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  • Re: Supreme Court makes gay marriage legal across the country

    MsSouthern wrote: »
    Folks are born gay ...It's not a choice and you can't be influenced either just because 2 consenting adults want to get married

    Really, Bruce Jenner has five kids and suddenly decided his 64th year of life to become a bitch. If you're "born gay," how is that you're attracted enough to a woman to not only fuck her and maintain and erection, but do it multiple times? wrote: »
    Until your son/daughter are influenced by all of the gay activity around them and brings it into your house.
    MsSouthern wrote: »
    It's not a choice and you can't be influenced either just because 2 consenting adults want to get married
    Chicity wrote: »
    Why cats get so aggy about what the next family does in there own house??

    How can two complete strangers getting married possibly affect your life?

    Then why is there this big push to normalize the behavior? Why is that on every fucking t.v. show, there's a fag or dykin' character? Hell, even in my beloved comics there's a fag or a dyke in every fucking title? Why is Bruce Jenner's faggot ass lauded as some sort of hero? Why did these muthafuckas try and force Michael Sam's faggot ass down our throats? (no homo).

    Faggots and dykes know that their numbers are innately low, (because as much as they hate to admit it,) being a faggot and a dyke goes against the very laws of nature as far as reproduction goes. So they have to increase their numbers and they do this by having society at large deem women licking twat and men taking nut to the face as some normal shit.

    When I was at a debate tournament, one of the fags on the debate team inadvertently schooled me on the fag/dyke agenda. We were talking about traditional gender roles and he was explaining how traditional gender roles were bad for society. We went on to say, "Say there's a man, but he likes to dress in women's clothes, and that's what makes him fill powerful and sexy. Why shouldn't he be able to do?" Then it dawn in me that these mutafuckas want to eliminate traditional gender roles because it increases their opportunities for sex and/or relationships. If people are identifying as "pansexuals," (something I learned about from the same dude the night before.) Then dykes, (especially faggots,) can approach regular people with impunity.

    Just like girls and young women are experimenting with kissing each other, licking pussy, and dyking ass relationships, now the insidious homo movement is drawing it's focus on boys and young men. If in the street and in entertainment they're seeing dudes cup caked up, kissing, booty busting, and sucking dick, they'll deem the shit as normal. One day they're talking about cute little young broad they want to fuck, and the next they're flaming like Johnny Storm talkin' 'bout. "Hey y'all, this my boyfriend, Twon."

    zzombie wrote: »
    Next comes the push to lower the age of consent, and the ever increasing sexual and moral degeneration will continue leading to the reclassification of pedophilia.

    And don't that shit is on these muthafuckas agenda. They eventually want access to young boys, on some Greco-Roman shit.
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  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT GAY SHIT!!!!!! Leave my comics/cartoons/childhood alone!!!!!!!!!

    G.O.A.T.ed and quoted for the realness and foundation of that statement. What's the purpose of having all of this unnecessary and forced gayness in the show? The Flash comes on at 8 o'clock, so you know some youngsters are watching this shit. Are the faggots, dykes, half o' faggots, and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner's world trying to tell the youth of the world that this shit is cool? And for those of you who say that you're born gay and t.v. can't influence the youngsters to suck dick and lick twat, then why doesn't anybody on the show smoke? People in real life smoke, but you don't see anybody on t.v. doing that anymore, but every time you look up, you see some ole homo shit.
    Broddie wrote: »
    Not only that but in the comics dude is in a relationship with Pied Piper. The same Pied Piper who was one of the first openly gay characters in the DCU way way way back when people didn't always bitch about a "gay agenda" & became a reformed villain and one of Wally West & Linda Park's best friends for about 2 decades. In other words The Flash is a property that has had gay supporting characters for quite some time now.

    I could give a fuck if Jay Garrick had supporting faggot ass characters starting from Flash Comics #1 and Barry had them in dating from Showcase #4, these muthafuckas are clearly promoting a fucking agenda and the question is to what cause? Why do we need faggot and dykin characters in comics and t.v.? especially in the children have an opportunity to see that shit? It's especially insulting that homos and dykes what to promote their agenda, but there are hardly any images of positive black images or relationships on t.v., but every time I look up there's a faggot on t.v.? What place those a dick sucker have in a superhero universe anyway, after all we're taking about men here.

  • Re: The Official 2015 Powerful Porno Movement

    jee504 wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »

    :)) :)) :)) Nigga Sion a fool for that one was this at Erotica? At least it was Lisa Ann. I have to give her props for exposing the racism in the booty movie industry and working with brothers. Hey Sion, do booty movie conventions have panels like at comic book conventions and how do you approach a chick about a scene you liked her in? Also, and most importantly, do they have big ass signs informing you that you're about to enter into the Fag Porn and Crude and Rude section of the con?

    Stay way all the fuck out of Ill Pix. Lame ass bitch.
    Disrespecting the mofo'n set

    Learn how to comprehend what you read, you semi-illiterate fuck.

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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Movie Thread


    :-O :-O :-O Well Mr. J IS out of his mind. The irony is that I was on another message board and a dude was saying that he was looking forward to Suicide Squad's Joker because it's going to be the first time he was going to see a good Joker portrayal in 27 years, (since Nicholson's,) and in all of his years of reading Batman comics, he's ever read anything remotely like Ledger's interpretation of the character. However, the same dude likes this shit.

    Here's the cold irony, if this was suppose to be somebody other than the greatest comic book villain of all time, I'd be all over it. I'd be like, "Cool, I can't wait to see this dude." If this was a character that was suppose to be a copycat Joker, somebody that is obsessed with the Joker and idolizes him, somebody that wants to win the Joker's approval and become his "robin," but the Joker rejects him, with causes this new character to be filled with anger to not only kill the Joker, but prove he can be a "better," Joker which causes him to go on a killing spree, I'd be with it, but what the fuck is this shit? Synder has the Joker out here looking like the President of the Lil Wayne Fan Club.


    I'm now officially worried.
  • Re: Women and Their Fuckery Never Cease to Amaze Me

    Kat wrote: »
    Lol, while I don't necessarily disagree the source comes across as a dude that's been rejected or friend zoned a gazillion times.

    All bullshit aside, Kat, what does me being rejected by women have to do with this bullshit? The fact of the matter is women an insatiable need for constant attention, however when they get, they have nerve enough to get pissed off about it.

    Women don't have the courage to approach men, (namely because they can't deal with the rejection,) so that forces men to approach women, when you do it enough you're bound to get rejected. So me a nigga that's never gotten rejected or a friendzoned by a chick and ole Rex will show you a 14 year old who's still scared to step to chicks. Nice try at the deflection though. Next time try to stay on topic.

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