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  • Re: Miley Cyrus 'felt sexualised' While Twerking During VMA performance And Blames Everybody But Herself

    Jigga had the kool-aid smile tho.


    In every pic with her too. Who is this woman?

    Fuck that skin and grin camel face pink toe worshipping happy ass negro. Mothafucka smiling like a house slave on free watermelon day.

    dnyce215 wrote: »
    Jigga had the kool-aid smile tho.

    In every pic with her too. Who is this woman?

    She looks like a golden retriever in that pic

    And jay looks like the help


    Get his happy ass the fuck outta here.
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  • Re: Australian woman visiting the US calls 911 for noise complaint, gets the bullets instead

    Will Munny wrote: »
    Man fuck off. you have sadists with badges and situations where the police were justifiabley left with no other choice. did I say every police shooting was justified? Ever?

    to compare ever police shooting as the same thing is the fucking epitome of intellectual dishonesty. The only situation even close to the Justine Damond shooting is Philandos Castile. Get real.
    Lol at the bolded. And even if the bolded was true, which of course it isn't, how did the Philando Castillo shooting play out and is this case starting in any way, fashion or form like his???

    Eat dick and die you sawed off, midget, peakerwood cracka. Fuck you and the caveman scum that created your entire hillbilly, redneck, trailer trash lineage.
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  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

    blackrain wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »
    R. Kelly has proven himself to be a perverted pedo pos and should have been locked up after the Aaliyah situation. But as long as cacs keep watching Woodie Allen and Roman Polanski movies I'll continue to bump 12 Play and the R. As long as Kellz keeps it 18+ he's good going forward. That doesn't make up for his bullshit in the past but 18=legal period point blank.

    You need a better standard than "If white people do it then so will I"

    You need to learn what the word accountability means. Call me when the same cacs and the same media hold Woody Allen and Roman Polanski to the same level of account that they want to hold R. Kelly to. With that said fuck his pedo activities and theirs to.

    I'm not talking about white people and their standards. Why you basing what and who you hold accountable on who they do?

    Fuck them cacs and fuck you hypocrites. Lol at your if white ppl can do it I can to straw man argument. Take white ppl out the picture. Marvin Gaye impregnate a 17 year old while he was still married to Barry Gordy's sister and wrote at least 2 songs about her but I havent seen you tell anyone to stop listening to Met A Little Girl and Let's Get It On? Not only was Prince fucking a 17 year old but he moved her into his house and recordred at least 2 songs about her. Are you gonna tell people to stop listening to Vicki Waiting and Pink Cashmere??? Chuck Berry did 2 years in prison for fucking an underage girl but I dont see you telling people to stop listening to Johnny Be Good? You can't pick and choose who you want to crucify. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You can't throw stones at Kellz for fucking underage girls and say nothing about the 3 greatest musicians of the last 65 years who created the very music that you're still listening to today.

    If you cant be consistent with your argument you don't have an argument. Your ignorance, lack of consistency and all out hypocrisy is shameful. Miss me with the bullshit.
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  • Re: Whats Wrong With Being Regionally Biased?

    5 Grand wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    So basically its ok for people from The South to be regionally biased, but when New York/East Coast cats are regionally biased its a problem?

    that's where youre wrong. the south has never been regional biased. we dont have a 30 year history of envy, jealousy and hate. you do. yo ass is just mad that lil' brother took your ball and ran your bitch ass off the court. being mad and getting stuck in your feelings wont change the fact that your shit aint selling and the game that you created has passed you by. if you wouldnt have spent the last 3 decades hating on everybody and tearing your brothers down you wouldnt be stuck in this artistic death spiral.

    game recognized game and the south, the west and the mid west linked up, shared ideas and collectively turbocharged our mutual creative processes. you bastards on the other hand doubled down on your regional bias bullshit, kept hating and helplessly watched as the south, the west and the mid west passed your ass by. like pimp c said it's your own fault your shit aint selling.

    @ the bolded.

    No I'm not mad about anything. I'm confused, or bewildered why you @skpjr78 are so bent out of shape that you're making ad hominem attacks when everybody else is calm, relaxed and cordial.

    Anyway, the best MCs of all time, the GOATS, are overwhelmingly from NYC: Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Wu Tang, Killah Priest, LL Cool J, Dougie Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS One, Chuck D, Run DMC, De La Soul, Brand Nubian, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz, Kurtis Blow, Spoonie G, MC Lyte, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Jean Grae, Remy Ma, Jadakiss, StylesP, Sheek Louch, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, DMX, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Camron, Big L, Ma$e, Fabulous, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Pharaoh Monch, Prodigy, Guru, Sean Price, Buckshot, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, AZ, Immortal Technique, Papoose, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Joey Badass, Dave East, Troy Ave, Desiigner, Young M.A. and the list goes on.

    I just named 50+ MCs from NYC that were all the GOATS of their era and have classic albums and classic singles. If I wanted to I could add Redman, Black Thought and Lauryn Hill but they're not really from NYC.

    Bottom line, the MCs from The East/NYC are superior to Southern and West Coast rappers.

    We get it, you guys like 808 sub-bass. But thats no excuse for MCs that rap about the same thing over and over again... or worse, mumbling over 808s and hi hats.

    Those 808s and hi hats are played out. Time for something new.

    clearly you're mad. a little thing called PUSSY might help you. anyone who is as obsessed with 1986 and what was hot 25+ years ago clearly isn't getting any.

    lol at your bullshit list. i stopped reading after the first fucking name. the first dude you listed to prove nyc supremacy is the biggest bitter, least original, overrated, dick riddin, commercialized, bullshit mc ever. if not for big jigga wouldn't even have a career. not only has jay-z been stealing a dead man's lines for the past 20 years but he was the jv squad to big's varsity when he was alive. smh at ppl criticizing lil' kim for having big write her rhymes but acting like jigga hasn't been jacking big's shit for 2 fucking decades.

    if pac and big were still here jigga's swagger jacking ass would still be coming off the bench. how the fuck you the goat of anything when you needed not 1 but 2 greats to die for anyone to know who the fuck you are??? get all the way the foh with that bullshit lmao.

    cee-lo, stacks, face are ALL>>>>>>>>>gay-z. stacks has more creativity in his little toe nail than jigga has in his entire career. cee-lo has more substance and face has a better a flow. starting your list with gay-z batting lead off shows just how much nyc has fallen off. you disrespected everyone else on your bullshit list by putting them after that fucking clown. you cant be fucking serious rofl.

    do us all a favor and KYS @5grand. the last thing we need is another puma sweat suit, kangol wearing, shag haircut having, oran' juice jones wanna be who's still stuck in the 80s. you, your city, your music and your life haven't been relevant in over a quarter century. deal with it or die.

    1. It's obvious when @skpjr78 is losing an argument because he resorts to ad hominem attacks. It happens every time.

    2. Your post is all hyperbole. I can't even address what you said because you exaggerated every point you tried to make.

    3. We can do a region battle. Give me New York, New Jersey and Philly and you can have the other 47 states. I guarantee the East Coast would come out on top. I'd bet my screen name on it.

    1. it's obvious when @5grand gets hit with strong ether. he avoids the facts at hand, get's in his feelings and tries to change the subject. it happens every time.

    2. your post is all bullshit as usual. since it's a known fact that jay-z has been biting rhymes, stealing lines and living on other people's talent throughout his career he tries to change the story to avoid arguing a point he know he can't win. biting was the original hip hop sin and he knows it. he also knows that no one has bitten more lines, concepts, styles and flows than jay-z. to place a known biter and swagger jacker like jay-z at the top of the nyc goat list shows how drastically they have fallen off. i dare you to disprove this fact.

    3. there has been a regional battle since the late 80s and nyc and the east coast were conquered decades ago. the west crushed you hoes in the 90s and the south bypassed you clowns in the 2000s. pac dismantled your entire coast and we just looked at you haters, shook our heads and proceeded to finish what the west started. you officially lost the regional battle on march 9, 1997.

    you clowns have no creativity, no vision and no talent. if not for biting (jay-z), using other regions identities (lame ass dipset and stupid ass bobby schmurda pretending to be LA style gang bangers) and relying on producers from everywhere except nyc (kanye, dre, neptunes, lil' john, jd, cool and dre, etc) the limited sales and exposure you have now wouldnt exist. as ridicoulous as it is that wayne and birdman tried to be bloods it's even more ridiculous to see it in nyc who invested so much time, energy and effort into clowing "jheri curl" rappers. the mere fact that yall spent decades talking shit about west coast and southern rappers and now you can't move units without them shows how untalented you haters really are. the rest of the country had to chip in and save what was left of the nyc hip-hop scene. next time we'll just let you hoes starve.
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  • Re: Whats Wrong With Being Regionally Biased?

    5th Letter wrote: »
    skpjr78 wrote: »
    Growing up in the Midwest, I really didn't have this problem. If something was dope, I listened to it.

    I never had the attitude of "I'm only going to listen to the Midwest style of fast rap (Tech N9ne, Twista, Bone) and just Common, Nelly, Lupe Fiasco, etc."

    I think a lot of people back home had this same mindset, although I remembered people favoring LA West Coast, Bay Area and Down South music, in addition to the Midwest. If an East Coast song was hot, people had no problem playing it.

    Personally, my all-time record collection contains albums from all regions.

    After high school, I went to college in the South and met people from all over the country. And from my observance, it was mostly the East Coast people being regionally biased when it came to music. You could like 100 Biggie songs, but if you wasn't feeling one - all of a sudden you're wack and know nothing about Hip-Hop. LOL!!!

    Midwest was rockin wit dipset way more then ny… an you rite tha east coast is bias af specially these 90 mfs

    That's why nobody fucks they hating ass. The south, west and midwest always been down. Bone went to LA and got down with Ruthless, Snoop went to NOLA and got down with P, $hort came to Atl and linked up Lil' John, Da' Brat was on SoSo Def, Ball and G made hits with 40 and Mac Mall, T.I. made hits with Daz and Kanye, Face was spittin' with Pac and Cube, so forth and so on. P was putting out the Down South Hustlers and the West Coast Bad Boyz. E 40 put out the Southwest Riders and all that shit was going hard. Psycho Drama was on Suave House, Do or Die was on Rap A Lot, Mac was on No Limit, etc. We never had any beef. But at one time or another all of these different regions had to deal with these envious, mad ass haters from the east and their bullshit "regional bias".

    So you're saying NY rappers don't collaborate with rappers from other regions? What are you trying to say?

    Im saying yall some haters. You clowns don't collaborate as much as you dick ride. Yall talk down on everybody else shit but when your garbage ass irrelevant ass albums dont sell you dick ride the same shit you was just hating on. When your awful ass productions and horrid ass beats stop moving units the same haters who spent years clowing "bama" and "jheri curl" rappers will call Lil' John or Dr. Dre fast as fuck. .
    Like Water