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  • Re: Westworld (HBO)

    texas409 wrote: »
    How did the man in black know ol boy had the maze on his scalp? ep 4 was kinda wack to me tbh
    This is why I say he is Arnold or connected to Arnold as he mentioned Arnold. We will have to wait and see
  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    gemini86 wrote: »
    Nomad1 wrote: »
    This season is losing me. Too predictable. It's like they have to make a plot really quick like the original plans changed or something...doing Flashpoint way too quickly

    This is why I think Netflix is fucking the game up. People are less patient and jump into panic mode or lose interest so fast because they have to wait to see what happens next. The only predicatable thing was Kaitlin friezing the mirror.

    We have no idea how they're going to use Salvatar or even what hes capable of.

    It's not Netflix and I don't have an issue with the pacing but the show is starting to follow the same formula as every DC show eventually follows and it has become too similar to Arrow and Supergirl. I felt it was too predictable too and I even missed the beginning and everything I expected did happen. DC needs to separate their shows with it's own tone. It feels like all the shows are the same with just a focus on different characters each day.
  • Re: Ayo , who watches these Madea movies breh?

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    So is anyone going to admit to watching a Madea film or has no IC poster ever seen a single one?

    I have seen This Christmas without the Madea character, just directed by TP but never a Madea movie
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [In-Production Teaser Trailer Inside]

    JusDre313 wrote: »
    Should I give this show a shot?

    I've tried over the years to give similar shows a chance (Rome, Borgias, Spartacus), but for what ever reason I never could get into them.

    ive never seen any of the three you mentioned... but im gon say it.. GOT is better than them all lol... its the best show on television after breaking bad ended...

    wont front. With all the different houses (families) battling , i wasnt into it at first, had a problem keeping up with everyone.. but i went and rewatched and been a fan since. at first i thought the show was all hype, but once i got into it, naw man GOT is the truth..
    Spartacus season 1 is better than any season of GOT. Can't believe you never seen it. GOT is better as a series overall but Spartacus had more effort put into season 1 and has the best fight scenes in TV history.
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  • Re: Damn Nicki Minaj

    that's why niggaz hating on meek cause he comes home to ass like that blood pressure went up after seeing that ass lol

    That ass is fake. Budden does better
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