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  • Re: The Justice League of BBWs

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    Bitch got me feeling like Juvie. I need that shit in my life

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  • Re: Cuba willing to give up American fugitives to USA for Cuban spy. USA wants Assata Shakur....

    Assata was the first person that crossed my mind when i heard about the opening of relations with Cuba. Obama is the type of dude to go out of his way to sell Assata out. He is the same guy who gave us the beer summit.
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  • Re: Snoop Dogg Says We Should Boycott "Roots"

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    I find these types of movies to be beneficial. They are historical pieces that when put in context can be a source of inspiration.

    If, you're tired of slave movies then you should be tired of gangster, pimp, drugs and hoe movies as well.

    i agree. but this fits into the lifestyle idea some people want to live.

    i bet more people got and watch scarface in their crib then redtails

    Red Tails was a horrible movie. Great cinematics but writing was poor and acting wasn't that great. Traditional Lucas Film.

    But I'm ready to see the Nat Turner movie.

    Redtails was a horrible movie. It felt more like a Disney sunday night movie than a historical film. And they just had to throw a white bitch and some jungle fever bullshit in there to. Shit had nothing to do with the Tuskegee Airmen but anything to make white people feel comfortable.
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  • Re: The Westbrooks Sisters (Snapchat Pics & Vids Dropped Daily)

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    That fat bitch getting fucked if she ever cross my path
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  • Re: The Westbrooks Sisters (Snapchat Pics & Vids Dropped Daily)

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    For the love of Pussy! Crystal Westbrooks is merely an average looking everyday bitch here in ATL riding MARTA! Nothing special......

    Go to 5 Points, find five Crystal Westbrooks type bitches, get pics and post up. I'll wait.......

    Purchase a plane ticket for any date, go to Camp Creek Market Place find 15 Crystal Westbrooks type bitches, get pics and post up.

    My bad, #YouBrokeThough

    Fuck boy I was at the Market Place last night pussy. Bike Night TGIF. Didnt see any Crystals let alone 15 of em. You running your dick sucker on the internet about all the Crystals you surrounded by everyday but I aint seen no pictures.


    My bad, #YouFullOfShitThough

    Not a cot damn thing to prove to your lame ass by posting pics of women I'm around or come in contact with! That's why niggas such as myself gets major pussy from high level bitches, because I keep my mouth shut and don't run it about who I smashed, smashing or about to smash - learn from it!


    just a minute ago. it was all about the multiple crytsal westbrook type bitches you got all over place. just a minute ago you was catching crystals on marta and you had 15 crystal clones at the market place. now after trying so hard to prove how plentiful crystals are and that you have so many of them now all of the sudden when its time to post something you have nothing to prove. if you have 15 crstyal westbrocks on your team a playa such as yourself wouldnt worry about potentially losing one. you have 14 more on deck right? so whats the issue playboy???????????

    negros aint got nothing to prove yet they go on the internet trying to prove how many crstyals they have. foh. smh at you internet clowns. kys

    Listen here JUNIOR! I never said I HAD 15 Crystal Westbrooks dumb ass! I simply said you can find 15 Crystal Westbrooks riding the Marta or at Camp Creek Market Place which is a fact!

    You on here talking all reckless and tough but took the time to find multiple 'Hold Up' gifs to post speaks volumes to your Homo tendency!

    Get ya maturity and money game up lil dumb nigga!

    I told you I was at the market place this past Wednesday night. I didnt see 15 crystals. I rode marta to work everyday for years and i never saw 15 Crystals. If it is a FACT that you personally see 15 Crystal Westbrooks on marta and at the market place on a regular basis why dont you take some pics of these random chicks that you dont know and post up? ;As you said these 15 crystals that you see so often arent your girls so whats the problem with taking pics of random women on marta and at the market place. They do it everyday in the creepset thread so why cant you?????? If random crystal westbrooks are so common and plentiful in your daily everyday life what harm does a pic pose???


    Time to put up or shut up fuck boy.
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