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  • Re: if family matters was real....

    If Family Matters was real, no way in hell would Urkel have continued sweating Laura when he had Myra's sexy, big tittied self chasing after him.

    Not only that, it would have dawned on Steve, that not only was Myra looked better than Laura, he would have realized that Myra liked Steve for the socially awkward, nerdy, genius that he was.

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  • Re: ...Meanwhile at Catholic School, The Snow Bunny Reported Ya Boy to the Dean

    Oh and don't let the guy turn her down when she does ask for sex...LAWD!!! According to THEIR pov, you ain't rejecting her advances, you're rejecting HER as a human being. Who she is. What she's about. She will call you every name in the book. Take shots at your manhood. B/c its unheard of for a guy to turn her down. Especially when she's offering some. I see the point you was making tho t/s.

    Long story, hella, hella, hella short. If y'all were following my approach journal, (which I haven't up dated in awhile,) y'all recall that fat chick ya was hella sprung on, "THE HI YELLA CHINKY EYED A CUP." In those posts, I talk about how she inexcusably cut ya boy off.

    Now the faculty adviser at my old school for the longest time wanted a Power Point presentation for Club Day to show all of the great and wonderful things that the Paralegal Club does as an inducement to check out the club. So I made the Power Point, but I intentionally left "T.H.Y.C.E.A.C." out of the Power Point, and basically, what Rec Prime said happen. When my faculty adviser, another PL Club alum and myself were talking about the incident, my faculty adviser, said and this is a direct quote, "I thought you fucked her and didn't call her back." When ironically, that wasn't the case. It was "THE HI YELLA CHINKY EYED A CUP" who shot Rex down seven times in thirty minutes, however, when she saw, that ole Rex was publicly, yet subtly ignoring and rejecting her, (in addition to not acknowledging her tenure as the PL Club's president for the Spring Semester,) it was sometimes her ratchet little ass couldn't handle.

    I've always said, (and as some of y'all probably already know,) the worst thing in the world you could do to a woman isn't to whoop her ass. The worst thing you could do to her is ignore her and give her any attention. Women will absolutely lose their muthafucking minds if you don't give them any attention, especially if they're somehow emotionally invested in you. Women need attention like junkies need hairron in the morning. Attention is a source of mental sustenance for them.

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  • Re: Fox's GOTHAM

    I thought Gotham was supposed to be Chicago and Metropolis is supposed to be New York.

    The old analogy is (assuming that you're familiar with NYC,) Metropolis is everything above Times Square, (The Upper East and Westsides) and Gotham City was everything below Times Square, (Hell Kitchen, The Bowery, The Lower Eastside, and Alphabet City.

    Because of gentrification, Metropolis is the nicer parts of NYC, with GC being the rougher parts. Also, Gotham City is based on NYC, a nickname for New York City is "Gotham."

  • Re: Fox's GOTHAM

    Bruh you would've smacked up a teenage girl who just threatened to tell rape in the middle of a precinct?

    I've always envisioned Gotham City with that "Serpico" level type of corruption. Imagine Chicago during Prohibition. Politicians on the take, GPD acting as an extension of Faclone's crime family, with the few good cops like Gordon, Bullock, and Montoya severely marginalized.

    Not only would a cop be able to smack up a teenage girl in the middle of Gotham City Police precinct, a nigga would be able to rape her, then give her that "Loumia," treatment with no fucks given, and dare somebody to say somethign about it.

    I know that shoot this show in New York, but wouldn't Detroit had been a better backdrop for Gotham? Again, I've always pictured Gotham City as being the "asshole of cities," in the DC Universe, and being that Detroit is the asshole of America, it seems like it would have been a better location. Or would this been problematic because Batman vs Superman is being filmed there also?

  • Re: Boardwalk Empire FINAL SEASON

    deadeye wrote: »
    Boardwalk Empire is had the potential to be one of the greatest television show of all time.

    deadeye wrote: »
    Boardwalk Empire is had the potential to be one of the greatest television show of all time.


    The seven year jumped fucked up the show. A better ending would have been last season's ending. Or with the Castellammarese War, Rothstein getting popped and the Al's consolidation of power with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. How a muthafucka passes up the opportunity to re-create which is arguably the greatest mob hit in the history of organized crime is beyond me. The look on Bugs Moran's face when he realized that the only reason he escaped death was due to tardiness would have been GOAT television.