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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    I don't want Vick and Kaep to be at odds. They need to talk in private and have solidarity. All black athletes former, present and future need to do that. The media wants black men at each other's throat. What Vick said was foolish, but at least he can admit it was wrong and he not being another Barkley. There are bigger issues at hand and the last thing needed is division.
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  • Re: Is this picture accurate or nah?

    The cop is dirty, the lawyer is a sellout and the defendant is innocent
  • Re: OJ Simpson’s parole hearing will air live on ESPN

    O.G. wrote: »
    Ah shit who is going to be the first to have a melt down over this?

    Geraldo said he threw up a little in his mouth.

    Too bad he didn't choke to death
  • Re: Australian woman visiting the US calls 911 for noise complaint, gets the bullets instead

    I am conflicted. This cops should go down, but I want him to get off so they know how it feels. Either way it won't change anything unless this happens to white more often. Just wish it was a white cop that shot her to see what the outcome and response would be. I wouldn't even be surprised if he is just taking the fall for it since he has yet to speak.

    So you don't want justice served out of bigoted spite? "It happens to us, let them know how it feels now"?

    Crimes should be punished based on the nature of the crime and the intent behind them, not because of skin colour. You want a favoured system in any way, then you're part of the problem. Innocent people are innocent people, nobody killed because of a stupid pig panicking deserves to die to somehow "balance the scales", what should happen is the cops responsible, regardless of their skin colour as well, should have to face real consequences for their actions. If you want any sort of rigged system rather than actual justice, then that's how these motherfuckers can try justify such actions as "in the public interest" even if your average member of the public is a fucking idiot who thinks it's okay for a cop to kill an innocent white woman because other cops have killed innocent black men. It's a retarded degree of false equivalency putting them blame on the victims for their skin colour rather than the pigs for their lack of restraint and training so they don't pop people who've called for help from them rather than a hit on their front lawns that sends them to the morgue.

    No. I want them to change the laws to not allow that bullshit excuse of "I feared for my life". This cop going to ail won't stop cops from shooting blacks and getting away with it like they have been. The way the system works needs to change and this cop getting off according to their rules will help change it.
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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Offseason/Draft Thread

    Anyone claiming Kaep ain't signed for anything other than his protest is a clown
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