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  • First Day Out vs First Day Out the Feds

    First Day Out

    First Day Out The Feds

    So Gucci home now and First Day Out the Feds is doing numbers online. Everybody was hoping this first day out track would be produced by Zaytoven like the first one but he got Mike Will and I ain't really mad at it

    Lyrically First Day Out the Feds is darker. It's reflective, introspective and peppered with paranoia and vulnerability.

    The original First Day Out painted more of a picture of a man who's ready to get back to living his lifestyle before he went in. First Day Out the Feds paints the picture of a man who doesn't know who to trust and wants to be alone with his guns while confronting his own mortality and perhaps even embracing it. First Day out The Feds is one of the deepest Gucci tracks yet IMO.

    Thoughts? Yes I'm dissecting Gucci Mane lyrics.
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  • Re: Big Boi trending

    Stiff wrote: »
    Shit women could easily clap back on fathers

    Matter fact I could do it for em

    Black Fathers in the 70s

    Black Fathers Today:

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  • Re: Baby Falls Into Gorilla Cage At Zoo

    It's fucked up because the gorilla didn't ask to be in the zoo and the gorilla didn't ask for the baby to come invade its small piece of the world..gorilla just minding its own business and then they kill it for some shit some negligent parents allowed their baby to do.

    I just can't rock with the entire concept of zoos
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    If Curry could find his shot even a little along with klay this wouldn't be a game right now
  • Re: Taxstone Calls 2Pac & Cam’ron “Rats”

    smh did Pac words send Biggy, Puff, Haitian Jack, or Jimmy Henchmen to jail? If the answer is "no" then that's not snitching.

    Well for up north niggas there's "snitching" and then they got "dry snitching"

    The question someone who "dry snitches" a rat?

    Cam'ron and 2pac both definitely "dry snitched" by using public platforms to implicate people in their shootings
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