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  • Re: Happy Birthday BIG K.R.I.T's Return of 4eva

    This tape was what made me a Krit many memories attached to this time of my life..shit'll always be a classic record to me
    MallyGCJjee504Tsotsi Cape Town
  • Re: Birdman Tries To Check Charlamagne For 2 Mins, Didnt Work, He Aborts Mission

    The Recipe wrote: »
    I'm just saying, I've seen niggas thats with the shits start brawls when cops are 2 feet away from them. Birdman was 5 feet away from a nigga that he felt was disrespectin him and did nothing. Never knew real niggas to be afraid of cameras and the internet.

    Now............are they with the shits or dumb ass niggas?

    The two terms aren't really mutually exclusive and actually tend to go hand in hand
    The Recipe
  • Re: Spinoff: Assic or Not......Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail

    It was an aite project..I still listen to la familia and will prolly pop in on the run a few times a summer
  • Re: Birdman Tries To Check Charlamagne For 2 Mins, Didnt Work, He Aborts Mission

    Muhannad wrote: »
    Ok this is what I do not understand . Birdman was NOT wrong for it. You know if any nicca takes shots at you the way CTG takes shots at him niccas would step to them. If I'm addressing you why pull another nicca name out . That's how shit. That's like some nigga stepping to me then I say yo you ain't say that too my brother.
    You'd have a point if they were on the streets. At the end of the day they're doing their jobs in a (semi-) corporate environment. That even goes for Birdman. Street rules shouldn't apply in this situation. It's just entertainment at the end of the day. Why do n*ggas always act like they have to incorporate streetrules into it?

    Like I said before. You rarely see these black entertainers go after non-blacks who "talk sh*t" about them. They know who to step to like that. Ross was an exception when he had his entourage put hands on Vlad, but other than that I can't name too many instances of black entertainers stepping to non-blacks in entertainment.

    Put it like this. If Bill O'Reilly or Rush would say something worse than CtG said about Birdman, Birdman would just play it off. They only bring that bravado to black entertainers...

    Brah there is a thin line between the industry and the streets. And why would bill Reilly or a tone in the industry be interviewing him? Stop using hypotheticals

    Aite then but if C been talking shit and Trick Daddy been talking shit and rick ross been talking shit....

    You and the 2 self-proclaimed goons/real niggas who've been talking shit live in the same city

    Why hop on a plane to fly to the other side of the country to confront the one who's harmless who's been talking shit? Niggas hate charlamagne so gonna give Birdman a pass on that?

    Ross called Birdman a pussy and said that Birdman KNOWS how MMG gets down
    Trick Daddy said Birdman was out here trying to be a girlfriend

    Charlamagne talks shit but hasn't said anything close to that level of disrespect...did those 2 get the respek speech?
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  • Re: NEW Nipsey Hussle feat Young Thug - "Thug Life"

    Dam he shoulda had thug sit this one out. Nipsey prolly my favorite out the west right now tho. He did his thing on this

    Beat is craaaaaaazy
    iKingGodGivBizTsotsi Cape Townilledout