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  • Re: What baptism do you want? Spirit or fire?

    Being baptized in the name of white jesus = Donald Trump being pissed on by a Russian hooker
  • Re: Murder Suspect Who Used Big-Penis Defense Found not guilty

    1CK1S wrote: »

    The Florida man who claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex was found not guilty Monday of second-degree murder.

    How did I know where this happened before I read the article?

  • Re: In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims

    It wasn't that long ago that Pill Cosby was criss crossing the nation on his "I hate you niggas just as much as massa does" tour. I remember that fool bought his decript ass to my old high school and was talking about how black kids wouldn't be in jail if they had accectable European names.

    That mothafucka was all on Fox news bashing black folks 25 hours a day 8 days a week. Them same cacs that were patting him on his back when he was talking shit were nowhere to be found when he got caught up. Now since all of his Fox friends and the rest of white amerikkka have spent the last few years tearing the jello out of his pudding pop now all of the sudden he's screaming racism. Just a few years ago he was telling us to stop using racism as an excuse. Gtfohwtbs.

    The man will build you up just to tear you down. Now that Mr. Charlie has gotten his 7 pounds of flesh out of Cosby's ass he wants to come back home like he never said what he said. Fuck that old ass throw a brick and hide your hands ass dude. Take responsibility for your actions Pill and stop using racism as a crutch. Maybe if you crack some jokes, make a few funny faces and dance a jig in court massa might be lenient on your molly poppin' ass.

    "Out in the cold. No more white fans and no more soul. And you might have a heart attack when you find out the black folks don't want you back." - Ice Cube
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  • Re: AZ >>>>>>>>>>> Jay-Z (Stop Using Popularity In Your Argument)

    AZ is one of the most underrated mc in the history of the game and I've been screaming this years. AZ>>>>>>Nas & Gayhova. On the low he murdered Nas on Life's A Bitch and he's never taken the career threatening L's that Nas has been stacking for the past 2 decades. AZ's first 3 bars on I'm Back destroys Jigga's entire pop culture ass career.

    "Spirit of Marcus Garvey, Farad Muhammad
    Medgar Evars and Bob Marley, I'm God-Body
    The scripture says Allah's inside me, show love
    I was hugged by the arms of Gandhi, gave me my strength
    You could tell somebody raised me with sense
    We all need somethin to help us through our daily events
    Bear with me; the toughest niggaz tear quickly
    No lie - pops still cry and he near fifty - freedom or death"

    Damn shame how NYC will dick ride clowns like mase, "killa" kam, gay-z and L collecting ass Nas but sleep on an all time mc like AZ.

    "Loving da game you gave me, loving my name is AZ. Never sold millions, but fuck it I'm here to save the babies"
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  • Re: I Know We Been Talking About Classic Albums Lately But..

    The official I stopped listening to rap in '07 post
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