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  • Re: Bachelor show shut down.. female says she was sexually assaulted

    Bachelor in Paradise Show Gets Axed Because White Female Tried To Have Sex With a Black Man
    Chi SnowBlackAX410
  • 100 Rappers Incontrovertibly Better Than Gucci Mane

    1) Rakim

    2) Big Daddy Kane

    3)The D.O.C.

    4) KRS-ONE

    5) Ice Cube

    6) Snoop Dogg

    7) Kurupt

    8) Daz

    9) Kool G. Rap

    10) Scarface

    11) Andre 3000

    12) Big Boi

    13) Ludacris

    14) Redman

    15) LL Cool J

    16) Kool Moe Dee

    17) Juvenile

    18) Jay Z

    19) Biggie Smalls

    20) Trick Daddy

    21) Eminem

    22) Lord Jamar

    23) Sadat X

    24) Common

    25) Lupe Fiasco

    26) Kendrick Lamar

    27) J Cole

    28) Busta Rhymes

    29) Q Tip

    30) Phife Dawg

    31) Bizzy Bone

    32) Layzie Bone

    33) Krayzie Bone

    34) Sheek Louch

    35) Styles P

    36) Jadakiss

    37) Method Man

    38) Raekwon

    39) Ghostface Killah

    40) The GZA

    41) Big Sean

    42) Big Pun

    43) 8Ball

    44) MJG

    45) MC Eiht

    46) 2Pac

    47) Beanie Segal

    48) Freeway

    49) Cassidy

    50) Black Thought

    51) Bun B

    52) Pimp C

    53) Keith Murrary

    54) Big L

    55) Buckshot

    56) Prodigy

    57) Havoc

    58) Nas

    59) Chuck D

    60) Papoose

    61) Canibus

    62) Memphis Bleek

    63) Slick Rick

    64) WC

    65) Yukmouth

    66) The Game

    67) 50 Cent

    68) Fat Joe

    69) Young Jeezy

    70) T.I.

    71) Nelly

    72) Del the Funky Homosapien

    73) Numskull

    74) Coolio

    75) David Banner

    76) Treach

    77) Posdnuos

    78) Trugoy the Dove

    79) Willie D

    80) B Real

    81) Twista

    82) Mystikal

    83) Childlish Gambino

    84) Pusher T

    85) Ice T

    86) J Ro

    87) Tas

    88) King Tee

    89) E-40

    90) Xzibit

    91) Ras Kass

    92) Devin the Dude

    93) Mack 10

    94) Dres

    95) AZ

    96) DJ Quik

    97) Spice 1

    98) Cold 187um

    99) Proof

    100) Royce Da 5'9"

    That My Kitchen shit hit though, but he bit Jezzy's style on that track. After listening to a few Gucci tracks he's not as bad as I thought he was. With that being said, dude's music is like 31 Flavors, bland and hella boring. Though not being complete and total trash, Gucci is FAR from being a dope emcee.
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  • Re: Looks like Section 8 is about to come to an end.

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    I only have sympathy for the kids caught up in the bullshit of their parents(father & mother).

    Fixed that to give a more accurate reflection to what's actually going on.
    deadeyeLcnsdbyROYALTYJoshuaMoshua  peeny_wally2HafBaykedTrillfateMaywood

    b'mer... wrote: »

    Really bruh? Muthafuckas are doing entirely too much. Cats are actin' Obama campaigned on and got us reparations, an urban Marshall Plan prioritizing getting money to black owned businesses, and sending these Neo Gestopo criminals to the Feds for harming black people. Historical makers in a place where a former president got his first kiss from his future wife. Black people take in the dumbest shit. SMMFH.
  • Re: Female Only Showing Of Wonder Woman, (Yea Or Nay)

    The fuck up irony behind this hypocritical female fuckery.

    The proceeds to this discriminatory screening are going to female victims of domestic violence.

    On the one hand theshere'se idiot broads will say thay men don't take domestic violence seriously, the onus is on men to prevent violence against women, and men need to show care and concern for these masochistic imbeciles who associate love with a righteous ass whoopin'.

    Then when the very same men (who these chicks say need to pay more attention to and do more to prevent domestic violence,) by giving money to that very same cause, men are inexplicably denied the opportunity to do so. Female logic is a muthafucka.

    So I'm doing an "about face," on my position concerning this issue. Since women don't want men to be involved in or contribute money to preventing domestic violence, then we as men need to step away from the issue completely and totally and let these broads figure that shit out for themselves.