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  • Re: Nas Features > Nas Albums?

    smp4life wrote: »
    I like Nas features over his albums because I feel Nas' weakness is his ear for beats. I love to hear Nas over a dope beat. Agree or disagree?

    These new cats just need to quit. If you think Panda is a hot song and Fetty Wop is dope artist then your thoughts and opinions on rap are null and void. Anyway, if the following is a dope beat, (then pray tell,) what the fuck is?

    State of Mind
    Life's a Bitch-Ft. AZ
    The World Is Yours ( Remix)
    If I Ruled The World
    One Mic
    Made You Look
    Nas Is Like
    The Message

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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    Yall just had the biggest nba finals flop of all time

    So that's y'all mantra. That's all you hatin' muthafuckas have to hang your hat on. That shit is was last season, the only muthafuckas that's trippin' off last season is salty muthafuckas that now realize that they have no hope. Muthafuckas bringing up last season like a bitter baby's mama, made that her baby daddy ain't trying to fuck with her anymore.

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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    CJ wrote: »

    Nuff said.

    All those salty hatin' ass muthafuckas have me like.


    I love it. We went from being the assholes of the NBA, trading Wilt Chamberlain and Robert Parish, passing on Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, drafting cats like Chis Washburn, bad trades, and Sprewell tryin' to choke out P.J. Carlesimo, to the darlings of the NBA, to most hated, all because KD wants a ring. Oh I love it.

    The Dub Nation wants your hate, let the hate flow through you, give us your hate, we NEED your hate, ole hatin' muthafuckas. Were was all of this hate for the punk ass Lakers, the Heat, and the Bulls? Now muthafuckas want to hate on us because we got a squad for the ages and KD wanted to be a part of that greatness. Would muthafuckas be trippin' had he stayed in OKC, went to the Spurs, or weak ass Knicks?

    I'm lovin' KD right about now, I'm lovin that man more than his mama and his girl, (no homo,). We about to win 70 games out 'chere and ain't y'all can do about it. I love you KD. I meant that with every fiber of my being. With your courageous decision you have firmly cemented 73-9 to the past. Thanks, dude.

    When I see all of these ole salty hatin' muthafuckas I'm like this.

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    CJ wrote: »
    Playa Hata-Luniz
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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread


    Nuff said.
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  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    Hate my city gotta be associated with this now too.

    Sorry to hear that. I don't know if you realize it, but you sound like a Tommin' house nigga that was ashamed that Southhampton County, VA was the site of Nat Turner's rebellion.

    You should beaming with pride that Dallas was the flashpoint for this much needed and longly justified act of retribution that was done to further the cause of freedom, justice, and liberty, was done in the name of a very much, maligned, disrespected, marginalized, abused and people that has been subjucted to centuries of sadistic savegry, wanton violence, sexual depravity, and murder with impunity. Just as history buffs take their children to Concord and Lexington, to Independence Hall, or to Montellico to see where the seeds of patriotism, freedom, and liberty were planted. You should do the same with your children, but in addition let them know that is was on this site, one summer morning evening on July 8, that the freedom fighter and patriot, Micah Johnson made the selfless, courageous, and heroic sacrifice into martyrdom.
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