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  • Re: This is new: ABC announces first black Bachelorette

    ineedpussy wrote: »
    Yeah she received her coon stamp as most of expected.



    i knew that bitch was sellout....her smile a little bit toooooo wide. i just wish blacks would have....

    To quote Tommy Sotormayor, this is Hollywood clowin' black women. These muthafuckas got jokes for real. They go the longest without black people on this show and when they finally do get one m, the coonin' bitch resembles a gray alien. Can you honestly say that ole girl is as pretty and/or hot as the snow bunnies that have been on there?
  • Re: Viral Video: White Connecticut Beachgoer IN Texas Hurls Racist Abuse At Muslim-American Family…

    Not for nothing, but with their "deafing," silence, abject refusal to condemn terrorism and loudly declaring their allegiance to America Muslims brought this hate onto themselves and until they proven themselves to be patriotic Americans and condemn terrorism, they will continue to get fucked with and regarded as suspect.
  • Re: Gucci vs Jeezy

    A Jeezy ad lib>>>>>than Gucci's wack ass entire fucking catalog.
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  • Re: Fair or Foul?: Meek Mill Tells Homeless Man "I'll Give You $20 If You Do Pushups"

    Great fuckin' video. I'm glad to see somebody that's actually makin' these degenerate fiends work and provide some fuckin' entertainment before you give them some money. Plus despite being a fiend, dude is in pretty good shape to do 20 push ups in a fall. Props to Meek for on this one.
    Lefty_ wrote: »
    The camera makes it foul. The fact that him doing 10 pushups don't help him or you so you're just makin him do 10 pushups to teach him a lesson like you sonnin him. That grown man is down bad enough, and his pride is broken enough to have to ask another grown man for money,

    Fuck are you talkin' about? The fiend has no shame because he's beggin' for fuckin' change. Fuck dude. If it was me, I would have made the muthafucka do the pushups naked.
    Lefty_ wrote: »
    But don't try to demean him more.

    Why? He's a fiend.
    Lefty_ wrote: »
    but I have no problem tellin him hop in the car i'm about to take you to mcdonalds or somethin. Sometimes I'll give em a couple dollars if I don't got time for that other shit.

    Fuck is wrong with you dude? Seriously. How about the next time your in NYC, we hook up and you treat ole Rex to McDonald's? You're only rewarding the fiends bad behavior and poor decision making. If you really want to help hungry muthafuckas donate some canned goods to a soup kitchen or treat some honor students to dinner. Fuck helpin' fiends.

    Lefty_ wrote: »
    but I hate corny ass niggas like that.
    Kai wrote: »
    god meek mill is so god damn corny it's actually painful.

    What's so corny about makin' fiends work for their money and getting a laugh out of it at the same damn time?
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  • Re: New York... School Me.

    I lived in New York my whole life and never dealt with a female with a deep voice. Lol where the fuck did that lie originate from?

    Tariq Nasheed. He said that shit a few times on his old Mack Lessons podcast and a few times on his Ustream show.
    Mister B.onetoughmiracle