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  • Re: New Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly...

    I know it's a corporation as opposed to a municipality, but how are bitches getting cash outs in the tens of millions of dollars because a muthafucka is trying to fuck, but a citizen is killed by a racist white supremacist and his next of kin gets a settlement between $3 - $5 million dollars?
  • Re: Ciara & Russell Wilson Moved Wedding From North Carolina Over Transgender Bathroom Laws

    Black people stay ridin' for the next muthafucka's causes. How about boycotting GA, MS, and TN for monuments honoring rebel scum, racism, white supremacy, and the KKK.
    the dukester
  • Re: The Official IC, "The White Man is a Natural Savage," Thread

    Racist thread.

    What's racist about unadulterated, sadistic malevolent savagery and sexual depravity that racist white supremacists have subjected black people to for damn near half of a millennium?
  • Re: Newark, NJ, Police Chased 10-Year-Old Boy With Guns Drawn in Mistaken-Identity Case

    What about black on black crime?
    AggyAF5th LetterStomp Johnsonmrrealone
  • The Things I Want to See in a Super Hero Movie

    1) Deadpool kill Wolverine: Origins Deadpool.

    2) Just like Paul Dini and Bruce Timm'em did with Mr. Freeze. I'd like to see somebody take this muthafucka


    and make him hella tight and relevant.

    3) A R rated Batman movie where

    The Scarecrow is on some psychological horror shit.

    The Joker is just doing the muthafuckin' fool.

    A film adaption of Year 2.

    and a murder mystery where the Batman is using his detective skills to track a sadistic serial muderer, rapist, or some type of twisted child pedo killer. You can also have The Batman matching wits against the Riddler.

    4) An Extreme Comics Cinematic Universe.

    5) A Valiant Cinematic Universe.

    6) A G. I. JOE Cinematic Universe.

    7) A Spawn Cinematic Universe. I think McFarlene ain't trippin' on Liefeld anymore, so if the money was right, you might would be able to use Spawn in the Extreme Universe since Chapel killed Al Simmons.

    8) Superman and The Batman back in their underoos and this


    return to Superman's cape.

    9) Mxyzptlk troll Superman for an entire movie.

    10) A Superman space adventure. This what the WB should have did instead of a hella wack ass version of the "Death of Superman story line. Supes exiles himself feeling that he's a 1) isn't wanted and 2) he's threat to the planet. He goes off into space and encounters the Cleric, gets the Eradicator, fights Mongul on Warworld, or loses his memory an ends up as a pawn of Darkseid.

    11) More comic book period pieces. When they eventually reboot this shit have Superman and the Batman start off in the 30's etc.

    12) A JSA movie.

    13) A reboot of the X-Men using these characters.


    14) Robin the BOY Wonder in a Batman movie.

    15) DC and Marvel use their western characters.

    16) A Booster Gold and Blue Beetle buddy movie.

    17) A JLI movie.

    18) A zany and whacky Plaz movie.

    This scene in a Batman reboot with the same exact dialogue


    Every adaption of the origin of The Batman has gotten it wrong as to why he wears the suit. Yeah the get the part right as far as the scary bat part, but they always leave out part that Bruce's first night out was an unmigated disaster that left him stabbed and shot. Bruce was on it so hard that he was fully prepared to bleed out right there in that chair. I would use this for the teaser trailer and the teaser poster.

    BangEm_Bart illestni99ainne5th Letterchgarcia345BenjaminE