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  • Re: Are Blacks Who Play for Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt Coons?

    Racist crackers/students/professors/alums/ are in every white college in America. By your logic, you're a coon unless you go to a HBCU.

    This why women have no business in intellectually simulating conversation, it's too much for their feeble minds to process and understand. Go back, re-read what I wrote and see if you can comprehend the message that I was trying to convey.
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  • Re: Dammmnn @ Remy Ma!

    Somebody needs to check Joe on that "N-word," shit though.
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  • Re: The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 thread - Captain America:Civil War: (May 6 2016)

    Question. How is that when Marvel deviates from the source material, the shit is cool, fluid, and makes sense to the story being to told, (the notable exception being Iron Man 3,) but Fox and Warner Bros. do it, you're usually with feeling pissed off, WFT, and why didn't they just stick to the source material?. Is there a Marvel Studios bias or does Marvel Studios just have a firmer grasp on making good to excellent film adaptions of their comic book properties and making that vision come to fruition.
  • Magic Johnson's "Son" Lost Weight








    Bruh, shakin'-my-muthafuckin-head. There are few things that rank worst than this fuckery concerning a man's son. This is some shit that you only wish on your worst of enemies. It's bad enough that your son, (and in this case Magic's namesake,) sucks dick, puts a rubber on a muthafucka's dick, then jacks him off, is into booty bustin' and kiss on and gets in the bed with dudes, but this muthafucka takes it to unnecessary extremes. Is all of this extra shit really all that necessary? Seriously, what does all of this extra shit have to do with being a faggot and suckin' dick? Rex just understand, then again, I really don't want to.

    Also, I really have a hard time believing that Magic is cool with this shit. Sure, in public Magic will say that he loves and supports his son, (he has to or else it will fuck his money up,) but if you were cool with Magic and had his complete and total trust, I'm sure that he would reveal to you that this shit is some ether to his soul. Sure Magic played for the faggot ass Lakers, but Magic is arguably the greatest player in the history of that franchise and one of the greatest players to ever play the game. EJ should have a bit more respect for his father's name and legacy. Shit is fuckin' sad mayne. If this God forbid if this was my son, I'd have to disown him.

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  • Re: MIA thinks Beyonce and Kendrick should rep #MUSLIMLIVESMATTER movement

    We can't even get fucking Farrakhan to be a man of his word and follow up on that "Justice or Else," tagline in regards to the injustice that Akai Gurley received, but this stupid bitch wants black people to support her people. The same muthafuckas who had a plan to blow up the Atlantic Ave/Barclay's Center train station in Brooklyn, that is highly traffiked by blacks. The same people that routinely slaughter Christians in Africa. Fuck out of here with that bullshit. How 'bout your punk ass renounce terrorism first.
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