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  • Re: Should @Trillfate aka @Sleepwalkinginjapan be banned?

    Dupac wrote: »
    Y'all got it


    Think y'all purposely miss points to get jokes off, cause I'm convinced y'all ain't that stupid

    i could say the same thing....

    i mean... well....

    i am saying the same thing...

    but i could be wrong....even though.....

    u get what i'm saying

    The point u guys are making is that Trill is a creep, stalker, too old to behave like that, and habitually does it.

    The point I'm making is, there is a mindset, a arrested development that creates that mindset. Those are real feelings, it's not fucking jokes. It's not fun and games.

    Me saying at a point in my life I stalked a chick, is me saying I understand those feelings, It's not a game. Me understanding those feelings i understand where his head is at.

    I went through those feelings at a young time in my life and I understand how to let go through trial and error. Some people, regardless of age if by their own fault or not haven't learned that.

    And there's noting u or anyone can say to make them realize this is wrong. No matter how much..u might feel like that's some simple shit.

    Then u never lost love fam, a grown ass man that's lost love gone understand that b.

    But look, y'all niggaz got me outta character being serious wit y'all


    Let me chill...

    That is where you are wrong. Stalking is not about feelings, it is an obsession and about possession for someone that you can not have or can no longer have. There are plenty of stalkers who don't even know the person they stalk so it is not about feelings. Strangers or plain associates stalk someone everyday. Stop trying to rationalize your flawed behavior b. My sister had an ex who was stalking and I always got the creepy vibe from him as did the rest of the family even before he was stalking. You was just a slimy guy at the time. Nothing more.
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  • Re: Who Created The Greatest Universe?

    PILL_COSBY wrote: »
    Akira Toriyama

    George R.R. Martin by far!!!! Y'all must not be familiar with game of thrones. I highly recommend it, especially to all you lord of the rings/harry potter fans. The game of thrones universe is fucking amazing. This one fat weird looking guy legit created a whole fucking world. The whole world is fleshed out damn near perfect. I mean this fool thoroughly created nations, cities, religion, language, folk lore, time lines, and family trees. Down to the smallest of details. This shit is so deep it's gonna take you a minute to fully grasp every character and the nations. This is just the t.v show I'm speaking on, The books are even deeper and have even more detail.

    There is a whole thread on GoT bruh and the bold was already done by Gene and Lucas decades before. GoT is following what they and Tolkien already did. GRR learned from them. Book wise, Tolkien was much deeper.
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  • Re: Asking for a friend

    ReppinTime wrote: »
    didnt read but its really not needed when dealing with mental issues. She knows exactly what shes doing...shes BEEN known that nigga is a nutcase and she kept using him for money/gifts even though shes been in a relationship the whole time (which he knew)..she knew this was going to happen eventually and she kept entertaining it anyway...but she loves the attention and getting to play victim online but when you sell nudes to a internet weirdo you KNOW he's going to post them so im quite positive she wants them posted

    So we got a real life nutcase vs a piece of shit

    i dont know if i should intervene just to shit on sleep or if i should mind my business because when you consider the fact that he is mentally ill he's not actually the one in the wrong here...

    ...sleep u ol emailing ass nigga u wanna email her dude or naw???


  • Re: Asking for a friend

    Bring the WTF button back ASAP
    iron man1SneakDZA
  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Green Bay real stupid keep trying to pass when the game is over. They bought to get Rogers hurt.