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  • Re: Cam Newton: "It's Not Racism, We're Beyond That. As A Nation."

    Ironically people saying athletes shouldn't be social activists when the leagues make them show support during terrorist attacks, support cancer, speak out against domestic violence, support gay rights and encourage them to lend their support (those BS commercials after Kobe called that ref a fag) and expect athletes to be role models for kids so they can market them.

    Yet for some reason it's an issue to simply acknowledge racism within and outside of the sport and to simply tell the truth about how police treat minorities. No one says it's not who they are when they bashed Ray Rice and Gregg Hardy.

    Let an athlete say we have moved passed homophobia in sports or this country and let them say they don't have a problem with men hitting women and watch how different the reaction is.

    Don't be simple minded.
  • Re: Cam Newton: "It's Not Racism, We're Beyond That. As A Nation."

    Y'all don't see what's going on?

    All the white owners (NBA & NFL) got together and had a meeting about how all these "hot button" sociopolitical issues regarding their black players could affect their bottom lines.

    After University of Missouri football team threatened to strike (based upon racist practices by the university) which ultimately led to the dismissal of the President.

    These actions put Big universities, and pro team owners on notice. I'd be willing to bet that Cam is following a script that's been given to him by the team owner.

    Just like when LeBron didn't say anything publicly about the Tamir Rice killing (talking bout he didn't know enough about it to have an opinion......Yeah right!!)

    These crackas is nipping that BLM stuff in the bud. They want players to make them MONEY, not be BLM "activists."

    Remember, the strong rule the weak, but the smart rule the strong.

    Exactly. People making excuses about athletes not being social activists. None of these rich gays are activists and can do whatever they want but they all boycotted NC ironically over the ability to use the bathroom that trannies shouldn't be using because they are confused. Most white supremacists weren't out hanging and burning niggas but they supported it with their position.
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  • Re: Apparently there is a new dating app specifically for interracial dating

    All pussy is pink. Don't worry about the ones who ain't with it and find the ones who are
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  • Re: Simone Manuel FTW

    Jabu_Rule wrote: »
    Jabu_Rule wrote: »

    Man i thought you were speaking on the AAs that were politically against him like Jessie Jackson because he wasn't an AA. People on this board are ass backwards, so i can't really comment on that.

    It wasn't just people on this board though. The thread existed because of the fact that it was a trend going around at the time.

    The closest anyone had to a valid point was that he wasn't the American kind of "black" in that since his father was from Africa and the other side of his family was white, he didn't really have a good understanding of what it really means to come up as Black in the US. Even that's problematic though.

    They were speaking on the fact that his pops wasn't actually from here so he wasn't coming up "Black in the US". He was "Black in Africa". His moms was white and raised him. People questioned how he could identify with issues that affect the Black Community in America which he didn't directly come up in. It had nothing to do with him being specifically of Kenyan descent. No matter where you are from, if you move into the black community, your kids will identify a certain way unless you grew up cac which many have even though they parents grew up around their own. This is the reason blacks give him a hard time now and feel he doesn't connect with black issues.

    lol You just rephrased the exact shit I said. Some people didn't believe he was "Black" in the American sense because he didn't grow up like "typical" black American. Even that's a little stupid because he damn sure spent his adult life as a black american so it's not like he's completely ignorant of what it means to be a black native.

    And again, that was simply the most reasonable thing said. There were plenty of people just saying he wasn't black because he wasn't from here. If get some time I'll go to Youtube and try to find the compilation video they mad of people saying it. Seems like you are trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. Stop it. I know it's hard to believe, but people really are that dumb.

    It isn't dumb. It's ignorance spread from oppression and lack of education. You have to live amongst it to understand. I seen it growing up and had to throwcaway everything I thought I knew about being black or what black could be. Instead of condemning the ignorant, educate them.
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    Already been on a cruise with the fam to the Bahamas.