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  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    If anybody wants a good laugh I suggest you read this fox news article that came out a few hours ago which has quotes from an unnamed source "close to the department's top brass"

    They need to be cited for false advertising for calling themselves Fox "News" the way they pull unnamed sources out of their ass all day to tell whatever story they want to tell.
  • Re: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Coming Race War Won't Be About Race *Long Read*

    got damn kareem out here droppin knowledge like he used to drop skyhooks GOAT shit
  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    1of1 wrote: »
    Lol @ not watching CNN. It ain't like they're anywhere near Fox's level of absurdity. They're even a little more mixed and neutral than MSNBC (that's an observation, not a compliment or knock).

    I will say that CNN seems to have some shitty program directors..writers...l.. whatever IDK how it all works. But the "Black and white in America" discussions are typically horribly organized and useless. And when it comes to certain things you can sense bias in the way they use caution and give the benefit of the doubt to certain ppl/ the careful and calculated language they use, etc.

    for real. CNN coverage has been pretty decent imo. Everytime they brought up any clashes with the police they made a point of saying that it was a very small minority of people in the crowd who were trouble makers and that most were peaceful. They've also been very critical of the police response. So I have no beef with them. And unlike Vice they would be covering protests ALL day so they showed the peaceful hours as well as when shit turned up at night. Vice didn't even turn the cameras on until night time because they knew that's when the "action" would be.

    MSNBC has been extremely favorable to the protests and very critical of the police.

    Fox didn't mention anything Mike Brown related without at least showing the convenience store surveillance tape or pictures of people looting--typical Fox.

    So I see no reason to snap on CNN for THIS reason. My only gripe with them is consistently giving Larry Elder and Kevin Jackson platforms to speak. You have them on to speak on issues in justice brought to light by the shooting of Mike Brown and they want to talk about everything that's wrong with Black people. Like what is their purpose if they're not going to stay on topic?

  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    jono wrote: »

    For those who didn't see it live.. Watch Larry Elder's Coon level go over 9000.. also if you rofl go to 2:22 mark of second video & watch the look on Brooke Baldwin's face.. when that coon says there is no racism anymore....

    The word "coon" should be reserved specifically for cats like Elder. Some of y'all call people cooks so much it loses it's meaning after awhile but this nigga defines cooning

    You know what...I don't even think "coon" is effective with him. That doesn't offend him; he probably wears that as a badge of honor. People like him and Kevin Jackson need to be called something more powerful to discredit maybe "internalized racist" or "non-black of African descent"
  • Re: St. Louis Police Release Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing That Appears At Odds With Their Story....

    DarcSkies wrote: »
    DarcSkies wrote: »
    HOw can anybody watch that video and say they wouldn't have done the same thing those cops did? I mean the nigga was literally ASKING for it. He literally said, "shoot me muthafukka!" to white cops. He obviously wanted to die.

    I guess people are supposed to wait until they can smell a nigga breath before they defend their self right?

    When defending yourself from a person with a knife shooting at around 20 feet it's perfectly ok. Ppl can close in fast and with a knife? Fuck it. Light his ass up. Plenty of non-cops said he had a knife so Im not losing too much sleep over this one.


    Oh yeah?


    FOH with this bullshit you fucking fake militant.

    They could have shot him in the leg. They could have tasered him -- assuming they had a taser. They could have backed up and negotiated with him. To just shoot him so quickly when there was no suggestion that he had a gun is totally unjustified.

    You have a pretty low standard if you are fine with this shooting.

    And beyond all of that, you should be troubled by the fact that the police lied about what happened.
    God you're an idiot. YOU DO NOT PULL YOUR GUN TO SHOOT SOMEBODY IN THE LEG. PERIOD. U can still walk toward somebody with a shot to the leg. You aim for the body because its less likely you'll miss and it will DEFIANTLY stop the muthafukka. PERIOD. Tasers dont work on everybody (although they do work on the vast majority). If you dont understand that you're not a humanitarian you're just a moron.

    So yeah they COUDA tazed him. And he COULDA put the fuckin knife down. BUt you dont want to talk about that right dumbass?

    He COULDA not acted in a way that suggested he wanted to harm them. But u dont wanna talk about that right dumbass?

    He COULDA not taken steps towards them with a fucking deadly weapon. But u dont wanna talk about that right dumbass?

    He COULDA still been alive if he woulda just dropped the fucking knife like they told him. But u dont wanna talk about that right dumbass?

    Anybody that is issued a deadly weapon knows, if they are unarmed you use a baton/mace/OC Spray/hands.....but if they have a blunt object or a knife? GO STRAIGHT TO THE PISTOL. No questions asked.

    Nobody gives a fuck about your fairy ass Police Conduct rules you wrote with your glitter pen and My Little Pony Stickers u pussy ass nigga.

    Take your bitch ass back to your Princess & the Frog bedroom and your footsie pajamas and ask your Mom to read you a bedtime story about a perfect world bitch. I'll stay here and live in reality. He got a knife? LIGHT HIS ASS UP.

    So because tasers don't work on everybody, there is no reason to even try tasering him? Does that make any sense?

    So because shots to the leg don't stop everybody, there is no reason to even try shooting him in the leg? Does that make any sense?

    Why did they have to do anything to him at all -- and so quickly -- when no one was in immediate danger, and there was no suggestion that he had a gun?

    So he could have acted differently. So could have Mike Brown; he could have stopped walking in the middle of the street. But surely that doesn't justify Brown's shooting. So your list of "couldas" is irrelevant.

    Given all of the above, who is really the dumbass?

    Why do you keep acting like a gun is the only deadly weapon? A knife is as well.

    Can you say with a reasonable amount of certainty that the same outcome would have happened had the dude with the knife been white in a white neighborhood?

    If not then outrage is warranted. Cops are extremely quick to jump to the use of deadly force when the suspect is Black and then point to all the rules they have in place to justify it, but when the suspect is White they have a wide range of options they tend to use before they escalate.