abolitionism.

    Why you think all the slaves escaped to the north?

    Now Florida on the other hand is racists as fuck... especially northern florida. Same as North & South Carolina & Georgia.

    The difference is that we know who the enemy is down here. We are fighting behind enemy lines everyday and we ALL know this. Its yall confused as negros up north who think the war is and that u won b/c the good ol northern white man let u live on his block. Never mind that the bank changed u a higher interest rate and jacked up the price just for you. But somehow yall northern negroes thinks that just b/c they aint calling u a nigger to ur face there not racist. Ask bill russell and malcolm x how racist those crackers are in no boston. But let yall northern b negroes tell it its all good.
    Smh at dumb negros thinking geography changes the heart of a devil. Yall ran from b'ham to boston and still got treated like shit when u got there. But yall better off b/c he caused yall niggah instead of nigger but boston aint racist though
    Seriously shut up with that yall don't know bullshit. don't know a single black person in this state who doesn't think racism exists here.

    First of all I dont like ur tone cunt. But sense u validated everything ive said in this thread I'll give u a pass. And secondly u need to talk ur girl @khaleesi b/c according to her nothing racist has happened in boston in over 20 years

    I'd tell you to take your pass and Ram it up your ass but you'd probably just ask for more objects. Glad you picked up that implied fuck you in my post.


    The real dont need implications bitch. Fuck u tom brady, larry bird and ur entire filthy hypocritical ass city. I hope u get arrested for breaking in ur own home tonight


    But boston aint racist though