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  • Re: Who Was The MVP of 2002

    this Soloman_The_Wise nigga isnt all there lol

    Em ran the streets with 50, had a box office hit, had the respect of his peers with the eminem show and one of the biggest hip hop singles ever

    nas wasnt even more relevant than nelly//ja rule back then sadly

    anyone voting for nas is just being biased and really doesnt understand the question, the nigga em was winning grammys

    the eminem show was a hip hop album

    I am not all there but you are the faggot with the male groupie stalker screen name posting on the site that has adopted the HipHop Culture Phenomenon of 2002 in the term Ether into a button. I swear you bitch ass tricks are confused I got a funeral to go to I do not have time for weirdo's right now...

    stop trying to relive history, even Nelly was bigger then him and nas is the goat to me number 1, ive said it many times

    but nas wasnt running shit, but your name is soloman and probably a nut job Muslim who thinks any of that shit is actually real LOL

    muhammad is the greatest to you, to the rest of the world you need to be locked up for believing in these fairy tales
  • Re: Will Meek Ever Reach the popularity, buzz, and musical quality of Dreamchasers 2 Again

    lets not forget meek lost his popularity all because he was acting like a fucken homosexual over drake not "tweeting" out his album LOL

    and then to top it off he lost the beef to a singing nigga, how do you recover from that shit?

    meek is one of the most slow minded fucks in the game, his first diss track towards drake was one of the biggest Ls this decade
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  • Re: Nardwuar vs. Insane Clown Posse

    one day im gonna wake up, turn on the news and its gonna be cnn linking a school shooting to, spoilers it was genoicide cutter
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  • Re: Meek Mill about to drop Joe Budden diss?

    Meek on his All the Way Up Freestyle:

    When the internet told me I'm crucified
    They was in them streets like, "Nigga you super live"

    The nerdy outcast niggas and casual fans trying to run with this Meek is wack shit, but in the streets, he gets crazy burn and gets props wherever. Everyone bumps Meek and thinks he's dope.

    meek was considered weak before drake beef, his delayed diss response confirmed for the whole world how wack he was.

    HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LOSE TO A NIGGA WHO GREW UP ON TV IN A WHEELCHAIR LOL, dissing drake is like shooting fish in a barrel but meek missed and shot his own foot somehow
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  • Re: Meek Mill about to drop Joe Budden diss?

    gee757 wrote: »
    Y is lames still talking shit after this post?...
    illedout wrote: »
    Meek already shut these rumors down..
    @iKingGodGivBiz you can close thread down..

    I swear joe is a washed up women beater druggie podcaster who is going to end up getting punched again like Quentin Miller cuz he don't know when to stfu on his bitch podcast

    meek has no real power in this game, you think picking on Quentin Miller and stopping another black man from eating is impressive?

    plenty of ghost writers out there, meek is a cornball for going after Quentin Miller and not drake, hes a coward
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