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  • Re: Jay Electronica Calls Kendrick Lamar His "Son," Threatens To Slap 50 Cent

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    How the fuck do you even meet a billionaire european white illuminati bitch to even shoot that shot? Like where? At Target? the shit Eye is talking about is the only shit that makes sense about this nigga Jay Electronica's whole existence.

    Like of course he communicates with aliens and shit why didn't I realize that sooner

    Im like 40% convinced now that jay elec is really a voodoo master wizard with telekinesis

    Of course he's a voodo master wizard bro lets be realistic here. For all intents and purposes, Jay Electronica is a ZERO hit wonder. Exhibit C was got computers putin..but it was by no means a HIT..and that was his biggest song..and it came out almost 7 years ago..Chingy has had a more successful music career than Jay Electronica at this point..and its not even close.

    Off of one song pretty much ,he seeded Erykah Badu

    Pulled a Rothschild

    Mountain Dew commercial

    Just got that Toyota commercial

    And he drops a 15 second video on periscope and here we are 9 pages deep in a thread talking about this nigga. Bra the superbowl on right now why am I sitting up typing this analysis right now on my phone about a nigga who's biggest song wasn't a hit and it came out in two thousand and fucking 9..never put out a album and probably never will? It's the dark arts bro. Thats all there is to it.
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  • Re: You Can't Sleep on the Train Anymore

    "Cops will wake up sleeping subway riders to protect them from crimes"

    nigga instead of waking me up out of sleep, since you here why don't you protect me from crimes you asshole
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  • Re: Meek getting W's Back to Back.... Avoids jail most people get put on probation and one of the terms is you HAVE to find work and keep a job..

    These Pennsylvania crackers said you're on probation and you CAN'T work for 3 months..after they already made him sit down for a few minutes waiting on this trial

    I'm starting to get pissed off for this nigga...yea he be doing some dumb shit but they clearly have a vendetta against him. 6 more years of probation??? So for a total of 14 years he gotta deal with a charge that was originally 2-3 year sentence? This is the justice system? Nah that's some crackers fucking with a nigga. He a millionaire now get off that nigga back..
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    What's crazy is all the Chicago posters on here who act like Chicago is normal

    "Y'all let the media fool you you can come to Chicago just avoid all the Black and Hispanic people and you'll be fine"

    nigga what? lol
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  • Re: Daaaamnnnn Kanye going in on Wiz Khalifa on Twitter right now

    damobb be like

    "aite first I'ma suck his dick and then I'm gonna have to kill him cuz I don't play that gay shit!"


    "uhh no wait I meant first I'ma rob him and then I'ma suck his dick and then I'ma kill him!"


    "wait that's not right...ok first I'ma suck his dick and then I'm gonna rob him and then I'm gonna kill him and then I'ma suck his dick"


    "It's for the kids goddammit!"
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