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    The name says it all. Nuff said.
  • Would You Suck Her Toes?


    These ole nigga bitches are killin' Rex with what they find attractive. Stupid bitch is going to be out 'chere takin' flight and doing :42 of the clip.
  • Re: Uganda Don't Play Dat

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    Looking at that map of Africa ......they don't play that gay stuff over there.

    It's like Zomebie says every time this subject is brought up, most of the world ain't that having a faggot/dyke ass nation like their are in white world. Most muthafuckas know there's something inherently wrong with a man wanting to suck off another man, have his dick suck in his ass, then have the faggot ass muthafucka nut in and on your face and chest. Shit is nasty ass fuck, potna.
  • Re: What's the weirdest thing you've gotten feelings for? (No giving feelings to the t/s allowed)

    A nigga felt some kind of way when he lost the election for Secretary of the Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. I literally did this job at my old school and for all intents and purposes Rex was President of the Paralegal Association in all but name only.

    Any way, I give my speak and I open with, "A lot of times people run for these type of offices and they speak in platitudes about the things they're going to do. They're given you nothing that's tangible, however, Rex is giving you something very tangible. On the screen I have my file with all of my previous work that I did for my other school. The Constitution for the Club that I re-wrote, the meeting minutes that I took, and the Event Coordinator's Handbook that I'm working for them, (yes even though Rex graduated from that school in 2012, he still helps out when he came. Then I get the e-mail announcing the winner. Rex lost to chick talking about fundraising via bake sales. Your boy was like WTF? These niggas would rather have some inexperienced muthafucka talking about bake sales, than me? Get the fuck out here.

    Then I always feel some kind of way when somebody other than Rex wins the lottery. Unlike acting, playing sports, doing stand up comedy, singing, rapping, or doing booty movies, winning the lottery is something that literally can happen to me, and I get a little upset when I check my ticket only to find out I didn't win the jackpot.

    It's weird because I can remember exactly when this happened. Several years ago, I was watching CNN one morning and some older white couple had won one of the first 100 million jackpots. They were having a press conference at an airfield, (I think the nigga just bought and airplane or some shit,) and as ya boy is watching, I suddenly think to myself, "Why am I watching this? I'm over here fucked in the game (at the time I was going through some financial difficulty,) and I'm watching some shit about how some other nigga has won the lottery." I then turn the T.V. off. Ever since then I'll turn the TV or radio station when they talk about lottery winners.

    This shit about Rex feeling salty about not winning the lottery jackpot has progressively gotten worse over time. At first I would listen to hear where the winning ticket was sold, if the ticket wasn't sold in an area that I bought it in, if it wasn't I literally wouldn't watch the news, look at the paper, listen to the radio for that day. If other people were talking about the lottery winner, I'd talk to change the conversation or I'd walk away for a bit. This not wanting to hear about lottery winners has gotten to the point where I don't even want to hear about BEFORE the drawing. Say there's one of those $250 or $300 plus Mega Millions or Powerball jackpots, I won't listen to the news or watch TV until after the drawing and winner has claimed his prize. The last time I was at the wash house, the news was talking about somebody other than Rex winning the lottery and I stuck my fingers in my ears and walked to the store, when I came back they were still talking about the muthafucka. You know how they have spoilers for Dancing with the Stars movies, T.V. shows, The Olympics, and other shit, well I honestly believe media outlets need to issue a "Somebody-Other-than-You-Winning-the-Lottery-Jackpot-Alert this will give people like me time to turn off their radios and TV. Rex is pretty much sure that he isn't the only nigga out chere that doesn't want to here about niggas other him winning the lottery jackpot.
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    Rex hopes that y'all enjoy your