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  • Re: No Homos In My Comics Please

    The comic industry stay promoting this foul ass shit. One of the things they should have did when they instituted the new 52 was cured homosexuality. I wonder how long it is before these faggots and dykes appear in the movies. Since Marvel and DC are so fucking liberal, (for the shake of balance,) why don't have either a new or established black characters kill rogue cops. Shit is disgusting.

    Catwoman comes out as bisexual

    By Henry Hanks, CNN

    (CNN)Catwoman has been an arch-nemesis for Batman for 75 years, becoming an antihero over time and spinning off into her own comic book series.

    But it turns out we didn't know all there is to know about Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

    This week's "Catwoman" #39 comic revealed that Selina is bisexual. (Like CNN, DC Comics is owned by Time Warner.)

    Comic book writer Genevieve Valentine penned a blog post explaining the scene in which Selina is seen kissing Eiko Hasigawa, who has taken on the mantle of Catwoman in recent months, while Selina has taken on the role of a crime boss.

    "She's flirted around it -- often quite literally -- for years now," she wrote. "For me, this wasn't a revelation so much as a confirmation."

    However, fans who like her flirtation with Batman will not be let down, according to Valentine.

    "Please be assured that Selina's longstanding connection to Batman has not been forgotten; that is not how bisexuality (or humanity) works," she wrote.

    Valentine has been building toward this moment in the comic's storyline and saw the character of Eiko as a good opportunity to establish Catwoman's sexuality once and for all.

    "Eiko has offered a moral challenge -- and we know Selina loves a challenge -- but has also unexpectedly given Selina trust and support at a time when those are in desperately short supply," she wrote.

    "Selina is a complicated person; she's drawn to complicated people. In some ways, it's that simple ... though of course, it's never simple."

    In 2004, Catwoman was awarded a GLAAD media award for its portrayal of the character Holly Robinson as openly gay.

    Batwoman was reintroduced as a lesbian character in 2006 (her series is coming to an end soon).

    Fans reacted quickly on Twitter once the news of Catwoman's sexuality came out.

  • N.W.A Niggas With Arthritis



    The years have clearly been kinda to Cube. Why does Ren look like he's been sucking on helium and why did Dre stop lifting weights?
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  • Re: Somebody Done Told You Wrong: Black Celebrities Who Say They’re Not African American

    i jus know u don't expect me to read that shit??!

    The tripartite of having ADHD, an 7th grade reading level, on top of having low reading comprehension would make the task an arduous one, so no.

  • Re: G.I. JAYNE (Needs To Drop A Few Pounds, But Still Smashable)

    This thread proves that niggas will fuck anything born a female. Raise your fucking standards gentlemen. You'll be a better man for it.
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  • Re: IC Candy: Pico reloaded

    Trillfate wrote: »
    aight u hungry Animals.... its time to EAT!



    Why do I get the feeling Ms. Pico was having a day, (something along the lines of getting harshly rejected by the dude that she wants to take a sloppy facial from and she posted that pic on the IC knowin' that niggas would simp hella hard in a effort to boost her self esteem?
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