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  • Re: Hoes stay winning: Pinky Edition

    Guess who's going to the altar? LMAO

    Fuck her being called Pinky, her names is now Big Toe.

    This is going to be like that scene in Boogie Nights

    Ole Rex remembers when she used to look like:


    Now she just did a Teddy P, and "let it go." I understand that she had when she was slimmer, she wasn't eating properly, but letting yourself become a gluttonous slob isn't the business either. Pinky isn't sexy anymore. Hell she isn't even a cute fat bitch.

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  • Re: Gambian President Says He Will Slit Gay Men's Throats In Public Speech

    1CK1S wrote: »
    Gambia's president warns homosexuals: 'If you do it here I will slit your throat... no-one will ever set eyes on you again











  • Re: Black Excellence: The Official IC Class of 2015 Graduation Thread

    Jabu_Rule wrote: »
    I went to TCI too. Props brother.

    What was your major?
    @"Maximus Rex"

    What law school are you going to? I've paid five initial seat deposits and I still haven't made a choice yet.

    Of course I want to go to the one Uptown or the one in the Village, but Fordham, Brooklyn Law, SJU Law, possibly one in Jersey, or one in CA would be cool. I still have to take that fucked up LSAT test. As far as test preps, which one do you recommend?

    The Legal Society at SJU had an alumnus come in and he recommended, Test Masters, Power Score, and Blue Print because they don't have a "factory feel," like Kaplan or Princeton Review, and also because the Test Masters and Power Score instructors are in the 97% percentile while the Kaplan and Princeton Review instructors are in the 90% percentile.

    For example, Ivies want a muthafucka to have a an LSAT score of 173 out of the 180. The instructors at Kaplan and Princeton Review didn't get that score on their LSAT, where as the instructors at Test Masters, Power Score, and Blue Print actually got the score the Ivies and top tier schools look at. So I'm inclined to fuck with Test Masters, Power Score, and Blue Print because their instructors actually got the score that you're trying to get.

    Rex is the first to admit that he's a arrogant conceited fuck, but I know that I'm not the only muthafucka that's graduating from something this year, I'm encouraging all of y'all to share your graduation photos.

  • Re: Black Excellence: The Official IC Class of 2015 Graduation Thread


    @ graduation.
  • Re: What's stoppin you?

    Pico wrote: »
    Money. I need to get a loan.

    When me and my potnas were out yesterday, one of my friends told my other friend how to get a 100,000 rack credit card. You go on and follow their recommendations and follow their guidelines as far as improving and maintaining your credit.

    Then you get a magazine subscription to a high end magazine (e.g. The Robb Report Investor's Business Daily, a yachting magazine, or a magazine that features high end time pieces, (e. g. Rolex, Omega, or Patek Philippe,)

    The reason you want the subscription to the high end magazine is banks data mine those subscription listings and they'll send you a pre-approved card. The bank's philosophy is that if you're subscribing to the "Robb Report", you're paying your bills on time, and you're not using your credit cards to live off of, you're a good credit risk.

    However, you have to be diligent and disciplined. Credit Sesame will tell you how much you should charge on "x" a month, (e.g. 30%,) and you CAN NOT go over that amount and of course you have to pay your bills on time.