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  • Re: Murda Musik >>> Blueprint

    aint too many albums that beat the blueprint at anything. the only thing that beat jay-z is jay-z.

    Thank Kanye west for producing the Blueprint
    eternal soldierTrillaaaaaa
  • Murda Musik >>> Blueprint

    Quite Storm >>> U You Don't Know
    Streets Raised Me >>> Heart of The City
    Spread Love>>> Hola Hovto
    The Realist>>>> Renegade
    Where ya heart out >>>> Jigga that Nikka
    I'm Going Out>>>>> Izzo
    Let a ho be a ho >>> Song Cry Spread Love>>>> Takeover
    What's ya poison >>>>>> All I Need
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  • Everybody Say Puff Had Nothing To Do With Pac's Murder--But Nobody Has Explained Long Kiss Goodnight

    Intro: Puff Daddy]
    See I told ya'll
    I told ya’ll motherfuckers
    I told ya’ll to stop
    I prayed for you to stop
    But you didn’t stop
    And then we won’t stop

    [Hook: The Notorious B.I.G. (singing)]
    Time, time for you to die
    As I kiss.. your.. ass.. goodnight
    Time, time for you to die
    As I kiss.. your.. ass.. goodnight
    [Verse 1: The Notorious B.I.G.]
    I make yo' mouthpiece obese like Della Reese
    When I release, you lose teeth like Lil' Cease
    Nigga please, blood floods your dungarees
    And that's just the half of my warpath
    Laugh now cry later, I rhyme greater
    Than the average playa hater, and spectators
    Buy my CD twice; they see me in the streets
    They be like, "Yo he nice, but that's on the low though"
    Be the cats with no dough, tried to play me at my show
    I pull out fo'-fo's, and go up in they clothes
    Short-change niggas, snort 'caine niggas
    Extortion came quicker, bought the Range nigga
    Ya still tickle me, I used to be as strong as Ripple be
    Til Lil' Cease crippled me
    Now I play hard, like my girl's nipples be
    The game sour like a pickle be, y'all know da rules
    Move from BK to New Jeruz -- thinkin 'bout
    All the planes we flew, bitches, we ran through
    Now the year's new, I lay my game flat
    I want my spot back, take two
    Motherfuckers mad cause I blew, niggas envious
    Too many niggas on my dick, shit strenuous
    When my men bust, you just move with such stamina
    Slugs missed ya, I ain't mad at cha (we ain't mad at cha)
    Blood rushin', concussions, ain't nothin
    Catch cases, come out fronting, smokin somethin
    Sippin' White Russians, bitch in the Benz bumpin'
    I laced it with the basic, six TVs a system
    Knockin' Mase shit, face it, we hard to hit
    Guard ya shit, 'fore I stick you, for your re-up
    Wipe the pee up, lick shots, woke your seed up
    Go in the ashtray, spark the weed up
    Long kiss

    [Interlude: Puff Daddy]
    Hell, we don’t give a fuck
    We just absolutely don’t give a fuck because
    There ain’t no love here
    There ain’t no love here
    You know, we gon' keep doin' what we do
    We gon' keep fuckin' you up
    I’ll be stomping your motherfucking head in, you fucking bitch

    [Hook 2x]

    [Verse 2]
    Uhh.. I'm flamin' gats, aimin' at, these fucking
    Maniacs, put my name in raps,
    what part the
    Game is that? Like they hustle backwards
    I smoke Backwoods and Dutchies, you can't touch me
    Try to rush me, slugs go, touchy-touchy
    You're bleeding lovely, wit'chyo, spirit above me
    Or beneath me, your whole life you live sneaky

    Now you rest eternally, sleepy, you burn when you creep me
    Rest where the worms and the weak be
    My nine flies, baptize, rap guys
    With the Holy Ghost, I put holes in most
    You hold your toast shaky, slippin' tryin to break me
    Look what you made me do, brains blew
    My team in the marine-blue, six Coupe
    Skied it out, weeded out, cleanin' out -- the block
    For distances, givin' long kisses BITCH!

    [Interlude: Puff Daddy]
    Only understand, I say a prayer for you
    You know, that’s the only thing I can do, just pray for your mind
    Because, see, your mind is in control of your heart
    Where its supposed to be the other way around
    Your heart has got to control your mind
    So now, I have no feelings for you
    You have made me cold

    [Hook 2x]

    [Verse 3]
    Frank White the menacing, Chron Chron's the medicine
    I got the lettuce and, you turn green like cucumber skin
    Got the new, Hummer in the summer when I was a new comer
    Then, drugs and MAC-10s
    Hugs from fake friends, make ends they hate you
    Be broke -- girls won't date you
    That's why I relate to, choke yo' ass out til your face blue
    Make you, open the safe too
    No matter how you call it (how you call it)
    This brolic, alcoholic
    Like his weed green'd out, like his brick solid
    Distribute to, kids who, take heart like Valentine
    Drink Ballantine, all the time
    Slugs hit your chest tap you spine, flatline
    Heard through the grapevine, you got fucked fo' times
    Damn that three to nine, fucked you up for real though
    Sling steel slow, as for remorse, we feel no

    [Hook 3x]

    [Outro: Puff Daddy]
    See the fucked up thing is that I love you
    You know what I’m saying
    It’s just in my nature to love you
    I can’t hate you
    ‘Cause its not in my nature to hate you
    You know, I don’t know
    Maybe I’m a different type of individual
    But you have me on a line
    And there’s a thin line between love and hate
    And God-forbid I cross that line
    Cause I’m not gon’ give a fuck
    I’m telling you right motherfucking now
    The shit that ya’ll done started
    Is never gonna stop!
    We are never gonna stop!
    And we’re not talking about no other rappers
    We’re talking about you, motherfucker!
    You know who I’m talking to
    We comin' for you
    We comin' for you
    Feels so good
    I'ma make you love me baby, baby
    macadonwooSoloman_The_WiseJabu_RuleThereal_baCleveland7venty6stackmaster 313Trill Gate$
  • Re: Everybody Say Puff Had Nothing To Do With Pac's Murder--But Nobody Has Explained Long Kiss Goodnight

    Biggie going to LA and spitting this shit on a radio freestyle after Pac passed was just dumb as fuck, like seriously how dumb can you be?

    Nah, biggie had crips on payroll. "My team in the marine blue, six coup". Everybody knows sixties where Seattle Marinerr hats. Biggie was comfortable because he had a grip of gangmembers on payroll
  • Re: Everybody Say Puff Had Nothing To Do With Pac's Murder--But Nobody Has Explained Long Kiss Goodnight

    gunta45 wrote: »
    Drop A Gem was definitely before Pac passed and Long Kiss Tonight was aimed at couple rappers just like Kick In The Door

    The song was aimed at Suge Knight
    "Slugs missed ya, we ain't mad at cha"
    Pac has a song called I ain't mad at cha
    Slugs missed Suge when Pac was gunned down