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  • Re: Black History: Pharaoh Sesostris once Conquered the Whole World

    I have to add this to the Black Excellence thread.
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  • Re: Fair or Foul: Marvel Comic's depiction of new black teenage female hero

    jono wrote: »
    I read that Marvel rescinded the cover, her variants are better anyway

    jono wrote: »
    I read that Marvel rescinded the cover, her variants are better anyway


    Hell that's a doper cover anyway. I how that they make that into a poster. Shit would be dope as fuck autographed, matted, and frame. Actually, my problem RiRi is going to M.I.T., somebody should have done some research and had her going to Tuskegee, North Carolina A&T or Florida A&M.
  • YOOOO! The Esses On Messican Jerry Springer Are On Straight WWE Street Brawlin' Shit!

    TV Talk Show Fights -The Jerry Springer of Mexico Features WILD and INSANE Brawls

    I'm not speaking in hyperbole when I say that this is some real life WWE shit. Not only does "Messican "Steve," and "Todd," let muthafuckas go for minute for they before they intervene. They're muthafuckas coming out of the crowd to get with the fight and at 2:50 there's even a chair shot.

    Damn- This Woman Beat 3 Girls Up On A Spanish TV Show!

    Mami got hands. She straight got "Roberto Duran," on. As usual ain't a black face to be found. Then again, I'm kinda glad we weren't a part of this fuckery. Can some of our Spanish brothers be as so kinda as to translate?

    This clip opens with a muthafucka getting dropped and @ 1:59 a muthafucka getting airbourne.
  • Re: I'm dissapointed in ya'll black americans ya'll are soft as shit!

    Ether44mag wrote: »
    i'm from Montreal, Canada the black community is mostly haitians and twice the cops killed innocent victims and TWICE riots popped off and COPS GOT SHOT !! what the fuck is ya'll waiting for ??? smh you all must be be under hypnosis or something because back in 94 LA rioted for Rodney king who only got beat up but now they killin ya'll every 2 weeks and you guys aint doin shit but memes and rallys smh .DISCUSTING!



    Peace black man. Since the black population in Montréal is Haitian, they have the legacy, knowledge, and spirit of these fearless warriors


    in their consciousness and coursing through their veins. The freedom and liberty loving Haitian takes to heart Brother Malcolm's maxim of "by any means necessary," because it's been a part of his proud and illustrious fight for freedom and self-determination. Also, due to the precedent that Brother Dessailnes set, the freedom and liberty loving Haitian knows not to give racist white supremacists any quarter when they even so much as to give hint that they're threatening their civil and human rights.

    The problem with African Americans were that proverbial frog in the pot of water that the temperature is gradually being raised on. We're too comfortable and far too complacent. We know that shit is fucked up, but at the same time we're not willing to put in the work and make the sacrifices necessary to make out situation better.

    Uhh.. yeah burning shit down has worked wonders for us down here in America.

    We have yet to burn down the right shit.
  • Re: LOL, Mary's J. Blige's Ex Needs a Rack a Month for Clothes and 5 Racks A Month for His Parents

    Lefty_ wrote: »
    We're going to get some great music out of this.

    I was about to say that. This stupid muthafucka just provide us with the next 3, 4, maybe 5 Mary albums.

    This goes for any man and woman. You sign a prenup, you outta luck if s*** goes south.

    Ummm, not so. There's more to the pre-nup than just signing the muthafucka. Marriage is a very unique business contract unto itself. As already stated the document is void if an family attorney doesn't look it over. Also, the attorney has to be comparable to the one that's drawing up the document. In other words if you're spending 2 racks to draw up the document, you have find a lawyer of equal skill (and pay) to make the sure the document is fair. So no going to the pro bono legal aid family attorney to have him co-sign the shit.

    You also can't just spring the shit up on a muthafucka. You can't get to like within two months or less talm 'bout, "Hey Boo Boo. I need you to sign this pre-nup." If she signs and the shit breaks bad, ole girl can say she signed the shit under duress and no contract is signed under duress is valid.

    Then there's the "equal distribution of martial property," or the cash out. Say you're already established, the pre-nup is designed to protect the assets you already have, not the ones acquired during the marriage. In the pre-nup there's has to be on how you're going to divide that shit up. Which is why I don't understand why rich muthafuckas feel the need to get married knowing how fucked up this business arrangement is.
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