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  • Re: 35 of the Women Pill Cosby Strongarmed for the Box

    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    Once again, I'm asking for ANY evidence. Just saying "there's evidence" means nothing. You think that the fact that he bought drugs with the Intent to Fuck while high means Cosby is guilty and I say that's naive reasoning because not every drug knocks you out and that's also not the purpose of most drugs

    I've gotten drunk/high with females and fucked. If you've done the same thing but you're trying to shit on Cosby then you're a hypocrite that should stay out of this convo

    Potna, it's just too many hoes saying the same damn shit. Are some them looking to get paid and smeer Pill's "good name," and reputation? Hell, I don't know probably, but you have to admit that out of those 35 chicks at a minimum he did something to something on more than one occasion.

    Here are two important facts that you're missing. The number of chicks that Pill gave ludes too might even be higher because a lot of bitches took the cash out. Why are you cashing hoes out if you didn't do shit? And like I read in the other Pill Cosby thread, None of bitches said, "We were poppin' ludes together." It's always the sick demented fuck gave me something.

    However, known of these hoes are worthy of sympathy because before The Cosby Show aired and Pill became the Pill we knew and loved, all Pill was known for was Fat Albert, I Spy, and some show that I never heard of where Cosby played a gym teacher. It wouldn't have been to hard for these chicks to go to the authorities (especially in the '60's and the 70's,) talm 'bout he did something to me. Potna definitely had problem with his nasty quasi-nercophiliac ass, and a gang of people, (namely Camille,) enabled dude to do this shit. Like I said, I sincerely hope that before he dies Cosby redeems what little honor he as left by apologizing to Phylicia Rashad and other people who went to bat for him. Even though a lot of these chicks are old, you can tell some of them weren't hot back in the day and Cosby had that Schwarzengger fuckin' ugly bitches fetish.

  • Re: So Birdman Really Out Here Trying To Ride That Wave Huh???

    There are certain things that we as fans should never do.

    1) Disturb, bother, talk to, ask for a picture and/or autograph of a muthafucka while he's eating.

    2) Disturb, bother, talk to, ask for a picture and/or autograph of a muthafucka while he's with his kids.

    3) Disturb, bother, talk to, ask for a picture and/or autograph of a muthafucka while he's in the bathroom.

    4) Disturb, bother, talk to, ask for a picture and/or autograph of a muthafucka while he's in a hospital. You don't know why he's there. Dude's mama could have just died.

    You can now add to that list, disturb, bother, talk to, ask for a picture and/or autograph of a muthafucka while you're in nothing more than a bath towel. Shit looks gay as fuck and sends a really bad message.
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  • Re: President Uhuru Kenyatta VS. President Obama - Gay Rights Edition

    This muthafucka. Instead of wanting to partner with the Kenyan government on how to combat terrorism, (which is a bigger problem thyere than it is here considering that they have terrorists openly operating within their border, dude is now pushing the fag agenda worldwide. How another country wants to deal with it's faggot is an internal issue that the U.S. needs to stay out of.

    It's clear to me that despite being an African American of Kenyan heritage and along with identifying himself as a black man that black people are not a part of the Pres. Obama's constituency. He'll do this pandering shit.



    But then it comes to law enforcement disrespecting, brutalizing, and murdering the very same people that he himself identifies with, not only will he not do anything about it, but he's strangely mute on the subject.
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  • Re: SMFH, Modern Day Uncle Tom House Nigga in Action

    babelipsss wrote: »
    It depends on how you look at it. That old geezer is probably burning up at the fact of that pic being immortalized.

    Or taking glee in the fact that white people still have niggas going out there to help people that could give a fuck about them.
    I think this can a win for blacks in the battle for public opinion. I mean, we can say, "Look, some of us are so magnanimous that we'll even provide help to someone who means us ill."

    Oh like the niggas that stay trying pray and sing white supremacy away. On top of forgiving the same muthafuckas are maiming and killing you?
    babelipsss wrote: »
    Even if that is wrong, and what this man did was wrong, I don't think it is as big of a deal as the t/s is making it.

    Yes it is a big deal. For the following reasons. This racist white supremacists fucks need to know it's the dawn of a new day. Gone are the days when you proudly flaunt your white supremacy in the face of black people with impunity. The need to know that there are consequences and repercussions for their racism and no quarter will be given.

    Tariq Nasheed is on a "Code of Conduct," tour where he's giving black people a code in which to live and how to conduct our lives. One of those codes need to be not aid or forgive white people when we're the victims of their racism.

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  • Re: Youngest Convicted Murderer In US To Be Released From Fla. Prison

    White supremacy is muthafucka. Smash on the sister though.
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