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  • Why Nas Don't Get Credit For His Incredible Swag Levels Of His Alter Ego Escobar?

    Most people like the humble poetic Nas but I love the cocky Nas. Escobar Season is special.
  • Re: Was It Just Good Strategy For Jay Z To Wait Til Nas Was At His Weakest and He Was At His Strongest?

    5 Grand wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    The real question is why didn't Jay have a reply ready better than Supaugly?

    He did, it was called Blueprint2 and came out about a year after the beef. It was on the Blueprint2 album.

    He could have won the battle altogether if he never released SupaUgly and waited to release Blueprint2.

    If it went;

    Stillmatic Freestyle

    Jay wins

    Ok, maybe. But why didn't Jay have a response record on deck?

    Well, his "response record on deck" was SupaUgly. That was the problem. If he just waited a few months to release Blueprint2 he would have won, or at least tied.

    Out of all the songs in the battle, SupaUgly was the worst.

    So you think Supaugly was ready before Ether?

    Not the whole record, but he knew he was going to flip that line about Carmen and the condoms in the baby seat.

    I think he was waiting to see what Nas said or how Nas responded and then he planned on going to the studio the very next day and spitting the line about the condoms on the baby seat.

    The reason I say that is because he said, "since you infatuated with saying that gay shit/ I guess you was sucking my dick when you was kissing that bitch". He couldn't have known that Nas was going to call him gay or any of the homo references but he had that "condoms on the baby seat" line in his head since the day Takeover came out.

    So he didn't have a, "response record on deck" but he had a, "response punchline on deck".

    Excellent analysis. Your are debate worthy.
    5 Grand
  • Fukk All Y'all, Juelz Santana Will ALWAYS Be That Nikka!!

    Let me remind you dumb nikkaz

    macadonwooTsotsi Cape Town
  • Re: Was It Just Good Strategy For Jay Z To Wait Til Nas Was At His Weakest and He Was At His Strongest?

    _Lefty wrote: »
    The general consensus before Stillmatic is that Nas was in over his head, blueprint dropped in september and Jay was at an all time high. Roc-A-Fella was unstoppable. After I Am(A good album by the way) and Nastradamus, oh, and don't forget that Braveharts tape, Nas was trending downward. Nobody expected ether and it was a long awaited return to form, and a scathing track accompanied by a classic album that revitalized Nas' career.

    If you played chess, it's basically Jay-Z and Nas in the end game and Nas is on the wrong side of things, then pushes two pawns forward because Jay got cocky, gains two queens from a shitty situation and Nas checkmates Jay. It's the type of game that would leave you devastated because you got cocky in the end. This was Jay's undoing, underestimating Nas.

    In the grand scheme of things, Jay won, but that battle belongs to Nas without question. We've never seen Jay punched in the mouth, it was the equivalent of leonidis making xerxes bleed before he died, because after that battle Jay got stronger, and Nas didn't go up or down, he kind of went sideways until he took the loss in court with child support. He took his loss then started trending upward just after it.

    -Hoodsociated press

    5 Star Post. Screenshot worthy
    _LeftyJavon803rip.dillaTsotsi Cape Town
  • Nas' Third Verse On "We Will Survive" Is Just Beautiful, Mona Lisa, Mozart Levels

    I wonder what the Commodores went through on tour?
    Did Smokey Robinson, have to shoot his way out a war?
    What has Al Green seen, that made him religious?
    Was it the drugs -- put an end to the music business?
    If so, should I put out the indo right now and write down
    A plan and pursue my dream turn my life around
    Cause I'm bound for the movie screen, cuties that scream
    I'll need a extra Uzi riding through my own hood in Queens
    It be the ones you always knew, that want it on
    Tellin everybody it was him, that you fronted on
    Thought we walked a million miles it was just twenty
    Not used to walkin in the path of legit money
    I thought I made it but we only took baby steps
    Up the success ladder, where they pay me checks
    To my clicks when I got it I said "Baby bless"
    That was the 80's, but now look at this crazy mess
    We in the 90's, and finally it's lookin good
    Hip-hop took it to billions, I knew we would
    A lot of ups and downs in the game, could lose or gain
    A couple pounds tryin to maintain -- one day you here
    The next you not; when you around niggas, check 'em out
    Some is bout it, most individuals plots
    And run the spots, some choose to stay to theyselves
    While others have no cares and stay in jail
    More than fifty percent of us
    Endin up with holes through the chest
    Through the head, through the gut it shows
    The future for us young shooters and old killers
    Who become rich as dope dealers?
    Nothing left for us but hoop dreams and hood tournaments
    Thug coaches with subs sittin on the bench; either that or rap
    We want the fast way outta this trap
    Whether it be 9 to 5 or slangin crack
    To my deceased Gods wishin' I could bring you back
    But life is a dream and y'all taught me that
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