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  • ...Meanwhile at Catholic School, The Snow Bunny Reported Ya Boy to the Dean

    And so my Christian Marriage professor had to pull ya boy aside the other day because the snow bunny called herself being offended by what I said. In class we were discussing that women have a just as hard, (if not a harder time,) getting sex than men.

    Of course this is absolute bullshit because as I explained in class, men have to not only get the courage to approach a chick, but we also have to

    1) Get her to positively respond when we say "hi."

    2) Maintain her attention during the initial interaction.

    3) Get her to agree to a date, then hopes that she doesn't flake.

    4) and even if these successfully happen, a dude still has to get to a chick to see him as a person that she's sexually attracted to and wants to get in the bed with.

    I also said in class, that in order for a man to get sex from a woman, he has to successfully complete these steps. Now enter the snow bunny.

    Then the chick chimes in with the bullshit that she said. I respond with, "Well in the case of women, all y'all have to do is "Look cute. Consent. Be conscious and sober. Then here's the part I think that got me in trouble, I said, " You're attractive and you could be spread eagle naked on the piano in the DAC, (the student lounge,) and there would be a gang of dudes in line going out of the door waiting to hit."

    My professor told me that I could say whatever I want in class, just don't personalize things. What kills me is women's hypocritical nature and why I (with the exception of a few women,) why I don't take the gender on the whole seriously.

    1) The snow bunny put entirely too much on by running to the dean and telling on me.

    2) What I said was an incontrovertible truth.

    3) This is purely conjecture on my put ole girl called herself being offended, but she probably dittles herself at night at the thought of being gang banged and bukkakked by the St. John's lacrosse team.

    At least she didn't call me "demented," "deranged," and "diabolical," and said I laughed at the death of her potna and I said she was probably a hoe and deserved it.
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  • Ginger Snow Bunny Kneeling Before and Kissing Nigga's Boots


    White Woman Says, "I Love Black Men" Kisses the Boots of Hebrew Israelites

    This bitch isn't too far removed from being facial abused and being sent to the track to get a nigga's money. Personally, ya boy Rex would have preferred some head. The fuckery starts at 4:29
  • Shakin' My Muthafn' Head, Simpin' @$$ Nga Gives a B**ch Money For Tuition (Pics Inside)


    Niggas never cease to amaze me and their fuckery. Simps are more than willing to indulge faggot ass beta male behavior in order to get some pussy, but in this case, this stupid muthafucka is probably under the delusion that paying ole girl's tuition will result in relationship. Look at that stupid ass cheesin' muthafucka, out 'chere thinking he gone hit, while ole girl is just looking like she wants to get it over with and get back to this nigga.


    How much you want to make a bet that ole boy saw some of that $2500? Assuming that babygirl did use the money for school, at least that simp ass muthafucka can that solace in the fact that he contributed to the hoe bitch scholarship fund.

  • Re: C-Murder going at Master P on his new track...

    C murder is not a garbage rapper but silk & p is.

    Saying that C Murder/Miller isn't a garbage rapper is like saying that shit in the recyclables isn't garbage.

    P. TownilledoutRawAce
  • Re: C-Murder going at Master P on his new track...

    The nigga C Murder/Miller is hella out of line. If anybody made it their life's mission to make sure that everybody was doing good and they were eating, it was P. How many people gave their no talent having Pac blatant Pac swagger jackin' relatives jobs?

    All I ever wanted to be was a solider? Nigga you got the chance and receive a gold and platinum plaques for your efforts. Like dude said, that's that realization you're never going to hit the streets frustration, but to take it out on the very person who's directly responsible very everything good that's every happened to you in life other than birth? Get the fuck out of her nigga.

    P is better nigga than me because I'd cut his punk ass off for that gay ass. The nigga should have learned his lesson when he beat that first case on appeal, but he took that solider untouchable shit to heart. Lucky for him P is a genuniely a good dude and he'll make sure that C Murder/Miller' has money on his books and he'll go visit his punk ass. Ungrateful bitch.
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