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  • Re: What did you get for christmas?

    my girl is paying off my 800 dollar traffic ticket, and she is bought me my hydroponic growing stuff that easily cost about another 800 would post pics but havent gotten from amazon yet in the mail. i got her nothing. "i dont need anything baby i just want to spend christmas with you" <-- why i love white women
    KatbignormTonyDubbzMichael_MaliceVIBEmiamivice305texas409fuc_i_look_likeYoung Stef

    i told my girl, I'm a man its normal for me to look as long as i'm not disrespectful about it. She hates when i point it out cause she gets jealous i told her use it as fuel and motivation to make hers even better
  • Re: I Catch Myself Talkin To Kids Like They Grown N Sh*t....

    my little cousin from miami is visiting for a lil bit the other day i rolled a blunt at my moms house in my room thats there when i come, i put that shit in my ear cause thats what i do at home i forgot i wasnt at my spot he sees that shit
    him:whats thats in your ear a otter pop
    me: naw I'm about to get high
    HIm: whats that
    i realized i was talking to a little nigga about 30 secs after my response like shit why did i say that hahaha.
    me: dont worry about it, something for adults get out of my face go play video games
  • Re: so shawty tells me she got molested then...

    7fIG wrote: »
    Kat & Southern gotta realize that if most niggas had a dime for everytime they heard this... (you know the rest)

    If shorty serious about gettin' help, that's one thing but it's not just some casual shit to converse about. Next thing you know, she's flippin' out on you or worse - givin' head to your grandpa.

    there no where near as vocal when rape happens to a little boy and its a adult female
  • Re: so shawty tells me she got molested then...

    terbear wrote: »
    terbear wrote: »
    why are men assholes because he think she probably has a mean head game ? shes seriously been sucking dick for 12 years she better...

    A true man (and gentleman) wouldn't even be thinking that way, and even if they did think it they certainly wouldn't voice it.

    This is someone that's been exploited and taken advantage of since BIRTH and all ya'll can think about is her head game?

    A true woman (and grownwoman) wouldnt even think of posting pictures of there ass or titties on the internet and if they did they certainly wouldnt do it if they where the mother of a young child who is also female...

    and yeah true shes been exploited and we should bad feel bad we do but when someone tells you "ive been raped" or a raped story in general most people about 97% of the time they wanna know how.(pause) on those male rape cases. Anyways yeah i agree with other posters she hates it more than likely.. @texas what are you going to do

    You sound dumb as fuck right now..what does that have to do with this?

    And WHY are you soooo concerned with my ass or titties? You stay stalking me about that like you can't get it off your mind.

    Work it out.

    what do you mean you told me, how you felt a grown man should or would handle it, i just told you how a grown woman / mother should act on the internet thats all.

    its not that i dont sympathize but if he is just friends with her he shouldnt put to much thought into it. its pretty fucking simple she needs to seek prof help i think everyone in the thread can agree on that. /thread

    PS: its not stalking if your showing your breast all the time and someone makes a comment you dont like whats being said change something.