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  • Re: Pittsburgh woman killed after turning man down at a bar

    You gotta curve chemically imbalanced niggas delicately. You know the curve was prolly cold as fuck tho.

    Reasonable people get what you mean but the "feminists" and effeminate dudes gon' misconstrue the fuck out of this.
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  • Re: Stephen A Smith donates $250,000 to HBCU

    Like tax time ain't comin' up ?

    He still a fuckin' coon.

    Didn't this MF have a problem with Black people wearing hoodies or some shit ?

    Fuck this buffoon.
  • Re: Powerball Winner Pays $12M to Bail Out Boyfriend for Fourth Time Since Winning

    Shit, long read - feel free to skip to the bolded.

    Wow, it's even more hate / jealousy out here than I thought.

    I been joking about it before but on some serious shit, this chick doesn't seem to have done anything wrong for all this backlash? against her - even from a moral standpoint.

    You can dislike that she bailed her dude but, you should remind yourself (and the world) before you do so that it's her prerogative and none of your fuckin' business.

    After reading one more particular article this morning, now about charging her with some shit, also including several subjective and negative terms directed at her, I'm really starting to see this more as people having a problem with Black people (or a certain type of Black person) hitting the lottery or having money period. You should see this as a reminder when you speak on this situation.

    This is some racism / classicism / or seriously jealous shit.

    Not only do I not give a fuck that she bailed her dude out, I'm actually glad she hit. I'm kind of happy for her, in the sense that I would be to see something good happen for anybody - especially a Black person. But damn, reading comments and posts - I feel like I'm in a real small minority.

    I feel like MFs is just saying in so many other ways:

    "I'm mad I didn't hit and that bitch did."
    "I'm mad that bum ass MF gettin' baiiled out and got a rich bitch now"
    Or in the case of these non-Black racist MFs on FB: "I'm mad that nigger thug and his coon bitch won the PowerBall. [ Insert the rest of the boilerplate racist bullshit they say about us ]"

    I even seen some non-Black females go at her in another saying 'she ain't doing shit for her kids but...' which to me is just saying the same shit.

    Anyways, I hope gets through all this shit and stays rich.

    IC question tho: Are some of these negative posts on the IC some crabs in a barrel shit ?
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  • Re: Damn So These Are The Texts Tyga Sent To The Young Girl

    That's it ?

    Fuck that, Tyga should be the one tearing up in a press conference next to his lawyer.

    If thats true, that bitch is shady as fuck and Tyga gettin unduly slandered.
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  • Re: So Huff Post decided to ask R Kelly about sexual allegations...hilarity ensued

    By the way, that bitch was unnecessarily rude and good call on Kellz to see the negativity coming from a mile away and cut it short. You can tell by the way the bitch responded to his compliments that there was going to be no beneficial way to answer those questions.

    A lot of other celebs aren't smart enough to see it coming.

    Gotta know your enemies.
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