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  • Re: Why Are Negroes So Juiced About The Obamas Being Classy and Looking Good in Formal Evening Wear?

    babelipsss wrote: »
    We are our own worst enemy. President Obama and his adorable family set a standard that sadly too many people weren't ready for but that's okay because it's out there now.

    This us some ole made up shit and doesn't mean anything. What standard was achieved by the Obamas that wasn't achieved by the Johnsons, the Nixons, the Carters, and George W.'s family in terms of projecting a positive family image?
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  • Why Are Negroes So Juiced About The Obamas Being Classy and Looking Good in Formal Evening Wear?

    My people, my people. There's meme circulating about the "internets," in regards to the president and the FLOTUS being classy, Obama having a scandal free administration, and there hasn't been such grace and elegance in the White House since the Kennedys occupied the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    1) Kennedy was a mediocre president who was illegally procuring meds for the back problems he got during the PT 109 thing during WW II. He got us into Vietnam, allowed Hoover's faggot to begin the fuck boy shit with Dr. King, in addition to buying pussy, fuckin' Marilyn Monroe, and you can't look past the fact he was only elected president due to shenanigans perpetuated through his Pa Pa Joe and his Rat Pack brother-in-law, Peter Lawford.

    2) What does it say about us as a people when all we can point to concerning the Obama legacy is that the Obamas are nice people, conducted themselves with dignity and class while they were first family, and the president and the first lady looked good in a tuxedo and an evening gown? It's like Dr. Umar said, Obama being "black," was enough for us.

    Personally, I'd prefer the Obama presidency to had been a scandal ridden administration that resulted in indictments and fed time for officials that got caught up, Michele to be drankin' and blowin' powder, Malia to have two babies daddies and her current boyfriend to be whoopin' her ass and fighting a robbery and a dope case. Sasha to be a straight up molly poppin' THOT that all of the northeast DC had in doggy style if that meant substantial, meaningful, tangible change and progress for African Americans.
  • Re: Tamir Rice's mother, still frustrated 2 years later: 'I had to put a price on my son'…

    Nothing wrong with taking the bread. But if they really told her not to speak out then that's a deal with the devil I ain't making. NO MONEY in the world can buy my silence for killing my 13yr old son

    Everything was wrong with the taking the bullshit cash out. It shows how little she valued the life of her son and how easily the bitch could be bought off. Why hasn't LeBron spoke out against the racism in this case since he's bothered by it of late.
  • Re: As Trump Rises, So Do Some Hands Waving Confederate Battle Flags...

    MazterChef wrote: »
    what yall niggas do for 8 years ?
    while obama was in office?
    nothing you missed your chance

    That's what Dr. Umar said.

    From 1:50 - 4:34
  • Re: #NotMyPresident Trending On Twitter

    But how was Hillary Clinton suppose to improve the quality of life for black people? Muthafuckas are actin' like plantation slaves whose master kept the beatings and sexual abuse to a minimum who has fallen on hard times and in an effort to raise capital sold his slaves to a brutal and sexually depraved slave master.
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