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  • Re: Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson who allowed Peter Liang to walk dies at 50 after battle with cancer

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    Yo, niggas is cold fam. How y'all gonna reduce Ken Thompson for the Peter Liang situation when he's fought for other things that's respectable?

    Every other good deed he might have done went out the window when he made the conscience decision to send a cold blooded convicted killer home instead of to prison. Fuck Ken Thompson and I hope his uncle tom ass burns for all eternity.
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  • Re: All you haters of Israel and folks who love to call people "COONS", come and look!

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    Ajackson17 wrote: »
    If we go by biblical canon then they did invade against the people of Canaan. In the first five books it shows that they weren't indigenous to that land hence the name Hebrew (cross over) which means to cross over from the Eurphrates river. If we go by the text in Mesopotamia and Sumeria then those people weren't even from there but near the border of Europe and the middle east who carried traits from both those areas.

    When they did the mitochondria of first century jewish people they all had southern European ancestry from their mothers side.

    So in other words they came and conqueor and got uprooted by another group and centuries later came back and got uprooted by the Romans while very few stayed and went global and now they are coming back.

    The Jews did not really exist as a nation of people until they left Egypt. All that DNA shit has nothing to do with Judaism

    just like the hebrews have nothing to do with the zionist. try agian toby.

    You are on block.

    lol at this coon. he can't refute anythng i've said with facts so when the ether gets to strong he blocks me lmfao. no wonder negroes like you are so far behind. you are allergic to truth, facts and knowledge. kys sambo. you are a total waste of flesh.

    mryounggun wrote: »
    The 'He is a coon!' mentality is part of the problem. Instead of shitting on him, an OG needs to take this young nigga aside and break down to him why his position is misguided. Chastising people who have differing views than you is hustling backwards. ESPECIALLY when you and that person both want the same thing at the end of the day.

    Warren Moon was mentoring the dude years ago. Moon was the only prominent nfl player to publicly stand with Newtown when everybody was shitting on him. Moon was the only person who stuck up for Cam and publicly vouched for him leading up to the draft that year.

    Moon was exiled to Canada b/c the nfl wouldn't allow blacks to play qb back then. If anyone knows whats really going on out here it would be him. Moon didn't teach Cam this step and fetch it bullshit. This is something he picked up on his own. Fuck Coon Newton.
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  • Re: The Baddest Musician of Alltime Tournament (Rd 1) J.Lo VS Remy Ma

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    The ic stay loving pop culture light skin bitches. Ol' brown paper bag test passing ass negros foh

    Nigga I love chocolate women but you fucking smoking crack if you think Remy > J-Lo. Not saying you wrong, buuuut you wrong my nigga.

    You cant be serious. Remy's body is killing J-Lo. J got ass for days but Remy got curves for weeks.


    Shit aint even close. Yall negros just caught up on the name, the crossover appeal and years of being told what beauty looks like. This shit is like comparing Jennifer Love Hewwitt's body to prime Serena get all the way the foh with that bullshit.
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  • Re: What is the best way to find a new job?

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    You'll need some relevant work experience to get int he door.. See if you can do an internship or apprenticeship just to get one foot in.. From there you should start to get some traction. You may need to work for free in order to get that experience..

    My girl told me the same thing but im a grown ass man with major responsibilities. Fuck that work for free shit. Im not a new college grad. Ive been out of school for a long ass time so im well beyond the intern phase. With that said that might be something I have to look into