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  • Re: Official 2016 B more raven thread

    The secondary is just garbage. Offense could have played better, but the defense let Dez, slow ass Witten and small as Cole Beasley destroy them and I expected it. Dean P has got to go. This guy didn't double team Dez and left the middle of the filed open for Witten, really. Web needs to get cut asap and Jimmy Smith stays hurt too much to be a number one option at corner. This team is not playing for John anymore and he is becoming Brian Billick 2.0. I hope they lose the remaining games of the season. No point in winning anymore.
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  • Re: Lil Wayne Thoughts On Black Lives Matter

    I been telling you people since the early 2000s that Wayne was trash both on the mic and as a person. Y'all need to listen when I tell you shit. All his fans lost.
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  • Re: Official 2016 B more raven thread

    Time to clean house and open up the salary cap for better talent. Trade Joe to Cleveland or something for multiple draft pickscand bring in a whole new coaching staff. This franchise won't get any better as is. Only keep Tucker (the best player) as the team can't score or stop a team from scoring.
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  • Re: Supergirl

    This show really shitting on Jonn. He is strong enough to beat Superman, but he is being made into a bitch who can be subdued by humans and smacked around like a rag doll. DC has destroyed this character. How will they even put him in the JL movie when his intro is off to a bad start? What a way to shit on one of the JL's most powerful characters. Why is he even in this show?
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  • Re: Betrayal:We Were Never Friends. We Just Grew Up Together.Hidden Racism

    I had fake friendships in college with white people. I don't even have the energy for that anymore. The forced conversations, not being able to completely be myself, always feeling like I'm wearing a mask, etc. I would have to go from using the word "nigga" about 15 times a day to 2 when I'm around a white friend. I'm just not comfortable.

    It's such an illustration of the extra work you have to do as a minority to resonate with the greater public. Around white people, I don't feel like I have the luxury of just existing. It's like we have to prove our humanity, and if you lack the charm and other social skills to make that easily digestible for them, well, good luck to you. I'm too old for that now. They gotta kiss my ass. I bring my chitlins to work, heat them up in the break room and dare somebody to say some shit. Life's too short.

    You deserve a whoopin

    My people from the south. This what we eat.

    No excuse. Leave that garbage alone. Fyi. That's slave food and blacks eat it from slavery, not because they from the south.

    It was indeed slave food, which is why I feel honorbound to eat them. That is just another testament to the resilience and fortitude of black people. Making lemonade out of lemons, if you will. They carry a legacy of survival that I'm not ashamed of and don't wanna lose sight of. And they taste GOOD. :lol:

    Never ate them but they stank so I don't believe they taste good lol