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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    Yall just had the biggest nba finals flop of all time

    So that's y'all mantra. That's all you hatin' muthafuckas have to hang your hat on. That shit is was last season, the only muthafuckas that's trippin' off last season is salty muthafuckas that now realize that they have no hope. Muthafuckas bringing up last season like a bitter baby's mama, made that her baby daddy ain't trying to fuck with her anymore.

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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread


    Nuff said.

    All those salty hatin' ass muthafuckas have me like.


    I love it. We went from being the assholes of the NBA, trading Wilt Chamberlain and Robert Parish, passing on Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, drafting cats like Chis Washburn, bad trades, and Sprewell tryin' to choke out P.J. Carlesimo, to the darlings of the NBA, to most hated, all because KD wants a ring. Oh I love it.

    The Dub Nation wants your hate, let the hate flow through you, give us your hate, we NEED your hate, ole hatin' muthafuckas. Were was all of this hate for the punk ass Lakers, the Heat, and the Bulls? Now muthafuckas want to hate on us because we got a squad for the ages and KD wanted to be a part of that greatness. Would muthafuckas be trippin' had he stayed in OKC, went to the Spurs, or weak ass Knicks?

    I'm lovin' KD right about now, I'm lovin that man more than his mama and his girl, (no homo,). We about to win 70 games out 'chere and ain't y'all can do about it. I love you KD. I meant that with every fiber of my being. With your courageous decision you have firmly cemented 73-9 to the past. Thanks, dude.

    When I see all of these ole salty hatin' muthafuckas I'm like this.

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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread


    Nuff said.
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    1) Is Bronn still a sellsword?

    2) Is sorcerer who cut Varys' shit off still in that box?

    3) If Dany wins, will that bring the Free Cities of Essos into the realm?

    4) Since punk ass Stannis is dead, does the money he owed the Iron Bank transfer Tommen or do they just take that L?

    5) Who is Lord Commander of the Night's Watch?

    6) I think it was the Three Eyed Raven who told Bran that he will never walk again, but he will fly. Does that mean he will worg into one of Dany's dragons when she gets to Westeros?

    7) What is the Night King's end game? Turn everybody into White Walkers or zombies?

    8) Who is the best swordsman?

    9) Why does Jamie have such weird and perverse taste in women? He could have literally any woman in the Seven Kingdoms, but lusts after his twin sister and an ugly big bitch.

    10) Who has the biggest army? The Larks, Lannisters, the Martells, or Dany?

    11) Why didn't Robby B confront Rhaegar's triflin' ass at the tourney after he just straight up clowed him when he crowned Lyanna Queen of Love and Beauty?

    12) Why doesn't Jamie just tell everybody that Aerys was trippin' like a muthafucka during the Sack of King's Landing and he ordered the city to be destroyed, if he hadn't committed this act of regicide, 500,000 people would have been killed.

    13) Where in the fuck is Nyermia?
  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Westie wrote: »
    I hope Danny and Yara get it in ON tho.



    They mean the same thing
    Mastery wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    I hope Danny and Yara get it in ON tho.


    I'm pretty sure their was no need to fix anything lol

    Actually, it doesn't mean the same thing. Since Westie is a chick, I took it to mean that she hoped that Dany and Yara got it "in," on the battlefield and not in terms of bumpin' cunt and lickin' twat.

    You know ole Balon got to be turning over in his grave considering that Yara didn't "pay the iron price," for the Salt Throne and she agreed to make the Iron Born stop pillagin' and plunderin'.

    All IC set tripping aside, I got no beef with Littlefinger, but y'all Triggerfingers stay giving him too much credit. He didn't mastermind half the shit you claim he did. He jumped ship time and time again to save his ass and stood in the background while others did the dirty work and called the shots. That makes him two things....a sidekick and a snake. Yes, he played it BEAUTIFULLY. But for the first time in 6 seasons, Petyr Baelish played his hand. He's no longer some pimp running a whorehouse pretending to be everyone's friend and conning them into thinking he supports their cause for the Throne. He finally has a vested interest. He's running with the Knights of the Vale and calling shots for House Arryn. He sided with the Starks. The Freys and the Lannisters are coming for his ass now and the Starks still will never fully trust him as indebted as they may be. Everyone's starting to get hip to his game. He gained an army, but his power.

    See, y'all don't understand the intricacies of the shit. Namely, right expose yourself and expend valuable resources and money when you don't need to, especially when you have others that are perfectly capable of doing the "heavy lifting," for you, and that's make Littlefinger the Gawd. He has enough foresight to others either neutralize or liquidate potential threats and enemies for him, while he plays the back and reaps the benefits of those seeds of discontent that he's sown. The Gawd knows that the Lannisters are on the way out and he's just chosen wisely.

    Now I admit there is a wild card in play with Bran's vision, so we'll have to see how that's going to play itself out, but the Gawd, Lord Baelish has made himself indispensable to Lark cause with his cunning, prep time, military might, and paper. Sansa and Jon know that Robyn isn't capable of being Lord of the Vale, (unless they're going to give Davos the Vale,) they need the Gawd.

    I'm also tried tried of you hatin' muthafuckas callin' the Gawd a pedo, when y'all are giving




    a pass on their pedo ways. Y'all seem to forgot that at start the start of GOT she was 14, (and depending on how much time has passed,) she's no older than 17 at the most.