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  • Re: Undocumented Woman With Brain Tumor Removed From Hospital By Trump

    Was going to post this. Her fault, she shouldn't have snuck her ass across the border (or overstayed her Visa,) expecting shit. Anyway, how is that the Police Commission going to make a bold pronouncement about what laws he will and not enforce? I'm personally opposed to child support. You mean to tell me that if I didn't want to enforce this fucked up law, I would be entitled to do so? How about those fucked up smoking laws? It's unseasonably warm out 'chere in the NYC, (57 degrees,) you mean to tell me they should let muthafuckas smoke in the park, bars and restaurants? I just hope the Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O'Neil feel the same way when Stop and Frisk comes back.

    I will say this though. The emphasis on the deportation seems to be on Latinos, when it should be on everybody here illegally. I understand that vast majority of illegals are essés, but there's a gang of chinks and Russians over here illegally to that need to be rounded up and shipped home also.
  • Re: N/H: Alt-Right racist homo Milo Yiannopoulos exposed as pro-pedo...

    Rex and Brother zzombie been told y'all muthafuckas that the end game of this fag acceptance was to lower the age of consent to 12, 13, 14 years old so these nasty ass faggots can effectively return us to ancient Greco Roman time and these Sandusky & Son muthafuckas could have access to young boys with impunity. When we were tellin' y'all that, the fags, dykes, man-bitches, tranny freaks, and their proponents on the IC accused us being intolerant and hateful hommophobes.

    Now, Milo the Faggot has basically confirmed this by saying these muthafuckas are into child grooming and they're about turning out young boys. To quote Brother zzombie, "The white man is a natural faggot."
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  • Re: This is new: ABC announces first black Bachelorette

    Fuck this racist ass show and it's coonin' participatants. This bullshit show was on some Telemundo/Univision shit with their blatant flaunting of racism and why supremacy. How in the fuck you're going to have a show where only four people are black. For this type of show shouldn't the contestant pool look like America? Some blacks, Asians, non white Latinos, Indians, Native cats? As I said before fuck this racist as show. It's only redeeming quality is that ABC hasn't ran all the way out and had fags on there cruising for slong and dykes looking for cunt to bump.
  • Re: Why are 90's rappers so much more deeper then those of today?

    1) 90's rappers had a better frame of reference in regards to pop culture, the state of the world, and history, (music and otherwise,)

    2) 90's rappers (no matter the subgenre of rap,) were trying to regarded as the best lyricist ever.
  • Re: Grammy Thread Official Thread 2/12/17 (It's On Now)

    Qiv_Owan wrote: »
    Niggas can post pics of Ceelo's Golddust tribute but not them titties...

    Yall trife

    Fucking disguestig. Put some damn clothes on.
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