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  • Re: The official 2016 NFL off season thread

    Just finished hooking up my new 65 inch Samsung SmartTV I got for $500. Shoutout to my connect


    Looks smaller in this pic but it's legit.

    I put the remote in the candle for size comparison
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  • Re: Minorities 18 - 34 still living at home at record high

    It's actually smarter to stay with your parents till you able to buy.

    That's how white ppl and Asians been doing it. Saving up money all together and buying.

    No need to rush out to go rent a place.
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  • Re: Greatest Athlete Of The 21st Century

    Bonds was that nigga
  • Re: The official 2016 NFL off season thread


    I don't rock with Urban Meyer offensive players but I hope he do great things.

  • Re: We Are ALL Kings

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    "King" and "Queen" is the word we use to describe the ultimate greatness of a Man or Woman. The pinnacle of Man/Woman.

    Children don't know anything about the politics and policies of being a King or Queen, but they do see the greatness of it and they then internalize that greatness. That greatness MUST be nurtured.

    Honorable Kings build with other nations, and yes, divide when necessary.

    Believing in the greatness in yourself is not saying that you look down on others or you see yourself above another. It simply means you recognize and utilize the greatness in self.

    When I tell my loved ones I love them, it doesn't mean I hate yours.

    When we say Black Lives Matter, it doesn't mean nor is it saying non Black Life doesn't.

    Don't you all believe in the greatness of yourselves?

    Kings build with other nations instead of their own ppl.

    See what I'm getting at?

    No I don't. We're talking about kids man, not the policies and politics of adults.

    So you mean to tell me if your son saw this book with a little boy with a crown, saw himself in it and picked it up, you would knock it out of his hands and tell him he's not a King?

    Better yet, what is the word or phrase we should be using for our children to identify and nurture their greatness?

    Tell him is not a king? King is a ruler of a land. I'm not living in a Disney fairytale where royalty is great and the ppl they rule is happy. When in fact kings thru out history been bad.

    I'm teaching my son to be a man of the ppl That looks like him. No need to tell him he's a king and above his own kind when I want him to build with them.

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