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    There is definitely some sexual tension between the two
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    Who didn't see that coming? It was so obvious which made the drag on so pointless
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    deadeye wrote: »
    AP21 wrote: »
    @MsSouthern...keep it a buck...Deadeye got you intrigued af huh lol


    She really is.

    It's like she's been on some kind of crusade or something since 2010 or 2011.

    Right after that situation with Manda went down.

    Funny thing is, Manda doesn't even fuck with her like that.

    So, it's hard for me to understand why that shit even bothers.

    I mean, 6 or 7 years is a long time to have a problem with somebody.........especially considering the fact that it's over something that has absolutely nothing to do with her.

    She basically has a problem with me.........over a situation I had with another woman..........who doesn't care about her either way.


    Didn't she take your man or something?

    Posted pics of her and @muzicluvr1986 when you two were supposed to be together?

    Basically the equivalent of "Poor Boom" before Boom.

    Yeah, I remember that shit.

    Starting to make sense now, because I tried to get at you back in the day.

    Even invited you to VA.

    So, my theory is.........subconsciously at're jealous because I was trying to get at Manda.

    Not really jealous over me, but jealous of Manda because you can't understand why two men who were once interested in you could be so fascinated with Manda to the point where you just became an afterthought.

    Granted, we were never in a relationship........but I think some part of you is resentful that I never showed you the same level of attention that I showed her.

    This is all speculation of course, but it's the only thing that really makes sense.

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    AP21 wrote: »
    deadeye wrote: »
    AP21 wrote: »
    i refuse to believe you gon try and sit here and go back and forth with us over something you KNOW is wrong

    i also refuse to believe that it doesnt make you feel the least bit uncomfortable trying to argue that going to a fucking kid themed place to eat pizza when you dont have kids isnt creepy as hell. Why you ducked my question about the cici's, pizza inn, etc...places

    if you are blatantly going to disregard that, then you have bigger issues than being a 300+ lb dude who likes BBBWs


    I addressed it in the previous post.

    Kids eat at those places too.

    I know what Pizza Hut pizza tastes like........and I know what Cici's pizza tastes like.

    I haven't been to Chuck E Cheese in decades, so I have no idea what their pizza tastes like now.

    So, if I go there and don't like the pizza........I won't go there again because there would no longer be a reason to do so.

    Why didn't you answer my question about single mothers?

    Would you have a problem with me going to Chuck E Cheese to get at them?

    Since, you know.......the kids aren't actually there by themselves.

    And I might find myself attracted to some of the mothers, so........would there be anything wrong with that?

    cut the shit deadeye lol

    its bread and tomato sauce with shit on top

    aint too much difrerent from place to place

    stop acting like CEC got a fire oven or something. They prep their pizzas just like Cici's...

    idk if you going there for single mothers or can catch those same chicks at the walmart you like to frequent

    and why you patrolling CEC for pussy anyway. I bet you she got a white belt too

    Whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa!

    If you actually ate good pizza before you would know better. Those places like pizza hut and papa johns have wack pizza compared to the small spot around my way named pizza johns. Not all pizza are created equal playa.
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  • Re: Flex & Wack have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character Of not only Mr. Shakur,

    people need to get out of their feelings for someone they didn't know. Who cares what these fools talking. They both irrelevant so ignore them. being a fan of Pac don't mean you knew him to ride online for him lol
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