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  • Re: NYPD Officer Shot in the Face in Queens

    It used to be that when a cop got killed I could separate the individual from the job and I understood that the police we're doing a job a lot us wouldn't do. However, in light of recent events I have to ask myself, how many times did this cop act in a corrupt and brutal manner towards the citizenry, and if he didn't do it personally, how many times did he turn a blind eye to the brutality and corruption of his fellow officers? The job is inherently dangerous and dudes know that shit when they sign on to be cops, besides Pat Lynch, (President of the PBA,) said that the NYPD was a "War Time Department," and this cop was nothing more than a causality in that war.

    The police want us to feel sympathy for their loses, but yet instill (with the exception of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care,) where's the apologies, sympathy and attempts are reconciliation when we end as victims of their murderous barbarity? There's none to be found, simply put.

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  • Re: So Iceman is now gay

    Broddie wrote: »
    Cain wrote: »
    They're trying to hard to force gay characters in comics. Why do this long standing character is stupid.

    LOL this reminded me of a Maximus Rex post.

    Speaking of... that brother is about to plotz when he finds this out.

    My boy Chuck told me about this fuckery the other day. This shit needs to stop because it's clear as a muthafucka that these muthafuckas are promoting a fucking agenda. They'll change a long standing character to a faggot or dyke to appease a very small segment of the fandom in the name of "diversity," and social commentary, but they won't do a damn thing about addressing systematic white supremacy in the media.

    How about having Power Man, BP, or Storm go after some rogue cops that are targeting black people? How about have a story line where you have some mutants on slick racist shit, but their hypocrisy is exposed concerning race when they're hated because homo sapiens fear homo superiors because of their powers. How about have Ororo and T'Challa reconciled to have one of the power couples in the Marvel U.

    This fag movement is some insidious shit. The fags and dykes are using every facet of the media to forward their sick ass agenda to have it a normal thing for young boys to suck dick as causally as young girls now lick twat, the cold part about is that they're using one of my favorite forms of entertainment to do it, the American comic book.

    If I was the head of Disney or Time Warner, I'd say fuck it, and just as Paul Didio said that Supes and the Batman are no longer allowed to wear their underoos, I'd issue an company wide edict banning faggotry and dyking in my books, and fuck what G.L.A.A.D., Dykes on Bikes, and Tranny Freaks of America has to say about it. It it's so important for these people to have men sucking dick and chicks eating pussy in their comics, start your own fucking company.

  • Re: DC Phase 1 Movie Thread

    Broddie ethered the fuck outta me and made me walk my imaginary dog. He's knows his shit.

    Word and I thought I knew my shit. I remembered dude have to school me on Darkseid. I just knew that Darkseid was a New Gods villain and he made his debt in said title. However, Broddie comes through and tells me that Darkseid is indeed a Superman villain and he made his debt in an obscure issue of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. Potna has probably forgotten more about characters, creators, character history, and the history of the medium in the past week, that I could ever hope to know.

    Speaking of which, there's something I been to ask you Broddie. Is the Kingpin a Spidey or a Daredevil villain? It know that Fisk made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man, but he seems to have transitioned into being more of DD nemesis.

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  • Re: What was the GOAT X-Men lineup?

    Claremont/Bryne. Simply put, those two saved the title. Without them X-Men probably would not have become what it is today. Also,




    The brilliance of the team dramatic is unparalleled and through Claremont's writing you get to see the weakness and strengths of each member of team and how they enter acted with each other. The mid 70's-mid 80's X-Men roster of Prof. X, Scott, Ororo, Logan, Kitty, Kurt, Sean, and Piotr is the best.
  • Women and Their Fuckery Never Cease to Amaze Me


    And this is why giving women unwarranted attention and complements needs to stop, immediately. I say give these hoes exactly what they want. If you see one that you want holla at give it a go, but when you do it, don't praise a hoe by tellin' her how pretty she is or how nice her outfit is unless she does or says something to show that the complement will not only be appreciated, by reciprocated in kind. If you get shot down, when you see her, just keep it cordial, but no unwarranted attention, she only gets one chance to reject you.

    Since women don't want to be "cat called," let's refrain from giving them any unwarranted attention by

    1) Removing any chick that you're not fucking or has proven themselves to be a true friend from all of your social media platforms e.g. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

    2) After removing any chicks from you social media that isn't a bed buddy or friend from your social media. Refrain from liking any of their pictures.

    3) When asked "how do I look?" in a certain outfit. Say, "I don't know. Fine, I guess?" In a very nonchalant and deadpan voice.

    Women, (especially attractive ones,) are used to receiving attention and have been getting it since their infancy, for us (men,) to remove it from them, they would simply lose their minds, start to question their beauty and they would begin to throw men the pussy to just get the reassurance that they're not only physically, but sexually attractive. Women need attention like junkies need harrion in the morning and it's time that they start to experience a little bit of withdrawal
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