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  • Re: AI Agents Can Learn New Physical Skills On Their Own

    Something about dude's "visions" annoys me.

    Seems like the kind of dude to fast forward the "end of the world" type shit, while a wealthy MF like him makes plans for the post apocalypse.
  • Re: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’(BIEs) New Terror Threat…

    5th Letter wrote: »
    The probe began in 2014 which if you put 2+2 together meant it began when ______ was in office. It was in the very same document that created this BIE bullshit.

    It references what happened in 2014, doesn't say when it started or when the report was written.
    ghostdog565th Letterblack caesar
  • Re: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’(BIEs) New Terror Threat…

    5th Letter wrote: »
    So let me get this straight we should push aside someone calling black people (black men specifically) super predators because of their political alliance? We should ignore someone who created a bill that has destroyed the black community (that Bernie also cosigned) simply because they are democrats? We should ignore the fact that they collected all that money for Haiti relief and you had Haitians themselves who have complained about not seeing any money or stuff done for them? We should ignore illegal emails and servers created? People that didn't vote knew that both of them were shit candidates who had their own individual faults.

    Some of the shit you citing as facts hasn't even been proven to be factual.

    Let's go one by one, otherwise you lookin irrational lumping all this shit together and ignoring the comparatively worse MF in office right now.

    1. "Super-predators" vs "Terrorists" and no remorse for his call to reinstate the death penalty for innocent for the central park 5, plus making it harder to sue the cops, plus eliminating reviews against civil rights violations by cops by the justice department, plus pardoning Arpaio. The bitch Hillary atleast tried to walk back that super-predator shit when during the campaign. This MF doubling down and making it worse. So drop the "super-predator" shit. Your new shit to be worried about is "terrorist". Get out the past.
    2. Ignore someone who created a racist bill that destroyed the Black community. Debatable but don't even have to go that far because that Bill Clinton, not Hillary Clinton.
    3. "Because they are democrats". No, genius - because there was a worse republican that would win if the democrats didn't.
    4. Collected money for Haiti that some Haitians claimed not to get. You mean like how Puerto Rico is fucked up right now and claiming Trump ain't doing enough, and how he went there and blamed there for their budget and called the mayor "nasty" and dumb shit ? And how MFs in Texas were saying they weren't getting the FEMA money ? But yet the Clinton foundation still received top ratings supposedly. Wait, how about the article saying that Trump's son used some of the money from his charity / foundation to do some non-related shit ?
    5. Emails. FOH with shit already Nothing came of the emails and nothing came of the investigation. The worst you can say is it was against some law but the act alone wasn't proven to have caused any direct harm to a single American. If anything, weirdos who just the mere discussion of the a private email server, used the shit against Hilary herself without even having any evidence. Compare this to the actual business activities Trump has with Russia and China. Note shady now-dead Russians who were related to Trump's visits. Note Russian business tenants in Trump's buildings that were being investigated by the FBI.

    Nobody said "ignore" shit. But don't be stuck on inaction, or unable to see which one was worse then want to come out here now after seeing Trump doing worse shit and acting like you made the best decision.

    You could draw up all the "maybe Hillary would've did just as bad" bullshit you want but it's all hypothetical and based on the same shit that's being proven was part of the Trump+Russian campaign propaganda.

    Like I said, MFs ain't worth the conversation. Y'all look especially pathetic when you try to dismiss it as some "Love Hillary" or "Feelings" bullshit when MFs hittin you with facts. Not one MF I ever seen on here even said they even liked the bitch, they just simply stated they knew what would be worse and damn sure is looking worse than atleast the last democrat's admin, might even prove to be worse than Bill Clinton's admin.
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  • Re: What's the least you ever made per hour?


    You should ask "What's the most you ever made per hour ?" - while you being nosey n' shit ;)

    This, of course, after you post those nudes from when those Miami dudes talked you up out of that fishnet top on the beach that night.
  • Re: Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People

    Black men getting blamed for the sexism of white men now ?