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  • Re: Teens film and laugh at drowning man instead of calling for help!

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    10-20. That's just a guess though. It could be more or it could be less.

    The existence of worldstar doesn't mean that there is no contradiction in America's beliefs here, just so you know. Either we see ourselves as having a duty to help others, or we do not. By and large, America does not seem to think that duty exists, and from what my web search shows there are not many laws that say that it exists.

    Bruh we're talkin about 14-16 yr olds. A highly impressionable age group.

    2 hrs/
    week watching the news vs 20 hrs playing/watching violence

    What do u think has a greater effect on them in terms of desensitization?

    That assumes that the news is the only outlet where these ideologies manifest

    So then where else do u think your average 14-16 yr old learns about single payer health coverage and white supremacist organizations?

    Is maybe social studies class making these kids apathetic as well?

    I don't get how you don't understand the basic concept of duty. America, by and large, doesn't see helping others as something people are obligated to do; these kids did not have a duty to do shit. If the law says they do have a duty to risk their well being for other people, then we have that duty in other scenarios. In other scenarios we do not, so we do not have a duty here.

    Im not arguing whether they have a duty or not. I dont think they do either. We never disagreed there. What they did was distasteful but not criminal.

    My argument is the teens actions have nothing to do with the politics that u brought into the thread. Them being scumbags and laughing at a dying person in imminent danger has nothing to with whos holding office.

    Yes it does.

    So if this had happened while obama was in office would u blame him?

    American's were unapologetically individualistic during Obama's presidency. We are discussing broader social philosophical leanings, and the election of Trump is just a manifestation and confirmation of that.

    These children are imitating behavior that has been modeled in various arenas and deemed desirable.

    That doesn't absolve them of guilt. But they are a symptom, not the disease.

    Until we come together en masse and decide that accountability includes the well-being of others, then there is nothing aberrant about their behavior.

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    So let me get this straight; Its Donald Trumps fault that that man drowned and the kids didn't call 911?

    Nobody mentioned Donald Trump. It's the kind of selfish, uncaring, apathetic beliefs that exist on the right side of the political spectrum that coincide with and support the unwillingness to help that we see in this video.

    Not sure exactly what their particular argument is about but nothing etherous here. The dude said the election of Trump is an example of the way some people have become... not that it's Trump's fault. If anything that's saying that people were already like that before Trump.
  • Re: OJ Simpson’s parole hearing will air live on ESPN

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    These dudes hated oj a week ago when 4:44 dropped now yall back to suckn his cock


    Can't speak for anybody else but I haven't listened to new Jay-Z shit for almost 10 years and never plan to. I'm just glad OJ getting a steady stream of white tears flowing again. That shit never stops being humorous.

    Why you even responding to that bitch ass dude ? He's one of the MFs whose tears are flowing right now.

    He deep down hurting because OJ got parolled. Guaranteed if it was denied, he'd be on his typical anti-Black, faggot shit.
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  • Re: Roland Martin vs. Dr. Umar Johnson

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    so... did you guys figure all this shit out yet?

    Yes. Dr. Umar may / may not be a real doctor. He may / may not be a direct descendant of Frederick Douglas, although he can list an extensive amount of Grandma's along the ancestrial tree. He also may / may not be building the school in 2018. Graduates of the school's degrees may / may not be recognized.

    Also if you didn't donate to the school, you have no right to question any of this.

    Side note: Roland and his entire panel are coons.
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  • Re: Floyd need to hop on the money fun ASAP

    Hope it all works out for dude. Fuckin greedy ass IRS.

    I'm pretty sure he paid taxes but them MFs just want more, or like bambu said, his accountants fucked him up.

    He's in too much of a public spotlight, along with his $bag$ for every fight, to be flagrantly trying to avoid taxes.

    All the people who jealous of dude money probably watching like vultures right now hoping he gets locked for it.
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  • Re: Cops lives matter....some of'em

    Needs to happen more often. Divide and conquer those MFs.

    As long as you have Black pigs sitting comfortably alongside the other race soldiers not doing anything about us being profiled and killed, FUCK'EM.
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