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  • Re: The Official 2012-2013 NBA Season Finals (The 2013 NBA Champs The Miami Heat)

    Shouts to the King.Enraging his haters one championship at a time.Can't say money was a sidekick for his rangs

    We can, however, say money bought him his rings... As he currently makes less than Joe Johnson.
  • Re: Official 2013-14 NBA Thread

    Ahhhh.... What did I say last year? I hoped Rose got hurt this year for not bringing his monkey ass back and playing.... (not 1000% serious, but i said it)

    Everybody got upset.... Looks like god agreed with me.

    #Karma.... #DontTemptFate .... #LeaveItInGODShands #APcameBackYearQuickerAndStillTicking #HeTrustedInGOD

    Hopefully Derrick learned his lesson and will get ready for the START of next season...
    infamous114playmaker88Tommy bilfigerChi-Town BullyTRILLip BrooksrageNothingButTheTruthVader_F_KennedyKamPushMeDaBullTheBoyRoMaddRapperiron man1greenwood1921Peezy_Jenkinskanggoodie#1hiphopjunki3
  • Re: Better rapper Vol. 50: Common or Tupac

    *Can't recite one Common Lyric"

    If he was such a good rapper, his music would find people... bottom line.

    Can recite PLENTY of Tupac lyrics, and I was not a fan, never bought one Album

    soul rattlerSoloman_The_Wise
  • Which Team of 9 Allstars from Each Region would have the BEST SHOT at Making Music Better Than Wu??

    This going to be a 2 part series of threads...

    Everybody know Wu-tang is the GOAT hiphop "Group", its not even debatable... A collection of 9 niggas from NY, 7 lyricists, 1 producer and 1 crazy nigga made history.

    If each of the other regions / cities made an Allstar line up similar to Wu-Tang... Who would come out with the BEST music that's MOST comparable to the greatness of Wu-Tang?? (not most successful, but best music)... (just based off of the same attributes you feel made Wu-Tang great as a unit... Cohesive, lyrics, production etc etc all considered)

    The Line Ups....

    The Atliens
    Jermaine Duri (Rza)
    Andre 3000
    Big Boi
    Killa Mike
    Young Dro
    Trinidad James (ODB)

    Team Westside:
    Dr. Dre (Rza)
    Kendrick Lamar
    Crooked I
    Nipsey Hussle
    Ras Kass
    Coolio (ODB)

    Team Chiraq:
    Kanye (Rza)
    Lupe Fiasco
    MC Juice
    Da Brat [pretend she a man]
    Cheef Keif (ODB)

    Team Houston:
    DJ Screw (Rza)
    Bun B
    Pimp C
    Trae da Truth
    Mike Jones (ODB)

    Team Naw'lins
    Mannie Fresh (RZA)
    Lil Wayne
    Master P
    J Electronica
    Soulja Slim
    Birdman (ODB)

    Team Florida:
    DJ Khalid (Rza) (He'll steal beats like he do now)
    Rick Ross
    Trick Daddy
    Flo Rida
    ACE Hood
    Pit Bull
    JT Money
    Uncle Luke (ODB)

    Team Detroit:
    J Dilla (Rza)
    Mad Skillz
    Big Sean
    Royce Da 5'9
    Obie Trice
    Bizzare (ODB)

    **Note, the West Coast team, I didn't just load it up with LEGENDS like Snoop, Ice Cube etc... Since they have a coast and not just 1 city like the others... I tried to Balance them out with some hardcore lyricists**
    5th Letterjonodwade206
  • Re: ::What Rapper Had the Single Most DOMINANT year in Hip Hop History?::

    silverfoxx wrote: »
    woah316 wrote: »
    I think people riding 50 2003 year a lil too damn hard...

    Don't care what nobody say, If carter 3 and get rich were released in the SAME YEAR, lets say, on the same damn day.... I think the sales would've been damn near even...

    Wayne's buzz on carter 3 was i-n-s-a-n-e...

    And on top of that, he had 25++ songs playing on the radio all year long that he was featured on..

    I'm going Wayne for the curtesy vote... Didn't think 50 should dominate like this.

    Pac's 2006 was crazy too

    I agree. In 2006 Pac was THAT nigga bruh.

    The nigga dropped 2 historical hip hop classics and went 10x plat on 1 and 6x plat on the other.

    I would agree that's stronger than 50's year.

    50 Songs in 2003
    In Da Club - #1
    21 Questions - #1
    PIMP - #3

    Featured on:
    Magic Stick - #2

    Lil Wayne Songs in 2008
    LolliPop - #1
    A Milli - #6
    Got Money - #10
    Mrs Officer - #16

    Featured on:
    Let it Rock - #5
    Swagga Like Us - #5
    Cant Believe it - #7
    Turnin Me on - #15
    Love in this Club 2 - #18
    My Life - #21
    See you in my Nightmares - #21
    I'm So Paid - #31

    *Wayne also has about 10 other songs ranked from 100 to 60 or so that I'm not going to list....

    50's year was Bonkers.... But Wayne's year was transformational... :shrug: