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  • Re: Thee Official Drake vs Meek Mill beef thread

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    Meek should've known authenticity in rap wasn't required anymore when his boss was caught lying about being CO and stayed relevant.

    How Is lying about your image, the sAme as lying about your craft?
    Its like Lebron lying about being a family man vs. Lebron takin steriods, while claiming he's the best in the world....

    Ross n others lying About Thier image , is not like drake lying about his craft....
    your craft is your craft, your image is your image.
    But Ross image is his craft, everything he raps about and all his albums are him believing he is the Real Rick Ross. His an artist putting together art of another mans life and making it like he did all those things.

    At least Ross was putting the art together himself....
    I Don't care about Ross life, that's rick ross problem, i am not a dboy, I Don't care.
    Im a music Listener, a fan of hiphop for life. i care about the craft. The art Of hiphop.

    Ya comparing apple to oranges. Its like an athlete. Any Brand can create a fake image for an athlete. But That athlete still have to have the skills.
    Forexample Jeremy lin, tim tebow. them niggas was All hype/image no craft..

    But the words they speak is all lies.

    Do you care about that part of the craft?

    I listen to music . I don't listen to rappers for truth.
    BUT I'll still give a nigga bonus points for spitting real shit, that can impact life ..

    They're just entertainers. Especially a nigga rapping about drugs n shit, like , should i really care about his honesty?

    however i do care about the craft. If u out here lying about your life, at least u be the one to craft them lies ya self .
    be honest, didn't u lose Respect for Drake, now u know he Don't pen his shit?

    He did lose some respect from me But he still has the talent. And you can hear it in his songs. Before that verse he got from QM and a flow on cpl songs. The diss records was nice too.

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  • Re: Thee Official Drake vs Meek Mill beef thread

    You never had to be authentic in the rap game.

    ALL them niggas was lying and fronting.

    From NWA to Biggie to jay z to drake.

    Hand full of artists thru out rap was authentic.
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    Bonds didn't cheat because hgh wasn't against the rules yet.

    That's really how we playing this right now ?

    I'm done with you lower the rim a little ass niggas

    Lower the rim? Naw bruh. It ain't cheating if it's not against the rules. It's that simple in sports.

  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    I still think the Spurs have the 3rd best roster in the West behind OKC and GS. Duncan is a year older and Parker is urar older.

    And Houston is right behind them.

    Ppl forgetting how good KD is.
  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

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    Bron vs wade in the ECF

    Paul George back bruh

    Paul George > everybody in the east not named LBJ.
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