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  • Re: Gambian President Says He Will Slit Gay Men's Throats In Public Speech

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    Gambia's president warns homosexuals: 'If you do it here I will slit your throat... no-one will ever set eyes on you again

    - Yahya Jammeh made the threat during speech on safeguarding the young
    - Said 'white people' cannot stop him - likely referring to Europe and the US
    - West cut almost £10million of aid to Gambia last year over anti-gay laws
    - Jammeh previously called gays vermin and threatened to behead them

    Gambia's president has said he will personally slit the throats of homosexuals in his country before adding that 'no white person can do anything about it' - likely referring to Western leaders.
    President Yahya Jammeh, who has a history of outspoken comments against gay people, made the threats during a public speech during an agricultural tour around his African nation last week.

    The 49-year-old, who has ruled the country since a coup in 1994, made the comments in the town of Farafeni while talking about how to create a stable environment for the country's youth.


    According to Vice News, he said: 'If you do it [in the Gambia] I will slit your throat — if you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it.'

    The reference to 'white people' is likely aimed at the European Union and America, who cut almost £10million of aid to the tiny country in December last year due to its poor human rights record.
    However, Gambia's population is 90 per cent Muslim, and the country is still thought to get significant aid from Middle Eastern countries.
    Jammeh, who seized power in Gambia in a 1994 coup, has previously called gays 'vermin' and accused the West of running an evil gay empire

    Jammeh, who seized power in Gambia in a 1994 coup, has previously called gays 'vermin' and accused the West of running an evil gay empire
    Homosexuality has long been punished in Gambia with a 14-year prison sentence, but last November Jammeh signed a new bill into law increasing this to life imprisonment for acts of 'aggravated homosexuality'.

    According to Amnesty International, there have since been seven arrests under the new anti-gay legislation and reports of police breaking down suspects' door and threatening them with death.
    Jammeh, who took power in Gambia at the age of 29 in a largely bloodless coup, has previously threaten to behead gay people in a speech in 2008.

    In 2013 he asked parliament why he had never seen 'a gay chicken or turkey', and in 2014 he compared homosexuals to 'vermin'.

    In January this year he accused the U.S. of spearheading an evil homosexual empire, warning that 'this evil empire of homosexuals will also go down the dirty drain and garbage of hell'.

    Homosexuality is illegal in the majority of African countries, with nations such as Sudan and Mauritania enforcing the death penalty on those caught breaching it.

    A few countries, such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Namibia permit female homosexuality, but outlaw male relationships, while around 15 nations have no law specifically forbidding it.

    In total, only eight African nations have laws which specifically permit, or protect people's right to have a homosexual relationship.


    hardbody shit, motherland presidents represent when it comes to this issue, i co-sign this to the fullest.

    homosexuality is a disease, if everyone was gay, they wouldn't be no people, there sexual organs have come out fucked up like any disease, its a sexual deviant disease

    i have no problem wit lesbians, i have never heard of a sex offender lesbian, you have too look hard for that shit, homo's on the other hand, i rest my case, there sexual deviants, there born sex offenders, most of em are pedo's or undercover suspect yoot

    i'm trying my best to keep it intellectual, but they need serious medical help, other than that they make my skin crawl,, make me want to throw up, there voices, they way they move, the garms they wear, say no more, let me try keep it classy, say nuttin, i'm cutting out, london, serious, serious, serious, get money mooovement, i'm gone

    You can't be hardbody against gays but like gay women.

    If homosexuality is bad it's bad on all fronts.

    exactly bruh.. miss me with that "oh gay women aint that bad" if your against one, gotta be against the other

    but its funny how most people are skipping over the fact his country lost out on that $10 million in Aide. If you actually about LEADING your people, you wouldn't jeopardize their needs over some shit like that.. regardless how you feel about homosexuality

    And by extension of that logic - "if you're for one, then you're for the other" ?

    Really bruh ?

    But he's right. Either you or again't homosexuality or you aren't. If you think lesbians are acceptable then you can't claim to be against homosexuality.

    Ok technically, but dude clearly differentiates between male and female homos - which is understandable.
  • Re: Man Carrying Baby Brutally Attacked By Teens Caught On Video At TN Gas Station

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    Wait did the dude holding the baby start the shit ?

    And y'all MFs talmbout he should've bust his gun ?

    Makes perfect sense.

    He didn't put his hands on them. everybody know a crowd of young folks at a gas station ain't gon end good.

    Them lil niggas was about to loot the store too.

    So it's not possible to start shit without putting hands on somebody ?

    And what them futuristically about to rob the store would entitle dude, with a baby, to shoot some kids ?

    Not saying a person shouldn't have the right to defend themselves but if dude started some shit and got dealt with - him having a baby with him ain't gon' make him invincible. And him justifying shooting them by predicting they were gon' rob the store is ridiculous.

    Sounds just like the line of reasoning George Zimmerman got off with.

    Nah bra

    Wait, so Zimmerman didn't claim to know that Trayvon Martin was up to some shit, start a fight with him, get his ass kicked, and claim to kill him in self defense ?

    Dude obviously thought about shooting those kids as he was getting beaten, not when he saw them hanging around the gas station. So the Zimmerman comparison is way off.


    My question is whether y'all saying dude should've shot them even if he started the fight.

    @Shizlansky mentioned the large number of kids at the gas station and the assumption that they'd have to be up to no good.

    Doesn't sound to me like that involves shooting after getting fucked up. It sounds like shooting based on a stereotype / assumption (Zimmerman).

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  • Re: What's wrong with being a freemason?

    Of course it's gonna sound great if you don't mention the negative shit.

    How about sacrificing people ?
    How about getting away with shit that non-masons don't (criminal shit) ?
    How about weird ass rituals ?
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  • Re: Craigslist Meetup For Air Jordans Leads To Shooting

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    Will black people ever shake the hold that Air Jordans has on us?

    You do know that a lot of Black people don't give a fuck about Jordans, right ?
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  • Re: Does He Have The Right To Hit Her In This Situation?

    If he didn't take her phone - not only does he have the right to hit her, but also to take her life and desercrate her corpse.
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