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  • Re: What baptism do you want? Spirit or fire?

    Being baptized in the name of white jesus = Donald Trump being pissed on by a Russian hooker
  • Re: In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims

    It wasn't that long ago that Pill Cosby was criss crossing the nation on his "I hate you niggas just as much as massa does" tour. I remember that fool bought his decript ass to my old high school and was talking about how black kids wouldn't be in jail if they had accectable European names.

    That mothafucka was all on Fox news bashing black folks 25 hours a day 8 days a week. Them same cacs that were patting him on his back when he was talking shit were nowhere to be found when he got caught up. Now since all of his Fox friends and the rest of white amerikkka have spent the last few years tearing the jello out of his pudding pop now all of the sudden he's screaming racism. Just a few years ago he was telling us to stop using racism as an excuse. Gtfohwtbs.

    The man will build you up just to tear you down. Now that Mr. Charlie has gotten his 7 pounds of flesh out of Cosby's ass he wants to come back home like he never said what he said. Fuck that old ass throw a brick and hide your hands ass dude. Take responsibility for your actions Pill and stop using racism as a crutch. Maybe if you crack some jokes, make a few funny faces and dance a jig in court massa might be lenient on your molly poppin' ass.

    "Out in the cold. No more white fans and no more soul. And you might have a heart attack when you find out the black folks don't want you back." - Ice Cube
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  • Re: Feminist Now Trying to Come After King Kendrick!!!

    skpjr78 wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    We all know these feminists and white supremacists females 95% of the time go after black men for demestic violence.

    No one is more racist than liberal white men or feminist white women.
  • Re: ayo ladies lets discuss small dicks.

    i have my fair share of problems but im glad to say this aint one. kys if you have a male clit lmfao
  • Re: Husband catches his wife & her pastor having sex in daughters bedroom so he went & got that roscoe…

    Christianity is the worse thing that ever happened to black people. Since coming into contact to with massa and white jesus we have lost everything including our souls and our minds.

    The pastor was always massa's hand picked stooge who he personally selected to keep the negros in line. Pastor had a little bit of status amongst the rest of the negros b/c massa would let him sleep in the basement of the big house and b/c he ate pig ears while everyone else ate chitterlings. As long as pastor kept spreading the demonic words of white jesus and kept the field negros in line he was in good with massa and he reaped the benefits of that. Those benefits included access to as much plantation pussy as he wanted. And if anyone gave him any problems he would just go tell massa and have him put the overseer on them.

    400 years later nothing much has changed. The pastor is still the white mans whore and he's still peddling his little trinckets that massa gave him to smash as many "God fearing, church going, good Christian sisters" as he can. Even when he gets caught the church will stand and applaud his sins. Smmfh. Christianity was the most destructive and devistating weapon that these devils have ever used against us.
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