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  • Re: The Trump Adminstration & Obama Care

    2 biggest problems I have with it are the price of it and the penalty for not having insurance.

    If you don't want insurance, you shouldn't be forced to get it. I heard the counter-argument to that about getting sick and not having insurance and I don't agree with it. Maybe you'll get sick and pay for your own shit - or deal with it however you choose to.
  • Re: Petition to Electoral College: Make Hillary President on 12/19 has 4.5 Million signatures

    I doubt they'll do it but I agree with the point of the petition.

    The electorate was probably compromised to begin with.

    I also don't agree with people saying "move on" without scrutinizing this shit.
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  • Re: The Official American Politics Thread - Breaking News: Joe Biden will run for President in 2020

    "Stay calm everyone. It can't get any worse for Black people."

    - IC Anti-Voting-Squad
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  • Re: Mentally ill Mother Murders 17 Month Son Then Send Video of his dead body to Baby's Father

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    If you read those messages and still tryin' to blame dude, you're biased as fuck.

    Dude even said he was going to catch the last bus when this psycho bitch said "Fuck your kids".

    Oh stop..why didn't he call the cops? He has an entire transcript of evidence to present to them.

    We all know you biased in these types of situations.

    Nobody is arguing that she isn't ultimately at fault.

    I'm biased ? More like speaking from experience because i dealt with similar type chicks. That's more legit than just talkin' that could've-would've shit.

    It's a long way between "why didn't he call the cops" and "he should go to jail too"... especially when the dude was being blackmailed into coming to this chick crib. This shit is so obvious - look at all the crazy shit this bitch saying ? And dude supposed to be at fault for her killing them ? Dude could've been doing ANYTHING at the time she sending all those fuckin' messages - he could've been thinking about calling the cops and it was too late, he could've been thinking if I just go over there, it's cool. He could've been thinking - this bitch ain't serious... ANY FUCKIN THING could've been goin' on while this bitch is killing her kids - what you gonna do - lock up everybody because this bitch crazy ?

    She even sent fuckin' emojis - you try to decipher if she serious or not ? And if you guess wrong, you go to jail ?

    I'm not even tryin' to argue this shit tho. What I notice on here is most people don't like to admit when they're wrong.

    How would you be going to jail just to go over there or get somebody over there to see what the hell is going on? Ain't nobody say go smack the bitch in her face, but sending those messages for 3 hrs got to let you know something ain't right. Then after seh sends him the video and she says "I'ma dial 911" he says "You need to if he dead"...that's a weird response to that shit. I don't think he should be locked up but it's a very legit question as to why didn't he call the cops or somebody to see what the hell was going on in that home. Niggas screenshot silly shit all day. Even if you can't get over there, screenshot the texts and ask somebody, anybody you know that may be able to to go see what the fuck is going on.

    Let's be clear (Obama's voice) -

    I'm not saying dude had the best reaction But he's the one who knows this bitch and so who am I to say what dude could've did at the time - hindsight is 20/20.

    I'm saying: This bitch was crazy. This bitch killed the kid. Blame the bitch.

    People saying "he should go to jail too" on here and FB, and I think that's a reach.

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  • Re: Mentally ill Mother Murders 17 Month Son Then Send Video of his dead body to Baby's Father

    The shit is real fucked up.

    I don't think anybody here disagrees with that. The difference is I only see one person criminally responsible.