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  • Re: Do you hug people?

    Some of y'all sound like y'all were not loved or received l9vevfrom y'all family. I used to hug my father all the time when he was alive and I'm glad I did.

    It ain't got shit to do with being like Drake or no shit like that. He showed me how a man should treat his family despite his own up bringing and gow his father treated him.

    I hug my brother's and nephews too, nit just the women. That is one problem with the black community. People see emotion and affection as a weakness when it's the opposite. My cousin grew up not getting love from my aunt and it has ruinex him.
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  • Re: Pres. Obama To Hold Race Relations Town Hall On ESPN, ABC Thursday

    This discussion is pointless because no one will admit to Police wrong doing and hold them accountable. I hate how they keep saying things like the two sides. There is no two sides that need to do better. There is only the right side and the wrong side. Racism is the wrong as well as the so called justice system. All these issues come from them, not the victims. It is an insult to suggest that the victims who are dead and their families hold any responsibility. They didn't hold a meeting for terrorists and the victims of that gay club shooting did they? No because we know who was wrong in that incident.
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  • Re: Say Goodbye J.Lo's Career

    Why is this even a surprise or outrage? JLO been a culture vulture using the infatuation with big asses and urban style to sell her music to even saying nigga. Then when she got Hollywood her ass disappeared and she was no longer Jenny from the block after she dumped Diddy. This is why blacks can not just join up with Latinos like some people on this site said. At the end of the day a lot of Latinos don't give a fuck about blacks but jack our style.
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  • Re: Baltimore Posters: Put me on game

    Wack ass football team

    Watch ya mouth son. The only thing I won't tolerate about Baltimore.
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  • Re: Baltimore Posters: Put me on game

    Wages and jobs are shit. It's hard to find work here as many people who live here that makes good money work in DC or near DC. The state cut wages and the houses are too expensive. Don't waste your time. I am planning to move to another state.
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