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  • Re: Ricky Rozay 'Hood Billionaire' Tracklist with Features

    I fuck with Ross at times but this shit so trash. I swear I heard that "John" beat on here atleast 5 times.
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  • Re: post a pic of you at home

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  • Re: The Official Drake "Nothing Was The Same" Album Thread (The Reviews are Coming In....) (9.24)

    On second listen, this album is pretty forgettable. I don't think its gonna have any replay value. Too Much and Pound Cake are the only stand outs in my opinion. His junior ain't that mean at all
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  • Re: H.O.H Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Back With Ms Jackson HOH Lost)

    This nigga smh
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    when I was younger I went on road trips with my cousin and her family we were pretty tight back then. Her dad got us hooked on Unsolved mysteries. That really was the best part of the road trips. We didnt give a shit about the world's largest this or that grand canyon was boring as fuck. year after year it was the same shit. I went because why the fuck not. Two weeks not in chi.

    So one day we get to talking about how easy it would be to commit a random murder while on road trip. No one would suspect us because we don't fit the profile.

    Eventually we both went off to college but we kept in contact. My senior year we decide to road trip for nostalgia's sake. Her dad couldn't go he was still recovering from prostate surgery and my aunt was not about that life anymore so it was just the two of us. I had never really forgotten that conversation we had that night about a randomly killing someone, but it was kind of awkward bringing it up because I didn't know where her head was at.

    We are at a bookstore and come across the unsolvedmysteries dvd box set. We laugh, and I can tell she's thinking about that conversation too. So while we're driving I bring it up half jokingly and we get to talking about details to pass the time. It's her turn to drive so I pick out people from cars on the road. Whoever driving alone was a target.

    Long story short we kind of goaded each other into it. I made the first move. It happened really fast. Too fast for us to pussy out. When I think back on it I wasn't scared or sick like people are usually depicted after killing someone. I was more or less in awe of how much blood there was. It was not as clean as I had imagined it.

    She was kinda in shock as well. Not sick but we definitely knew we crossed a bridge. We cut our trip short and later on that summer she went overseas and just stayed there. We still talk but not like we used to. She doesn't come home period. She got married and has kids so I'm not worried about a crisis of conscience. I still have fantasies, I still go on road trips but it's just not the same without cuzzo.


    This nigga just admitted to being fucking Dexter and yall just roll past it lol.. Yall some crazy motherfuckers
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