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  • Yo, This is Literally the Worst Rap Record I've Ever Heard in My Life

    And to make sure the that I wasn't speaking in hyperbole, I went back and listened to Crank That,, Hard in the Paint, and Lemonade. This is worst that Bobby Smurada shit. If this shit is considered rap, then everybody on this board should have a record deal, because everybody on the IC could come with some bullshit like this. Also,


    Bakin' soda, I got bakin' soda

    Bakin' soda, I got bakin' soda

    Whip it through the glass, nigga

    I'm blowin' money fast, nigga

    Is that suppose to be a hook? Really? The worst part about is Busta cos-signed this fuckery. I mean you understood why Rampage's garbage ass was in Flipmode, being that was his childhood friend, but how do you explain this bullshit?

    And why is this nigga so juiced about having baking soda? Baking soda is at every grocery store in America. This nigga over here actin' like he's Walter White and he just pulled a train robbery to get a lifetime supply of methylene. Nigga in the video being hella dramatic about some fucking baking soda, like the shit is a rare commodity.
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  • Oh Lawd, Seals Are Out Chere Rapin' Penguins (Video Inside)

    This seal is obviously on that Fleece Johnson shit.

    Shocking: Seals Found Chasing and Raping Penguins (Caught on Camera)

    By Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times | November 19, 8:29 AM


    Fur seals have been discovered to be sexually forcing themselves upon penguins in a sub-Antarctic island. Scientists can only speculate on what is causing the extreme sexual behavior.

    On a remote and mostly desolate sub-Antarctic island, researchers have discovered that fur seals are chasing and raping penguins in an exhibition of extreme sexual behavior.

    The incident has been captured on video, the details of which have been published in the Polar Biology journal in a study entitled Multiple occurrences of king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) sexual harassment by Antarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus gazella).

    The scientists that recorded the shocking sexual behavior of the fur seals are not completely surprised, as they have already seen it happen back in 2006.

    In 2006, on the Sub-Antarctic Island known as Marion Island, the scientists saw a fur seal forcing itself upon a king penguin. The team published the details of what happened, speculating that the sexual behavior they witnessed could have been caused by a seal's sexual inexperience or frustration. They also though that perhaps the behavior was a predatory act by the fur seal, or maybe a playful gesture that became sexual in nature.

    "Honestly I did not expect that follow up sightings of a similar nature to that 2006 one would ever be made again, and certainly not on multiple occasions," Nico de Bruyn said, who is from the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

    The island is routinely monitored by scientists, as they search for unusual behavior among the animals.

    A team of researchers led by de Bruyn and William Haddad saw three separate incidents of young seals sexually forcing themselves upon penguins. Two of the instances happened in Goodhope Bay, while the other happened on Funk beach. The first instance back in 2006 happened on Trypot beach.

    In all four instances, the researchers witnessed a seal chase and mount a penguin in an attempt to copulate with it. The seals attempted to rape the penguins several times, with each time lasting around five minutes.

    In some attempts, the seals were able to penetrate the penguins through their openings named cloaca, through which male and female penguins also mate.

    In three incidents, the fur seal allowed the penguin to run free after the animal was done. However, in one instance, the seal finished by eating and killing the penguin, which the fur seals usually prey upon.

    The recorded incidents are the only ones wherein animals from different biological classes have been known to mate, with these incidents occurring between a mammal and a bird.

    Speculation among the scientists, especially after the most recent observations, is that the sexual advances on penguins are turning into a learned behavior for the fur seals on the island. The fur seals could be copying other seals that are chasing and raping the penguins.

    Scientists are also thinking that the fur seals could be practicing their sexual skills on the penguins, or that the young males were releasing sexual frustration that was building up as they were not yet strong enough to be able to collect and defend harems of female seals.

    Anxiously awaiting the Guile's Theme Fits Everything, version of this. Why are the other penguins lookin like they want to help their penguin brethren, but at the same time looking like, I'm glad it's not me. Also a few times that fur seal was lookin' like that Bill Cosby, "I'm "Bout to Cum." Meme.

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  • Re: The 2014 Powerful Porno Movement

    Sion wrote: »
    J. Will wrote: »

    @J. Will

    Let's see what we have here hhmmm....

    The first one is Amy Anderson that's her latest scene (nice to know she's fuckin brothers now)

    The second one I've seen the seen on 21sextury, that's a euro flick it's likely on xvideos, euro porn is filthy but really good

    Girl #3 I think is Lilith Lust (I can barely see her face) but Lilith doesn't do anal so I think it's actually Rose Red's new scene

    Girl #4 in the red negligée not sure, the dude is either Nacho Vidal or Mick Blue tho N/H if it's the former that scene prolly easy to find. Just go to xvideos and type in Leche 69 (the company he owns), he be fucking mad international hoes.

    The girl pulling her pussy lips looks like Kelly Diamond

    The last one looks like an Anal Acrobats scene, looks like Sean Michaels n/h (he's the only dude fuckin them girls in all the Anal Acrobats movies nhnhnhnhnh just in case) not sure who the girl is, I want to say Ava Devine but that girl has small breasts.... shouldn't be too hard to find that scene over xvideos tho

    Back in the day, there was a a game show called Name That Tune. Contestant would try to name a song in the fewest notes possible, sometimes they would guess a song by just hearing one note. If they were to have a game show called "Guess That Booty Movie," the nigga Scion would win hands down and be a legend at the shit. The nigga needs to be to commended for being able to identity a booty movie simply by seeing a gif. Scion and Broddie are the GOATS when it comes to comics and booty movies. I wonder on the IC has encyclopedic knowledge of sports and hip hop.

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  • Re: Federal civil rights charges unlikely against police officer in Ferguson shooting

    Just because there won't be an indictment, doesn't absolve the officer of guilt. Considering that the government has a 90% conviction rate, they must have not really had the evidence to win at trial.
    Huh? What's the conviction rate of officers killing unarmed black men? Tha fuck outta here with this random foolishness

    With all due respect potna, your post shows your ignorance of American jurisprudence. First of all let's talk about the Assistant U.S. Attorneys. About a week and half ago, while I was in my Trial Practice class, I asked my professor were the Assistant U.S. Attorneys at the Southern District better trial attorneys than the Assistant District Attorneys that work for the New York County D.A. My professor replied, "Yes." Attorneys that work at Southern District come from the elite law schools in America and you don't hired by the Southern District out of law school. These lawyers will eventually become U.S. Attorneys, for the Solicitor General, be appointed to the federal district, appellate or the SCOTUS, work in the DOJ, or maybe even be President. I say all of that to say this, these lawyers aren't trying to lose cases, especially high profile ones that can adversely effect their careers.

    Also, you don't seem the understand the concept of beyond a reasonable doubt and who the burden of proof rests with. It doesn't matter that feel that Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown, what matters is there enough evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable that Wilson was neglect in Brown's death. I didn't follow the Brown case very closely, but just from reading the posts in this thread there's conflicting testimony from the witnesses. If there's conflicting testimony among the witnesses, that's enough for to cast a reasonable doubt, and the jury will return with a not guilty verdict.

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  • To All of the Vets on the IC



    and I mean that with the utmost humility and sincerity. We wouldn't be the nation that we are had it not been for your sacrifices, bravery, valor, and when called for heroism. Personally, I can't put into word what your service means to me. Thank you.
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