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  • Re: My ex tellin people i used to suck toes (UPDATE GOT ROASTED AT THE KICBACK LAST NIGHT)

    Like Charlemagne said, if she ever ate your ass then she ain't got shit on you. You can either show your best potna the booty you made on the cellphone, then when he confirms how she took that mean ass nut to the face like Carmen Hayes did in Fuck'En Mo' Titties that will stop that shit real fast. Personally, I feel you should take pride in your toe lickin'. If her feet were clean as R. Kelly once said, "I don't see nothing wrong," especially if ole girl just came out the tub. This will work to your benefit because other chicks are going to want their feet licked on too.
  • Re: couple found high on heroin..kid in the back seat

    Those fiend ass CACs should of rode the white pony instead of the white horse. I'd like to dedicate the following song to those fiends.
    White Horse-Laid Back
    I feel horrible for that little guy. I will never forget that video of that boy smacking his momma up. Too much trauma for a child.

    That shit was too funny. That bitch was on super stuck. Again, good dope is a muthafucka. Lil man was smackin' the shit out of her nodding fiend ass.


  • Somebody Explain the Fat European Dudes in Speedos Movement

    Forget burkinis - now some of the French want to ban fat men in Speedos

    The Southern Comfort man in tiny trunks CREDIT: YOUTUBE

    Telegraph Reporters
    26 AUGUST 2016 • 9:32AM
    After the controversial burkini ban that has been introduced in some parts of France, people are now calling for another beach-related moratorium.

    Many social media users have suggested the French government would do well to forget burkinis entirely, and focus on something far more offensive: fat pasty men in Speedos.

    As one woman on Twitter writes: “If France are banning burkinis then they really should ban Speedos too because they are 100x more offensive to everyone having to view it.”

    Others have called into question the morality of a man being able to expose most of his body in Speedos, while a woman cannot cover up her skin.


    The tweets follow a satirical news report from The Mideast Beast, which reported that Muslim women were demanding the criminalisation of fat, white men in the tight swimwear.

    The recent burkini ban has been widely criticised, after a lone Muslim woman on the beach in Nice was ordered to remove hers.

    She was deemed to be in breach of French law, which has declared a ban on the full body “Islamic” wetsuit-like swimwear, in 26 towns, on the grounds that it is a conspicuous demonstration of religious belief.

    You don't get this shit too over here, but over on the French Rivera, on the Mediterranean, and other spots where these cats tend to vacation at you tend to get this shit. Now they would be pushing it and looking hella sweet if they were hella swoll wearing this shit, but these muthafuckas are hella out of shape tryin' to highside. Are they out on these European beaches crusin' for slong?

  • Re: Why are the Black Power Elite Such Strong Proponents of Gun Control?

    jono wrote: »
    Its stupid to tell a society that has a Gun problem that the answer is more guns. Naturally the problem is too many guns.

    The US produces more guns than people who actually buy guns so alot of the 2nd amendment fetishists are really promoting the spread of guns into countries like Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico which have ever increasing gun violence.

    It is what it is.

    An armed society is a safe society bruh. The only people who disagree are emasculated bitch made individuals and feminists.
    A Talented One
  • Re: Magic Johnson's "Son" Lost Weight

    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    On this whole fuckin thread nigga

    you went into too much detail about how this nigga gets down, the fuck wrong with you bruh

    Well that's what them faggots do.