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  • Re: The three most significant events of the 21st century (so far)

    1. Bush vs. Gore Supreme Court ruling that officially ended democracy in the US
    2. 9/11
    3. Invasion of Iraq

    December 8, 2000 was the date the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush potus and planet earth hasn't recovered yet. Numbers 2 and 3 are just the results of the 21st century's original sin.
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  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

    R. Kelly has inspired me to go hang out at the local colleges so I can catch some incoming freshmen

    I need to smash me some 18yr old women too :(

    When I was in college freshman orientation was a citywide event. Dudes from 20-65 would find a reason to post up on campus. All them old ass football players from the 70s and used to be frat boys from the 80s suddenly showed up everywhere. Mothafuckas knew the dates months in advance and that shit was like Kwanza when it finally came. Dudes celebrated for an entire week and the clubs were extra lit every fucking night. Young hoes were getting tossed up all over Nashville and as long as they were 18+ it was all good. Old dudes in the club tricking off trying to catch the young dumb fresh meat that didnt know any better. Young wide eyed hoes who were just happy to be out of momma and daddy's house for the first time were poppin pussy everywhere. Shit used to be epic. Freshman orientation week at an hbcu>>>>>>>
  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

    R. Kelly has proven himself to be a perverted pedo pos and should have been locked up after the Aaliyah situation. But as long as cacs keep watching Woodie Allen and Roman Polanski movies I'll continue to bump 12 Play and the R. As long as Kellz keeps it 18+ he's good going forward. That doesn't make up for his bullshit in the past but 18=legal period point blank.
  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

    Copper wrote: »
    Unpopular fact: Aliyah was a hoe

    That maybe true but R. Kelly had no business fucking and marrying an underage hoe.
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  • Re: Parents: R. Kelly Holding Our Daughters in Sex-Obsessed, Abusive ‘Cult’

    These hoes are 21 and started fucking with Kells when they were 19. 19 = a grown ass bitch that's old enough to make her own choices. For all the underage pussy that he fucked and pissed on I see no problem with him smutting out grown ass 18 and up in house pussy. Them hoes thought they were about that life and the Pied Pipper proved they ass wrong.

    They went to a fiesta, thought they had that vibe and tried to flirt with the King of R&B. And just when it seemed like they were ready for the bump grind Kells hit the ignition and had them hoes trapped in the closet while he was feeling on their booties and dripping honey love on their ass. But the backyard party got to real and them bitches started wishing they could turn back the hands of time and step in the name of love. But Kells told them hoes he was the world's greatest and didn't give a fuck about a woman's threat b/c even when a woman's fed up any bitch of his was still gonna be home alone in his chocolate factory wearing a thoia thong and even if their parents called they had to keep it on the down low and it was just like that.

    Kells gave 0 fucks and was looking at them hoes like...
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