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  • Re: R.I.P. Vine!

    What killed Vine were them banning videos of people posting sex clips. Used to be some big homegrown booty on there.Best seconds of my life
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  • Re: Dave Ramsey goes in on everybody with a payment

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    One other thing to consider who do yall think bought his expensive luxury cars and sports memorabilia I see in the background, but he's telling you to live like a hermit and save money though.

    It's a hustle.

    Hes says some good stuff but yall should read between the lines as well.

    Right, "ITS A CAR! YOU DON'T NEED A 25 THOUSAND DOLLAR CAR..... well... all my cars (PLURAL) cost more than 25 thousand dollars"

    Im sure old Dave is paid handsomely by folks who come to his speaking engagements, buy his books/publications, etc. He's hustling people himself.

    Who wants to be 70 years old before they can enjoy life realistically; its not a given everyone even lives that long.

    I understand his platform of preaching that message of delayed gratification but its good to reward yourself in the process too.

    Most of you niggas are's not so much as you saving for yourself but the generation you leave behind. Wealth isn't necessarily built in one selfless and suffer for the seeds you leave behind. You need capital to build faster and easier...i'd rather be 70 years and have 5m in the bank for my sons and grandsons to build on that than do 9-5 and spend it all on fuck shit. The Indians do it, Chinese do it, Africans do it...Black America, not so much.

    This is what i was telling a member on this site before. He talking about he spend up all his money cause he can't take it with him and I'm like you can leave something for your children. It's true, the average black American doe not get it, which is why we stay poor. My father didn't leave me anything and he spent up the money my grandfather left him. This is why we struggle to even bury a dead relative.
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  • Re: Video:TNT releases a new trailer for Charles Barkley’s new show “The Race Card” aka "The Coon Card"…

    So why does Jim Brown's history get erased simply because he disagrees with you? *Beanie Sigel voice* You're not qualified...

    Sounds like your little mob mentality is the problem. Maybe you should hear him/them out and see where they're coming from and either agree to disagree, or take in the gems being dropped and drop some of your own.

    Fuck you and hearing that coon out. I don't entertain the opinion of the ignorant
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [In-Production Teaser Trailer Inside]

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    Should I give this show a shot?

    I've tried over the years to give similar shows a chance (Rome, Borgias, Spartacus), but for what ever reason I never could get into them.

    ive never seen any of the three you mentioned... but im gon say it.. GOT is better than them all lol... its the best show on television after breaking bad ended...

    wont front. With all the different houses (families) battling , i wasnt into it at first, had a problem keeping up with everyone.. but i went and rewatched and been a fan since. at first i thought the show was all hype, but once i got into it, naw man GOT is the truth..
    Spartacus season 1 is better than any season of GOT. Can't believe you never seen it. GOT is better as a series overall but Spartacus had more effort put into season 1 and has the best fight scenes in TV history.
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  • Re: Damn Nicki Minaj

    that's why niggaz hating on meek cause he comes home to ass like that blood pressure went up after seeing that ass lol

    That ass is fake. Budden does better
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