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  • Re: Would you vote for Jill Stein???? Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party's Jill Stein Over Hillary

    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    Smh at niggas thinking Hillary Clinton is not more racist than trump fuck both of them but Hillary is pure evil,her idol is Margaret Sanger who created planned parenthood to exterminate blacks so why do you think that the Clintons put that crime bill in place? To break up black families creating more single mothers and by default more abortions she is going to finish what Margaret Sanger started but keep thinking she is a friend to black people she is playing you dumb niggas just like her husband did

    Again, this is just nonsense. Get your facts straight. Sanger is a hero to many women, especially feminists, for her work on birth control. Did she have problematic ideas about race? Yes. But is that what feminists of today admire her for? No. Did she create PP to exterminate blacks? No.

    The same with the Clinton crime bill. Clinton desperately want not to appear soft on crime (which was an Achilles heel for many Democrats), and that's why he extended the war on drugs as well as, more generally, the more punitive trend in American criminal law, not to "break up more black families."

    Why did clinton foundation rape haiti and still continues to do so? They're brown ppl too right? How about that superpredator shit she pulled? Or how about when this bitch blantantly lied to everyone for everyone to see and dont give me no bs about its just emails. If shes lying about something so little as emails as some of you apologists like to put it then what else will she lie about? This bitch is basically george bush with a vagina and not as funny.
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  • Re: Don't You Corny Anti Hillary Fools Know She Gonna Go To War With Fox Off The Rip?

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    This shit so sad its comical at times.

    This Clinton bitch said Margaret Sanger is her hero a woman who wanted to exterminate black people. Yet I should feel better about her getting into office over Trump.

    How does this shit even sound remotely right?

    They are both fucked up and neither is a better option that the other.

    Not to mention 1994 crime bill, the superpredators speech, how this bitch threw covert racism @ obama in 08 etc etc. Nah but nevamind that. Shits sad man.
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  • Re: Don't You Corny Anti Hillary Fools Know She Gonna Go To War With Fox Off The Rip?

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    One of these two are going to be our 45th President, that's if one them dies or something.....I'll take my chances with Hillary Clinton

    Niggas need to do more research smh. Dont get me wrong a trump presidency wont be a good look but hillary is a neo conservative in liberals clothing, were definately fucked if she gets the nod. I mean niggas is really gonna feel this shit trust me. Obama did a lot of damage on the low but this bitch will make her moves with impunity and overtly. Again check this bitch record.
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  • Re: Do you find Sarah Silverman attractive?

    she just ok maybe this is the connection


    I always thought they looked kinda similar
  • Re: Any way to go back to the old IC layout?

    Shits dope to me iunno
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