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  • Re: Two Virginia TV Journalists shot live on tv..

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    so yall really givin out r.i.p and condolences to white people? really? but when mike brown died they said he deserved it. what about trayvon? yall niggas really do need a nigga wake up call. i say them muthafuckas should of ducked or dodged those bullets
    Yes, ALL white people said that. There were absolutely NO white people involved in the many protests around the country.

    Lord Jesus I can't escape the retardedness.
    Those same white people go home and stay have white privilege while not having to worry about being treated the same way black people get treated as well so you can drown in your white tears

    What you want them to do? Skin themselves?

    I know and read about plenty of white folk that are acutely aware that there is a very real thing called white privilege and do what they can to draw attention to it..but what would you suggest?

    You can't be angry at people for having the audacity to be born white, it makes you no different than MFers that base an opinion on a person that happened to be born black.

    Treat people as individuals.

    Who said I was mad or wanted them to do anything? I am just pointing out the fact them out protesting is irrelevant as they can never relate to how poorly black people are treated in this country.You posted that comment as if it helps the situation,which obviously it never has.

    They may not be able to relate but they can help bring forth change.

    What certainly won't help is your frame of mind.

    Nah depending on white people support won't help

    Depending? No.

    Accepting the support of the genuine? How could it not?

    There is power in numbers. Who do you think has the ability to appeal to and educate ignorant white people? Enlightened white people!

    Same goes for other communities.

    Pride and refusal to unite is poison.
    They are doing a poor job of that since racism still here
  • Re: What Are You Playing Now?

    Until Dawn.Really fun game
  • Re: K. Michelle runs around topless

    Ass looks like 2 plastic bags full of yogurt

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? cause I like yogart
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  • Re: Mass shooting in Louisiana, cop dead and hostages

    cop dead

    Well at least he got one target right
  • Re: Natalie Portman: Jewish Community Too Focused On Holocaust

    I think Jews can put Holocaust education first and foremost without it being used as a tool of fear-mongering.

    At the very least, I don't think it is appropriate for non-Jews to say that Jews shouldn't put the Holocaust first and foremost. Some debates are really only appropriate for members of the group.

    The Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein said similar things to this (what Portman said) in a book published a while ago.

    Can someone explain to me why this got buried?

    How do y'all feel about non-blacks saying we are too focused on slavery?

    We are not focused on slavery you idiot,we are focused on current events that keep happening and that post got buried cause you are a shoe shining,boot licking,tap dancing,yes siring,ol masa won't like dat'ing coon
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