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  • Re: south african big game hunter believed to be eaten by crocodiles

    This should prove to annoying as fuck animal rights PETA hipster fucks that there's more to hunting that just posting up, poppin' animal, then posing for pictures. That shit is hella dangerous because you're in the animal's realm (though very rare,) if you're not careful and respect nature some very bad shit can happen to you.
  • Re: The Official 'Ask A Stupid Question' Thread

    Why do black people take pictures at wakes and funerals like it's actually a festive occasion?
  • Re: US Drops the largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan

    The madness needs to stop right now! innocent children are being killed and for what?

    This ain't OBD at Grammys talm 'bout "Wu Tang is for the kids." This is muthafuckin' warfare and the aim is to kill as many as the enemy with causing the least amount causalities to yourself and spending the least amount of money possible.

    It's muthafuckas like you who make make impossible to prosecute a war properly because you bitch made muthafuckas are first muthafuckas that are "screamin' some ole "women and children," bullshit. You think Muhammad'em in ISIS give a fuck about American kids? Maaan, fuck those illiterate, goat herdin' would be terrorist muthafuckas. To paraphrase Drago, "if they die, they die, they die." I'd rather see a gang of Afghani get sent to see Allah as opposed to American children getting caught up in these muthafuckas fuckery. Also, these muthafuckas need to know that we'll take it there with no fucks given. Part of the reason why we have so many problems with these ISIS type muthafuckas is due to the fact that we're restricted by those bullshit and antiquted rules of warfare in the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention was meant for the large standing armies of white nation-states to prevent the next would be incarceration of Hiltler or Stalin from going h.a.m. on muthafuckas. Do you think those CACs who draw up the Geneva Convention rules of warfare knew we'd fighting against terrorists who used civilian populations to target and hide, the Geneva Convention would be applicable to them.
  • Re: The Feminization of Black Males Continues

    Santa Claus Will Be A Gay Black Man In A New Children’s Book
    He’ll also be married to a white man.

    By Curtis M. Wong


    Get ready to see Santa Claus in a new (and refreshingly diverse) light this holiday season, courtesy of a forthcoming parody children’s book.

    On March 28, publisher Harper Design announced plans to release Santa’s Husband, which re-casts Kris Kringle as a black man in an interracial, same-sex relationship. Slated for an October release, the book will follow Santa’s life in the North Pole, except in this version, he’ll have a white husband who fills in for him at shopping malls around the world.

    It will be written by Daniel Kibblesmith, a comedy writer on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” and feature illustrations by A.P. Quach (including the image above.)

    Kibblesmith, who co-wrote 2013’s How to Win at Everything: Even Things You Can’t or Shouldn’t Try to Win At with Sam Weiner, told The Huffington Post that he got the idea for Santa’s Husband last Christmas, after the Mall of America faced a backlash when it introduced a black Santa (played by Larry Jefferson).

    “My fiancée [author Jennifer Wright] and I joked privately, and then on Twitter, that since every house has its own traditions and lore surrounding Christmas, we would tell our child that the black Santa Claus was the ‘real’ Santa,” he said. “If they saw a white Santa at the mall, we’d explain that this was his husband.”

    Kibblesmith then joked about the idea in a Dec. 3 tweet.

    After his tweet garnered over 3,300 retweets and 8,300 likes and was featured on parenting blogs, the writer-comedian said he realized “there was genuine interest in this book becoming a reality.”

    As to what he’d like readers to take away from Santa’s Husband, Kibblesmith said, “warm Christmas-y feelings and a good night’s sleep,” noting that he hopes the book will ultimately become a yuletide favorite “for couples and new families who are looking to begin their own kinds of holiday traditions.” To prospective critics who may be angered at the prospect of a black Santa, Kibblesmith would like to remind them that “everything is OK.”

    “Some people — not me — even believe that Santa Claus is just your parents, which would mean that there are as many interpretations of Santa Claus as there are different kinds of families,” he quipped. “But again, this is only a theory, because Santa Claus is real, and we have written a book about him.”

    This is some slick racist shit. Considering that Santa is based on St. Nicholas (who was a Moor,) dude that it was actually funny to take a shot at black masculinity by making Santa Claus a fucking fag. Shit is disgusting.

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  • Re: Man Intervenes And Saves Woman from Crazy Wildebeest

    That dreaded bitch ass muthafucka took simpin' and bitch madeness to unbelievable low. I watched the entire tape earlier. This muthafucka took damage to his car behind a bitch that he didn't know from Adam. I could understand if that was his sister, niece, cousin, personal or family friend, but this was a some random bitch. A FAT random bitch at that. Not to that it would be an excuse, but muthafucka could rationalize if the threw on the cape for bitch that was a 7 or up, but he risk his life and probably had his insurance premiums go up behind a fat bitch. Like dude said at the beginning of Rebel Without A Pause, "I can't believe what this world is coming to."