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  • Re: Magic Johnson's "Son" Lost Weight

    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    On this whole fuckin thread nigga

    you went into too much detail about how this nigga gets down, the fuck wrong with you bruh

    Well that's what them faggots do.
  • Re: Reports Of Mass Shooting In Orlando Night Club, Holding Hostages

    This such a fucked up incident. Y'all know how dear ole Rex feels about fagdom, but at the same damn time, they were in their club, minding their business. All these fags wanted to do was cruise for slong, suck dick in the bathroom, and find a fellow booty buster to ravage their asshole, tag bag, and give "brown bunnies," to, but instead they ended up as causalities in some extremist Muhammdan jihad against America, our values, freedoms, and way of life. Despite being faggots and forcing their way of life on the rest of us, they are still American citizens and their deaths MUST BE AVENGED!

    This shit end result of the breaks we've been giving the Muhammdans since the Iran Hostage Crises with happen under Jimmy Carter's presidency. The Iranians run up in our embassy, (which is an act of war,) and hold our citizens hostage for 444 days. Carter ordered a rescue attempt, but that shit was an epic failure, (stupid muthafuckas didn't account for sand fucking up the rotors on the helicopters,) and the hostages were released because of some deal Reagan's bitch ass made with Ayatollah Khomeini'em.

    In '83, Islamic Jihad blew up the embassy in Beirut in a car bomb attack, (another act of war,) resulting in 63 deaths. The Marines wanted to go and get some "get back," but Reagan bitched out and pulled the troops.

    Clinton had a gang of terror attacks under his watch, the first WTC bombing, the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole and the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. These attacks were orchestrated by Al Queda, and since we didn't go into Afghanistan to get bin Ladin's ass, we all known what happened next.

    Of course Bush 43, had 9/11, and we were actually forced to do something due to the magnitude of the attack. However, Bush was still measured in the response. We ended up fighting a long ass protracted war on top of letting bin Ladin escape.

    Since the Islamic world had witnessed (up to this time,) 22 years of the U.S. acting bitch made by not taking the appropriate action against them, they were embolden by this attack. As a result of losing two buildings and 3,000 lives, Pres. Bush should have ordered a tactical nuclear strike on Afghanistan's two largest cities. Had this happen, we wouldn't be in the shit we're in today.

    Now we have this fuck boy shit with only one viable option that needs to be used to get our "respeck," back as a people and a nation. President Obama needs to order the following.

    The Fire Bombing of Tokyo
    Hellstorm - The Dresden Holocaust

    Say what you will about Islamic jihadists, but you have to grudgingly admit that those muthafuckas are "about that life," and they're trying to win. For the life of me, I can't understand why the government doesn't seem to want to understand that these muthafuckas ain't playin'. With that being said, we need to response it tenfold.
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  • Esther Baxter Deflowered Bow Wow

    Bow Wow on Losing Virginity to Esther Baxter at 15, Fallout w/ Jermaine Dupri

    Damn, I could give a fuck if dude was a celebrity, losing your virginity to Esther Baxter in her prime is major fucking accomplishment. Plus, I didn't know that dude was moving units like that and doing arenas. Props to Bow Wow, it seems like he might of have/had the G.O.A.T. career. I hope he did the right thing with his money.

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  • Dude's Girl Suspected That He Was Fucking the Dog, She Set Up "Cheateresque," Surveillance

    Man Who Had Sex with Maltese Was Caught When Dog Started Hiding, Causing Suspicious Girlfriend to Set Up Hidden Camera


    Jesus Gutierrez, 39, “needs help,” his ex-girlfriend said.

    The Lower East Side woman who caught her boyfriend on tape having sex with her dog first became suspicious something was going on after the dog started hiding out, she told the Daily News Friday.

    “The dog was hiding in the house,” said the 43-year-old owner, who declined to give her name, of the 20-pound Maltese named Princess. “She never hides. I had a feeling there was something going on in my house.”

    And so she set up a camera in the bedroom to record what was happening when she was away.

    To her horror she discovered her 39-year-old live-in boyfriend Jesus Gutierrez, naked from the waist down, forcing Princess to have sex with him.

    “It’s sick,” she said. “I confronted him.”

    She also called the cops.

    Gutierrez was arrested Wednesday for criminal mischief, sexual misconduct and torturing an animal.

    He admitted to sexually abusing the dog “for his own sexual enjoyment,” according to court papers.

    He was released without bail following his arraignment Thursday.

    Princess has “some bruises” but is expected to recover, her owner said.

    “(The veterinarians) told me she’s fine ... she’s a good girl,” she said.

    Yet what she saw on the video will stay with her for some time.

    “I can’t even sleep,” she said. “I didn’t want to see the full video — I saw little bits.”

    She has kicked Gutierrez out of their home but said she has some compassion for him.

    “To be honest, he’s not a bad guy,” she said. “He’s probably been doing this a long time, since he was little.”

    “He needs help,” she said.

    What Rex what's to know is, what made ole girl suspect that he was fucking the dog? Did Princess have dried nut in her her or a gape in her doggy asshole?
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  • Magic Johnson's "Son" Lost Weight








    Bruh, shakin'-my-muthafuckin-head. There are few things that rank worst than this fuckery concerning a man's son. This is some shit that you only wish on your worst of enemies. It's bad enough that your son, (and in this case Magic's namesake,) sucks dick, puts a rubber on a muthafucka's dick, then jacks him off, is into booty bustin' and kiss on and gets in the bed with dudes, but this muthafucka takes it to unnecessary extremes. Is all of this extra shit really all that necessary? Seriously, what does all of this extra shit have to do with being a faggot and suckin' dick? Rex just understand, then again, I really don't want to.

    Also, I really have a hard time believing that Magic is cool with this shit. Sure, in public Magic will say that he loves and supports his son, (he has to or else it will fuck his money up,) but if you were cool with Magic and had his complete and total trust, I'm sure that he would reveal to you that this shit is some ether to his soul. Sure Magic played for the faggot ass Lakers, but Magic is arguably the greatest player in the history of that franchise and one of the greatest players to ever play the game. EJ should have a bit more respect for his father's name and legacy. Shit is fuckin' sad mayne. If this God forbid if this was my son, I'd have to disown him.

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