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  • Re: Xbox one S

    KNiGHTS wrote: »
    KNiGHTS wrote: »
    Aaaaaaaaaaand this is the last generation I buy a system before year four. This is complete fuck shit, but I can't say I didn't see it. I didn't buy the PS4 yet because I wondered if Sony would revamp as usual.

    Smh@me waiting two years and still ending up being part of the building fund crowd.

    So did you buy an xbox one recently or something?

    I held off until Halo 5 dropped and got that special edition one. Game was ass and now I'm sitting here with a 4K TV and these niggas dropping a unit that is built for that UHD life. I could've waited and been straight.

    And every Xbox game will be on PC from now on lol Xbox owners lost real bad.
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    willhustle wrote: »
    If these niggas don't get it together in game 3 they might have to add another chapter to the ESPN 30 for 30 Believeland

    These first 2 games is enough alone to add another chapter to 30 for 30. The Cavs are downright embarrassing and really are showing how bad the Eastern Conference is. What they gone do if they get swept this series? Keep going to the ECF every year like the Pistons did from '03-08 and keep losing every year? (At least the Pistons got 1 title & 2 Finals appearances) This Cavs team looks worse than the one that played in the Finals last year.

    I say this every year and that is why LeBron looks so good until the finals. didn't even watch the trash ass math-ups this in the East this year. Cavs were an overrated team who would not make the playoffs in the West obviously.
  • Re: Video: Racist Adolf Trump supporters get bottles,eggs and hands thrown at them in San Jose...

    Black ppl need to realize that Every body is out for themselves and uses whatever advantage they can get.Lighter skinned people hid behind white supremacy when it's too their advantage then go home amongst their people and say fuck white people.
    Same way bitches will run to the white police and put charges on niggas then go home and say fuck white people.
    This is bullshit. I never seen anyone lightskin hide behind white supremacy which is not possible since they are considered black and treated as blacks by whites. How can someone not white hide behind white surpemacy? Think about what you just said. Yet all the coons like Ben Carson and Don lemon are not lightskinned.
  • Re: The Official Fox Comicbook Cinematic Universe Thread - (coming soon) X Men Apocalypse (May 2016)

    Huey_C wrote: »
    Ight just saw Xmen..

    Shit wasn't even that bad at all. It was no where near a franchise killer at all. Apocalypse was lackluster in my opinion but he served his purpose. Overall this new trilogy shits on X1 through 3.

    That's like saying getting kicked in the balls is better than getting hit with a bat ...neither is good.
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  • Re: The Official Fox Comicbook Cinematic Universe Thread - (coming soon) X Men Apocalypse (May 2016)

    Just saw it shit was alright it had sum chances where if writing was better coulda been dope needed more action too and still felt weird jlaw leading the x men and storm and Cyclops aint really do shit lol

    This is what I really hate about Fox-Men. Why can't these sorry fucks just stick to the actual character plot line? I was looking at tge previews and thinking why the hell is Mystique leading the Fox-Men?

    I know Jennifer is the big name in the cast outside of Hue but her character is not the one who should be the main focus. Should have been storm or Cyc since I know they don't have the balls to make a black woman the face of the movie though Storm is a leader in the comics.

    Y'all need to stop supporting this bullshit. Marvel would do it justice owning the movie rights and no one can possibly dispute that at this point.
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