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  • Re: Boston Couple ‘Sucker Punches’ City Worker Because 'They Don’t Take shit From N-ggers'

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    This story is all over the place. Was it a he or she?

    No matter the case, one or two peoples actions does not equal to a whole city being filled with racists, as stated previously,

    no...but the history of the city does

    What do you mean? Massachusetts was one of the first states pushing for Abolitionism.

    Why you think all the slaves escaped to the north?

    Now Florida on the other hand is racists as fuck... especially northern florida. Same as North & South Carolina & Georgia.

    The difference is that we know who the enemy is down here. We are fighting behind enemy lines everyday and we ALL know this. Its yall confused as negros up north who think the war is and that u won b/c the good ol northern white man let u live on his block. Never mind that the bank changed u a higher interest rate and jacked up the price just for you. But somehow yall northern negroes thinks that just b/c they aint calling u a nigger to ur face there not racist. Ask bill russell and malcolm x how racist those crackers are in no boston. But let yall northern b negroes tell it its all good.
    Smh at dumb negros thinking geography changes the heart of a devil. Yall ran from b'ham to boston and still got treated like shit when u got there. But yall better off b/c he caused yall niggah instead of nigger but boston aint racist though
    Seriously shut up with that yall don't know bullshit. don't know a single black person in this state who doesn't think racism exists here.

    First of all I dont like ur tone cunt. But sense u validated everything ive said in this thread I'll give u a pass. And secondly u need to talk ur girl @khaleesi b/c according to her nothing racist has happened in boston in over 20 years

    I'd tell you to take your pass and Ram it up your ass but you'd probably just ask for more objects. Glad you picked up that implied fuck you in my post.


    The real dont need implications bitch. Fuck u tom brady, larry bird and ur entire filthy hypocritical ass city. I hope u get arrested for breaking in ur own home tonight


    But boston aint racist though
  • Re: HOH Saints fan havin' none of that souvenir ball shit from a nearby female Bengals fan

    fuck the aints
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  • Re: Meanwhile on the subway, chick slaps dude, brawl ensues

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    Bruh I fucking HATE NY accents. That bitch sounded like a fucking man.
    Boston and New Orleans accents are worse
    boston is the worse by far. stl/memphis are second and ny/nj aint to far behind
  • Re: Love doesnt hurt:Domestic violence victim speaks out

    Yall some ban for laughing at this shir. I know this is the ic and all but it takes a real fuck ass negro to do some shit like this. Fucking lame just mad b/c the chick didnt want his bitch ass no more. But instead of being a playa getting an even badder chick he got to go some shit like this.

    Im 6"3' 250 good w/my hands and I keep some steel. Guys like this are good for beating on a broad but 9 out of 10 of these pussys wouldnt even look me in my eyes. Fuck these pussy ass mothafuckas. Pussys like this need to be banished from our community
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  • Re: Bobby Shmurda & Supporting Coonery

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    Shit reminds of that jay-z episode of mtv diary back in the day. Dude was having a corporate listening party for all the big wigs at universal. It was a whole bunch of white ppl in suits and ties sitting around a conference table. This negro was walking around giving ppl the uptight white man high 5 and cooning his fucking ass off. Every song was nigga this nigga that bitch this bitch that and he was light weight performing for them. He was one of the few token negroes in the room as he proudly played his album about selling dope fucking hoes blasting niggas bentleys and ballin in front of a room full corporate white ppl who had probably never heard a full rap album all the way through. I was never a fan of gay z but that episode was some of the worst uncle tomming ive ever seen

    thats not how it happened. its funny how niggas try to remember things the way THEY want to vice how shit really went down.

    the scene of them playing the Dynasty album lasted all but a minute and a half and NONE of that shit you say happened actually happened.

    heres the video; the shit starts at 16:02.


    white man cutting him off and finishing his sentence for him on how to distribute his music and make money off him at 16:03. white man apologizes for cutting him off but jay-z pats him on his shoulder and says "thats perfect". there's no doubt who the boss was in that relationship. uptight white man high 5 at 17:11 followed by another unnatural white man high 5 at 17:19. skinning and grinning at 16:34 with unnecessary and goofy ass laughing. camera goes around the room showing white ppl approving of his music and him winking followed by him posing and hugging said white ppl and signing autographs starting at 16:44.

    compare his happiness and winking with his white corporate fans to his antagonism towards his black fans at 13:15 who paid for his concert and paid again to attend his after party. he pushed a dude at 13:26 and told him to back up off him but he was hugged up with 2 and 3 white ppl at a time taking pics and smiling his ass off. he'll smile and wink for he corporate white ppl but mean mug ad push the black ppl who made his ass. negroes on they best behavior in front of whitey but cant wait to start shit w/their own ppl. talking down on they ass and shit after they spent money they probably didn't have with him. if not for the black ppl in that club breaking bread those white ppl in that board room wouldn't know who the fuck he was. he will hug and smile with the white folks but push and mean mug his own. HOW IS THAT NOT COONING???????????

    you reaching on all levels, homie.

    your hate for jay-z is making you say ridiculous shit.

    lol at this clown producing evidence to refute what I said and then getting ethered w/his own evidence. when smacked in the face with irrefutable facts dick riders do what they do best....ride dick. skinning and grinning for whitey while pushing and mean mugging the black ppl who made you is the definition of cooning. at least bobby kept it real with the brothers on the block in his video. gay-z turned his nose up at the ppl in the club after he built his career off them.

    lets not forget this is the same guy who defended the department store for arresting the black guy who bought an expensive belt. but yet again yall dick riders will make excuses for ur lord and savior while he laughs at ur ignorant poor black asses while kissing those of his rich white corporate friends. negros kill me calling everybody a coon but excuse and give passes to the biggest coon out there