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  • Re: The Nagging Mom: What the **** is up with women and censorship?

    jono wrote: »
    Your argument is predicated on bullshit you read online and not facts.

    Metroid had a female lead in the 80s, it was actually progressive as you didn't know Samus was a girl until the end of the game. Nobody complained, she was depicted as being awesome...full stop, not "lesbo girl power awesome!"

    One of the biggest game franchises of the 90s was Tomb Raider. You played EXCLUSIVELY as a woman archeologist (so yes, woman and "the science") they even made movies starring Angelina Jolie and the franchise was rebooted in the 2010s with another film on the way.

    Resident Evil had plenty of female leads. The entire Resident Evil film line had a female lead...every single one and there's like 10 of them.

    Resident Evil knock offs like Paradise Eve and Dino Crisis also had female leads.

    Bayonnetta was popular in the 00s, female lead. Bloodrayne also (which garnered two small budget movies)

    The Final Fantasy series had an all female cast before. Several games with female leads. Final Fantasy is a huge franchise.

    Where is your argument?! That's 30 years of females in gaming and nobody gave a shit.

    Females in fighting games are just as capable as the men. Where's the sexism? The sexism is they have boobs that are nicer than yours, I bet. There's no lack of diversity.

    There's a lack of honesty and integrity in censors who want to ruin everyone else's fun. Grow up.

    On top of that Sony just released 3 games this year with female leads and one has sold over 4 million copies already. Madame on some bullshit.



    U r right things are changing finally

    With games like zero dawn

    Couldn't say the same 10, 15 yrs ago

    Samus was in a game about 30 years ago. Tera was in FF6 20 years ago, right after that you had Lara, Jill, Claire, the woman from Dino Crisis, the woman from Fear Effect and parasite Eve all as main characters in the late 90s. Joanna Dark in 2000, an all Female FF game with FFX-2 and many more. Zero Dawn is my favorite game of the generation so far and I support more female characters, but not as an agenda.

    They're* humans.

    @BiblicalAtheist Why was you imagining a man fucking a doll, talking sexy to it and pulling its hair anyway if its weird? Freak, it probably turned you on. you want to stick that doll's fist up your ass don't you?
  • Re: Harvey Weinstein Has Been Fired

    The same rose mcgowan who whore a dress showing her big fat pretty on tv an did a porn

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  • Re: The Nagging Mom: What the **** is up with women and censorship?

    This is why God of War needs to hurry up. Raw male aggression and intensity. Feminists will not ruin my fun. Can't wait to rip enemies apart.
  • Re: The Nagging Mom: What the **** is up with women and censorship?

    jono wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    That's the crazy thing to me. So much of this shit is fake. I grew up under the impression that niggas who read comics, play video games etc were nerds who got no pussy and were actively shunned by outsiders.

    A movie like the 40 Year Old Virgin encapsulated this idea. What was the first thing his friends did when they tried to get him some pussy? They wanted to get rid of all his collectibles and nerd stuff because it was pussy repellent.

    For years this was true:

    But out of nowhere it seems like women care so much now about what guys are doing in games or comics

    true but girls was always gaming. they only played kiddie shit like super Mario or Kirby though.

    That's what folks dont get.

    Women read comics and manga too but it ain't the same shit men read.

    People think everybody should do everything. Sometimes people just ain't interested!

    Women and girls buy and or read comics and such that is women friendly... Even though we make up a significant portion of the market very little is catered towards us which is a part of the problem

    And at the end of the day we live in a capitalist society

    The ultimate goal is to expend ur market to make more money

    That means making comics more accessible to minorities including women, poc and gays now that they have more buying power

    Comics, and video games to a lesser extent, also have a long history of racist caricature that the industry is now grapling with

    There are more blk super heroes

    And recently batman confronts police racism in latest comic book so you have a problem with that?

    Should the industry not be held responsible for the misogyny and racism they perpetuate

    Should the industry not feel as though they have a social responsibility to address these things? Or rather why do yall have such a big problem with it


    Before anyone starts most popular female spaces and publications do not perpetuate the same contempt for anything other and objectification of the opposite sex at all. most of them is centered around what women can do to keep a man, i.e. lose weight, tone, makeup, head manuals etc

    Your problem is that you're making something that's not political -- political!

    Watch whatever you want, read whatever you want nobody gives a fuck.

    People give a fuck when you decide to change what they want into some shit you want.

    Nobody wants to be preached to or lambasted for liking something. Move on. Take all that nagging shit somewhere else, niggas was having fun over here.

    If you really liked something, you wouldn't go out of your way to change it. It's that type of thinking that is ruining fun ventures.

    All this policing of the imagination, telling people what they can and can't fantasize about or buy with their money... Shit is arrogant as fuck.

    Everything ain't about you and your politics.

    Get the fuck on!

    get out your feelings

    comics, video games are inherently political because there is no real distinction between politics and stories about the world .... american superhero comics like super man and xmen for instance were political from their earliest days

    in the 40s superman was a champion for the oppressed fighting wealthy industrialists and crooked politicians

    and it's not about changing what makes comic books and video games video games and comic books... like i said its about practicing social responsibility and expanding the market

    again comics and video games aren't just becoming more woman friendly, the industry has made a concerted effort to reach out to poc....even the disabled more than they have done in the past

    is that bad? lol

    this idea that its about women nagging and wanting to ruin male spaces is your male privilege talking

    The industry was never anti-woman, you can't find a single thing that ever said women were welcome.

    Female writers and editors going back 30 years
    Female characters going back 60-70 years where is this shit you talking about?


    in video games and comics?

    the humor

    they way women are drawn and dressed.... the overt sexualization

    the tendency to turn women into expendable plot accessories to further the hero’s arc opposed to 3 dimensional characters

    same as for most mediums, male characters are given the overwhelming majority of the speaking lines

    we have video games where you can only play male characters who have the ability to pick up and kill female prostitutes

    wasn't a big, big comic book reader growing up but that was because of the aforementioned and my parents wasn't with it and all the violence

    Women being sexual isn't anti-woman.
    Women are sexual, get over it.


    it is when the majority of women are sexualized and have size D breast opposed to the male characters who to a large extent come in varying shapes and sizes ....and actually have shit to do and say that involves more than pleasing the male gaze

    Who CARES?! Like is that really an issue? You feel its your place to tell people where to look?

    How you going to police the imagination? FOH.

    i want girls as well as boys to be able to enjoy the media

    everyone should care when the media we consume has shown to influence how we view ourselves/others and and the way we interact with others

    like i said this is your male privilege talking

    same as poc have been fighting for fair and balanced representation in media...we do it because it has real world consequences that if you aren't poc you wouldn't be aware of or worry about

    It's called entertainment b. That is what it does or did until people like you decided to ruin it. I don't complain about those lifetime movies or Tyler Perry movies that actually portray men as vile, lying, cheating and abusing creatures.

    I don't even watch them like that but actually ask women about the plot and it's usually something as the aforementioned.

    It's not that serious for me to try and change what they enjoy because it does not cater to me. Never would I think a comic book would be taking as something as life altering lol. Really.