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  • Xena Meets Wonder Woman

    NEWS/ OMG! Xena and Wonder Woman Just Met and We're Losing Our Minds

    by Chris Harnick Tue., Apr. 14, 2015


    What happens when Xena meets Wonder Woman? Dreams come true, that is what happens. Seriously, dreams. Lucy Lawless and Lynda Carter together to make geeks everywhere (including me!) lose their minds.
    Lawless, who is in New York City promoting WGN America's Salem, posed with Carter, TV's Wonder Woman who is in New York promoting her concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and let's just come out and say it: This photo is everything. Everythinggggg. Just like all the world has been waiting for Wonder Woman (according to her theme song), the world has been waiting for this photo.

    Lawless played the title role in Xena: Warrior Princess for six seasons from 1995-2001. Carter was the Amazon princess in Wonder Woman from 1975-1979. The TV heroes had—and still have legions of fans and of course received quite a few comparisons.

    In Double Dare, the 2004 documentary film about stunt women, Carter praised Lawless. "I think Lucy Lawless does a great job. She did a great job creating her own thing. You can't help but compare because it's the larger-than-life female—powerful woman. But I think they are so different."

    Lawless tweeted about the encounter. "What a great day in glorious NYC," she said and then retweeted a fan art of Xena vs. Wonder Woman.

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  • Re: The Official Fox Cinematic Universe Thread (All things X-Men/Fantastic Four/Deadpool)

    Broddie wrote: »
    Yes and they haven't had their biggest obstacle of the past (Tom Rothman) anchoring them for years now. The new execs actually allow people to make watchable superhero movies now.

    Elaborate on that playboy.


    Who didn't see this coming? Pyslocke getting whitewashed and I really don't think X-Men: Apocalypse is going to contain Besty having her essence transferred into an Asian chick. Ole girl does kinda look like Psylocke, but I would have preferred a more ethnic looking chick and from what y'all are saying ole girl can't act, but hey at least she'll be fun to look at.
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 5 Thread [use spoiler code for spoilers or be BANNED]

    Sion wrote: »

    First 4 episodes

    Cersei drank that ETHER in ep.1 dayum dayum dayum.......

    Another link

    I watch everything on this. Go to the episode that you want and use Wootly

  • Re: The Official Fox Cinematic Universe Thread (All things X-Men/Fantastic Four/Deadpool)



    He kinda looks like Kirby's first incarnation of the character.



    Just as Sasha Baron Cohen did interviews as Borat, wouldn't it be cool if Ryan Reynolds did interviews as Deadpool.
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  • When Does Personal Responsibility End and White Supremacy and Racism Begin?

    I'm not going to sit here and deny that we as people have certain obstacles that put us in a disadvantage when dealing with the dominate society. These things become apparent when you have instances like Ferguson and the Eric Garner case when you literally have the police able to kill people in the street with impunity. However, the hard question has to be asked, what role are we as a people doing perpetuate the situation that we're in?

    I'm of the school of thought black people directly and indirectly help perpetuate the system of white supremacy simply by not being responsible and making better choices in life. White supremacy may keep black people from getting a movie made, may prevent a company from getting contract on a construction project, or may even prevent a person from getting a job, but what does white supremacy have to do with a chick deciding not to use one of the 11 forms of birth control that are available to her or what does white supremacy have to do with black people on the whole not taking education seriously?

    We all know that judicial system deals with us more harshly than it does with whites, but what does white supremacy have to with dudes making the decision (of their own volition,) to engage in criminal activity? It seems to be only common sense that if the criminal justice system is harsher on blacks and the knowing that police have a history of harassing blacks, that would be even more of an intensive to steer clear of criminal activity. Instead we seem to not only run to criminal activity, we see as viable means to making a living.

    I believe that we as a people, have a low expectation of ourselves on a whole, (kinda like an attention whorin' bitch,) and due to this low expectation is part of the reason why the dominate society is so blatant in their disrespect towards us. If we started by simply making better life decisions and holding ourselves to a higher standard, than others treat us will do so also.
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