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  • Re: The Official 2015 Powerful Porno Movement


    I really wanted to post this in the Social Lounge or the Grown & Sexy, because what old girl is talking about has wider implications than the booty industry, but gay ass nigga will probably shut my thread down. Sion is gonna have to school a nigga on this Lisa Ann chick because I don't know who the fuck she is. As a matter of fact, I got this clip from Tariq Nasheed's message board, White Supremacy and Porn,

    I'll even go as far to say that I wouldn't have watch her on xvideos, pornhub, or another site because I'm not into fake titties and girls that have had work done, but after hearing this clip, I'm a fan without even seeing her work and the next time I actually go and buy a booty movie, (yeah, I'm the nigga that actually goes and buys booty movies on occasion,) I'll be sure to make I'll buy a Lisa Ann product.

    Though it's mainly up to blacks to improve our lot in life, and I'm the first to say that we have to be a little leary of white people that are trying to help, we also need to be on the look out for white people that are down, and Lisa Ann is clearly down.

    I'm surprised that racism is such a big issue in the porn industry that a few cracca ass craccas are allowed to call shots like that. These chicks are all about the dollar and at the end of the day I'm sure most of them don't give a fuck who their fucking as long as they're getting a check, but for some reason their careers are hindered or believed to be hindered if they do interracial scenes. That shit kills me, bitches will do a bukkake scene or a gangbang with 10 dudes that involve double vag and double anal, but an scene with a black dude, "Oh no that shit is wrong and a career ender.

    These booty movies need to put their foot down, partner up and get their own distribution company, casting agency, and most importantly black ball, (no pun intended,) bitches that have the nerve enough to say they won't do interracial scenes. Personally, I would find insulting that a bitch at the end of her career would want to start slumming and then find it acceptable to work with me. Also, as funny as I find that shit, bitches have got to find some fucking dignity and boundaries and stop doing Ghetto Gaggers. Though I heard if bitches want to get in the industry, Ghetto Gaggers is a sort of an initiation into the industry. Black excellence @ 2:46
  • Re: Acceptable Unique Names for Black Children

    so again FUCK AFRICA.. Crenshaw Mafia on mines blood! lol

    =)) Nigga gang bangin' played six months after the Rodney King verdict. Stay in school and try and do something productive with your life.
    them niggas dont give a fuck about us..

    Neither will your "homies," when y'all get caught from some dumb nigga shit and they get to tellin' your business better than you can when those white folks start talm 'bout they'll have to do some years in Folsom, Soledad, or Quentin.

  • Re: Yo, This is Literally the Worst Rap Record I've Ever Heard in My Life

    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    Nigga.....Yall dont like NO fuckin "party" songs

    Party songs that Rex liked.

    You know what these songs have over that Co Co bullshit? No Rex, what? These songs actually cool or superior beats, involved, thoughtful production, and the rappers actually have lyrics, a flow, and a hook for the song.
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    thats the thing, fuck rap nigga

    you niggas so stuck on shit like wordplay, similies, double ententres, punchlines, history, science, and math and all this shit so heavy it make me wonder do you niggas ever just listen to rap for the fuckin musical aspect of it, gotdamn do you like instrumentation muhfucka

    Nigga, all of the things that you just listed are what makes, rap, rap and how nice you were with your with your lyrics. Damn, you young niggas are really and truly lost when it comes to this hip hop thing. It used to be no matter the genre you rapped in, the goal was to be regarded as nice on the microphone. Kool G Rap maybe regarded as a "gangsta rapper," but he's also regarded as one of the best that ever did. By the way, lyrical ability is a part of the musical aspect of the genre.
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    no, its just not good EASTCOAST rap, because its not east coast rap, and you niggas need to learn how to not judge everything as fuckin east coast rap,

    Really nigga. The old east coast/west coast argument that's been played out for fifteen years. Not that I listen to a gang of rap records, but I don't see the nigga who brought the East back. Who is it Papoose and Remy? French Montana? I know, Bobby Smurda is the seconding of Biggie? :))

    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    why we cant have fuckin subgenres,

    I agree trap is in desperate need of versatility and variety. However, garbage non-lyrical ass rappers that get beats from wackass producers shouldn't be one of them.
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    i realized that back in the 90s, I hate to keep makin rock references but its like some thrash metal crackas tryna judge some glam metal shit,

    Here's where your analogy is off base, it's like comparing Metallica's Master of Puppets, (which everybody knows is a classic metal tune with one of the the illest guitar riffs of all time, to David Lee Roth's Just a

    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    i aint like this coco shit at first eitha but giidamn like everybody else say this shit grow on you quick, its better without the visuals you got to ride to this shit, and the drums some classic shit on the low, that is if you niggas knew about anything other than some spacely sprockets stars and quazzars lupe bullshit

    Stop equating lyricism with abstract shit. I can run down a list of rappers who were dope as fuck who didn't go into abstract shit that are nice on the mic.
    No dog, it's bad. I'm not sure what you mean by I don't understand it since there is nothing deep or difficult to understand about it. The lyricism is pretty much nonexistent. His delivery is as simply and unimpressive and you can possibly get. The subject of the song is trite. It's just bad in every technical way you can come up with. Again, that doesn't mean you're wrong for liking it. I like a couple of Shawty Lo's songs even though I believe he's a terrible rapper. You keep on trying to make all these comparisons between this guy and other rappers or subgenres. I'm not even taking it there. I'm just going by the merits of the song. It's not a good song.

    Co-sign what dude said. Too $hort is one of favorite rappers, but I'm not going to insult the IC (do as you done,) throw on the cape and talk about how great of lyricist $hort is. I could half ass understand if this Co Co bullshit was some parody bullshit, but it isn't and niggas are taking the song seriously, and it's a having a detrimental effect on the culture. It shows new and aspiring artists that they don't even have to fucking try. All they have to do is come up with bullshit that niggas are liking for the minute, catch the attention of somebody in the industry, and get a deal. We need to go back to when dudes were trying to be the greatest rapper ever and producers actually time and care into their beats.

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  • Re: Yo, This is Literally the Worst Rap Record I've Ever Heard in My Life

    rip.dilla wrote: »
    808 heavy production is quite the norm in mainstream HipHop in this age.

    Nigga, they've been using 808's since Rebel Without a Pause.
    rip.dilla wrote: »
    Depending on how you tweak it, the producer on this jawn did a damn good job.

    Nigga, the producer and and engineer on the track ARE SUPPOSE TO MIX DOWN THE SONG PROPERLY.

    rip.dilla wrote: »
    you need to see the reaction of niggas on stage when the song came on..

    Potna's quote gives me a chance to break down his argument using the premise/conclusion format that ya boy learned in Ethics. According to rip.dilla, his conclusion is that because niggas where hyped and Whiz hoppin' around on stage like he was off some "Walter White" Co Co is a hot song.

    Premise-The bass kicks in Co Co hit hard

    Premise-The people on stage were hyped when the song came on

    Conclusion-Therefore Co Co is a hot track.

    The this is an inductive argument and the argument isn't non cogent because the premises doesn't make the conclusion probable. Just because a song has a hard 808 bass kick, was mixed down properly, and the people on stage were overly animated, doesn't lend itself to the belief that a song is indeed a hot track. It just means that people like a wack ass garbage song with deep bass kicks.

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  • Re: Yo, This is Literally the Worst Rap Record I've Ever Heard in My Life

    rip.dilla wrote: »
    No one actually forces anyone to like a song in the first place.. .

    You made a thread calling the song "wack"

    I pressed 'play' and surprisingly liked it. And your thread ironically has given the song more exposure

    So what are we talking about here?


    Nigga's perpetually worsening taste in music, especially rap music. Back in the "olden days," a producer would want to known as the best beat maker that ever did it and a rapper would without doubt wanted to known as not being able to be fucked with lyrically.

    Now we niggas making simple ass beats are supposedly hot simple of the bass kick, and signed artists with lyrics so wack that they make Mother Goose look like Rakim. The sad part is that niggas are under delusion that records like this are actually cool. If this nigga is hot, then I see why dudes say Wayne is the best rapper alive.
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