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  • Re: Multiple fatalities reported in England at stadium where Ariana Grande performed

    People acting like humans have never been violent. Kids been getting killed since human life began. I am not shocked nor saddened by this.
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  • Re: Big Baller Brand Didn’t Sell Nearly As Many Lonzo Ball Shoes As Initially Reported

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    Yall dad bomani jones jumpn to cacs side...another coon exposed fake

    Been knowing he was a studio gangasta

    Foh ... lavar ball and his clown ass WWF interviews will not be the measurment for Bomani's blackness

    I said been knowing... Meaning prior to this.. All good tho

    Where have u seen a fault in bomani over the years? Dudes pretty solid imo... Lavar ball aint Kaepernick or someone righteous like that, he's very hateable..

    What yall are calling hateable (is that a word?) if, he was of a different race he would be called a salesman. They tried to do the same to Richard Williams. Shit didn't work though, he's girls went on to be GOAT.

    Nah if he was white and acted the same he'd still get shit on

    Do you have an example of said white parent being similar to Lavar Ball who got shitted on?

    Nope because no white parents or parents period at the moment are doing the same shit, this is a time where if you go beyond saying the basic pc shit(in the sports and entertaintment business) and really speak your mind you get critized for it 9/10 and if you come across as arrogent its even worse, ronda rousey, mcgregor, mayweather all come to mind, so dont act like if you got a cac doin this shit instead of a nigga itll be all good and erbody will love him, hell be hated just as much

    Wrong wrong and wrong. Ronda was loved and when she got her ass kicked the media protected her.

    Nah when Ronda Rousey lost the media narrative turned against her talking about how arrogant she was and how her competition up til then really hadn't been that good

    Not from ESPN. You talking about small media. ESPN said a few things and kept it moving. They were saying people were being too hard on her.
  • Re: 6 Baltimore schools, no students proficient in state tests

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    Parents have to take a active stance when it comes to THEIR child education.

    People say this but the parents got the same education so how can they help? Til this day my mother is not a good speller and I am not good at math. We both went to Baltimore city schools. Nothing has changed I see.

    This is true. The difference...
    You have a computer in your hands or sitting on your lap. Before the age of the internet it would have been too late but when you got Kahn Academy and the like on YouTube all you gotta do is sit with a piece of paper and work the math out.

    The school system is shit. We have allowed libraries to be closed and the family unit is a mess. Its time to start engineering this shit.

    Everybody does not have a computer or can afford internet. If you got about 3 kids and are a single parent how you going to afford it? I know plenty of people who don't even know how to use a computer. Not everyone is up to date.
  • Re: Big Baller Brand Didn’t Sell Nearly As Many Lonzo Ball Shoes As Initially Reported

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    What the Ball family is doing should be lauded and is commendable. However, how Lavar is doing it should not. He's not coming across as genuine, or particularly intelligent. Shit, the nigga damn near trolling his way to success. He seems opportunistic, overbearing, and just an all-around nuisance. You don't alienate a potential consumer base by saying they don't fit your brand's criteria because they don't have the money to pay for your unproven son's shoe. That's fucking stupid.

    As far as his son bearing the brunt of his father's obnoxiousness when he gets to the league, I don't know how it'll pan out. I do know he's no LeBron. LeBron was/is truly an anomaly. His body build, fundamental skill set, athleticism and basketball iq were already off the charts before he even got to the league. The potential bust factor for Bron was way smaller than it is for Lonzo. I saw Bron play in hs, and I already knew he was different.

    I say that to say this: Lonzo ain't even close to being a LeBron-caliber player, so every target that's on you is not the same as the next man's, nor are the abilities to deal with said target. His shot is fuckin weird and will be hindered if not tended to. He's not particularly athletic or quick. He's an ok passer. Not really that strong and he needs to hit the weight room. Defense is lacking, and he hasn't really shown us anything that we haven't seen a million times by people that are better than him and still have faltered at the next level.

    At this point, he's just a good college player that has to prove he can cut it for himself, and his idiot father. Would there be pressure on him without his pop wylin' out all the time? Undoubtedly. Should he hafta deal with extra pressure when he wasn't even the one that created it? No.

    Someone needs to tell the dad to chill and that he's coming across like a selfish leech.
    You make a lot of good points but there is already pressure when a player enters the draft and more when they play in the league. So this stuff about extra pressure is pointless.

    He has the right idea to control his son's brand as a family since no player has control and the companies are in charge of everything. If he succeeds and I hope he does this would open up doors for other players to control their own brand and take the power away from these white companies.

    All I see are other black people beung negative and criticising this man instead of rooting for him when he has the right idea. I said before, if I was an athlete I would do the same so that I retain ownership of my brand and name instead of letting a company like Nike own me the way Jordan did.

    After Jordan is long dead the descendents of Nike will still be rich from his name. Lavar saying you ain't a baller if you can't afford it is no different than white companies charging high prices just because they can. Now cause a black man does it makes it a problem?

    I don't think there are many black people that want to see him fail. His success or failure has no bearing on my life whatsoever. I think black people are criticizing him because he's making it more difficult for himself to succeed. If you have the blueprint for success, why the hell would you take the more circuitous route and expose yourself to more chances for failure?

    As far as "extra pressure", maybe it should be worded as outside pressure. As in, outside of pressure pertaining to basketball; or distractions. Instead of Lonzo working on his defense, improving his shot, and fielding questions related to his game, msm is more focused on his father and asking him questions related to that. It's unnecessary and unfair for an emerging athlete to hafta deal with stuff like that. Especially when that stuff can be easily prevented.

    The shoes are actually a subplot to me though; a microcosm of the larger issue. I'm looking at this from the pov of a father to a son, and the more important issue pertains to the effects that Lavar's actions will have on his sons.

    As long as he loyal to his son and they keep a freat relationship. I don't have an issue with how he conducts himself. Trump and his daddy were actually discriminating against people and succeeded from it. History shows you can have a bad public perception and be successful yet it is held against blacks. Dana White as a business owner said and did things much worse than Lavar and the UFC is bigger than ever.
  • Re: Big Baller Brand Didn’t Sell Nearly As Many Lonzo Ball Shoes As Initially Reported

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    His pops can't play for him and his game should speak for itself. His dad is drawing attention. When its time to play nobody will be interviewing Lavar, its gonna be about how well Lonzo is playing and what his teams record is.

    I didn't even know who Lonzo was til Lavar started talking. As for Steph's shoe. They didn't sell enough for what they paid Steph to get his name. As an independent BBB would be very successful selling even half. As for ugly shoes. People pay out the ass for ugly Jordan's and those ugly ass phoams. If it has hype it sells.