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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    Man GB had to make it dramatic. Their players always get hurt in the playoffs. A God came through in the clutch. Knew Dallas would be "1 and done" lol.

    Sidenote they need to stop letting coaches call timeouts right as the ball is snapped. That shit is pussy.
  • Re: ISIS Video Shows Kids Beheading Kurdish Prisoners In Abandoned Funfair

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    Religion of peace

    Yeah, nothing like those Christians that were hanging Black brothers and sisters from trees while their children watched, huh? Both systems are fucked up, smart-dumb nigga.

    Are you really trying to equate Christianity of today to Islam of today?

    Nah Cristians are worse. These rich racists are Christians who send people to fight a pointless war so they can make more profit. The U.S is ran by Christians who do more harm than any Muslim. Muslims are just reacting to what tgese Christian countries have done to them. Why no one attacks Korea, China or Japan? Shit Canada is never targeted.
  • Re: This Generation Is Lost

    Don't even remember Cameo but you comparing celebrities to the average person? Famous people always been on some weird shit with the clothes but I doubt Prince wore his women's clothing.
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  • Re: Official Star Wars Cinematic Universe Thread: Now Showing "Rogue One"

    This movie was completely unnecessary. It added nothing to the franchise and was just made for financial reasons clearly. It was solid but forgettable. I liked Force Awakenns much better since there was a point to continue the original story. One thing I was worried about when Disney bought it was milking.
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  • Re: Kanye West has officially gone full-on Coon.. Kanye has meeting with Adolf Trump...

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    There's nothing coon about meeting the next President, it's called a power move. Shout-out to Kanye for making moves, we see you.

    Now he needs to focus on making good music again. He's been on a decade long slump.

    The next POTUS who's sh-t talked everybody on the campaign trail? the same person who's pretty much using propaganda to help himself, the same person who's bringing in every politician and mogul and CEO who are looked at as traitors or so dirty they should be in jail for what they did, the same person who sh-tted on every race and sexual orientation and lit a fire under white supremacist?

    Stop it slime! That reeks of coon, sambo, and sell out!

    What does any of that have to do with the fact that he's still about to be president?

    Are black people supposed to hide in a corner for the next 4 years?


    Everything because the n-gga fleeced his way to becoming president.

    And what the hell does the second line have to do with what I posted above???

    You're saying that Kanye is a coon for meeting with Trump which makes no sense because he's the next president and he's going to be passing legislation that affects black people

    I'm asking you how are black people supposed to interact with the next president of the US if just meeting with him is "cooning"

    But you understood my question, you just don't have a logical response are black people interacting with the President through a celebrity meeting with Trump? Blacks celebs do not represent the average black person.

    Is Kanye black?

    By his skin, yes. His lifestyle, mind-state and circumstance, no. Black people means the black community and Kanye does not represent people like us.

    Black people aren't a monolith. Black people represent a diverse range of lifestyles, mind-states, and circumstances. You can't "excommunicate" Kanye just because he doesn't fit a certain "type" (seems like black folk stereotype black folk more than any other group). Kanye represents Kanye. He's not an ambassador of black people. No one is, not even you.

    I guess you failed to realize that was the point I was making.