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  • Tell The Truth Pt. XIII, What Little Fucked Up Inconsiderate Things Do You Regularly Do?

    I won't hold the elevator for you. As a matter of fact, I will purposely position myself to be as far from the elevator floor button panel as possible.

    I won't give up my seat for old people or pregnant women or women in general. This isn't a problem because I'm usually asleep on the train. However, this dyke dude called herself having an issue with it, and I was about to beat her ass, and this white knight Sav-A-Hoe got Rex's mix, so I ended up whoppin' his ass.

    I won't let people use my pen. I'm very anal about my pens and I don't want somebody to walk off with it. When somebody asks if I have a pen, I'll say no.

    I won't interject in somebody's conversation. For example, say somebody is asking for directions, and the person they ask doesn't know. I won't tell them how to get to the location because they didn't specifically ask me.

    I won't hold the door open on the train. People just need to slow the fuck down, plus it's hella rude to hold up the train with about 1,000 people on it for two, three, four muthafuckas, just catch the next train. The exception being if it's after 12 A.M. that's when the trains start running fucked up, about every fifteen minutes, then I'll do it.

    Being that they have all of these smoking bans everywhere, I'll light up damn near anywhere with no fucks given, the exception being if their are kids around. I don't smoke around children.
  • Re: 'Biggest Loser' Contestant -- I'm Fat Again ... Now I'm Gonna Sue

    I can say this from personal experience after losing 40 lbs last year. Losing weight ain't hard. All you have to do is get with a nutritionist, eat what he tells you to eat, go to the gym regularly, do 30 minutes 4 days a week on the Stairmaster, and keep the Snickers, Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's and the other bullshit to a minimum and you'll lose weight. This fat bitch just didn't have the dedication and discipline to stick to the program that the trainers put her fat ass on.
  • Re: White Woman Trying To Prove Vegans Can Do Anything, Dies Climbing Mount Everest

    It's not sad. I used to think would be really cool to scale the heights of the world's tallest peak, sit down, take a picture and kick it for a minute until I saw this documentary on dumb stupid white muthafuckas who also thought it would be cool to climb the world's tallest mountain. However, the documentary revealed that Mt. Everest "be straight killin' muthafuckas."

    Though May is the most optimal time to make the climb, that still doesn't lessen the danger. You're subjected to subzero temperatures, falling into a crevasse, getting caught in an avalanche, freak blizzards that come out of nowhere, the fore mentioned altitude sickness, severe frostbite, or being attacked by the legendary Yeti. That isn't even the cold (no pun intended,) part about it. Muthafuckas are so tired and have to converse their energy on the decent down that they have to leave your body on the mountain. Your people don't even have the opportunity to give you a proper burial and hug and kiss on you before they drop the lid on that casket. After seeing the documentary, I was like, "I'm cool on climbing Mt. Everest. I'll just wait til they develop helicopter technology which allow me to take a helicopter flight to the summit, I'll bounce out, walk to the summit, take a picture and kick it for a few then.

    Also, this stupid bitch is probably one of those gallivanting adventurers with no prior experience in mountaineering. Apparently people will just pay the fees and the airfare to Nepal and call themselves fucking around on tall ass dangerous mountains, little do they know that mountain will kill you. You have to respect nature because nature is a muthafucka.
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  • Re: Jean Jacques Dessalines, The Trillest Black Man Ever

    Proud to say I share the same last name

    I would consider naming a son after him.

    Nah, Jean too common of a Haitian name. Jacques is too

    I could understand that if you lived in Haiti, but unless you live in Miami, NOLA or in Flatbush, there aren't too many Jean Jacques Dessalines running around. It's an extremely powerful name. I would also consider naming a boy Huey Percy Newton, not only in honor of Huey and the Panthers, but also because both Huey and I are from the Bay, the East Bay to be exact.
  • Re: One of the pigs responsible for Freddie Gray's death was acquitted on all charges by a "Black" judge

    It's becoming painfully apparent that black people can't get justice in America, so we'll justice have to settle for vengeance.


    Here we have an other example of black not getting justice. I patiently wait on this talking loud saying absolutely nothing fuck to tell what the "or else," part is suppose to be.
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