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  • Re: Masta Ace believes Europeans are Hip Hops biggest supporters....

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    Makes sense when you dont have access to something you tend to appreciate it more when you get it.

    What the fuck are talking about?
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  • Re: DJ Khaled - I Got The Keys ft. Jay-Z, Future (Finally Here)

    DOA to doing a song with the biggest Autotune user in hip hop.

    Sad day man, sad day.

    Hov should be ashamed of himself
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  • Re: Jemele Hill: ‘Never Seen’ Open Disrespect Other Players Show Steph Curry

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    The league is better when it's competition for that top spot. If it's gonna be a clear cut decision that one guy is the alpha of the league, it's gotta be utter dominance out of that dude, because that is the standard Jordan set. I'm talking wins, rings, and stats. LeBron is clearly worthy of an all time top ten spot, but in my opinion, you have to wait until he's career is wrapped up to say that. However, LeBron has never completely dominated the league from a wins standpoint to be at that level where you say it's his league.

    The mere thought of someone surpassing LeBron brought out more from him than we've ever seen before. It takes an incredible talent to bring that dark side out of a dude like LBJ, so that alone tells me what I need to know about Steph.

    LeBron been to 6 straight finals with 4 MVPs (should have been more)

    Nigga, that's called dominating the league.

    I specifically put in my criteria for how I viewed dominating the league to avoid a dumbass post like yours

    Naw nigga you're just dumb. He dominated the league with wins and accolades.

    9 years as the 1st or 2nd seeds
    4 MVPs (should be more)
    6 straight finals
    3 FMVPs

    Don't matter what your criteria is, its gon end up him dominating the league.

    3-5 isn't the same as 6-0. If your dumbass could read you would understand what I was saying

    Just because he's 3-4 don't mean that ain't domination.

  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

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    Draymond dumb ass cost them the series.Shouts to the cavs tho they did it I was low key pullin for them to win last night

    All the cats who said curry the best player in the league exposed themselves remember who wasn't sayin that non sense.Curry is not the best player in the nba you caught in the moment dickriders/the media tried to crown him too early he's the best offensive player/shooter that's it

    Revisionist history.

    Curry arguably had the best regular season in league history. This year, he was the best player in the league for 82 games. - Lebron close second.

    Curry dissapeared/chocked in the Finals and got outplayed by the stars on the opposing side.

    Wait, hold up ... I think I can remember another player doing that as well while playing a Dallas team...

    Damn, Oh well... It'll come to me.

    Don't mean that guy wasn't the best player in the league that year.

    No. Curry did not have arguably one of the best regular season.

    You niggas is so caught up in shooting y'all straight dismiss the other parts of basketball.

  • Re: Who Had A Better Run from 2004-2014 Kanye West or Lil Wayne

    Like y'all like to say on here

    Wayne wrote his own shit.
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