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  • Re: Black Twitter Is Upset Over Controversial Shea Moisture Ad

    Shea Moisture was started by a black family hence a lot of initial support from black women because a) black owned b) ingredients were good.

    Sold a large minority share (may be as large as 49%) to Bain Capital aka Mitt Romney aka "binder full of women" a couple of years ago.
    Shit has gone down hill since then.

    The "outrage" is justified because the company branded itself as providing a product for women who are normally ignored by mainstream competitors (literally check their earlier ads on YouTube). This was their selling point, and how the fuck can you get mad at consumers for calling a company out on deviating from their selling/branding point? They also promised not to change their formula which they have. They grew solely because of black consumers.

    You can expand WITHOUT alienating your bread and butter customers. The customers who keep your company competitive and profitable. You really think white women are running out to drop Dove for Shea Moisture? Foh.

    Anyway they know they fucked up because they pulled the ad and wrote a dissertation on Facebook apologising.

    Sidenote: for the love of god, please stop making such asinine arguments suggesting that it's somehow not enough if you 'buy black' in one instance and yet a number of other purchases you make are from non-black establishments/companies. At the end of the day, people have to start somewhere, and it's also just unrealistic to expect black people to be able to do that when they live in the West.

    Do they still not do that though? Why be mad at a black business for doing business and getting bigger? As long as they still deliver products for ethnic hair what is the problem?

    A business cannot succeed by limiting their consumers when they have expanded globally to larger retailers. Ifvthey didn't expand people where you live wouldn't have access to their products. It's goofy to be upset about this. If they did change their formula then that is what people should complain about. Why get angry because they made this ad if they already changed the formula? It's selective outrage and nothing more.

    It's not asiinine at all since it's hypocritical to badh a company for marketing to whites when you buy white products. See how ridiculous that is?

    Of course their is no possible way to not buy white products, which is the point and it is equally impossible to expand your business by marketing only to blacks who are a minority. This why people branch out because black (women) are fickle consumers and I don't blame them.

    But they're not delivering their original product. That's the problem. As I said, any good business doesn't alienate their core customers, there's literally no way to argue around that.

    See what good businesses do? They expand without fucking with their core customers. Vaseline added a cocoa butter/she alternative, but left all their original products. You know who else did that? Dove. Who else? Aveeno. Who else? Garnier. Who else? Burts Bees. Who else? Herbal Essence. Who else? Sauve. Who else? Pantene.

    You know who else does this? Big designers. Instead of alienating their core customers by compromising brand price and quality of clothes, they create an alternative line, with slightly less expensive goods so as to appeal to more people. Example, dolce & gabbaba with d&g. Who else? Marc Jacobs with Marc by Marc Jacobs. Who else? Versace with Versus. Who else? Masion Margelia with MM6. Then add all the designers who do H&M collaborations.

    I'm sure you get the point.

    Look, you can try and argue your point up and down all day, but the bottom line is bigger and better companies don't fuck with their bread and butter consumers and just add additional goods to expand. There's no way to justify them changing their ingredients on all their products. There just isn't.

    And lol @ supporting black business, but saying they need white people to expand. The black hair care industry will be worth nearly a trillion dollars worldwide in the coming years, so what, they can't capitalise off of that? If not, then they're a really shitty business. They could have left their ingredients as they were, and barely changed their marketing and appealed to other "ethnic" groups with similar hair textures e.g. indians and Latin Americans.

    But hey, I'm sure white women are going to drop $5 Herbal Essence and Pantene and rush out to buy $11 Shea Moisture from the black/ethnic hair aisle. Yeah, I'm sure they'll rush past the general hair care section with the $3 Sauve and $7 t gel and run to the black hair care section for their $11-$20 Shea Moisture black castor oil. Uh huh, that'll definitely be happening a lot. Yeah...they'll do great.

    Yeah it's asinine. The end.

    if they change the base product are correct. thats not good business.

    you can expand and not touch the base.

    are people sure they changed the product?

    anyway. you can have a trillion dollar area and a million dollar area. black people should not have limits when no one else does. we will never compete on a global scale following these unwritten rules for keeping it black.

    black people can have a leg up by playing our cards right.

    I think we should dropbthe black owned label to not alienate business. it's ways to show its owned by blacks without saying bkack owned..

    this ain't the LA riots.

    Yes I'm sure it's been changed. Go to YouTube and watch videos of people breaking down the before and after product.

    No one is saying you can't expand, stop making this point. What people are saying is:

    - don't fuck with your original product
    - don't alienate with your original consumer base

    That's all people are saying. That's it. No company should be barred from expanding or criticised for doing so, but for people to suggest you NEED white people to do that is not only disturbing, but disingenuous too. The world ain't mainly white and buying power is significantly shifting.

    No one said the world was white but the U.S is and they are a U.S company. I already said if they changed the product ingredients then people should stop supporting them.

    Black twitter is upset over the white women in the commercial, not the product itself lol. For my post you quoted it is not asiinine woman when the people criticising are neing hypocrites.

    Name me one black rich person who does not have white support? Even Wu tang is eating over sees off whites in Europe from shit they made back in the 90s. How many rich black countries exist?

    I doubt people in Africa are buying up Shea moisture compared to white Eurpoeans and Anericans. They expanded back in 2015 anyway as they stated on their FB page so why the outrage now? People were not in the know til they saw some white chicks in the commercial lol.
  • Re: How Deep Is The Ocean?

    Lou_Cypher wrote: »
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    Copper wrote: »
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    @Preach2Teach get'cho cant get right ass back in here and tell me whi tild you they knew everything about the universe

    OK maybe they don't know everything but they do be putting out pictures of the galaxy, how can they get a picture of the galaxy but cannot give us a picture of the earth? how can we get to the moon put still we cannot get to the bottom of our own oceans? they are lying to us on a global scale about this space shit that is obvious to me, but hey this thread is not about that so I will not derail, I have my beliefs and others have theirs.

    Nigga youve never seen a picture of earth?

    At best you've seen a disc view or a rendering but you haven't seen a true entire image of Earth. I'm not aligning myself with dudes thinking but some of you need to pump your brakes.

    What kind of pics do you take of a sphere from space?
    A full disk view is an entire image of earth
    And there a real time images of earth...stop it

    All this. Also they have goddamn timelapse photos of earth from space stations where you can watch it rotate. The shits a fucking sphere.

    You would think people on the internet would know this. There are satellites in space, which is how you get the GPS from google. Pictures of the Earth are everywhere.

  • Re: Faux News Coon Contributor,Kevin Jackson: Black Shooter Killing White Men is ‘Legacy of Obama’…

    I wish I could get paid for saying stupid shit that's not true. no coon shit but just regular dumb shit.
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    All those franchises suck anyway except the Pats ...who will suck once Brady retire so fuck em

  • Re: Please Be Careful If You're In Cleveland

    Lol at if ur in Cleveland. ..who the fuck goes to Cleveland

    Factory dwellers that's who lol

    Sidenote. Why does Celveland produce a lot of black serial killers? It must really suck living there
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