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  • Re: Fuckin' Dominicans, Have They No Fuckin' Shame?

    I'd loved to see a day in my lifetime when Haiti can return to it's status as the "Pearl of Caribbean," and it's a stable country and their poverty is on some 1st world as opposed to 3rd World shit. To where they can give some get back to all of the punk ass muthafuckas that have been disrespecting and shittin' on them.

    I would laugh my ass and beam with pride if their was a situation to where Dominicoons where going to Haiti to improve their lives and the Haitians would like, "Remember that Parsley Massacre shit? Remember when y'all were calling us dirty? Remember when y'all stripped Haitian Dominicans of their citizenship? Naw mayne, we're cool. We're sooo cool on y'all. Remember, y'all ain't black so why would want to live in a black ass country. What you can do is take your coonin' ass back across the border and continue to try to be like and lay up under those white folks that you love so damn much."
  • The World's Highest Earning DJ's...How Sway?

    12. Avicii, $14.5 million

    Retire at age 26? That's the plan for Avicii, who is set to play his last concert at the end of the summer. He'll still continue to make music, though, keeping the open for lucrative deals like the ones he's got with Volvo and Ralph Lauren.

    11. Afrojack, $15 million

    The towering Dutch DJ played more than 50 shows during our scoring period, augmenting his income with licensing deals and non-musical ventures like fashion collection with G-Star Raw.

    10. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, $15.5 million

    The Greco-Belgian brothers are better known in their native Europe than in their Sin City namesake, but the duo are making their presence felt across the globe with six-figure paydays mostly at major festivals.

    9. Martin Garrix, $16 million

    At 20, Garrix is the youngest member of the list after maintaining a renlentless touring schedule. He is the new face for watchmaker Tag Heuer and shares the same manager with Justin Bieber.

    8. Kaskade, $19 million

    At 45, the father of three shows no signs of slowing and is on the road more than three-fourths of the year. He said in a recent interview that FORBES has typically undercounted his annual earnings, allowing his to "fly under the radar." In May, he sold out more 20,000 show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    7. Skrillex. $20 million

    The DJ born Sonny Moore improbably served as the driving force behind Justin Bieber's comeback, producing five tracks on his album, Purpose. The bulk of his bucks came from gigs by himself and with his listmate Diplo as Jack Ü.

    6. Diplo, $23 million

    Thomas Pentz, better known as Diplo, toured the world both Solo and part of Major Lazer and Jack Ü. He co-wrote the 2015 summer hit "Lean On," which has been streamed more than 800 million times on Spotify. With Major Lazer, he made history by becoming the first major EDM act to perform in Cuba since diplomatic ties were restored.

    5. Steve Aoki, $23.5 million

    The cake-wielding DJ got married and has vocal cord surgery, but still managed to notch 198 shows in FORBES' scoring period. Caleed the hardest-working EDM performer by many in the business, he has not limited himself to just touring and recently scored parts of The Angry Birds Movie.

    4. Zedd, $24.5 million

    The Russian-born, Germany-raised DJ nothced the highest annual total of his young career thanks to a slew of lucrative club and festival gigs. He also partnered with Guitar Center for a contest aimed at finding EDM's next big act.

    3. David Guetta, $28 million

    Guetta keeps his place in the top three this year and remains one of the top earners in Las Vegas with his residency at the Wynn. He created the theme song this year's Euro 2016 soccer tournament in France.

    2. Tiësto, $38 million

    With a healthy six-figure nightly fee for more than 100 gigs from Vegas to Vietnam over the past year, the 47-year old Dutch DJ continued his remarkable run. He added to his payday with an estimated seven-figure ad campaign for 7UP.

    1. Calvin Harris, $63 Million

    While his romance with Taylor Swift is no more, Calvin Harris' earnings as strong as ever. He maintains his lucrative Las Vegas club residency, where he by far the highest-paid DJ act in the city. He plays so many shows there doesn't even bother staying the night, flying a private jet back home to Los Angeles after each performance.

    Not to sound like a hater, wait a minute, dear ole Rex is goin' to hate. I realize that these cats are cakin' off from producing and endorsements, (and who in the fuck is giving endorsement deals to these dudes and why?) but I'm like "How Sway?" When I was copying & pasting the wrong Forbes list from 2014, these cats are getting 6 figures for club dates. That means mid level cats are getting 5 figures for club dates. Off of GARBAGE music! And that's how these dudes came up, playing garbage music, non inspired, repetitive music that I'm sure any producer on this broad can make.

    I'm sorry that EDM is is wack as fuck and serves only serve purpose if your high ass hell in the club or at one of these festivals. Who listens to this shit and buys the music? The only person I know of that listens to this shit is ironically is the dude at Cigar Obsession who does cigar reviews. Shit is mind blogging. Who wants to go to the function just off of the strength of Calvin Harris pressing some buttons?

    Like I was anybody who makes beats can do this shit. My advice to all the producers on this broad, fuck rap and R&B, make EDM tracks and come up in the game.
  • Re: St. Louis cop caught on film planting a gun on a man he just killed

    scoop1215 wrote: »
    Now this i can get behind since they have evidence. Lock that fucker up no parole. Crooked cops spoil it for the good ones out there

    What good ones? You'll find THOT stripper bitch that is actually a good girl and decent individul when she's not at work or a black woman without tattoos and a weave before you find a "good," cop.
  • Re: 9-Year-Old WV Boy Kills Himself After Being Tormented At School

    It's the thinning of the herd and there's nothing to see here. The weak ass muthafucka did us all favor by removing himself from the gene pool.
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  • So 9/11 was 15 Years Ago

    I can make a thread talking about how my boys were going to be in that shit because they were going to get an early morning work out on at the Fitness Center (which was on top of Marriott Hotel) which was in between the North and South Towers, but they decided to work out later thus missing the shit.

    I can talk about how I was going to be down in that area. I was going to J&R Music World and the mall in the WTC to fill out job applications. My intention was to get up early, go to Far Rockaway and vote then go to the city. Which would have in lower Manhattan just in time to see airplanes flying into buildings.

    I can talk about how I instead slept late, turned on New York 1 to hearing this crazy ass news report talking about the how the tallest buildings in the city collapsed due to hijacked planes being flown into them. Which left me thinking to myself, "how in the fuck did some hijackers smuggle guns on to an airplane?"

    Instead I'll say what I said on the 9/11 thread on the Cigar Aficionado message board which was 9/11 was 15 years ago. Get over it.