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  • Re: David Banner: We're Breeding A Generation Of Spineless Zombies

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    The last of the rap game died with pac. After the war a deliberate and conscious decision was made to push soft corny crossover records with little to no substance. Who took over the rap game immediately following the death of pac and big? Gay Z and puffy. The jiggy shiny suit era took off and it was a wrap after that. If u couldnt rap about ur clothes or ur cars like puff, jigga and cash money did, or selling dope like jeezy or about nothing at all like nelly and mase u couldnt get on. By the end of the 90s if u werent talking about money hoes dope and clothes u couldnt get a deal and if u did u couldn't get any spins.

    Then m&m tapped into his ready made white audience and negroes began auctioning off their testicles chasing that crossover m&m success that they couldn't possibly duplicate. Negroes started skate boarding and taking mushrooms and pills, wearing gay ass skinny jeans and doing any and everything they could do to appease the white crossover pop audience.

    Banner is right about this generation of rappers being spineless zombies. We have raised an entire generation of "rappers" who wouldnt know chuck d from chuck nice, or paris from the city of paris, or the goodie mob cee lo from the voice cee lo. The game has been dead and is nothing but a rotten stinking corspe right now. Fuck the rap game

    All the shit you say came because of niggas like Puff and Jay were around long before anyone knew who the hell they were

    not to the extremes that gay-z and puffy took it to. slick rick was the original bling bling rapper. but he didnt spend his entire career rapping only about jewelry. he gave you an anti-crime song in a childrens story, he gave the next generation hope in hey young world and he even gave you a love story in a teenage love. i could never understand the whole gay-z is the best rapper alive shit when he spent a decade and a half rapping about champagne, cars and jewelry. to me he was no better or no worse than birdman. they both rapped about the same shit.


    puff and gay-z were one in the same. no need to waste time explaing how awful puff was/is
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  • Re: Josh Duggar: I Molested Girls In The Home 3 Times

    Kat wrote: »
    Ehhh...I have mixed feelings about this shit.

    He was a young teen and as disgusted as everybody wants to act, this shit is far more common than people will ever admit..even within families, and not just white families. It's not super unusual for these types of secrets to be kept within the family.

    Wtf?!?!? Yall crackas are disgusting
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  • Re: Chicago Cook County Commissioner Wants To Charge Gang Bangers As Domestic Terrorists.

    As long as they arrest, convict and sentence all the white boy biker gangs first using the same laws im ok with it
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  • Re: Who Was The Worse Uncle Tom???

    even herman cain is ashamed of ajackson smh
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  • Re: Too Many White Hip-Hop Fans Don’t Give a Shit About Black People

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    You're the idiot for taking an idiom literally

    so in the context of that rednecks quote do you real think he meant that he never saw black people in the middle of a cotton field with guitars, banjos and drums literally singing the blues or do you think he was metaphorically speaking about black people discussing the problems of the day? anyone with half a brain understands the metaphor he was drawing. only an idiot with no brains cant see the irony of his metaphor when compared to the history of blues music. kill urself dumbass

    Pull your skirt down before you hurt yourself

    The creation of the genre has nothing to do with what he said you're just trying to segue some bs in there

    and now you're in your feelings for nothing

    its called an entendre faggot but just as phil roberston you're too stupid to underdstand it. eat a dick faggot