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  • Re: El Chapo Tells ISIS to Stop Fuckin' with His Operation

    Y'all know that good ole Rex doesn't believe in conspiracy theories, but this one isn't beyond the realm of possibility. It was really wasn't ISIS but some U.S. operatives, some type of militant rogue faction, or maybe another group that has funk with ISIS. They get a tip on one of El Chapo's shipments, disrupt the drop, and leaves convincing evidence that it indeed ISIS.

    This piss El Chapo off might causes El Chapo and ISIS to go war. The government (and other Western nations,) therefore uses El Chapo'em as a poxy to fight against ISIS. So when ISIS call themselves wanting to act fool and decapitate muthafuckas Being that El Chapo is "scumbag criminal drug lord," he isn't hindered by bullshit like the Geneva Convention and he hit by doing shit like this.






    El Chapo receives funding from the West for fighting ISIS, all the while the West has "plausible deniability.

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  • Re: Why Did Your Family Leave Where They Where Originally From?

    zzombie wrote: »
    Jamaica was too small to fulfill me and my brothers ambitions. So we had to bounce

    zzombie is making Jamaica sound like a little dick dude that Pico and Kat stop messin' with because he was too small to hit it right.

  • Re: SMFH, Modern Day Uncle Tom House Nigga in Action

    babelipsss wrote: »
    It depends on how you look at it. That old geezer is probably burning up at the fact of that pic being immortalized.

    Or taking glee in the fact that white people still have niggas going out there to help people that could give a fuck about them.
    I think this can a win for blacks in the battle for public opinion. I mean, we can say, "Look, some of us are so magnanimous that we'll even provide help to someone who means us ill."

    Oh like the niggas that stay trying pray and sing white supremacy away. On top of forgiving the same muthafuckas are maiming and killing you?
    babelipsss wrote: »
    Even if that is wrong, and what this man did was wrong, I don't think it is as big of a deal as the t/s is making it.

    Yes it is a big deal. For the following reasons. This racist white supremacists fucks need to know it's the dawn of a new day. Gone are the days when you proudly flaunt your white supremacy in the face of black people with impunity. The need to know that there are consequences and repercussions for their racism and no quarter will be given.

    Tariq Nasheed is on a "Code of Conduct," tour where he's giving black people a code in which to live and how to conduct our lives. One of those codes need to be not aid or forgive white people when we're the victims of their racism.

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  • Why Aren't People with Gender Identity Issues Considered Mentality Ill?

    Ponder you (if you will,) this scenario. Suppose one day, you woke up one day and you had an epiphany that you were Jesus Christ. You with every fiber of you're being felt that you were the Lord and Savior. You grew your hair out, and you grew a bread in accordance with Jewish law. Let's say that you even went as far as to start wearing the clothing that peasant Jews wore in the Holy Land circa the 1st Century A.D.

    Since you believe that you're the Lord and Savior, you would go about doing the God's will which is spread the word. So when you go to work and other places, you start quoting Scripture. Since you're really about that life, you stumble upon the a church fundraiser or bingo night, and you disrupt it became you feel as if the organizers of this event is defiling your Father's house, like the money changers did in the Beit Hamikdash. Let's add in the fact since you think you're Jesus and acting like it's the 1st Century A.D., you're not washing your ass like you're suppose to. I think it's fair to say if you did these things, not only would be fired from your job and arrested, you might be committed to a mental institution.

    My question is this, how is that people with gender identity issues aren't regarded as what they are and that is some mentally fucked up individuals? How is that you're man, but you believe that you're a fucking woman and why does society have to not deal with, but is forced to accept these people fucked sexual proclivities and mental issues, but the homo movement has nerve enough to tell us regular folk that this shit is fucking normal.

    Just like I would be deemed to crazy if I was running around claiming myself to be the Messiah, why is that if I decide to change my sex or live as a women, the same criteria doesn't apply, suddenly I would be normal and just a "man trapped in a woman's body." If you ask me these tranny freaks are some sick muthafuckas. They're running around here pretending to be something that they're not and the rest of us are suppose to act like nothing is wrong. That there is telling you something is hella wrong with our society.
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  • Re: Black Scholar Calls "Empire" ‘Ghettofied’ ‘Coonery’

    I was hesitant to watch this show because it was other attempt at effemizing men with Lee Daniels faggot ass promoting the man-on-man dick sucking agenda. However, I saw this


    Then I was like, "Hmm maybe I can fuck with this. Then they got this shit going on.


    So I need to know what the level of gayness is one this show? Is the level of gayness on par with the level gayness that's on Spartacus or Game of Thrones or is the faggotry on Empire on a higher level.

    Hold on. Niggas are flagging me, but y'all are watching the which contains faggot ass elements in it. However, when I ask a question about the shit, then somehow that's a problem. Chill with the fuckery.