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  • 4 years of marriage and now getting a divorce.

    So me and my wife of 4 years (yeah not a long time of marriage) but been together for 6 are getting a divorce. We have a Daughter who just turned 3 on the 19th. I feel bad for my baby girl cause she looks confused and doesn't really know what's going on. Me and my ex haven't been on good terms for about the last 6 months or so. We are always fighting... And I mean fighting about everything. Saying nasty fucking shit to each other. We use to click like it was nothing and agree on shit pretty easily... We loved each other very much... But it's not like that anymore. The last 6 months we have grown a part. We stopped being close to each other.... No kissing, no holding hands... no hugging and shit like that... And all the I love you's stopped between me and her. It has been so bad that I almost thought about cheating on her numerous of times because we haven't had sex with each other since November of 2016. And we use to have a lot of sex but it suddenly stopped. A lot of nights I would just take off and go hang out with my homies and just want to leave the house because of all my frustrations towards her. Or other nights I would go kick it with some of my old home girls from back in the day and see if I could really cheat on my wife because it's been so bad... But I didn't because I was still trying to save our marriage... But over the last month or so I decided that I can't do this with my wife anymore... It's not healthy for either of us so a few weeks back I decided to file for divorce. I don't look at her the same like before... My love for her drifted away and it's not coming back.

    The only person I feel bad for is our Daughter because she doesn't deserve this. I don't want her tormented by this and think that this is how a relationship is suppose to be so I did what was right. She doesn't need to keep seeing me and her Mom fighting all the fucking time and saying bad shit to each other. She doesn't need to see that shit. That was one of the main reasons why I pulled the plug on our marriage. I'm sad by this whole situation because I really thought we was going to be together til the very end. She really was the love of my life... But with how things have been for the last half a year, for me it's over. We tried talking about saving our marriage for months but nothing has changed. When my wife finally got served with those papers she was irate. She called me up right away after she got served and started crying and cursing at me and called me a failure and all that other shit... I felt bad but I had to keep my composure.

    I know this isn't going to end well between me and her... See my wife is the kind of person to hold a grudge she will never forget about this. She will never forgive me for this. But i'm at that point where I really don't give a fuck no more.

    Anyone been through a divorce???
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  • Re: KiD CuDi - Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin Album Discussion (Sept. 30th)

    A Kid Named Cudi and MOTM: The End of Day >>>>>>>>>> IMO everything else he put out...

    His last album was so bad that i'm not looking forward to this and I won't check it out... Even with 3Stacks on a few cuts i'm cool... Cudi lost me with his suicidal EMO thinkin ass....
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    Man this game dope to me. I don't have any fuckin complaints. None whatsoever. Story is excellent... Yeah it's not GTA but I don't go into other open world games expecting it to be GTA when it isn't.
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  • Logan "Wolverine 3" (2017)

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  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    Norman Reedus is getting a new motorcycle show on AMC. Maybe Daryl is the one who will end up meeting Lucille???
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